What occupations are suitable for the twelve zodiac signs (what occupation is suitable for you accor

What occupations are suitable for the twelve zodiac signs (what occupation is suitable for you accor


Feel like your job isn’t right for you? This may be why

The Midheaven, also known as the Midheaven or Midheaven, is the highest point in the chart and provides clues to our career goals and aspirations.

Zhongtian is our reputation in the eyes of society and how we earn our reputation.


If your Midheaven is in Aries, your career requires excitement, challenge, and action. You were supposed to defend, express opinions, and take control. You have the ability to navigate your career path with vision and determination. A career that requires self-starting or a future focus is right for you.

Aries Midheavens make excellent detectives, reporters, fitness instructors, firefighters and athletes. Your career should provide you with opportunities to grow and expand, to lead and defend the weak. You are a trailblazer and can do anything that satisfies your adventurous spirit in the workplace. Work hard to follow and be disciplined.


If your Midheaven is in Taurus, you need security and direction in your career. Your intention is to create beauty and improve people and things. You have a talent for discovering good business opportunities, and you are willing to settle down and work hard to achieve your goals.

Midheaven Taurus loves jobs that revolve around creativity and money: banking, art, music, finance, and fashion, to name a few. While it may take you years to decide which path to take, once you make the decision, you'll be determined to achieve your goals. Delegating work can be difficult because you feel like no one can do it better than yourself. Learn to see the positive qualities in others and believe in their potential.


If your Midheaven is in Gemini, your career requires variety, freedom of expression, and mental challenge. In fact, you might actually pursue two careers at the same time to keep them sufficiently challenged.

You should be connected to others and be able to actively spread your wisdom and knowledge through teaching, journalism, journalism, public relations, comedy, marketing or sales. A true generalist and lifelong student, you'll be happiest in a job that gives you the time and space to explore a variety of interests.


If your Midheaven is in Cancer, you need a career that allows you to use your intuition and ability to care for others. You should nurture others because you have the ability to see situations and people on a deeper level.


If your Midheaven is in Leo, you need to be a leader, be seen, and shine in your authenticity . With the courage to make choices, you pursue your goals with unwavering conviction. Beware of overconfidence, arrogance, or impatience.

Leo Midheavens make great motivational speakers, actors, singers, organizers, political directors, spokespeople, businessmen, or politicians—in fact, anyone who in some way makes them the spotlight or public eye and fulfill their financial aspirationsIndustry. Be proud of how you project and don't be afraid to shine. This is your birthright.


You prefer to work behind the scenes and may be drawn to science, research, medicine, psychology, or the literary arts. Take it easy and don't be too hard on yourself. You did very well.


The Libra Midheaven has produced great psychologists, therapists, lawyers, judges, diplomats, interior designers, architects and musician. Fight for your passion and your art!


If your Midheaven is in Scorpio, you need a career that satisfies your need for curiosity and financial security. You are meant to shine in the dark areas of human existence that often go unacknowledged.

Scorpio Midheaven makes great criminal psychologists, detectives, actors, therapists, accountants, bankers, stockbrokers and therapists. You have the ability to see the truth behind the lies and stories people often tell themselves, and you believe that uncovering these truths is difficult but necessary for the good of all. The ability to focus on a task for long periods of time is a blessing, but once you feel like you've mastered it, your passion for your career will fade away. Career changes are common for Scorpios. Trust your gut and follow your gut.


If your Midheaven is in Sagittarius, you need a career that allows you to travel to new places, explore exotic lands, and experience other Lifestyle careers to satisfy your philosophical curiosity. You are destined to be on the road, to be an eternal student and teacher, and to share your wisdom and humor.

A Sagittarius Midheaven makes great pilots, flight attendants, touring musicians, photographers, travel consultants, or can be drawn to a religious or spiritual career. An explorer who thrives on getting to know people from all walks of life, you enjoy socializing, researching, investigating, and connecting the dots when it comes to ideas, people, and theories. To you, we are all connected. Find a job that gives you independence in your schedule so you can work from anywhere.


If your Midheaven is in Capricorn, you need a career that will allow you to be a boss and make a mark on the world. Ambitious and sometimes to a fault, you take your career seriously and are able to shut it all out and focus. Your aim is to make a name for yourself and make as much money as possible!

Capricorn Midheaven natives are CEOs, managers, doctors, property owners, financial managers, bankers. With your hard work and drive, you are a self-made person who will occupy a respectable place in whatever path you pursue. When you first take charge, you can be harsh and intimidating. You must learn to tone down bossiness and show moreCompassion leads to more productivity and respect.


If your Midheaven is in Aquarius, you need a career that gives you freedom and allows you to express your originality. There is no doubt that you dream of making the world a better place and are destined to do just that. You are interested in bringing something new to the table, and you would prefer a specialized job or a job that only you can do. what is the reason? As the only person qualified to do your job, no one can push you around and tell you what to do. You enjoy learning and you will have many opportunities through friends and social groups.

Aquarius Midheavens are drawn to fields of science or mathematics and move toward new eras. Astronomy, astrology, engineering, environmental science, medicine, television, humanitarian work are all possible careers. Breakthroughs in your work can lead to higher knowledge as you break away from traditional thinking patterns to find new ways of doing things and make new discoveries. Avoid being stubborn and believe that your way is always the right way. A little compromise never hurts.


If your Midheaven is in Pisces, you need a career that allows you to tap into or follow your intuition, because often, this is correct. A lot of people think you're out of touch with reality, but in reality, you're just tuned into a completely different frequency. Money is not as important to you as passion and being able to make a difference.

Look at the direction of Kyrgyzstan’s manufacturing industry, colors, auspicious numbers, diseases, etc. From the horoscopes of happiness and taboos!

Your Sun is in the 06th House

The 06th House: Personal Responsibility, Health, Social Services

The Sun here will bring about a weak body, diet The habits need to be paid attention to, and the recovery period after illness is also longer. People with the Sun in the Sixth House express themselves through work and service. You are usually a consummate worker because you take pride in your work. You also crave the appreciation of others. If you lack appreciation, you will feel disgusted with your employer and work colleagues, and you will often change jobs. If you are a boss, you may have an authoritative tendency towards your employees; employees with this type of Sun house will demand many rights and privileges, hoping to be noticed and appreciated. People with a well-aspected Sun in the Sixth House intuitively know how to take care of their health and are particularly interested in health-related careers such as nursing, pharmacy, or medicine, and can do so effortlessly. Get a job that pays well. If the Sun is trapped here, the opposite will result, leading to long-term unemployment. Your self-esteem is closely tied to your job, so choose carefully.

Your Moon is in the 04th House

The 04th House: Home Life, Security, Real Estate

The Moon is in a strong position in the 4th House, and the 4th House is in a strong position. The relationship between the fourth house and the sign of Cancer makes the moon in this position even more majestic. You attach great importance to family, therefore, unless you can have a happy family life, you will nothapiness. Family relationships can affect your mood. Among your parents, your mother is the most influential. Generally speaking, you love doing housework and cooking, especially if you are a woman. In terms of career, you will have outstanding performance in industries related to food, real estate and home appliances.

As far as disadvantages are concerned, you lack psychological harmony and often change residences. However, on the bright side, your financial situation will gradually improve in the second half of your life.

Your Mercury is in the 05th house

The 05th house: creativity, entertainment, love, children

People with Mercury in the 5th house are interested in art and creation They are quite interested. Because of this, there are many famous screenwriters, art critics and writers among these people. All kinds of art, whether it is classical art, modern art or literary creation, can attract your attention. You express yourself in unique and powerful ways through speaking and writing, and you hope that others will admire you. Some mentally competitive games, such as chess and poker, can attract your interest, so you are especially suitable for stock analysis and investment work.

You will be very concerned about the achievements of your children, and you will also be proud of them. Since you are quite interested in education, you may also work as an educator. Your romantic partner must be an intelligent person who can inspire and stimulate you mentally.

If your Mercury is in bad aspect, you may engage in unwise speculation or intelligent deception. People with Mercury in the 5th house also view their affairs in a calm manner.

Your Venus is in the 07th house

The 07th house: marriage, partnership

People with Venus in the 7th house, if well aspected, will have a happy life. Envied social skills and a happy marriage. You are extremely popular and considerate, and have the ability to handle public affairs. Therefore, it is very suitable for jobs in psychology, sales, public relations, performing arts, etc.

For you, marriage and personal friendship are very important. You will choose to get married as early as possible for the satisfaction of love, and you will gain social relationships and financial progress through marriage. Group relationships help you express love and receive love in the same way.

You rarely get involved in legal matters. If you are accidentally involved, you will also seek out-of-court settlement.

Your Mars is in the 05th House

The 05th House: Creativity, Entertainment, Romance, Children

Mars in the 5th House represents those who passionately pursue love and Happy people are aggressive and emotional about sex and love. Your positive sexual drive will be eager to find a sexual partner; due to impatience, sexual enthusiasm will lead to unwed pregnancy.

Artists who use tools, such as sculptors, are usually those with Mars in the fifth house. You have a strong interest in competitive outdoor sports, examples of which can often be found in the horoscopes of sportsmen.

You usually prefer to work with children and young people, so you have leadership rights. coach andPhysical education teachers belong to this kind of people. If Mars is well matched, they will be good teachers and can arouse students' interest. However, if Mars is poorly matched, you will have a dictatorial and authoritarian attitude towards your subordinates.

Your Jupiter is in the 01st house

The 01st house: self-awareness, expression, appearance, personality and childhood growth environment

Jupiter in the 1st house People with optimistic and sociable personalities will focus on the bright side of life. They are usually honest, trustworthy, friendly and kind, so they are widely loved. Their optimism and confidence inspire others, and they usually behave well. Noble, especially in old age, they usually have good luck, and it seems that the gods have always favored them. If poorly aspected, they are likely to gain weight and may become self-indulgent and arrogant in their later years. In short, they tend to promise too much and never deliver.

Jupiter retrograde:

In the pursuit of truth and spiritual development, some people will be inclined to persevere in religious dogma, and some will pursue philosophical issues or spiritual issues. From a social perspective, this person is rather peculiar. He does not want to be rich, but prefers inner richness and likes to pursue inner truth.

Your Saturn is in the 05th House

The 05th House: Creativity, Entertainment, Love, Children

People with Saturn in the 5th House are interested in children. A big responsibility, or difficulties in giving birth. You have considerable organizational skills and are a good investor or conservative shareholder broker. You may also bring people the aesthetic experience of art. Even if you are engaged in politics or business, you will be a very creative genius. Usually you have unexpected love with someone older than you, but this is usually a heavy responsibility, and you avoid love as a result, and even cause sexual pressure and coldness. You are too conservative in your self-expression, which hinders happy love with others. You must learn to let yourself go gently in order to find happiness.

Your Uranus is in the 04th House

The 04th House: Home Life, Security, Real Estate

Uranus in the 4th House Shows Unusual Family Life And relationships, there will be one parent who is very unique, and your family concept pursues coming and going at will. You will regard close friends as family members, and the home is often used as a place for group activities. Your family situation may cause many problems. Change, there will be unusual environmental changes in later years, it will be very difficult to get along with family members, and there will be no restraint at home.

Your Neptune is in the 04th house

The 04th house: home life, security, real estate

People with Neptune in the 4th house are very dependent on their family, but When you grow up, you will take care of every member like a mother, so you may bring strangers home, and there are ulterior secrets hidden in your home. You will become very emotional at night. In short, your family relationship will be very chaotic.

Your Pluto is in the 02nd house

The 02nd house: personal assets, ways to obtain wealth, ability to make money, values ​​

People with Pluto in the second house have a strong desire to possess, including feelings and money, and even other people's money. You should learn that people are managers of money and should restrain their possessiveness towards money. You are insightful enough to understand life's experiences and express them in a very strong way. If you can't do this, you would rather say nothing. You are not good at compromising with others. Unless there is concrete evidence that you are wrong, you will Stay the course.

Pluto Retrograde:

More than half of human beings have Pluto in retrograde. Pluto represents the power of transformation, that is, inner transformation, which is difficult for ordinary people to control, including anger, self-criticism, and Negative self-destructive emotional expression. If properly applied it can produce profound inner changes including spiritual uplift which can lead to a new life.

Your North Node is in the 02nd house

The 02nd house: personal assets, ways to obtain wealth, ability to make money, values ​​

For his wishes It can be frightening and uses improper means, including falsehoods, to achieve the goal. Because it is in the second house, you will pursue a busy life to bring practical value. There will be spiritual strength and a self-righteous personality. He needs to know how to overcome his own negative feelings. If he finds that he tends to discover the mistakes of others, he must first improve himself and avoid relationships that are not thoughtful enough or sensitive enough. This is because of the Taurus relationship. Especially the people around him who respect and love him and his close relationships must be taken care of, because he has been greatly hurt in his previous life. In this life, he must be compassionate, sensitive, and know how to forgive others. Just as he asks for forgiveness from others, he must pursue inner security. Sexual energy has been peaceful and self-satisfied.

Your rising sign is Libra

Ascendant - your persona

The rising sign is the intersection of the eastern horizon and the ecliptic when you were born The first rising sign. The rising sign is our external expression, the person you are perceived by the outside world. Therefore, your rising sign can also tell you how you express yourself. Usually a person's sun and rising sign are different, and this is why we call the rising sign our "persona". Most of the time, our Sun is hidden behind our rising sign.

The rising sign dominates a person's main personality traits, innate character and first impression. The rising sign reveals not only the patterns of our speech and behavior, but also our clothing, hairstyle, appearance, etc. are all affected by it.

The rising sign is in Libra - an elegant and harmonious communicator

1. Have an elegant and charming temperament.

2. Strive to maintain good interpersonal relationships and have empathy.

This rising sign with an aristocratic temperament is the most elegant of all rising signs and the one that attaches the most importance to the interest in life. They have the same leisurely mood as the Taurus rising sign, are very skillful in doing things and are always calm and calm. Busy, but this rising sign always cares about othersHis view of himself, in fact, this mask of aristocratic temperament often becomes a fetter in life, sometimes making him unable to let go of his body and interact passionately with others, or when he wants to express himself, he always falls into maintaining The dilemma of beautiful temperament, maybe at some times it is much more comfortable to be a serious self than to be a noble person with temperament!

Your Sun is in Aries

Sun - outlook on life, personality

People usually ask: What is your zodiac sign? Your answer is your sun sign. The sun shapes a person's personality and soul.

The sun is in Aries - the action person of swords and fulfillment

1. Energetic and strong in action.

2. Often make mistakes due to impulsiveness and lack of patience.

The sun in Aries seems to be the most spectacular position. You have a sense of adventure and enterprising spirit, a positive spirit, and deep ambition, and you can turn it into practical actions. Your advanced ideas begin to be easily opposed by others, because most people are more conservative in their ideas and lack imagination; so you may need a companion with the sun in Aries, or a comrade with a strong sign in Aries to break the old ideas together.

The only trouble you have is that if you cannot find like-minded people, they will soon be replaced by similar thoughts. Because of this, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent direction toward a single goal. "Be single-minded and consistent" is what you must keep in mind.

You are a pioneer with a reckless atmosphere, and you are also like a tyrannical king. After you create your own kingdom, you hand over your will to your cronies for continued development. It is rare that you continue to develop your kingdom from beginning to end. Finish what you started. You like to lead others and establish authority, so you tend to leave home early to build your dreams, or start your own business.

You are an optimist, young and energetic, and you use your enthusiasm to infect others. But you should avoid being too arrogant and do not force others to do what they do not want. In terms of private life, Aries women especially like to be in charge of everything, so they should be careful not to show too much confidence and ability, especially when getting along with men, to avoid being arbitrary.

In astrology, Aries rules the head of the human body, so in any case, the most important thing is the mind that controls your behavior; but because the fire sign has fiery energy, you are not good at controlling your passion; Clearly overworked and not caring about their health. If the phase of the Sun is not good, the body will often feel hot and may suffer from stroke or severe headache.

The masculine Aries are impulsive and like the sense of speed; if your feminine side exceeds your masculine side, then you will only have the character of a sheep.

Your moon is in Aquarius

Moon-emotions, relationships with women, food tastes

The moon represents your private emotions and also Representing the influence of childhood on you, the moon affects your relationship with your mother and women, and also shows your preference for "eating".

MonthBright in Aquarius - a philanthropist who spreads joy and love

1. Likes to express opinions freely and is willing to make friends.

2. Strong understanding and tolerance of human nature, strong intuition, and fast reception of information.

A very casual approach has replaced the more serious and steady state in the past. People, things, things, and the environment have all become very popular. The most helpful people at this time are those who have always been Opportunities that have never appeared, and things that were never expected to appear. When the moon passes through Aquarius, things often change suddenly or the situation is reversed, which is surprising. Unexpected things will suddenly appear. What you expected never happened. Such a situation is very optimistic about starting over. People with Aquarius Moon often take risks driven by curiosity. This is often their characteristic, and they dream of practical things. A utopia that does not exist in the world, however, this dream will be realized in the future. When the moon is in Aquarius, people are liberated from resentment and rigid life, and they can experience interpersonal relationships, comradeship, and group relationships again. , full of hope at this time, and can feel the love and peace of the soul, and combines the relationship between matter and soul in a perfect way. Although people were still unwilling to give up their original way of life before, in the end You still have to accept a new way of life. Aquarius people are more rational and calm when it comes to expressing emotions, and they are accustomed to using rational thinking or discussion with others to solve emotional problems.

Your Mercury is in Pisces

Mercury - values, expression, communication

Mercury represents your way of thinking and expression. Do you think the problem is tight or full of flaws? Are you good at carving out details; or are you good at grasping the whole? Whether to value empirical judgment; or to value rational judgment. Is the speech sharp and to the point; or is it confusing. All depends on Mercury.

Mercury in Pisces - an artist with rich emotions

1. Emotions are changeable, easy to be hesitant, and rely on intuition to make judgments.

2. Strong sympathy, but easy to abuse emotions and rich in imagination.

Your world is complicated and confusing, and it is difficult to distinguish reality from reality. You are casual and a little off-line. You don't care about yourself but you are often anxious to hurt others. There is a lack of organization when describing things, and it is often confusing and confusing. What is strange is that you can know what others are really thinking without saying anything. You are imaginative, creative, full of emotion, intuitive, and have a strange sixth sense, which makes you suitable for artistic or religious work.

Your Venus is in Taurus

Venus - aesthetics, love outlook, male appreciation of the opposite sex

Venus represents your aesthetics and love outlook. That is to say, what kind of state do you feel most comfortable and happy in? Whether you like gorgeous and complicated, or simple and simple, etc. all depend on Venus. What kind of girls boys like, generally look at Venus.

Venus in TaurusZodiac sign - loyal lover

1. Absolutely loyal to love and possessive.

2. Very demanding on life taste and talented in art and music.

Venus behaves more conservatively when it comes to Taurus, but it greatly enhances Venus' sensibility and beauty. They will give you a considerable sense of security at the beginning of a relationship, which is what Taurus and Venus hope you can give them. It makes you feel as if you have found someone you can rely on for a lifetime. If unfortunately they have a slightly passionate moon sign, this kind of commitment will change after being together for a long time. This is of course something many people don’t want to see. , Taurus Venus and Taurus Sun or Taurus Moon are similar in that they also like physical touch. Don’t forget this. Maybe they are very likely to hold your hand when they first start dating, or Don't think they are big perverts when they touch your body. It's just that this kind of touch brings them a greater sense of security. In addition, their conservative attitude and poor expression of emotions are what lovers will encounter at the beginning. Problems, try to communicate with them in a gentle manner. Men with Taurus and Venus are easily attracted to gentle and capable women. In other words, they hold traditional views and require girls to be gentle, kind, and capable. Being respectful, thrifty, and generous, I'm afraid they will avoid hot girls with great personalities.

Your Mars is in Pisces

Mars (Mars) - mobility, sex, women’s appreciation of the opposite sex

Are you quick or slow in doing things, impatient or chronic? , whether you are attacking or receiving in bed, whether you are skill-based or talent-based, all depends on this. What kind of boys girls like, generally look at Mars.

Mars is in Pisces - a passionate guest who travels all over the world for love

1. Emotionally quite delicate and sensitive, with a gentle personality that sometimes appears weak.

2. Lack of strength and too indulged in love.

Mars in Pisces tend to indulge in sex and relationships. Their sex is gentle and romantic, which often makes lovers sink in. If they don’t have to go to work the next day, they may linger with you until dawn. , people with Mars in these positions sometimes look very weak, because Mars in Pisces lacks strength. Even so, it lacks control over emotions and strength. If you say, "Such a weak Mars sign will not hurt People! "Then you are wrong. They are bound by strong emotions and have poor self-control, so they are prone to do terrible behaviors in a trance. Remember that they often fall into this state. Once they want to break up, they will have to break up." Pay more attention to his environment and his emotional and mental state.

Your Jupiter is in Scorpio

Jupiter - growth, expansion, luck

Jupiter has positive aspects of prosperity, growth, expansion and expansion. nature. Jupiter is the most auspicious planet. When the planet is in transit, everything will go well and all bad things will turn into good fortune. Jupiter is indispensable for getting promoted, getting rich, winning prizes, and ranking in exams. Jupiter simultaneous shadowIt affects a person's moral standards, life philosophy, and goals pursued in life.

Jupiter in Scorpio - a detective dedicated to digging out the truth of the matter

1. Full of interest in occultism.

2. Have a tendency to be voyeuristic.

You have amazing potential, are tough and persistent, calm and shrewd, super sensitive and sexy, and are especially attracted to the opposite sex. Your luck comes from common assets and can develop in religion, psychology, insurance, taxation and transnational careers. Some are more financial-oriented and know how to invest and manage money. In addition, Scorpio rules life and death. You can also engage in medical-related industries, and even have the potential to become a spy and police detective. Be careful not to misuse your profound gifts for personal gain.

Your Saturn is in Pisces

Saturn - test, responsibility

Saturn can find a career that suits you, and it also indicates that you will face Tests and what you learn from them. For example: When you encounter failure in a certain field of work, will you choose to change careers? Or choose where to fall and where to stand up? These are all issues reflected by Saturn.

Saturn in Pisces - an artist with strong sensibility

1. It is easy to fall into various fantasies and cannot fully devote to real work. The sensibility is strong and suitable for literary and artistic work. .

2. Unable to try because of fear of making mistakes.

The combination of Saturn and Pisces is fateful, making you often encounter unexpected things inexplicably, whether good or bad, leaving you helpless. You have a strong imagination, but when Saturn is not in a good position, you will become delusional and out of touch, out of touch with reality, and even have a sense of victimization. This may be improved through spiritual practice and religion. But if there is no bad pressure in your Saturn position, your great imagination will enable you to achieve high achievements in artistic creation.

Your North Node is in Scorpio

North Node - the direction of development in this life

The "North Node" is also called the "dragon head". The Chinese call it "Rahu", which is the intersection point of the ecliptic and the moon's orbit around the earth. Represents the point of gaining, increasing confidence in expansion, this is the area where you must strive or compete. The house in your chart where the North Node appears is the area you should strive to achieve. In reincarnation astrology, the North Node also represents the direction in which an individual should strive to develop in this life.

The North Node constellation is Scorpio - learning the life path of change and rebirth

In your life, you need to learn to constantly give up and let go of the past that no longer means anything to you. You are very interested in taking risks and challenging yourself to a higher level in life. Finding that deep, real, spiritual thing, learning to grasp the intersection of passion and self-control, is what you need.

Psychological adjustment direction 1: From the stable life of Taurus to the psychological transformation of Scorpio.

Psychological adjustment direction 2: from the self-satisfaction of Taurus to the intimacy of Scorpio.

Your task in this life is to face your own sexual needs and psychological desires in order to build yourself upUnderstand psychological knowledge and help others transform their values ​​in life. However, at the subconscious level, you may be affected by the negative characteristics of Taurus in your previous life, and you tend to pay too much attention to material interests, and you will be very stubborn in your own behavior patterns and unwilling to give up the security of the material environment.

Therefore, you need to shift from the accumulation of material resources to the development of psychological resources, so that you can understand the life attitudes and behavioral motivations of yourself and others, and start to appreciate everyone's spiritual quality and explore the transformation of values. psychological intelligence.

Do you know what the 12 zodiac signs are?

Auspicious directions, manufacturing, color tones, auspicious numbers, and diseases to be prevented in life can all be understood from birth dates. The five elements belonging to the horoscope and enjoying the gods are the most needed in life, while the five elements belonging to the gods are not used in life. Furthermore, they are afraid of seeing them in wealth.

The five elements on your birthday are definitely unbalanced. Generally speaking, the weak five elements are the five elements that are not enough in the destiny, that is, the eight-character love god, while the five elements in the destiny that are more are afraid of God. If the five elements are sick, there will be five doctors to take care of them. Use the method of supporting and suppressing the five elements to supplement the weak ones and suppress the strong ones, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting good luck and reducing bad luck.

How do you view zodiac signs and Cupid?

The key to fortune telling is to analyze a person's balance of the five elements of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth in the chart of life. When the Five Elements are out of balance, the energy in the middle of the Five Elements is very high, which threatens a person to have something undesirable happen. On the contrary, when the five elements are balanced, everything becomes more complete. There are five ways to study the taboos of horoscopes: special prosperity, success, weakness, clearance, and waiting.

How does the Eight-Character God judge?

Generally speaking, the eight characters are composed of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. After thousands of years of experiments, numerologists have discovered that the five elements of the zodiac must have equal average values ​​in the eight characters, so that people can have a good life. If a certain line is too strong or too weak, it will cause bad luck.

What should I do if a certain line is too busy? Press with another line.

What should I do if a certain line is too weak? Use another piece of wire for support.

One of the five elements used to restrain or support is the Bazi Yongshen.

In fact, it is very inconvenient and profound to analyze the balance of the eight characters and five elements. If the analysis is wrong, the calculated content will be lost all the way.

The Bazi declines with the spirit

To put it bluntly, the Bazi uses the spirit to make up for disadvantages, reverse deviations or promote success. The four-pillar and eight-character fortune-telling is based on the eight-character yongshen, which is perfect and powerful and affects people's lives. Whether saving a life is at stake. The wealth of life. Anyone who cannot use the power of God, but who can use the Four Pillars and Eight Characters to use God, or who can use the Four Pillars to punish evil spirits, is a person who likes to use God. If the four pillars do not use the eight characters and the gods, you have to rely on luck to make up for it. For the five elements of the eight-character fortune-telling, which are relatively balanced, and the four pillars of the eight-character fortune-telling are not too urgent, the fortune-telling will be relatively stable, with no ups and downs.

What is missing from the five elements? What is the horoscope of happiness and the presence of God?

If a horoscope lacks a certain line, the horoscope does not have this line. Do not use this line. So it doesn't matter that it has nothing. But never a zodiac sign.

How to understand the eight characters in the horoscope, how to use gods and avoid gods?

1. What are the taboos in Bazi?

It is based on a person's birthday. The entire process and method of this kind of judgment is still very complicated, and it takes three to ten years of systematic study and practice to make the judgment accurate.

To put it simply, the horoscope is that the Sun Qian is prosperous, and the Sun is oneself, so the Sun Qian is prosperous, which means that oneself is prosperous. For example, some people like wood and fire, but avoid earth and metal; some people like fire and earth, and avoid metal and water; some people like fire and metal, but avoid water and wood; some people like metal and water, and avoid fire and wood, etc.

2. The rise and fall of the Five Elements are judged based on the rise and fall of the Sun Lord in the year, month and day. Since the five elements have different temperaments in a year, a month, and a day, some of these temperaments play a supporting role

Thirdly, it is difficult to distinguish the eight-character taboos. This cannot be explained clearly in one article, nor can it be learned in one article. Technical majors require more than three years of study and training in five-element numerology, and more than three years of social experience in eight-character numerology. However, some complex horoscopes may not be accurately distinguished sometimes. It is also necessary to make comprehensive inferences based on the actual situation of the Japanese owner and seek help from professionals.

Fourth, here are some basic principles for students to reference.

1. Depends on whether it is empty. After a birthday is discharged, the first thing to check is whether it is empty. If the monthly bill is empty, it seems that the annual expense will replace the monthly bill. Because in each ten days, the stems and branches of Kun are well matched, A, B, C, D, Wu and Ji are ten, and the specific truth of the twelve earthly branches is twelve, this will create two gaps. The five elements of these two gaps are empty. Death is checked by the day branch, such as the tenth day of Jiazi, Qi Haikong, the tenth day of Xu Jia, Shen Youkong, etc.

2. Look at the moon for the second time. In the birth month, the order of the month is the outline, and the Soviet Union and the United States invaded Northeast China 50% of the time. To watch the rise and fall of the moon is to watch the rise and fall of the sun and the moon here. If the monthly order is to support daily work, it is called a monthly order, and daily work will be 50% prosperous; if the monthly order is to consume and divert daily work, daily work will be weakened by 50%.

3. Look at the sun around you. To put it bluntly, the periphery of the daily stem refers to the three directions of the lunar stem, daily branches, and hourly stems, which are close to the daily stem. On the premise that daily work is supported by monthly orders, if there is one of these three directions, daily work will flourish. If insolation is suppressed in any of these three directions, insolation is weak.

4. Look at the overall spirit. Sometimes it is not good to only look at the first few categories, because sometimes the daily work is not only sorted by month, but also supported by monthly work, daily support, and hourly work. There are no constraints within the bureau, or although there are constraints, they can be dispensed with. Create threatening associations. At this time, daily work is extremely prosperous and vigorous. On the contrary, if daily work is notIf it can be carried out in an orderly manner on a monthly basis, and it cannot be supported by monthly work, daily support, and hourly work, then the game will be exhausted and there will be no support, or even if there is support, there will be no harm. At this time, daily work will become extremely powerless and powerless.

5. The above is the basic method to identify the eight-character pattern. To put it bluntly, the horoscope pattern is an everyday situation. Qian means its own meaning, so it is also called strong or weak, strong or weak. It is four basic modes. In addition, there is another situation called Gehua, which is rarely encountered and can be ignored for the time being.

6. After breaking the eight-character pattern, the problem of eight-character taboos will be solved. There are also several standards, which are to be strong and weak, to be obedient to the strong and to be obedient to the weak.

1. If you are active in daily life, you must exercise restraint. So, the five elements to be used in this horoscope are to suppress the killing of officials, to suppress the wealth and suppress the talents, and to suppress the hurting of the officials. On the contrary, the five elements of the horoscope are to support the Indian owl and official killing of Japanese cadres.

2. If the sun is weak, it must be supported. Then the Yin Xiao and Guan Sha supporting the sun are the five elements used in the horoscope. On the contrary, restraining Japanese cadres from official killings, financial talents, and official injuries are the five elements that are taboo in the eight characters.

3. If daily work is strong, prosperity can not be suppressed, you must seize the opportunity to do it. The more prosperous the better. Similar to being weak in body, supporting the Indian owl, and killing Japanese officials, these are the five elements used in this horoscope. On the contrary, restraining the official killings and wealth of Japanese cadres are the five elements that are taboo. However, from the perspective of rape cases, it is also beneficial for injured officers to complain and show off, so injured officers also like to use the Five Elements God.

4. If you rejoice with God every day, you will be rich and powerful, and your ancestors will be rich. Before the age of 16, you must have very good daily living standards, succeed in school, and get good grades in exams.

If you are tired of using God in your years, or if you like to use God, although He is prosperous, your harm is hopeless, or if you have no life, then your ancestral family The background is good, but it can only be regarded as an ordinary family.

I like God’s spirit to be imprisoned in Qianyue, or even though he is prosperous and wealthy, he is hurt by Qianyue, but the situation of the original family of the sun is very good, and it starts to deteriorate before the age of 16.

The god is strong in his years, but his ancestors are old, weak, sick, and disabled. They are poor in studies and exams, and everything goes wrong.

2. I like to avoid the destructive magic of the gods in the moon pillar.

If the moon pillar is strong and powerful, the parents will be talented, the brothers will be loving, harmonious and powerful. 16 to 30 years old, family conditions are good, academic success is good, and work luck is good.

God's happiness is not strong in the moon pillar, and the family level in the young stage is only average. Moreover, the family conditions were getting worse and worse at the beginning.

It is forbidden for God to be strong on the moon pillar, it is forbidden for brothers to be punished, it is forbidden for brothers to be at odds, it is forbidden to learn from being priceless, and it is forbidden for young people to be satisfied with their work.

3. A branch of the method of hiding from God.

For those in Japan who have the same power as God, husband and wife are in harmony and work together. 32At the age of 48, he will have great wealth and a brilliant career.

The daily god nourishes the prisoner weakly, his ancestral business is not prosperous in his youth, he can only be average to above average, and his relationship between husband and wife is also normal.

The master had a very good family background, but declined during this period, as he spent a day in jail, or was punished by a neighboring branch or was punished heavily for a day.

It is the life of a middle-aged and elderly prodigal. It is inevitable that things will be painful and unpredictable, the work will be difficult, but it will be prosperous and eventually defeated.

4. I am willing to avoid God when the pillar is broken.

Those who use gods will be prosperous and powerful in their times, their children will be more developed, they will enjoy the blessing of children, and they will live a leisurely life in their later years.

I like to use the god to be injured by the sun when I am doing it, or be injured by the sun when I am doing it, or be covered by the sun when I am doing it. Although the night view of my body is good, I can't stop the good flowers from fading at this stage.

God prohibits strong and high-quality children so that they can be cultivated into adults, leaving unfilial sons who will be transported to old age, sluggish at work and sad at night.

To sum up, no matter which pillar God likes to use, if it is strong and prosperous, the main stage of the pillar will be brilliant and everything will go well. Although the deity is very fierce, no matter where the pillar is, if the prisoner is weak or injured by his neighbor, or is sitting on a chair, his feet are cut off, or his head is covered, he will win. Although it is not satisfactory, at this stage Don't be too intense. It is important to note that if the deity is healed, then everything will be in good condition, and good and bad are interdependent.

Now here is a list of references for each horoscope, auspicious direction, manufacturing industry, color tone, auspicious numbers, and diseases to be prevented.

First, those who use gold:

1. Kyrgyzstan direction: Western countries.

2. Kyrgyzstan manufacturing industry: financial institutions, stock market, securities, gold and jewelry, steel, stainless steel plates, metal composite material production and processing, mining, automobiles, machinery and equipment, equipment maintenance workers, hardware and home appliances, Investment and financial management, traditional martial arts and all manufacturing industries related to gold and five elements.

3. Larger auspicious numbers: 7, 8 or single digits.

4. Diseases to prevent: respiratory and intestinal diseases.

5. Lucky color: milky white, like light yellow, avoid bright red.

2. Tap water:

1. Kyrgyzstan direction: north.

2. Kyrgyzstan’s manufacturing industry: aquatic products, swimming pools, shipping, doctors, medical and other service industries

2. Jifang’s manufacturing industry: wood, gardening flowers, peach trees, Seedlings, agriculture, wood product factories, furniture, finished wood products, Chinese medicinal materials, green plants, fabrics, clothing, textiles and other five major elements of all wood-related manufacturing industries.

3. Larger auspicious numbers: 1, 2 or single digits.

4. Diseases that should be prevented: liver, gallbladder, scalp, nailsDiseases at multiple levels such as glands, eyes, hair loss, limbs, central nervous system, etc.

5. Lucky color: green, like black, avoid white.

Four. Fire users:

1. Kyrgyzstan direction: south.

2. Kyrgyzstan manufacturing industry: literature, stationery, lighting, radiators, flammable items, ethanol, skin care products, decorations, culture and art, hot food, coal, beauty and skin care, haircuts, brand image Packaging and all fire-related manufacturing industries.

3. Larger auspicious numbers: 3, 4, 24 or numbers with a single digit of 3.

4. Diseases that need to be prevented: cardiovascular disease, hematuria, hypertension, colon disease, and eye disease.

5. Lucky color: red, like green, avoid black.

5. Obito:

1. Auspicious direction: home port and Chen, Xu, Qiu, Wei, Gen and Kun.

2. Kyrgyzstan’s manufacturing industry: manufacturing industries involving five major elements: souvenirs, concrete, real estate, lime powder, agricultural and animal husbandry farms, engineering construction, hillsides, porcelain, and brick and tile factories.

3. Larger auspicious numbers: 5, 6 or single digits.

4. Diseases to be prevented: diseases of the spleen, stomach, muscles, skin, etc.

5. Lucky color: light**, like bright red, avoid green.

Numerology, Feng Shui, Astrology, Emotions

Everyone has his own zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign represents a different personality and talent, and each zodiac sign has its own Guardian planet, I feel that the guardian planet is also related to my own personality.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, just like their character, they are lively and fiery. These two points are really common to all Aries friends around me. The ruler of Taurus is Venus. They are calm and sharp. I am a Taurus, and I feel like I am like this. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, and their personalities are like water, with unlimited motivation and strong communication skills. Cancer's ruler is the moon, and they are also the most considerate, sexy, and enjoyable people.

The ruling star of Leo is the sun. Their character is as enthusiastic and confident as the sun. They are like a small sun, able to influence people around them with its light. The ruler of Virgo is also Mercury, but they are very picky, pursue perfection, and are also intellectual and fair. I feel like they are a beautiful constellation. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, just like their ruling planet, they are elegant and fair. There are two guardian planets of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, just like the amplification of two constellations. Their sixth sense is very strong and they are also very mysterious.

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which is as loyal and honest as trees. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, and they have excellent leadership skills. The guardian planet of Aquarius is Uranus. Like a king, they pursue freedom and have a fiery spirit that is inconsistent with their cold appearance.heart. The two guardian planets of Pisces are Jupiter and Neptune. They are full of fantasy. Of course, this also means that they are often in a daze during class.

The above is my understanding of the guardian stars of the twelve zodiac signs. Of course, the personalities of the zodiac signs are not stable.