What was the zodiac sign of the Ox on the 10th day of April in 1973? What's your fortune in 201

What was the zodiac sign of the Ox on the 10th day of April in 1973? What's your fortune in 201

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The fortune of people born in the Year of the Ox in 2015 (wealth, career, relationship, marriage, love fortune)

People born in 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 in 2015 Fortune prediction for wealth, career, relationship, marriage, peach blossoms, and studies

2015 overall fortune prediction for Ox people:

2015 is the year of Yiwei, the year of earth, and it is also the year of earth. In the storehouse of wood, there is also Yimu coming out of the heavenly stem. Yimu is yin, and it is not the place where Yimu will live forever. It is a depot rather than a tomb, so this year the wood is prosperous. When the ugly and ugly are not in conflict with each other, the earthy energy is strong. This is not a good sign. The original energy of the ugly is all earth, which will stir up the earthy and damage the remaining energy. The Guishui wealth star in the ugly is the most severely affected. This year's financial fortune is not good, and the second is the lucky draw. Xin Metal and Wei Ding Fire are in conflict with each other, which is a sign of food injury. There will be some progress in career, but there are many obstacles, so more attention is needed to make adjustments. Although Yimu was revealed in the fleeting year, his seven kills are quite weak, and his missing roots are injured, and there will be some problems at work, so he needs more attention. In terms of career, Bi Jie is too prosperous, and the situation of Ox people is very bad, with great pressure from competition. At the same time, their own personalities tend to act impulsively and do not consider the consequences first. Their reckless personality is also not conducive to career development. Emotionally, Bi Jie is too exuberant, which will also have a very bad impact on the love situation. It is easy for them to quarrel with each other, and things like third parties are prone to occur. In terms of health, the main problem this year is centered on the spleen and stomach. If the five elements of earth are out of balance, it is easy to suffer from indigestion and other problems. In terms of wealth, if the calamity is too prosperous, it will also affect the wealth. There are many places where you need to spend money, and your life will be very tight, so you need to pay more attention to this.

Career fortune for the zodiac Ox in 2015:

In career, the ugly situation will lead to excessive rusticity and pressure from competition. It is recommended to maintain a calm attitude towards the pressure of competition. Don't act recklessly and impulsively. Think about the pros and cons before taking action. Secondly, the ugly is not in conflict. When communicating with others, try to control your temper and maintain a peaceful mind, so that you can get more help. Otherwise, you will only hit the wall everywhere and your situation will get worse and worse. .

Emotional fortune for Ox people in 2015:

Emotionally, when ugly and evil are not in conflict with each other, calamity is more prosperous. Whether you are married or single, the relationship of Ox people will be better this year. The situation will not be good, and you will be more skeptical about the relationship, leaving the other party at a loss and feeling confused about the relationship, which will lead to the emergence of a third party, family discord, relationship breakdown and other situations. It is recommended that when dealing with feelings, you should trust the other person as much as possible. Trust is the foundation of love, and you should not make random suspicions.

Health fortune for people born in the Year of the Ox in 2015:

In terms of health, if the ugliness is not in conflict, the earth element of the body is too strong, and the spleen and stomach belong to the earth element, the main problems will be concentrated in the spleen and stomach. On the other hand, you should pay attention to the adjustment of your diet and try to eat less spicy and greasy food to avoid getting angry. Secondly, we should avoid overeating and reduce consumption.The problem of poor transformation. This year, people born in the Year of the Ox will be more active due to their strong earth energy. It is recommended to engage in more physical activities to enhance their physical fitness.

The wealth fortune of Ox people in 2015:

In terms of wealth, Chou is not in conflict with each other, and the calamity is too strong. At the same time, Guishui, the wealth star in Chou, is injured, so this year's wealth will be very good. No, it is recommended to stay on the defensive and not blindly make risky investments. The possibility of losing money is very high. At the same time, in daily life, you must make a good financial plan and not make impulsive purchases, otherwise the flow of funds will be cut off, leading to My life is very difficult.