Cancer’s luck on November 4th and 5th

Cancer’s luck on November 4th and 5th

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Looking for the fortune of Cancer in 2015

The good luck part:

The most enviable thing about Cancer in 2015 is the money fortune. Jupiter has entered Cancer's money house since the summer of 2014. Cancers have many good opportunities to make money. In addition to your regular job, you may have a lot of extra income due to some part-time jobs, which may even exceed the salary of your original regular job. If you are a Cancer who needs performance, you will also get good benefits because of your outstanding performance. However, these money are all real wealth, and you need to earn money through your own efforts. At the same time, there may be signs of a salary increase due to hard work. Therefore, Cancer will have more money than any other sign in 2015. This good luck will last until the autumn of 2015. If you can, please save the money carefully. The second half of the year will be a period when you need to invest a lot of money intellectually. You may learn some new things or have some knowledge. The possibility of further study or traveling around will cost money, but the money palace has never had any negative energy effects, and life and materials are not in short supply.

The bad luck part:

Cancer’s emotional fortune has been in a relatively sluggish state in recent years. They are constantly searching, but they are also constantly feeling disillusioned. Even if you finally get married with a lover, you may still be in a state of serious insecurity. Cancer will have a little breathing room in 2015, but this does not mean that emotions will be smooth sailing. Although Pluto, which is located in the partner house, can find relief in the summer, because Saturn will retreat to Cancer's love house next season, Cancer will Love luck is still hard. You have to be patient for a while longer. In 2015, Cancers can wear "Yi Mingju Magic Black Fox" to enhance their relationship and make it as solid as a rock. In addition, work luck will also be a very hard part for Cancer. Saturn has entered Cancer’s work house since December 2014. Cancers tend to feel thankless no matter what job they hold. At the same time, positions are constantly changing. But even though the work content is not going well, I am not happy. But these unhappiness can be replaced by a lot of money. Perhaps from this perspective, work luck is not satisfactory...

Work luck:

I must tell Cancer that starting from 2015, work will be harder than before, with half the effort and half the effort. At the same time, there will be many unexpected situations. The situation of being held back by colleagues or partners remains the same, and I often feel very isolated. However, the good news is that all your hard work can be turned into money to compensate you. Even if many things are not performed so pleasantly, the performance is the envy of many people, and the monetary rewards are considerable. At the same time, if you don’t want to just get a salary, you can also try to do some side jobs. These side jobs will bring you satisfactory profits in the first half of the year. Please take advantage of such difficulties but you can hone your energy. This may open up the second spring of your career. If you want to have better performance in your career, Cancer can be placed in his or her zodiac sign "Yi Mingju Golden Cauldron Skin" "Hugh" lucky ornaments are used to bring good luck, ward off evil spirits, and protect peace.To be safe and auspicious, wear the "Yi Mingju Zodiac Moon Bracelet" of other constellations at the same time to resolve bad luck and enhance wealth and career luck.

Emotional luck:

Your emotional fortune in 2015 may have to be endured for a while. Pluto and Saturn take turns ravaging your emotional house, leaving you in a state of constant emotional beating. No matter how much you meet someone who is admired by everyone, you will eventually be unable to be together due to some unknown reasons. You will not understand why you have put in so much emotion but never get the same return. This makes you very sad and angry. However, in recent years, the more emotionally injured Cancers are, the more they want to fall in love. Why not stop and look at the scenery of the world? Perhaps after you get rid of emotional needs, you will find that all the sense of security can only be brought to you by yourself. For Cancer friends who don't have obvious love luck, you can try wearing the "Yi Mingju White Fox Jade Pendant" of his or her zodiac sign to enhance your relationship with the opposite sex, which will give you more chances to find your significant other.

Money luck:

Enjoying material life well is the best choice for Cancer in 2015. Even though their emotional state and work environment are not very friendly, Cancer at least has the money to treat themselves well. The first half of the year will be a period of considerable financial gain, which will come from work or a new business you start. Even if the income in the second half of the year is no longer as abundant as in the first half of the year, it will not be lacking. Planning some travel plans will give you a spiritual rest. Please make good use of your money luck. If you want your money luck to be more stable and upward, and to resolve unfavorable loss information, you can wear the "Yi Mingju Prosperity" pendant of his or her zodiac sign, which will be of positive help to your money luck.


2015 will be a period when Cancers are more likely to be overworked. Pay attention to the maintenance of your skin, muscles, bones, and teeth, otherwise it is easy to suffer from long-term pain and suffering due to overtiredness. . Spring and autumn are busier periods when it is easier to get sick and harder to recover from. Pay special attention to traffic accidents after summer. Especially in September, there will be more traffic problems.

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The following is the prediction of Cancer's overall fortune in terms of wealth, career, relationship, health and academic performance for 2015

Cancer's career horoscope in 2015

2015 is a year of career progress for Cancer, because the ruler of the life has entered the official palace, which means that working people will perform well in 2015, and may even be promoted or start new businesses. In short, In this unusual year, you should pay more attention to your career and not lose good opportunities.

Cancer’s 2015 Fortune Forecast

Saturn entered the house of wealth in 2015, which is a relatively tight financial year. Even if you have a lot of money on hand, you must handle it carefully. Regarding financial problems, it is very likely that there will be some unexpected things that will cause Cancer friends to spend money.

Cancer’s love fortune in 2015

The year 2015 is a time when the palace of husband and wife is empty. Emotional life and love matters are, as in the past, not a breakthrough year, but also just a year. A stable year. Friends who have not found a partner must work harder in this regard to achieve their ideals. If you encounter some specious feelings, don't waste time, because a person's marriage luck is limited, and if you miss it, you will regret it. If you want to make a breakthrough in marriage, you can wear the "Taoyunge Jiayuan Pink Fox Pendant" to promote the prosperity of the couple palace.

Cancer 2015 academic horoscope

If students with Cancer zodiac signs put their strong energy into their studies in 2015, they will make significant progress, but they will slack off because of small achievements. You need to push yourself from time to time.

Cancer's interpersonal fortune in 2015

The worse palace in 2015 is the palace of brothers and sisters. It is the year when Tai Sui breaks through. You must pay attention to your brothers, sisters and good friends around you. In 2015 More problems may occur during the year.

Cancer’s health fortune in 2015

Be careful about physical problems in 2015, because the Palace of Disasters is invaded by Mars and opposed by Saturn, which is an unfavorable omen. Get more physical examinations and exercise more to strengthen your body's resistance. In 2015, you need to prevent inflammation, tumors, and gastrointestinal problems.

Lucky colors and numbers for Cancer in 2015:

Lucky colors: pink, brown

Lucky numbers: 6, 9

Cancers can wear the "Taoyun Pavilion Cancer Protection Bracelet" in 2015 to ward off evil and protect themselves, so that everything goes smoothly and their body and mind are healthy! The lucky crystal for Cancer in 2015 is rose quartz.

What is the fortune of Cancer in January 2015?

In January, as mentioned earlier, intimacy has been a major issue that has been plaguing Cancers recently. This month, Cancers, who are hiding their secrets, and their significant other in an intimate relationship are expected to reach a gentleman's agreement on common property; on the other hand, Saturn is in Cancer's health house, squaring Mars and Neptune, forFor crabs with more sensitive constitutions, they will feel a heavier burden on their bodies and need to pay special attention to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Your health is not serious, but you will be disturbed by a cold, and you must take early treatment to avoid future troubles. Wealth luck seems to be right and wrong, good wealth is acceptable, but windfall should not be obsessed with. If the Yima star is in motion, you may move to a factory or house.