Tarot array: Mr. Right. Please explain~Thank you!

Tarot array: Mr. Right. Please explain~Thank you!


The appearance of stars in reverse position indicates the type of your true partner. You are vague and uncertain in your heart. Under this uncertainty, you feel that your true partner has entered your life. Your subconscious mind It's him you're thinking about, but these are your thoughts. From the tower of the third card, it can be seen that your difficulties are what you can't overcome. The feelings you have for each other now are more than friends and less than lovers. , you both don’t know whether you should go on or not. The appearance of the sun in reverse indicates that you are afraid that once you change, it will destroy the balance between you two as friends. You are afraid that in the end you will not even be friends, and the cards you believe in will be turned upside down. The reversed position of the Hanged Man means that the Hanged Man has an unstable psychology. The balance is destroyed, which is not a good result. The mind is wandering and uncertain, and you don’t know which direction to take. In short, this sign does not give you clear instructions on what to do next. What to do, but also vaguely tell you that instead of making changes when you can't judge, you might as well wait for a while, maybe there will be a turn for the better...

I wonder if it will help you? Come on, O(∩_∩)O~

I have a boy I like. He is my Mr. Right. What does Mr. Right mean? Is it a good thing?

Only your feet know whether the shoes fit properly. No matter how gorgeous and beautiful the shoes are, if they rub your feet when walking, then they are not suitable for you. If you want to know whether the other person is the right one, girls should keep their eyes open and identify them from the following three aspects.

1. You can see a bright future with him.

You are a carefree person, and the other person can take good care of you in every detail. A coat in winter, a cup of brown sugar water during your aunt’s period, he can make you feel warm and harmonious. With him, you can always be a happy little girl. He is a very hard-working person. Although he is currently financially disadvantaged, he refuses to admit defeat and has been working hard for the future of the two of them. This person can make you firmly believe that as long as he is around, the future will become more and more prosperous. Bentou. In short, there is a certain point in the other person that can support you and him to go on, and keep going, and the future is promising.

2. The other person can give you positive energy and make you better.

Those who are close to vermillion are red and those who are close to ink are black. When you are with a positive person, you will be a vibrant little sun every day. On the contrary, the other person will sigh all day long, eat too much and be lazy, no matter how sunny and optimistic you are. , will consume your energy and energy and become gloomy and indifferent. So we all need such a positive person who can encourage each other and fight side by side. The other person is trying to be better, and you want to be better because of him.

3. He is an open-minded person.

Girls will always have a little temper, but he can tolerate you, understand you, and make you happy, instead of using harsh words or being indifferent and cold-blooded. A big man with a big heart and self-restraint will not argue with little women., as long as it is within the scope of principles and bottom lines, he can laugh it off. Even if two people have differences, they will not act arbitrarily, but will discuss with you and communicate effectively.

These three points are very important. I hope that all girls can have some rationality while tasting the sweetness of love, and evaluate him from the aspects of personality, character, three views, etc., and must not be careless. .

I am a man who has experienced relationships. Maybe my personal opinions can be helpful to you.

1. There is no such thing as Mr. Right. Remember, there is no such thing as the most suitable man for you. Men can sometimes never adapt to it and gradually adapt. You can shape a man, as long as you are in this man. It is very important in my heart, he is willing to listen to you;

2. Emotions need to be cultivated. Love at first sight may be possible, but it is unreliable. Even if love at first sight occurs, it needs to be based on future relationship, so in a word, in a word, , If you want someone to truly love you crazily, it takes time and getting along!

3. It is normal to like beautiful boys, but you can’t just look at appearance when looking at a man. Appearance cannot be eaten. Why do some women like mature men and masculine men? Because This woman knows how to appreciate. To put it bluntly, a strong and powerful man can make a woman feel good in bed! A weak man may be wise in life, able to support his family, and know how to take care of others... So there is no best man in the world, only the man you admire most!

4. You have a bit of low self-esteem. You must often look in the mirror secretly, right? You need to increase your self-confidence. Men sometimes like a woman’s temperament, not her eyes and nose. Temperament is not something to be faked. You can learn about etiquette and other aspects. Temperament is a connotation! Sometimes a slight physical problem may become a person's advantage. This is not a word of comfort!

5. You are in good shape and I hope you can keep it. This is more important than your appearance!

6. Don’t hit a boy who likes you. Give others a chance and give yourself a chance. If someone says "I love you!" to you, even if he is a pig, you should say thank you! Being loved is happiness.

7. Even if he is a pig, why not give him a chance? Maybe he is Zhu Bajie. Bajie is still a good man. He is capable, knows how to care for women, can make money, and can turn into a beautiful young man!

The above opinions are for reference only. The key is to correct your mentality and build confidence!