Boy names named Zhu

Boy names named Zhu

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Recommended names for boys surnamed Zhu: 1. Zhu Mingcheng: When used as a person's name, the character Ming means a blockbuster, a person's accumulation, rapid success; when used as a person's name, the character Cheng means God's blessing, a pillar of talent, and continuity. 2. Zhu Shaoxuan: When the character Shao is used as a name, it means energetic, young and promising, and in the prime of life; when the character Xuan is used as a name, it means vigorous, majestic, and upright. 3. Zhu Bosheng: When Bo is used as a name, it means being knowledgeable, enterprising, and broad-minded; Sheng: When used as a name, it means ancient sages, benevolence, and far-sightedness.

4. Zhu Zexi: When the word "ze" is used as a person's name, it means moistening all things, deep benevolence, and deep kindness; when the word "xi" is used as a person's name, it means shining brightly, the rising sun, and a promising future. 5. Zhu Binyue: When the word Bin is used as a name, it means making money every day, getting rich, and being rich and auspicious; when the word Yue is used as a name, it means thriving, moving forward bravely, and leaping over the dragon's gate. Zhu Tingbin, Zhu Yanjin, Zhu Jiadai, Zhu Mo praised, Zhu Qitao, Zhu Luandai, Zhu Youxuan, Zhu Yueguang, Zhu Fengzhi, Zhu Haoren, Zhu Huashi, Zhu Zhenmo, Zhu Qiwan, Zhu Taiyou, Zhu Zhaoting, Zhu Yijiu

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What is the name of a child named Zhu?

Tips for naming baby boys

Do not choose polyphonic characters and uncommon characters for boys’ names. China’s Chinese character culture is very profound, and the culture of polyphonic characters is also very profound. Experts point out that polyphonic characters are difficult to read and it is best to avoid them when naming. Because the computer cannot type in uncommon characters in names, we often encounter trouble when registering in accounts, making bank deposits, etc. Experts say that the misuse of uncommon and irregular words in names will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble and also affect communication.

The words should be read loudly and the sound should be loud and powerful, with masculine beauty and in line with the gender characteristics of male babies. Especially for the last word of the name, try to use an accent. Such as: Liang, Fang, Da, Gang, etc.

Recommended names for boys with the surname Zhu.

Zhu Yuanxiang, Zhu Wangfu, Zhu Kairui, Zhu Xiangqing,

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Zhu Hanwen, Zhu Maosheng, Zhu Yuanbo, Zhu Qinghe,

Zhu Taiyun, Zhu Mingzhe, Zhu Yuming, Zhu Yuexuan,

Zhu Haohui, Zhu Lecheng, Zhu Yichen, Zhu Jintuo,

Zhu Yifeng, Zhu Junhong, Zhu Zhiwen, Zhu Sipeng

Zhu Ziyin, Zhu Yuzhe, Zhu Jiazhi, Zhu Youran,

Recommended explanations for baby boy name bands

Zhu Wenqin : Wen: means Wen Yao, Wen Lang, Wen Yan. Qin: expresses admiration, respect and admiration.

Zhu Yusi: The name comes from "Yiluosuo (Double Tune·Second)" by Zhou Bangyan in the Song Dynasty - "Du Yusi's return sound is bitter". The meaning of the name - Yu: refers to all space; Si: means to miss, consider, miss.

He once wrote: "Maple Falls on the Long Bridge". If you savor it carefully, it is very meaningful and can make people think deeply. This is a good name with great cultural heritage.

Zhu Tengwen: Presenting literary talent. This name comes from Jiang Yan's "Farewell" in the Southern Dynasty: "The sun rises in the sky and shines on the scene, and when it comes down to the ground, it is written." Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty's "Mingtang Fu": "Crown a hundred kings and hang down the honor, candle all things and write the words."

Zhu Jialun: Jia originally refers to beauty and kindness, and is used in personal names to extend to happiness and joy; Lun refers to ethics or order, which means doing things in an orderly and moral manner. Meaning: It expresses parents’ wish for their children to be happy, to be steady, orderly, and both moral and artistic.


Zhu Pengtaopeng: Metaphor for majestic momentum

Zhu Yanbinyan: Burning Bin: Describe elegance

Zhu Hexuanhe: Xianyunye Hexuan: Extraordinary magnanimity

Zhu Weizewei: Great Ze: Water Source of a Wide Area

Zhu Yitongyi: Guangyaotong: Red

Zhu Hongxuanhong: Dayexuan: Bright< /p>

Zhu Wei Chen Wei: Guangming Chen: the name of the ancient king

Zhu Yu Qiyu: Zhao Yao Qi: auspicious


Zhu Xuening

Zhu Jinxuanjin: Meiyuxuan: a kind of grass that forgets worries

Zhu Xinleixin: joy, joy Lei: Beilei

Zhu Yiqiyi: Guangyaoqi: auspiciousness< /p>

Zhu Qin Yaoyao: Beautiful Jade

Zhu Shenghanhan: Tolerant

Zhu Menghan

Zhu Jingyuanjing: Ping'an Yuan: Beautiful