Tarot Test: Personality Attributes of Boyfriends

Tarot Test: Personality Attributes of Boyfriends


The so-called S-shaking means that a person is sinister and has the tendency to tease others; while the M-shaking is the opposite and has a masochistic tendency. Want to know what attributes your boyfriend is? One of the previous ones? Or is it an unknown attribute? Come and follow me and test it out with Tarot Cards!

Now calm yourself down, take three long, slow, deep breaths, and completely empty your mind. When you are ready, choose one of the four cards above. Maybe this tarot card test will tell you the answer.

Answer A: The emperor’s position

Your boyfriend seems to have a slutty personality. He should be as sacred and inviolable as an emperor, very authoritative and strong. As long as he recognizes you, he will be very persistent towards you.

Answer B: The Queen of Holy Grails is in the right position

Your boyfriend seems to be a douchebag. He seems to like flowers and cute pets, or some plots in Wenwen Township. , and there are some romantic fantasies about feelings.

Answer C: The Ten of Swords

Your boyfriend seems to be neither an S nor an M, but he seems to be a bit of a straight man. His words are really heartbreaking.

Answer D: Holy Grail 2 is in the right position

Then your boyfriend may have unknown attributes, and it is possible that you don’t know him very well yet. Wait until you have a deeper understanding of him for a while before taking the test. Test it.

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Let’s take a look at the four tarot cards above and think silently, “How much does he dare to give me?” Select Any one.

Choose A: 5 of Swords

He is a selfish person, and sometimes he will be picky about you. He always only believes in what he believes in and treats you in the way he thinks is good, which sometimes may not be acceptable to you. What would he dare to do to you? I'm afraid only he himself knows!

Choice B: Gold Coin 3

He likes the interaction between the two of them and their sincere sympathy for each other. If you have this tarot card, you will have a careful boyfriend who will be serious about his feelings for you, but at this stage, he does not dare to pay too much for you.

Choose C: 6 of Swords

No matter what happens, he is always the one who silently supports you. He dares to pay for you, even give everything he has, but sometimes you just don't think he is too boring. Because the person who treats you best is often the person next to you.

Choose D: Holy Grail 8

He has devoted himself very much to you, but you have not felt his sincerity, and you even have some doubts. Now he is still willing to pay and fight for you, but how much depends on how you got along at the time.

Choice 1: Sun

Your current position will be your future partner, your relationship will be stable, and it will develop in the direction you expect, and the final outcome will be will be what you want. Extraordinary Wealth Network recommends that you keep your inner determination and go all out to pursue the results you want. As long as you work hard enough, happiness belongs to you.

Choice 2: Stars

Your trust may not necessarily be your future partner, but the relationship between the other person and you should be long-lasting. If you and the other person don't end up getting married, they will become each other's best friends. Fiji News. com believes that this fate is worth grasping, and that you can get happiness and satisfaction from it.

Choice 3: Justice

The probability of becoming your future partner is only 50%. This person is not the only person who is right for you. Maybe you will meet someone who makes you feel better, but if you want simple and stable happiness, maybe your final choice will still be inevitable. What Feiwang wants to tell you is that no matter what you choose, as long as you don't regret it, it's enough.

Pick 4: Lover (Reverse)

Your current partner will not be your future partner. This kind of relationship is unreliable and cannot last long. There are too many unstable factors here. If you choose the other party, it may be a wrong decision. What Extraordinary Wealth Network wants to tell you is that nothing is absolute and there are new changes. As long as you are willing to pay, you will get the outcome you expect.

Choice 5: Hermit

The current person will not be your future partner. Think calmly and after getting along for a long time, you may find that the other person is not suitable for you at all. You need more time to analyze the relationship between two people. It is easier to make the other person happy without being attached. Very Fortune Network recommends that you face the relationship in front of you with a natural attitude.

Choice 6: Strength

The current partner will be your future partner. The two will experience vigorous emotional struggles, hardships, and break through difficulties, and the relationship will become stronger. What Feixun wants to tell you is that after hard work, the fruits of victory are sweeter. Love requires hard work. If you believe that good things are happening, you can wait for the happiest ending.