The dangers of reading horoscopes frequently

The dangers of reading horoscopes frequently

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The lines between obsessions and superstitions, beliefs and quirks can seem a little blurry.

Suppose a person wears the same jersey to every football game. He believes that if he does not do this, the team he supports will definitely lose. How is this different from someone who counts ceiling tiles over and over again? They believe that if the number of ceiling tiles is not counted correctly, bad things will happen.

Most of us hold beliefs that defy logic. Having religious beliefs, superstitions, knocking on wood to get rid of bad luck, having a piece of lucky underwear - these are all considered fairly normal. The general consensus is that even if our beliefs are illogical or unjustifiable, there's no reason to worry, and believing in behaviors that will keep you safe or prevent things from happening is part of OCD.

Chloe lives in London and is a 26-year-old account manager. She has suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder since she was a child, and in recent years she has become obsessed with astrology. Chloe said: "I have a lot of different astrology apps, so I go through them one by one and see what they say and then interpret them in the most extreme way possible. If someone says to avoid conflict, I feel like I can't talk to anyone lest it turn into an argument. I'm scared to talk because my astrology app says everything will go wrong if I do. I once had an app tell me that things can go wrong in a relationship There was a conflict. I was dating someone at the time, so I didn’t text him all day because I was pretty sure he was going to dump me."

Chloe said: "If I The astrology app says something that makes me feel bad, and I go straight into obsessive mode and do all my previous obsessive behaviors—mainly checking and counting—to protect myself.” That’s not to say what astrology predicts Horoscopes were not to blame for Chloe's obsessive-compulsive spiral, but because they can easily prompt obsessive-compulsive patterns.

“It’s easy to obsess because it gives my thoughts more weight. Normally my OCD would make me think “bad things” are going to happen, but if someone questions this , I can’t explain why,” Chloe said.

Astrology can provide a good breeding ground for unhealthy dependence and can change people's behavior to align with recommended standards. They can provide comfort and make checking into a self-soothing urge. Claire Bogen, 32, a publicist, was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder in her 20s. Her intrusive thoughts were often about things she couldn't control and her compulsive behaviors were A way of ensuring that something will or will not happen.

Claire explained: "For example, when I broke up with my boyfriend, I would tell myself I had to win a squash match (which I played a lot) and then he would come back. I experienced that through wishes, I'm superstitious about horoscopes and the period when you make promises to yourself about achievement." Claire initially looked at horoscopes just to create a sense of control.Finding comfort in positive predictions about the day ahead, she found herself becoming paranoid when her obsessive-compulsive disorder struck. She explains: "During severe anxiety attacks, I'm afraid to even leave the house. It's a comfort if I know what's going to happen next."

People with OCD also often question their Are they hurting themselves or healing themselves—are they treating stress with truly relaxing behaviors, or are they simply forcing themselves for a brief moment of pleasure. When 21-year-old Amber became interested in astrology, she had to carefully navigate the relationship between the signs and the obsessive-compulsive disorder she was diagnosed with at 16. Amber said: "My OCD manifested itself mainly in hurtful intrusions, existential ruminations, and an obsession with numbers and their so-called 'safe' and 'unsafe' properties. For many years I couldn't do anything with odd numbers. Because in my mind, odd numbers meant misfortune, meant my family would be hurt. Astrology was a new way of looking at the world, and a new way of understanding myself, as long as I didn't let myself get too hung up on it. I feel comfortable with astrology."

Amber is undergoing therapy to see if her interest in astrology is under control. "I didn't change my behavior [due to astrology] because I was in the stage of recovery from OCD and I knew it was going to be a downward slope," she said. "Most of the time, I look at my horoscope, But I use astrology apps after the weekend is over, not at the beginning, to protect myself from thinking about what might have happened and instead reflect on what has happened. Self-awareness and self-reflection for OCD recovery Crucial.”

Astrology is not an evil force that needs to be abandoned entirely, they can provide an assessment of daily life and a means of self-reflection. People with OCD know that any obsession can become unhealthy, and the trick is to know the line between pleasurable interests and beliefs that distress you.

Professor Stephen Palmer, a psychologist at the Center for Stress Management, explains: “A key factor in OCD is that your ritualized thoughts and behaviors are disrupting your life and making you feel anxious .The questions you have to ask yourself are: Am I taking my horoscopes too seriously? Am I ruminating on astrology predictions? Am I using my horoscopes as a distraction because it helps to temporarily relieve my stress? Anxiety? Does your anxiety increase when you can't read your zodiac sign? If you feel your relationship with your zodiac sign may be unhealthy, talk to a psychiatrist. Even if reading a horoscope can temporarily relieve anxiety, long-term It appears that repeated behavior may make you more miserable."

It's impossible to suddenly quit smoking, especially when your obsession has reached its limit. By the same token, you can gradually reduce your reliance on horoscopes, but you can't completely avoid talking about other people's zodiac signs and the astrology pages of your favorite magazine. However, all you can do is learn not to give starsHoroscope has too much power. You need to realize that you are not responsible for anything bad, and know that you can look at horoscopes, but you can't trust them to be completely correct

Penny's weekly horoscope, any zodiac signs that are particularly accurate Fortune

What you want to ask is Claire’s horoscope for December 29, 2022. Different zodiac signs have different fortunes.

Claire’s horoscope is relatively complicated. Different zodiac signs have different horoscopes at the end of December. You can refer to the horoscopes of the following zodiac signs:

1, Taurus, Neptune going direct will help you realize your dreams. Mercury has given you ideas, and now you're inspired. Walking alone no longer belongs to you because you have found support from those close to you. Family means the whole world to stars like you.

2. Gemini, you are confused and confused on your own life path. Because you've been looking for clues in other people's lives, but that doesn't give you the answer. This month you will choose a more bohemian lifestyle. Others cannot copy you, and you are no longer the "moon" sought after by the stars.

3. Cancer, it is normal to feel sad about things that have not been done. However, it is more important to focus your time and energy on what may happen in the future and what is happening now. Before the 7th, you will experience strong mood swings. Later, you will emerge from this vortex healthier, stronger, and clearer.

When it comes to Penny’s weekly horoscope, everyone knows that some people ask what is the most accurate horoscope. In addition, some people want to ask whether Penny Thornton’s horoscope refers to the ascendant or the sun sign? , do you know what's going on? In fact, Shelley, Penny, Susan and Tang Liqi, who is the most accurate in analyzing horoscopes? Let’s take a look at some particularly accurate horoscopes. I hope it can help everyone!

Penny’s weekly horoscope

1. Penny’s weekly horoscope: What are the particularly accurate horoscopes

Susan Miller, Luc, these two dates are given It will remind you of some major astronomical nodes and some practical problems that may arise. Penny's weekly horoscope check.

Penny, her understanding and interpretation of the overall astrology and its implementation in real life are very clear, which is very rare. I have never felt that Pei’s mother is talking nonsense, and I can understand it every time I read it. Understand some things and some reasons, and then be able to adjust some methods and directions accordingly. There is no need to rely on it. Everyone has different perceptions and understandings of celestial phenomena. These are what I usually look at. I recommend them to you. Good luck. success! Claire horoscope.

2. Penny’s weekly horoscope: Does Penny Thornton’s horoscope refer to the rising sign or the sun sign?

Refer to the rising sign, and the sun sign assists

Shelley, Penny Ni, Susan and Tang Liqi, who will divide it?The most accurate way to analyze your horoscope

First check your own horoscope, and then check Penny's weekly horoscope.

3. Penny's weekly horoscope: Shelley, Penny, Susan and Tang Liqi, who analyzes the horoscope most accurately

Penny's weekly horoscope.

4. Penny’s weekly horoscope: Penny’s yearly horoscope Penny

5. Penny’s weekly horoscope: Penny’s yearly horoscope

OK , really regardless of

6. Penny’s weekly horoscope: How to view Penny’s horoscope. The annual fortune prediction is very accurate

The three zodiac signs of annual fortune. Pisces’ fortune in the year is mainly affected by Neptune. Influence, and Neptune is in motion, for Pisces, the fortune is above average, which is a lot of improvement compared to last year. Pisces, whose daily life or work is related to mysticism, body, mind and soul, can achieve more than others this year. In short, the fortune of Zodiac sign this year can be said to be remarkable, without any major problems. Entering the new year, the fortune of Taurus is a process from the inside out, not only the psychological aspect, but also the practical aspect. Jupiter stays in the House of Fields and Houses in the first half of the year, and Taurus' main focus is on familiar people and things. In the second half of the year, Jupiter begins to move towards the Palace of True Love. This will be the period for Taurus to develop love.

The three zodiac signs with the worst fortune this year. Aquarius are often struggling in various situations this year, but cannot escape. Take a spiritual journey and let nature wash away the uneasy emotions, so that you can be better. Face life positively. In short, Cancer has a lot of problems and obstacles overall this year, and their fortunes are not very ideal. They often pay a lot but only get a little in return. Despite this, they should still go all out in doing things. Overall, the fortune of this year is at a medium to slightly lower level. Capricorns need to be more careful about details and trivial matters.

7. Penny's weekly horoscope: Penny's horoscope in November

The fortune is as follows: Those who know the current affairs are heroes, and their overall sense is agile and alert. External storms in your career cannot shake your inner plan. With the support of good friends and strength, you will be able to get closer to the other side sooner or later. If you want to change jobs or start a new career, it is recommended to retreat before advancing. If your financial fortune declines, you may seek family supplies if necessary. Emotionally listen more and watch more, and don’t be blinded by superficial phenomena. If the other party hesitates, don't be impatient, it's just that the time has not come yet.

The above is the content related to any particularly accurate horoscopes. It is a sharing about any particularly accurate horoscopes. After reading Penny’s weekly horoscope, I hope this helps!