What do you think of a Libra man’s relationship with the opposite sex in his life?

What do you think of a Libra man’s relationship with the opposite sex in his life?

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Libra lovers see everything through

Libra men are known as love masters. For him, love is a high-level enjoyment. In the process of falling in love, it must be full of beauty, whether it is the method of pursuing or the place of dating. All must be able to fully demonstrate his elegant characteristics. Although they seem quite easy-going on the surface, Vivian reminds you that Libra men are quite face-conscious. It's just that when his respect is damaged, he won't look angry and angry, but he will feel depressed in his heart for a long time, so giving him face in a timely manner is definitely the first lesson you must learn when you fall in love with him.

The relationship between Libra men and the opposite sex

Among the 12 zodiac signs, it can be said that the most popular lover is Libra. For him, falling in love is happy, and enjoying being secretly in love is also quite pleasant. So even if it is not intentional, it will be discharged unconsciously. Coupled with his gentle, kind and helpful nature, many girls will like him quite a lot. And because of the influence of Venus, the ruler of Libra, you are reluctant to give up on beautiful people and things. If two beautiful women admire him at the same time, a Libra man will often be in a dilemma, and the best way in the end is to have them together. Therefore, the probability of stepping into multiple boats is very high. Although it is not intentional, it is still to blame.

Weaknesses of Libra Man's Love

Libras have always longed for love. Even if they have been in love for a long time, they still hope to always maintain the feeling of being in love at the beginning. In fact, this kind of mentality is good, but often after a long time of getting along with each other, many people will start to fade away or become too familiar and lose their enthusiasm. At this time, Libra men are quite unable to accept it, and will start to want to find some new feelings of love. Not being able to grasp the dullness and ordinaryness in life is a lesson that he must learn more in his life.

Breakup EQ for Libra men

The biggest characteristic of Libra’s love is that when making any love decision, they will first consider whether it will hurt others, and then decide on the details. . Therefore, he often does not like to end a relationship in a too divisive way, which can easily lead to disconnection. Therefore, even if they break up, the real main reason may not be revealed, and the other party often cannot figure out what he is thinking. If the other party is too troublesome, he will not bring it up directly. Instead, he will disappear or drift away to make the other party slowly give up.

Libra men’s view on marriage

For Libra men, it is natural to step into the wedding hall after a vigorous love. In addition, there is a lot of nostalgia for the relationship, so they often Will marry the person I have been with the longest. But once you really decide to get married, because of your indecisive personality, you will think about all kinds of things, and even have thoughts of regret due to the brainwashing of friends around you. So pay special attention to how his friends feel about you, so that they can be on your side when the time comes and wish you a helping hand.

Scorpio lovers see everything through

Although Scorpio men appear to be very mature on the surface, they are actually full of wild passion in their hearts. In the pursuit stageThey are very polite and courteous at times, but when it comes to a relationship, no other zodiac sign can be more devoted than Scorpio. Although many people think that Scorpio men are very affectionate, in fact, he is just very affectionate, so when facing It is natural to feel particularly reluctant when betrayal or breakup occurs. If you don't want to play love games, but want to find a lifelong partner, Tiansemen is a good choice.

Scorpio men’s affinity with the opposite sex

No matter whether they are handsome or ugly, Scorpio men are born with the innate magic power to attract the opposite sex. Coupled with the characteristic that whenever you like someone, you will secretly discharge your energy, and you can usually get the other person's attention in the end. When choosing a partner, you usually take your own standards as the first consideration, regardless of other people's criticism, as long as you like it. So when you like someone again, you have a special kind of focused charm. Among the opposite sex, he can be said to be a very popular man. Fortunately, Scorpio men generally have high self-control, so they can control their sexual desires. No messing around.

Disadvantages of Scorpio men in love

Being too persistent in love is a love characteristic of Scorpio men. Of course, when he is used in a good way, what comes out is meticulous care and protection. Being in love with him is like having a 24-hour bodyguard. He will not only care about everything about you, but also try his best to take care of you. of all life. However, if there is a dispute or enmity, the persistence of Scorpio men will actually be a kind of harm to women. In addition, it is easy to get into trouble, so it is easy to play out the plot of unwillingness to let go in love, and the free and easy demeanor will be a bit unsatisfactory. insufficient.

Breakup EQ for Scorpio men

Scorpio men who are originally very clear about love and hate will immediately become very cold once they decide to break up. I don’t even want to see you again or say another word. If the reason for breaking up is that the other party betrayed him, his hatred will be doubled after this. Therefore, many violent events often occur. If a Scorpio man is declared a loser, he will be quite unwilling and will definitely want to find out the reason and try to recover. The most important reason is because of his personal self-esteem issues, so he must be given some time to adjust after breaking up. Only then could he calm down his emotions.

**Scorpio man’s view on marriage

As long as Scorpio completely recognizes everything about you, that’s when he decides to get married. But you won't get married blindly just because you want to get married, so if you use some tricks to get him to marry you, it usually won't work for a Scorpio man. He will only propose marriage when he is willing. He doesn't like the feeling of others forcing him, but he definitely does not want to escape the responsibilities of marriage. Before he and you step into the auditorium, a Scorpio man needs time to think carefully before making a decision. final decision.

Sagittarius lovers see everything through

The probability of a Sagittarius man falling in love at first sight is quite high. As long as you see the right person, you will pursue it enthusiastically. But sometimes he likes to pursue some unattainable objects or impossible tasks, which is a kind of love challenge for him. But a Sagittarius man’s love for loveThe persistence is not strong, so after getting together, you will find that he has many shortcomings, which are completely different from what he tried to show before. Therefore, in terms of love evaluation, many Sagittarius men are not loved by women, and this is something they should review.

The Sagittarius man’s relationship with the opposite sex

As long as a Sagittarius man likes it, he will work hard to pursue the person who makes him excited, regardless of whether the other person and all his conditions are suitable or not. This kind of personality often makes their romantic partners popular from old to young, and it can be about 20 years older or 20 years younger. And because he likes to pursue new and exciting things, he may eventually fall in love with a foreigner. It can be said that he is a very good man for escaping romantic relationships.

Disadvantages of Sagittarius men in love

The biggest shortcoming of Sagittarius men is that they never thoroughly examine themselves. On the bright side, they are quite optimistic. As long as they fall in love and sleep, they will understand it. Of course, if you forget the pain, you also forget to learn lessons, so the proportion of common mistakes is quite high. Even if you know that you have made a mistake, you will think that it is the other party and feel that you have nothing to improve. Instead, you will think that the other party does not understand you well. Or a self-sufficient attitude that cares too much will make a man who gives up his hands often stumble on the road of love

The breakup EQ of a Sagittarius man

The basic personality of Sagittarius is that he is very forgetful. So it’s the same in love. If the other party proposes to break up, they usually want to recover because of their self-esteem, but after a while they will start to find reasons to convince themselves that they are not wrong before continuing to the next relationship. If you initiate the breakup yourself, the recovery period will be faster. Therefore, his optimism and cheerfulness are also evident in Fang Shou

Sagittarius man’s view on marriage

Sagittarius’ marriage and love are often shocking. . But the prerequisite for him to get married is to have independent space for each other and not to restrict each other too much. If you add in passionate love and impulsiveness, the rate of quick wedding will be very high. But if his lover makes him feel quite pressured, he will be quite resistant. A marriage that must be lived together every day

How do Gemini girls make their romance more prosperous

The Aries man deliberately neglects you

The Aries man deliberately neglects you , horoscope is something that most people pay attention to in our lives. Generally, horoscope will change with time and will be affected by many factors. The following Aries men deliberately ignore you.

Aries men deliberately neglect you 1

Why do Aries men deliberately neglect you

Aries don’t like to neglect people, and they will not neglect someone intentionally or unintentionally. People, because they know the pain of being left out, usually have a warm attitude towards others. But being warm doesn't mean that you don't have your own temper. Aries hate it most when others are always sad in front of them and don't listen to their own advice, just like Xianglin's wife, they will ignore you and stop caring about you.

If after the Cold War, you will be closeIf you don't see him or her for a month, it means that you have decided to end this relationship completely, so no matter what method he uses to keep you, or whether he plans to let it go like you do, you have never thought about looking back. The cold war also happened to cool down your feelings, and you have no other choice but to break up!

Aries is still unlikely to play the cold war and start scolding you at the first moment. Aries has a very impulsive personality and gets angry. There are really few people who can handle it, so there will be no cold war between the two of them, and they were already very quarreling at that time.

Aries is a hot-tempered person who plays cold war but is cold-blooded. He doesn’t argue or quarrel or lose his temper. He hangs around in front of your eyes as if you don’t exist. He does whatever you want to do to the extreme. If it were normal, Aries's roar would have been loud enough, but now it seems to be invisible and ignored. Such a big change always makes people feel panicked, and it is even more terrifying than Aries with such a bad temper.

Why are Aries boys hot and cold?

Uncontrolled giving

As the twelve zodiac signs First of all, Aries people are mostly simple and direct. This is especially true for Aries boys. In the ocean of love, Aries boys like to use everything they have to gain the favor of their partner. Maybe some girls think that when they are dating an Aries boy, they will have so much fun during meetings or parties that they don’t want to separate. Once separated, he will disappear without a trace, thus thinking that this man has no feelings for her. , and mistakenly chose to let go.

In fact, a man’s emotions, like his body, have a refractory period. The duration of this refractory period is related to the severity of the previous outbreak. You can't ask him to be a blazing fire 24 hours a day, burning around you, making you feel happy and warm.

The Aries man is a person who doesn’t know much about restraint. He always throws everything he owns to women. Women are greedy animals and always like to get different surprises anytime and anywhere. , which is indeed a bit difficult for this simple little white sheep. It is recommended that Aries men learn to retain something when giving their love, and learn to love someone slowly and steadily, so that the other person will not feel hot and cold.

Why are Aries girls hot and cold?

Do whatever you want

The love of an Aries woman is like a simple and straightforward literary novel with strong storytelling. She can only tell one story, and tell it from beginning to end, without any side details. An Aries woman's love is like her character, simple, direct, rough, and comes and goes quickly. With a strong "hero complex", she may not be as gentle and pleasant as girls with water signs, but inThere is absolutely no lack of femininity in her body.

Although such femininity requires a lot of packaging and needs to be reflected in specific scenes. An Aries woman can be as cold or hot as she wants in love. She will naturally be cold when she feels she should be cold, and she will find ways to stick to you when she wants to be warm. In short, falling in love with an Aries person does not require so much scheming. You only need to simply feel his emotions and change your own needs accordingly. Anyway, he won't let you down too much.

The character of Aries

Aries are the easiest to get angry:

Aries have a common characteristic They are very easy to get angry and angry. Although this kind of anger is only temporary, the degree of anger does exceed the seriousness of the matter itself. People who know Aries may know that this kind of personality is innate, but People who don't understand will think that Aries are very childish and will not grow up. They are always angry at things that are not worth being angry about and always get angry without any reason. The irritable temper of Aries is the most direct reason for hindering development.

The emotions of Aries are changeable:

If anything you do suits Aries’ heart, then he will be moved to the point of admiration. If you If you don't go as he wants, he will always have a temper with you. This temper is not something that ordinary people can control. Although he has a small temper, it is very irritating. He will always ignore you and let you get close to her. No, leaving is not the case. In short, such changeable emotions are always not liked by everyone, because it is better to be tactful as a person. If you can keep some things in your heart, don't say them out, let alone show them. You have more Changing emotions will affect how everyone likes you.

Aries never admits their mistakes:

No matter what the reason is, as long as Aries is angry, there is only one way to make him calm down, that is, you take the initiative Admit your mistake, otherwise there will be no discussion. Aries knows very well in his heart that what he did was wrong, but even if he realizes that he is wrong, Aries will only feel guilty in his heart and will not show it in action. If you are willing to bow your head and admit your mistake, then he will He will happily accept your apology, and then immediately get involved with you, and will go out of his way to make up for your understanding of him.

Aries is competitive:

It stands to reason that being competitive is an essential trait for each of us, but If you said that being competitive can defeat Aries, then you are wrong. Being competitive is Aries' specialty. He will give everything he has to fight with you, no matter how much money he spends or how much hardship he endures, it doesn't matter. Only if you can’t think of it, you won’t give up unless you can win

So followIt is not a good choice for Aries to be competitive, but they often offend others in the process. Although they have gained fame and fortune in the end, they have lost their hearts and have not shared the joys and sorrows. How can we develop better, so we must get rid of this problem. , although it is very difficult, but you should slowly adjust your mentality.

Aries likes to be straightforward:

If you are playing tricks in front of Aries, then you are playing tricks in front of Guan Gong, because Aries is very thoughtful. Delicate, if you speak hesitantly and keep everything in your heart, then you will not be liked by Aries, or it will be difficult for you to be an Aries friend. Aries likes freedom and likes that others can You care about yourself and like to save face, so if you have something to say, just say it. Don't hide it in your heart. That is the stupidest thing to do.

Aries people are full of fantasy:

It seems that everyone is full of hope and their own ideals, but Aries is different, he is an idealist , always have great illusions about beautiful things. If you get a sudden blow in the middle, it will be very hurt to Aries's heart. So if you like Aries, talk about your ideals with him and agree on a time. After setting a goal, it is a beautiful thing for everyone to imagine the future together. If Aries can think about the actual situation while fantasizing, then a lot will be achieved.

The Aries man deliberately neglects you 2

Falling in love with the Aries man

To gain the favor of an Aries man, the first key point is to go to him often Participate in exciting activities. If you are brave enough, go bungee jumping or ride a roller coaster! Aries men are really interested in these things, and after doing exciting activities, Aries men's mood will become very high. It's okay to say anything to him at this time, and he will even be so high that he is right. As a friend, you feel love!

The two key points are speed. Whether you are talking to him or doing anything, you must be fast, because the Aries man is a very impatient personality (maybe he himself (don’t think so), so he often feels that everyone can’t keep up with him and moves as slow as a turtle, which makes him very unbearable. At this time, if you can keep up with his speed, or even move faster than him, he will look at you differently and give you a completely different evaluation and score.

Aries people do things too quickly, so they often leave things behind. At this time, I suggest that you, who are still just friends, know how to wipe his butt for him, so that he can understand him more deeply. noticed you. But one thing to note is that after helping him finish the work, you can’t keep talking about it or keep asking for credit in front of him! Otherwise, not only will you not get his gratitude, but you will also make him feel extremely resentful. He prefers to do things for him without being too nagging.This sounds very selfish, but that’s how he is, and there’s really nothing he can do about it.

Therefore, Vivian suggests that after you have finished handling some trivial matters for him, you might as well say in an understatement, "I have taken care of the matter for you." You can even say in a joking tone, "I did it yesterday." "Only two hours of sleep, I'm about to turn into panda eyes", coupled with a cheerful smile, this approach will make him think that you are a considerate little girl, and successfully arouse his sense of guilt towards you, making him think Try to compensate you as much as possible;

When you notice his psychological reaction, you can take the opportunity to say, "Yeah? Don't you have any expression? Why not buy me a cup of coffee worth 20 yuan!" And from then on , I believe he will start asking you out.

Aries man deliberately neglects you 3

1. How to recover from an Aries man who has annoyed him?

When a boyfriend and girlfriend quarrel and have conflicts, which annoys the other party, many people Not knowing how to chat often makes your ex-boyfriend hate you even more, making it more difficult to recover. Not only should you learn language skills when chatting, but you should also reduce your own needs. If your sense of need is too high, it is very easy to lose the initiative to recover. So how to redeem the other party if he is an Aries?

1. Don’t talk empty words because you don’t know how to speak, as this will make him feel that this person is becoming more and more boring;

2 . Even if I don’t agree with what the other party says, there is no need to argue. If you win, you will lose; A listener, give your own suggestions appropriately during the listening process;

4. Know how to be silent when necessary, especially when the chatting atmosphere is not good and you never know what to do next time;

5. Speaking requires mental effort. If you say something without immediate reflection in the brain, it is easy to blame yourself later;

6. Ask fewer questions and ask more questions. The greater your needs, the greater the exposure;

7. Don’t be verbose when speaking. You don’t need to say one more word if you can express the meaning in one sentence, especially if you are a man. ;

8. Don’t talk too much. Sometimes the bigger you talk, the bigger the mistake will be. Otherwise, he is very interested in this topic, and maybe he needs to have a degree to reach the peak of the topic. Disconnect immediately to create opportunities for the next conversation; even if you talk less, be passionate and don't let the other party feel that your mentality is not good.

2. How to recover from Aries’ anger?

1. There is no need to be too cool to Aries or too hot to Aries. Over time, Aries will become angry. I can't hold it in any longer.

2. Be cool and unrestrained first, make him angry, and then make a fuss, sometimes good and sometimes bad, Aries will turn around soon.

3. Don’t worry about deliberately looking forA new girlfriend is angry with Aries, which will always add fuel to the fire. It is not as good as coaxing Aries in a moderate way. (For consultation on emotional problems, please add the teacher’s mobile phone/email:)

Aries, a stubborn person, will definitely be caught off guard once you are angry, like the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves, and it is not about taking soft things or hard things. Aries men who are stubborn and lustful are very easy to get angry because women don't show affection to them, and once they are angry, everything their girlfriends say will be considered as cover-ups. In other words, they are right no matter what, so when they are When your Aries boyfriend is upset, you must not contradict him, don't complain, and don't resist. Let him calm down for a while, wait for a period of time (depending on the actual situation), and then try to comfort him again, just like a normal person.

How to recover from an Aries person who has angered him? Generally speaking, you must accommodate him. You can only accommodate him. He will feel your care and forgiveness, and he will go faster when he is angry! He They can scold enough, and even if they get angry, some Aries are actually very gentle and reasonable. His scolding is out of anger and attacks the heart, so when he opens his mouth to curse, he is doing it for your own good. Therefore, at this time, don't be stubborn or unreasonable, because he is already on fire, so let him finish it.

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How can a Gemini girl make her love life more prosperous

HI~ I am also a Gemini, you don’t have to worry about no one liking you Alright~ Maybe it’s not that time yet,,. Like me, no one has ever liked me before. If there is someone I like, I still have to pursue it on my own. It’s so sad~ But in October this year, my love luck was so good, originally I chased a boy and got together. Then three boys said they liked me and they liked me very much. Then they came to chase me. I can't cheat on them. It's a bit tragic... ...

You will know if you have any peach blossoms when you go home and look in the mirror

Start with the face first

You can also look at the whole body

< p> Gemini’s 2004 love fortune: strong month April May strong weak month November December weak lucky color gray, silver lucky dress with a natural and playful feeling 2004 love luck analysis You hate the same life, so the best way to confess your love is So different from everyone else! It is not limited to any time or environment. It’s a good way to first act like nothing is happening and then surprise the other person! It is recommended that you confess your love unexpectedly without the other person being prepared for it, and you can do it in a joking way, but not just once! It will make the other person feel the ambiguous feeling in their heart. The best lucky jewelry to attract peach blossoms: The most suitable zodiac sign shape for Crystal Gemini is a natural and playful feeling, which makes people feel relaxed, friendly and comfortable, with neatly combed hair, or a neutral dress. Even a slightly innocent and girlish hairstyle is suitable for you. Many Geminis like to change their hairstyles constantly, both to keep up with trends and to suit their ever-changing moods. In fact, Geminis can make good use of hair dye to shape their hair.Like a change, many Geminis are also wig lovers, and they can give people a different feeling without having to make a big effort. If you are a Gemini, you should also make good use of crystals. Wearing them on your wrist can bring unexpected luck, and you can also use a variety of colors to skillfully match them to create a new feeling. The Best Date Places for Summoning Peach Blossoms When shopping, don't go on a date in a boring place, because an environment that is too monotonous will make you restless. Gemini men must have a variety of places to show their charm, and shopping is a good choice. Teacher Vivian’s little reminder to girls: Your love skills are quite high, but sometimes you can be a little ruthless! I don't like boys who are unmotivated and talk boringly. With a smart mind and good speaking skills, he is often the happy fruit among friends! For boys, you can always create a happy atmosphere at parties. I prefer to pursue love myself rather than others taking the initiative. You must come down and get bored very quickly. But no matter what, it can change your mood immediately!

Gemini's love luck in 2011

Gemini's love luck in 2011 is good. After a period of getting along like a stick, sometimes you will feel at a loss as to what to do. Remember that feelings are two-sided, so don't be too eager. Rather, it requires calmness. Iron can only become steel after being quenched.

Gemini’s love fortune this year

Love fortune: The most prosperous months for Gemini’s love fortune in 2010 are: February, March, August, October and November. Gemini’s love fortune is subject to great fluctuations, especially especially There will be a lot of fluctuations in the middle of the year. During this period, you will experience several interpersonal changes. Geminis who have lovers, it is recommended that you spend more time with your lover, otherwise, if it is serious, your lover may not be able to stand you. You need to spend time communicating and coordinating with each other from time to time. Single Geminis, you can only say that your luck in love is coming and going, so you should treat every relationship with your heart and stop torturing the other person half-heartedly.

How do Gemini girls exert their charm?

How do Gemini girls improve their charm?

The ever-changing Gemini beauties have ever-changing images, often appearing in fresh images, and dare to challenge various images. And with the understanding of Gemini, they can also express these images vividly and steal the show.

Maybe it’s because Geminis are very popular, or there are more beauties in Geminis, but they are easily mistaken for vases, and are thought to be incompetent, and they can get by just by being popular, which is a bit miserable! So, how can Gemini women change people's fixed thinking, show their strength, and convince everyone?

Tips for improving your charisma: Brag less, focus on your work, win praise for your abilities, and do difficult things.

What is the fortune of Gemini girls?

Yes, it is better to bring citrine (a wealth-gathering stone) which is also a lucky stone for Gemini women. A Gemini girl is like a kaleidoscope, changing all of a sudden, and you can never seem to figure out her true shape. Some people say that there are always certain types of boys that a girl admires or attracts. But this is not necessarily the case for Gemini girls. because of herWith dual or even multiple personalities, there are all types of men she admires and attracts!

It sounds like your situation is besieged on all sides! But you should be able to understand that other boys have a hard time resisting her charm just like you. Frankly speaking, Gemini girls are really interesting. Like a little boy, she can accompany you to have crazy fun in the mountains and sea; she can also have a serious chat with you about literature and geography! Of course, she will be gentle and lingering with you like a little princess. She is so full of fun and variety! It's a pity that her attitude towards you is also changeable and elusive. It is difficult for you to understand why the advantages that fascinated her yesterday have become the shortcomings that she despises today. Don't be sad or angry yet! You should calm down first and get to know this elf that makes you happy and annoying at the same time.

Gemini girls have extremely rich imagination, and in real life, love seems to be the best place for her to use her imagination. She can successfully play different roles in almost every love story. character of. Therefore, many people criticize Gemini girls for treating love as a game. But in the heart of every Gemini girl, there is a desire for everlasting love. But their multiple personalities always make her appreciate some of your advantages while also picking on your possible shortcomings. For example, while praising your artistic talent, she may criticize you for being too weak! Under such repeated emotions, the person who is most troubled is not you, but herself. Because Gemini girls usually deal with their emotions alone, you will only feel that she is hot and cold at best.

However, in addition to needing a little more patience, I still want to remind you - when getting along with a Gemini girl, the only way to avoid getting hurt and to get along harmoniously with her is to keep asking yourself change. The changeable life and atmosphere will make her lively and interesting, and will maintain her love for you. You can give full play to your diverse talents without worrying that she will not be able to adapt. A Gemini girl will not be a clingy gummy. However, don't ignore her for too long. Lonely waiting is not something a Gemini girl can easily endure. Otherwise, the speed at which she forgets you will definitely break your heart.

She may tell you sweetly today that she feels she is the luckiest little woman in the world, and sadly tell you tomorrow that she is worried that the feeling of love between you is no longer there. . At this time, what you need is a little sense of humor. You might as well say to her: "Really? That's too bad. Can you give me a chance to chase you again?" Playful and witty words will always please Gemini girls. He is an elf with great skills in expressing love. Wouldn't it be too disappointing if he ran into a piece of wood?

Please remember to hold her hand tightly at all times. With her changing rhythm, you will find that life is a kaleidoscope, colorful and interesting.

Attention, Gemini women, there will be an unexpected fortune this month?

In which month will Gemini's love luck fall in 2011?

Gemini people’s fortune in the Year of the Rabbit in 2011:

Gemini is a constellation that appears on the east coast of the Milky Way from winter to spring. The symbol of Gemini represents the twin brothers, whose guardian planet is Mercury and whose patron saint is Hermes, who governs knowledge.

The biggest characteristic of Gemini people is their extremely keen observation ability. Gemini people are very dexterous in their crafts and can show their talents in all aspects. However, on the other hand, it also suffers from the problem of knowing everything but not being good at everything.


Gemini in 2011 can be said to be getting better and better, having passed the difficult period of the first two years. Now is the time to start to recover, and the efforts of the past period have gradually come to an end. After a while, although you don’t feel like you have achieved anything yet, you will begin to feel that your efforts are gradually showing results. In 2011, Gemini began to feel the pressure lifted, but like a spring that was suddenly relaxed, it often rebounded excessively. Gemini should be careful about overjoying. If the mentality is too rash and self-inflated, it is likely to misjudge the situation and lead to failure. Extreme joy brings sorrow. In the second half of 2011, Geminis born before June 10 may experience the recognition of their past efforts and feel proud of themselves. At the same time, this horoscope does not end just like going on stage to present an award, but because you have been recognized and given important responsibilities, you must work harder from now on to live up to your trust and expectations.

Good luck:

In the first half of the year, you will get help from many noble people, and you will also create new interpersonal relationships. In terms of career, you will find new things that are different from your past. dream, and get help to realize this new dream. Starting from the second half of the year, you will have a strong need for spirituality, you may become interested in art or more mysterious things, and your intuition will be very strong. The soul will receive very soothing energy, which will help you get rid of some scars and make your heart richer and fulfilling.

The bad luck part:

Since 2011, there will be many solar and lunar eclipses happening on the axis of Sagittarius and Gemini, and Uranus will enter Gemini’s interpersonal relationship house. Gemini may experience a change in interpersonal relationships. During this period, some existing friends may be separated forever, but new relationships may also be established. Be careful not to get into a debt relationship with anyone, even your closest partner. You will discover the warmth and warmth of human relationships in the world, and then baptize your spiritual level. Everything will happen so unexpectedly that you will be caught off guard. Please cherish your existing emotions.

Career: Very beneficial, prosperous and smooth, you should seize the opportunity to develop and grow. However, you must pay full attention to the mischief and destruction caused by treacherous villains with ulterior motives. You should deal with the difficulties encountered along the way calmly and do not act too hastily. When your career is booming, be careful to grasp yourself correctly and don’t worry about it.Sow the seeds of trouble later.

Emotions: After a period of getting along like glue, you sometimes feel at a loss as to what to do. Remember that feelings are two-sided. Don't be too eager, but need to be calm. Iron can only become steel after being quenched.

Wealth luck: proceed step by step. Don’t expect too much at the beginning, don’t aim too high, and don’t be overestimated. Don’t take risks, be radical, or be capricious. Stick to the direction chosen after careful consideration, and don’t follow the trend. Continuously correct your incorrect opinions and add new content. Make friends with wise people, dismiss villains, use upright methods and open and combined methods to forge ahead, and wealth will gather into a tower.

Warning: Chao Qin Mu Chu’s behavior has no real future, whether in career or relationship.

Analysis of Gemini’s love luck this year

During this year, passion and charm will enter your life significantly. You will have a fresh start, or be ready for a new beginning. The planets that rule your sky will also have an impact on you, awakening your inner desire and need for love, but you can control it yourself to achieve a balanced state without losing control.

If you are in a very complicated emotional state, you will spontaneously explore the essence of the matter and simplify this complicated situation. In order to keep these fantasies away from fiction, you need to believe more in and adhere to accurate intuition, strict logic and truth. So you can have the ability to observe and explore the nature of your situation while making good decisions for yourself and others. Your significant other will trust you more this year than last year, which also makes you start to learn how to get along with your previous lover, although you have never fully understood this. You are completely tired of complicated love, because such love makes you waste too much time and makes you very unhappy.

During this year, the intervention of Venus has given you great abilities and personal charm, especially between April and August 2011. If you are in a relationship now, you will naturally be inclined to make some changes. Perhaps some exchanges with friends back home have inspired you.

However, it should be noted that too many entanglements between relatives may have some adverse effects on your emotional relationship, which is worth your attention to avoid.

Which month will Gemini boys have the best love luck?

The month when a girl comes to you.

Constellations refer to one of the essential components in astrology and are also a group of stars in the sky. Since ancient times, humans have connected groups of stars with characters or objects in their myths, calling them "constellations." Many friends like horoscopes, so I will take you to experience all kinds of zodiac signs.

Among the twelve zodiac signsCapricorns live the longest

The first official horoscope and lifespan statistics are released. Statistics from the National Health Insurance Bureau found that among the twelve zodiac signs, Capricorns live the longest, Aries have the shortest life span, Cancers are most likely to die young, Geminis are most likely to die unexpectedly, and Leos are most likely to die before the age of one. Astrology experts believe that the survey is accurate, but doctors remind the public that this is just statistical data and that people should not be superstitious. More exercise and a balanced diet are the keys to longevity. Interesting Topics: The National Health Insurance Bureau held a press conference on "Interesting Vital Statistics" yesterday to conduct a statistical analysis of the 135,071 Chinese who died in 2006 based on their birth date, zodiac sign, and average life expectancy. Geminis are most likely to die unexpectedly. Gao Zibin, director of the medical review team of the National Health Insurance Bureau, said that statistics found that among the twelve zodiac signs, Capricorn has the longest lifespan, with an average lifespan of 74.53 years, which is longer than the average lifespan

Males, who have the shortest lifespan Aries, live one more year and one month longer. Geminis are most likely to die from homicide, suicide, and accidents. On average, for every 100 Gemini people who die, about ten people die unexpectedly. In the ranking of zodiac signs that died young before the age of thirty, Cancer had the highest rate of 5.06%. For every hundred Cancer people who died, about five did not live past the age of thirty; Capricorn died young The ratio is the lowest, only 3.42%. Leo has the highest premature death rate (age under one year old at the time of death), which is 0.95%, and the lowest is Capricorn, which is 0.64%. Chen Dingda, a family medicine physician at Mackay Hospital, said that the factors recognized by the medical community as being related to health are genetic genes, living habits and environmental factors. The data from the National Health Insurance Bureau are only summary statistics and cannot verify the causal relationship between zodiac signs and life span. Therefore, the public "just listen to it" "Okay, don't be superstitious." A balanced diet and more exercise are more practical for longevity. Astrology experts agree with the conclusion. Xie Wuxun, director of the Department of Neonatology at National Taiwan University Hospital, said that based on clinical observations, premature babies who die within 28 days of birth are usually premature babies, and the most common cause of death for babies under one year old is poor care. The National Health Insurance Bureau's horoscope statistics have no medical significance. Although doctors do not agree with this statistical conclusion, some horoscope experts agree.

Zodiac expert Vivian said that zodiac signs affect personality, and personality determines destiny. Capricorn is the most will-powerful zodiac sign and of course lives longer; Aries likes stimulating activities, and Gemini is very curious. These will Affects life span and risk of accidental death. Astrologer Li Jundong said that Capricorns are cautious and strong-willed and tend to live longer, while Geminis may have their lifespan shortened due to their split personalities and tendency to get into disputes. Hebe, an Aries: No worries. Hebe, a member of the girl idol group S.H.E and born in the zodiac of Aries, laughed after learning yesterday that she was the "zodiac sign with the shortest life expectancy" and said, "No worries, because life is not just about living long." For the purpose, but don’t make it too short.” Yan Chengxu, a member of the first idol group F4 who was born on New Year’s Day, said yesterday when he heard that his Capricorn sign was the longest-lived, he said: “Is it possible? I often get sick, and I also hope that I can live a long life in the future. Ah."

Officials from the National Health Insurance Bureau said that they will conduct statistics on the life span and zodiac signs of Chinese people.This is because Chinese people are concerned about horoscopes and numerology, but lack actual data. In the future, it is not ruled out that people will be guilty of Tai Sui and encounter nine major evils (age numbers ending in nine are more likely to suffer disasters) and other vital statistics. Liu Meijun, CEO of the Healthcare Reform Foundation, criticized the National Health Insurance Bureau's statistics, which do not reveal any useful information about health insurance or public health care. She hopes that the National Health Insurance Bureau will work hard to improve the health insurance finance and stop "not doing its job properly"