Are horoscopes really trustworthy?

Are horoscopes really trustworthy?


The credibility of horoscopes is relatively high, because many people’s personalities are very consistent with some characteristics of their own zodiac signs. Even if there are some discrepancies, they are very small. Almost 80% of them are completely consistent. Compliant.

In fact, I was quite dismissive of the theory of zodiac signs at first, thinking that it was just nonsense. It is impossible for a person’s personality to be determined by the zodiac sign, because everyone’s genes are different. They are the same and have different personalities. How is it possible to classify people by just using their zodiac signs? In that case, wouldn't the recruiting unit only need to look at the horoscope to recruit? Are there any personal abilities and characteristics that need to be looked at?

But later I also studied the zodiac signs myself and found that many of the characteristics mentioned in the zodiac signs are very consistent with my own personality. I'm a Libra, and the biggest problem with people of this zodiac sign is that they don't have their own opinions when things happen, and they are more hesitant. This is very similar to my personality, because before I make any decision, I always ask my friends, and I can't even make up my mind for many days.

Even now that I am married, I like to let my wife make decisions on big and small things, because I really don’t want to make decisions and always like to avoid all kinds of decisions. I think These decisions are so difficult for me. If my decision is wrong, I may have to bear the consequences, and I am the person who is least willing to bear the consequences.

I also researched other zodiac signs and found that their personality traits were very similar to those of people I knew who had the same zodiac sign. This made me gradually accept the theory of zodiac signs and feel that Their credibility is indeed relatively high.

How many types of Chinese fortune-telling are there!

Any study must first establish the learning goals. To establish goals, you need to understand the classification of a subject.

In terms of technology, Yi Xue can be divided into five technologies: mountain, medicine, fortune, fortune telling, and divination.

Among them: fortune telling, fortune-telling, and divination are the three techniques commonly referred to as "divination or fortune-telling."

Divination and prediction are collectively called numerology in metaphysics. Common numerology techniques include Qimen Dunjia, Da Liuren, Liuyao, Plum Blossom Yishu, etc. These numerology techniques basically come from the Book of Changes, but This does not mean that if you want to learn mathematics, you have to read the I Ching. You will not understand the I Ching.

In addition, to learn metaphysics, you can find books or materials online, because it is very convenient to have many other people’s learning experiences, but you also need to distinguish between good and bad by yourself.

For divination, it is best to start by learning "The Number of Plum Blossoms" and go directly into practice. This way you can learn further. Then you can read "Add and Delete Divination" to learn the six lines and understand other people's hexagrams. I highly recommend Yicheng as an introductory book. What is said in the book is true. Yiyin can be done to expand your horizons after gaining a foundation. You can take a look at the remaining copies of Huozhulin. Golden Fu can serve as ideological guidance for Yi Xue. The additions, deletions, and additions to the Yi hexagrams are true, but the reliability of their contents cannot be tested as a compilation and need to be viewed dialectically.

These divination books are all from the lower right corner, where there are various metaphysical, divination and fortune-telling books.

Recommended divination introductory books:

"Qimen Dunjia Tongzong + Datong Emperor's History + Qimen Dunjia Golden Letter Treasure Mirror"

"Qimen Dunjia Secret Manual"

"Yin Yang Five" Essential Books (Attachment: Eight Houses Mirror) + Dong Shi Suji's New Book + Dong Gongxuan Summary"

"Qi Men Dun Jia + Qi Men Dun Jia Overall Views + Qi Men Dun Jia Summary + Qi Men Dun Jia Summary< /p>

"Illustrated Encyclopedia of Qimen Dunjia (Part 1): Determining good and bad luck"

"Supplementary Essence of Qimen Dunjia Vernacular (Updated Edition)"

"Jin Hanyu" "The Complete Book of Jingqimen Dunjia Secrets" "Chen Shixing - Advanced Chapter of Ziwei Dou Shu"

"Detailed Commentary on Ziwei Dou Shu Theory"

"Chen Qiquan - Detailed Commentary on Zi Wei Dou Shu Theory" "Batch"

"Chen Yueqi-Orthodox Flying Star Ziwei Dou Shu"

"Chen Yiyu Immortal Talisman Teaching Course"

"Chen Yiyu Talisman Correspondence Textbook" "Da Liuren" "Heart Mirror" "Guide to Da Liuren"

"Liu Ren's Story", "Da Liuren Exploring the Source" "Da Liuren Yuzao Jinying"

"Liu Ren's Existence" and "Da Liuren Secret Book" ? "A summary of Liuren wearing gold to perform hexagrams"

"Yu Ding Liuren Zhizhi. Volume 1 and 2. With analysis and meaning. Fine banknote edition of the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty" ?"Liu Ren Tongtian"

"Liu Ren Immortal Master's Method" "Chen Huiming and Zhang Qingyuan-The Miraculous Mysterious Ziwei Dou Shu"

"Chen Huiming-Annotations on the Q&A on the Flying Stars Ziwei Dou Shu and the Stars"

"Chen Huiming. Zhang Qingyuan-The Mysterious Mysterious Purple Dou Shu"

"Chen Xuetao-The Secret Secret of the Couple's Palace"

"Hand-printed Version of the Secret of the Secret of the Couple's Palace by Chen Xuetao"< /p>

"Chen Xuetao: Purple Micro Mirror (Part 1)"

"Chen Xuetao: Purple Mirror (Part 2)" "The True Interpretation of Yuding Qimen"

< p>"Essence of Qimen Dunjia Vernacular"

"Secret Biography of Qimen Dunjia"

"Explanation of Qimen Dunjia"

"Yu Ding Qimen Treasure Book" 》

"Heavenly Medicine Qimen Dunjia"

"Qimen Yin Dunjia + Yang Dunjia + Jade Box Record + Imperial Order to Build Ji Fang Li Cheng + Selection Book + Dong Shi Suji's Continuation"

The Chinese Book of Changes is a well-known treasure of traditional Chinese culture. But many people don’t know that the basis of the I Ching is actually “Yin Yang and Five Elements”.

If the "Book of Changes" is compared to a function, then "Yin Yang and Five Elements" are numbers. Therefore, "Yin Yang and Five Elements" are the basis of Yi Xue prediction. This is also the reason why Yanhuang Land calls its website, blog, etc. the "Yin Yang and Five Elements Prediction Center".

"Yi Xue Prediction" is the traditional folk saying of "fortune telling". Of course, what Yanhuang Land is talking about here is true scientific fortune-telling, and does not include the deception type.The side door is right.

So, what are the traditional Chinese yin-yang and five-element fortune-telling?

Generally, the three categories that are most familiar to the general public are "birthday horoscopes", "gossip divination" and "face reading"; of course, "feng shui" is also what everyone often hears, but Most people may think that Feng Shui is just looking at Feng Shui, not fortune telling. In fact, looking at Feng Shui is also fortune telling in a broad sense, and it is also within the traditional prediction range of "Yin Yang and Five Elements".

Traditional Yixue predictions, that is, common fortune-telling, generally include the following types:

1. Birthday predictions, also called eight-character predictions and four-pillar predictions; currently, prediction schools also There are so many, it may take Yanhuang land to unify and bring order to the chaos.

2. Bagua Yi Jing prediction is also called divination, Bagua prediction, etc. In fact, it is also divided into plum blossom prediction and six-yao prediction.

3. Physiognomy prediction is divided into facial prediction and palmistry prediction. In fact, physiognomy not only looks at the face, but also looks at the person's whole body, including bones, spirit, speech, walking, etc.

4. Character testing is to calculate things by looking at characters. Sometimes it is combined with Bagua prediction, but character testing also has its own separate system. It belongs to a relatively small branch of prediction, and the scientific system is often not very complete, not as good as horoscopes, gossip, and physiognomy. But it is relatively simple and easy to use, so it is easy to be fooled by charlatans.

5. Onomastics is to predict people based on their names. It belongs to a relatively small branch of prediction, and the scientific system is often not very complete, not as good as horoscopes, gossip, and physiognomy. But it is relatively simple and easy to use, so it is easy to be fooled by charlatans.

6. Ziwei Dou Shu prediction, also referred to as Zi Wei prediction, or Zi Dou prediction, or Dou Shu prediction.

7. Qimen Dunjia prediction, also referred to as Qimen prediction;

8. Geographical Feng Shui prediction, also called Feng Shui, among which there are many sects, such as Xuankong Sect, Sankong Sect, etc. Hepai, Bazai, etc., some of them are just fishy.

9. Others include Da Liuren prediction, Taiyi prediction, these two and Qimen Dunjia are collectively called the three-type prediction. The population studied so far is relatively small.

10. Others include Tiepanshen number prediction and Heluo number prediction, etc., with even fewer research groups.

The first type that evolved from the Chinese Book of Changes probably includes the following types

Four-pillar predictions, the so-called "Bazi Bazi". It can predict the good and bad luck in a person's life, and it can also check the year's fortune to see the luck of the year.

Plum blossoms are easy to count, and hexagrams can be made at will based on the time, scene, sound, direction, and other phenomena.

The Liuyao method, also known as the Najia method, relies on the shaking of three ancient coins to obtain hexagrams. Created by Tang Jingfang, it replaced the old ocher or turtle shell method. (These two methods claim to be able to measure astronomy, geography, and personnel)

There are also crape myrtle numbers, iron plate calculations, and so on.

The second category is fortune telling, palmistry, bone palpation, etc. PassPredict a person's destiny by observing a person's hand lines, facial features, birthmarks, bone quality, body shape, etc.

The third category is fortune telling with props. Including using poker, needle and thread, etc.

The fourth category is possessed by immortals. There are many such algorithms in Northeast China.

The fifth category is Taoist blessings. Including reading incense, fortune telling, etc.

In fact, there are many types of fortune telling. Don’t take these things seriously, but treat them as a game. It’s not a big deal to play. If you take it seriously as an imperial edict or providence, you are asking for trouble.

The above is found online and is for reference only!