What is the relationship between astrology and psychology?

What is the relationship between astrology and psychology?

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Astrology: an alchemy that predicts good, bad, misfortune, and blessings in the world based on celestial phenomena. In ancient China, astronomical observation was mainly used to predict national events and the fate of emperors and generals based on various rare or irregular celestial phenomena. In the West, people mainly predict personal destiny based on the positions of the sun, moon and five stars in the starry sky.

Psychology: (English name: Psychology) is a science that studies the occurrence, development and activity patterns of psychological phenomena in humans and animals. Psychology not only studies the psychology of animals (the study of animal psychology is mainly to understand and predict the occurrence and development of human psychology at a deep level) but also studies human psychology, with human psychological phenomena as the main research object. So in summary, psychology is a science that studies psychological phenomena and psychological laws.

Astrology is sometimes equivalent to superstition. It makes use of people’s psychology and grasps their psychological activities to predict the so-called predicted destiny.

What is astrology and astrology? Origin


When it comes to Claire’s horoscope, everyone knows that some people ask what is the scientific basis for horoscopes (astrology)? Also, does anyone want to ask about the information about Claire, the actor in heroes? Do you know what's going on? In fact, Claire Denis, let’s take a look at what is the scientific basis for horoscopes (astrology)? Hope it helps everyone!

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1. Claire's horoscope: What is the scientific basis for horoscopes (astrology)?

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First of all, it must be emphasized that horoscopes and astrology are not the same thing. If we compare it with a familiar scientific category, suppose we compare "astrology" and "physics", "horoscope" "Probably corresponds to the "force analysis" part of the mechanics branch of physics. Those who still remember the physics thinking in middle school can easily come to the conclusion that force analysis is often just a step in studying the motion characteristics of objects, and there is still a long way to get the real answer. Tim's weekly horoscope.

Next, let’s explain the issue of “scientific basis”. I suggest that those who really understand the meaning of "scientificness" and "scientific basis" can carefully read Cheng Yinan's answer under this entry. I think this is the most accurate and objective explanation of "whether astrology is scientific or not." And, the conclusion is also correct. The research objects of astrology are human personality and life. These things cannot be used for experiments at all. Therefore, if the "scientific method" in the human knowledge system never changes, astrology will never meet the "scientific" standard. .

If it’s not scientific enough, shouldn’t we study these contents? The answer is obviously no. Douban group of Star Translation Agency.

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Shouldn’t we just ignore a result that we don’t know the accuracy of? You certainly don’twillingly. Bulgarian 2021 horoscope.

The psychology of unwillingness, the psychology of seeking knowledge, the desire for security, etc., are calling for a "system" that can provide explanations like science. Moreover, the public does not know the operating rules of science at all. They are more inclined to blindly follow a conclusion, "Just tell it if it is unreliable." In this vague context, astrology can rapidly expand its influence. tim weekly fortune.

I hope everyone can clearly understand that astrology does not meet scientific standards. And I hope everyone can further recognize that the development of your character, what you will encounter in your life, and the so-called connection between character and destiny are very likely to not be correctly confirmed and confirmed in your lifetime. judge. Most of the issues we care about do not meet the conditions for scientific experiments. Anyone can be right or wrong about the conclusions that cannot be drawn, and our most urgent psychological needs may not be met.

Under this premise, let us discuss the ambiguous knowledge system of astrology. For the sake of convenience, let us call astrology a knowledge system and a theoretical system.

The theoretical basis is very simple. Humans "interact" with planets in the sky (not planets in the astronomical sense). To be precise, humans are affected or even dominated by planets. And you must always remember that current science has no way to prove where this interaction comes from. Is it mysterious invisible energy or particles? No one can prove it. This is the magical result of pure "hope" and "imagination" working together. Based on this purely unverifiable "hypothesis", human efforts have built a large and complete edifice. Of course, in the eyes of the scientific system, it is purely a castle in the air.

Almost all people who study astrology and claim to understand astrology will convey the concept intentionally or unintentionally, that is, "everything" is revealed by the planets in the sky, as long as we can accurately grasp the laws of planetary movement , we can accurately analyze "everything" in the future. Please note that this is an extremely ambiguous concept. Mind you, it's almost tailor-made for our "most pressing psychological needs." But it is undoubtedly wrong. Most people don't realize this mistake, including astrologers, who desperately expand their terminology systems and theoretical analysis methods, trying to "explain" that their conclusions and predictions are accurate, but you don't feel it. Or you're not smart enough to understand.

We cannot know "everything", does it follow that we "can't" know anything? I tend to think that astrology is an unclear and incomplete system. Human beings have tried hard to use it to discover patterns, but so far they have not been able to do so. It can provide real laws like the scientific method. All the rules are incomplete, which is very frustrating. But at the same time, this also leaves more room for imagination for many people and provides the possibility of "completeness".

Astrology is a "huge hypothesis"". It cannot be confirmed so far. You will find that when physicists discuss physical problems, they can come up with a unified line of thought and deduce a unified direction, and future generations can continue to move forward in this direction. But astrologers work on their own Attack each other...

If you are willing to simply hold on to that pure and innocent imagination, that is, there must be a connection between people and the stars in the sky, then please read on. If you firmly believe that should be abandoned, please leave with satisfaction and use Cheng Yinan's answer as a blueprint to persuade astrologers to return from the lost way.

To be honest, the conclusion is "thought out". The process depends on what you think. Like any question that is assisted by scientific theories and scientific data, you use formulas and data to construct various possibilities in your mind and come up with various solutions.

Astrology is a very complex discussion system. , the formal logic is fairly clear. But only people who are well trained in scientific thinking can insist on using this complex logic to reason about a partially correct and incomplete "result". Such astrologers are often cautious when providing conclusions, and each All possibilities have to be taken into account, and it is easy to use the "natural scientific thinking" to judge that this person is not confident, and they dare to give answers that are inaccurate? But if you compare scientific papers, you will also find that the correct Thinking is precisely this kind of cautious and walking on thin ice attitude. You must always remember that you are taking a path that no one can guarantee you is correct. Why are you so confident that every word you say can stand the test of time? This is actually not a problem of astrology, but a problem of people." "There are many such people, see a certain perpetual motion post... Tim's horoscope 2021.

Scientific aspects The reason is that the precision of logic is too high. If you talk nonsense, you will find that you can't go on at all, and you will get stuck after a few sentences. It's like if you use the formula of non-conservation of energy when energy is conserved, the result you calculate is yours. If you don’t believe it, it will force you to go back and check your thinking process. Penny’s 2021 Weekly Horoscope.

The thing about astrology is that the logic is not very precise, and you will find that your nonsense is very smooth! More The good thing is, some people will believe your nonsense. There are countless specific examples, such as the classic broken clock theory. For example, an anonymous respondent above said that his "horoscope" was all fabricated, and he still has fans one after another.

A large number of "people" who have received strict training in scientific thinking. Note that they are people. They can "seek verification" with this cautious attitude, whether it is natural science or science, whether it is physics or Psychology, the judgments and conclusions they provide may very well be proven wrong, but later people all cherish them. It is these attempts that actually lead to mistakes that continue to guide later people to move forward. Unfortunately, astrology There are too few people who are willing to be stones in the field of astrology. Everyone thinks they are standing on the other side of the river and have time to laugh at those behind them. This is probably why science can shine but astrology is still at the stage when it was invented. s reason.

In the astrology system, there are three levels of reference coefficients that affect the results, namely the planets, the position of the zodiac constellation area where the planets are located, and the mysterious "house" area drawn based on the time and degree of birth. s position. Depending on the location and angle, there will be different derivation logic. Careful use of this formal logic can deduce formal "results". Again, it is impossible to test whether this result is "true". Claire's August 2021 horoscope.

The so-called classical astrology, modern astrology, and astrology blabla are all so-called "formal logic", or you can understand it as different formula systems. It's like eating meat is good for your health VS Xiaoguaima's weekly horoscope.

Eating vegetables is good for your health Penny's weekly horoscope.

Same, which sentence is more accurate? The result derived logically may not be true. You must first learn this special astrological logic and astrological thinking, carefully describe the "result", and then verify whether it is true in reality.

This is actually the same as scientific thinking, except that science occupies all fields that can be replicated experimentally, so we are very easy to get confused. We found that after different people used the same logic to derive the same semi-finished conclusion, in the process of seeking verification in reality, they encountered various data that were not in the astrological system, and no one said how to deal with them, so Your mind starts to spin out of control. From a formal point of view, you will find that there are dozens of ideas for analyzing the same problem, and the same idea may lead to dozens of conclusions, and you don't know which one to listen to.

I think you are still asking about "astrology" here.

If you mean whether an astrologer can provide accurate predictions, the answer I give is that some people can, some people cannot; some things can be predicted, and some things cannot. Basically it depends on the level of the person.

Let’s give an example. When does a person get married? This kind of thing is definitely not something that scientists can solve, but everyone hopes that this problem can be formally derived to a definite time. Everyone likes the feeling of "the stone in their hearts has fallen to the ground". The method I use when using astrology is to attribute the """ of marriage to "a certain palace", find the "star" corresponding to the palace, and calculate based on astronomical data that the star will move into the "appropriate range" at "a certain moment" , tell the other person this time (the quotation marks are astrological content and will not be expanded). But the problem is not over yet. There are different calculation methods at this time, that is, different formal logics. Maybe the fans of modern astrology will fight with the supporters of classical astrology because they cannot find the same thing with their respective formal logics. Naturally, the same time cannot be predicted for the two stars; secondly, the horoscopes of the two married parties are likely to be released at different times. Which one should be selected is not mentioned in the astrology book.

Whether it can have a guiding effect on reality is a question that only begins to be involved at this stage. And this does not rely on the knowledge of astrology at allThe content in the system depends on people's understanding and experience of the world. A person who is not married, a person who has been divorced fourteen times, a person who does not trust marriage due to the divorce of his parents, and a person who may not be able to get married, do they have the same view on marriage? Obviously they are different. Their understanding of marriage is likely to result in them not being able to strictly use the logic provided by astrology, and they may follow their own preferences every step of the way. Because as mentioned before, the logic of astrology is not as rigorous as science, and the flexibility caused by too much space is reflected here. Chaldean horoscope.

If you are eager to have a grasp on the practical issue of marriage, you should first find a "marriage" expert. But unfortunately, there are currently no such people in the world, and there is no required course in universities such as "How should love lead to marriage?" Both your parents think that you should bring someone you can get married to after graduating from college. They both think that if you are gay, you will be struck by lightning. In this environment, your own attitude toward marriage may be ambiguous, and of course it is easy to be deceived by formal conclusions that have "unclear origins and unclear ideas." Tim's September 2021 horoscope.

There are many practical problems similar to the practical problem of marriage. For example, no one teaches you about career choice and whether you are suitable for certain industries. Finding a job has become a very valuable matter. If you pick an astrologer at random, he will be responsible for telling you what all professions and industries are like?

A large number of issues require real experts in the field to discuss. What do you ask an astrologer to do? What? As for the psychological comfort effect, you are exaggerating the meaning of comfort. Some people are unable to conceive a child and ask when they will conceive a child. How can you be relieved? If you don’t give a time to come out, you are lying, right? For most difficulties that most people encounter, there is only one way. That is "Don't cry, don't cry, stand up and keep walking." Don't think that you are the proud one of heaven. No one will pity you when you die.

What do you want, a gentleman? If you want psychological comfort, a lot of magic tricks are waiting to be delivered to your door. If you want practical guidance, first find experts in the corresponding field. Oh, there are so many experts, but you have to keep your eyes peeled... I hope everyone can overcome the inherent "flaws" in psychology, and overcome the "wanting to hear good things", "wanting to feel comfortable", "wanting to feel weak about guilt" Some" and "wanting to get all the benefits without taking responsibility" are the main culprits that drag me down, hard work, positive life and thinking attitude. Christine's December 2021 horoscope.

What is the scientific basis for the above and horoscopes (astrology)? Related content: What is the scientific basis for horoscopes (astrology)? of sharing. After reading Claire’s horoscope, I hope this helps!


What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?

The historical background and origin of astrology

Most people believe that astrology originated from the ancient Semitic, Indo-European or Chinese Heluo peoples; astrology first became popular in Babylon, and then Spread eastward to Persia and India, China; spread westward from Greece to Egypt, Rome and Spain. Astrology is a science that explores the relationship between the "macrocosm" and the "microcosm"; the so-called "macrocosm" refers to the sky or firmament filled with stars, and the "microcosm" refers to humans and human activities. It is generally believed that the stars are the media between God or invisible natural forces and human beings. God uses the stars to convey messages to his people. There is a causal relationship between the activities of the stars and the dynamics on the earth. In other words, the stars in the sky affect our mental state, our mental state affects our behavioral patterns, and our behavioral patterns create our destiny and destiny. The stars in the sky and our psychological state are innate, that is, unchangeable "fate"; and our behavioral patterns are our acquired "luck". In the Middle Ages, and even before that, people were known to start fixed activities at certain times. The responsibility of astrology at that time was to find out the time. It is recorded in the literature that when a new village or town is groundbreaking, astrologers must be invited to select the auspicious time of the zodiac. In the 13th century, the Italian astrologer Guido Bonati (a Franciscan monk) insisted that the groundbreaking of a church must comply with the general principles of astrology. Earlier, in the fourth century AD, the Holy Christian Church established by Emperor Constantine had a "Celestial Palace" in its church. This church still exists in Istanbul.

Personal astrology or "natal charts" as we are familiar with them today did not exist at that time. Early astrology refers to predicting the fate of the entire group and deducing when good or bad luck will come from the position of the planets.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, astrology gradually became accepted by people. Pope Julian II (Pope Ju**** *I) asked astrologers to calculate the auspicious zodiac day for his inauguration; Pope Paul III (Pope Paul III) asked astrologers to calculate the auspicious time every time he held a meeting of cardinals. Pope Leo Many scientific, artistic, and architectural documents from the Middle Ages to the 18th century are inseparable from astrology. If you want to understand these documents, you must have an astrological background.

By the Age of Enlightenment, especially in Puritan belief, the stars were no longer considered intermediaries between God and humans. In the rational modern world, the relationship between the stars and human events is even more ambiguous, because humans cannot find a definite and satisfactory answer. Astronomers in particular went out of their way to denigrate astrology; they completely ignored the fact that some major astronomical discoveries must be attributed to astrology.

We can say this: scientists are great inventors and discoverers, and most of the top scientists are physicists, and most of the top physicists are astronomers, and almost all top astronomers are Become a prophet, such as Newton and Einstein. And the "destiny" understood by these top astronomers is only the beginning of astrologers.

Because what astrologers or philosophers talk about is the 70% part that is "innate and unchangeable", while what scientists or astronomers talk about is only the 30% part that "can be changed by man the day after tomorrow" That's all, and it is incorrect to "judge the 70% unchanging innateness" based on "30% variables".

If Tycho Brahe had not provided accurate astrological data, Jogannes Kepler would not have been able to complete his three laws. Two hundred years ago, humans could not measure electric current, but now it is easy. Perhaps one day, we will be able to find the relationship between the universe and life on earth.

Swiss psychologist Gustav Jung spent a lot of time studying this relationship, and finally proposed the synchronization theory of "macrocosm" and "microcosm". The so-called "synchrony theory" and "identity theory" mean that although there is no "law of cause and effect" in the events in the universe, they are related to each other in time and space.

Since then, more and more psychologists have devoted themselves to astrology, because astrology has led them to enter a realm that human consciousness cannot understand, and at the same time to further understand the relationship between human beings and their world. Psychology has not yet advanced to this point, but like many modern sciences, psychology has made major breakthroughs in small, clearly defined problems. However, it is questionable whether these results can form a complete knowledge and concretely present the reality of human existence.

When people reach middle age or old age, life problems cannot be avoided. At this time, astrology plays another role. More and more people are consulting psychoanalysts in the hope of solving these mysteries. Psychologists use time-consuming cross-examination in the hope of solving a person's past problems; but experienced and responsible astrologers use horoscopes to help the person understand the problem.

Many people can better understand their potential after understanding their own horoscope. For example, a society that pursues wealth and power may lack art and culture. If people with talents in this area understand their own horoscopes, it will "help them stay in their posts and revitalize the current situation. They don't have to feel inferior because their values ​​​​are different from ordinary people nowadays."

Some people believe that astrology is playing an important role in modern society by "connecting rationality and superrationality" and "finite and infinite". An astrologer can help a person deal with life's problems and increase his or her self-understanding. The modern familiar "natal chart" aims to predict all heaven and earth reactions and destiny, and then predict good and bad luck from the positions of the planets.

The origin of astrology

Astrology, or astrology (ASTROLOGY), is an interpretation by astrologers after observing celestial bodies, the positions of the sun, moon, stars and their various changes , an alchemy to predict various things in the world.

Astrology believes that celestial bodies, especially planets and constellations, predict changes in all things in the world in some causal or non-accidental way.. The theoretical basis of astrology exists in ancient Greek philosophy of about 600 years between 300 BC and 300 AD, which combined astrology with the celestial "omens" of the ancient Mesopotamians, astrologers It is believed that the movements and changes of certain celestial bodies and their combinations are specifically related to the emergence and demise of the four elements of fire, air, water and earth on the earth. The complexity of this connection reflects the complexity of the ever-changing human world. This ever-changing human world cannot yet be grasped by the world, so it is easy for astrologers to find excuses for any mistakes they make. Astrology has different views on the role of God. Some people believe that the universe is entirely mechanical, and they reject both possibilities of divine intervention and human free will. Others believe that astrology is not a precise science like astronomy. It can only point out the development trend of things, and this trend can be controlled by the will of man or God. Others believed that the planets themselves were powerful gods whose will could be changed through prayer, and that the stars revealed God's will only to those who were versed in astrology. The latter view is very close to the thinking of the ancient Mesopotamians. They mainly predicted to the court the upcoming blessings and disasters, which may affect the growth of humans, animals and plants in the form of weather or disease. , or to influence national events or the lives of royal members in some way, and so on. But they believe that celestial omens do not determine the future of things, but only serve as a sign to show people God's will.

The original purpose of astrology was to predict the fate of people's lives based on the positions of the planets and the zodiac signs when they were born. Later, it developed into several branches. One specializes in studying the relationship between major celestial phenomena (such as solar eclipses or the emergence of vernal equinoxes) and human beings, which is called overall astrology; one chooses auspicious moments for action, which is called timing astrology; the other It is called casuistry astrology, and it is based on the celestial phenomena at the time when the seeker asks the question to answer his question.

Astrology originated from the celestial omens of the ancient Mesopotamians. From the 18th century BC to the 16th century BC, in the ancient Babylonian dynasty, the first book with wedge-shaped characters that discussed celestial omens in categories appeared. From the 6th to the 4th century BC, the theory of celestial omens was introduced to Egypt, Greece, the Near East and India. Later it was spread to Central Asia through Indian monks. Since the 3rd century BC, some people have mathematicalized the concepts corresponding to the large and small universes. The so-called "microcosm" refers to the human body. They also further subdivided the zodiac and believed that the five stars have their own primary and secondary roles in different arcs of the zodiac. The influence of a certain star on people is determined by the arc it is in and its relationship with other enemy and friend arcs. The twelfth house corresponds to specific parts of the human body, and the ever-changing material world and human personality are also related to the twelfth house to some extent. Astrologers calculate the influence of the planets based on the coordinates of the sun, moon, five stars and the twelve zodiac signs at a given moment, as well as the complex geometric relationships between them, and then use the astrological horoscope to find out the relationship between the above factors and the earth. The correspondence between events leads to astrological results. this resultSometimes they are contradictory, which requires the astrologer to reconcile them based on the situation of the seeker and the astrologer's own experience. By the 1st century AD, the above methods had been finalized.

Greek astrology was also introduced to India, Iran, and into Islamic culture. After the 17th century, with the establishment of the heliocentric theory and the rise of modern science, astrology lost scientific support. But in recent years, astrology has begun to rise again in the West. Some people are also trying to introduce the recently discovered outer planets into astrology, and trying to find the statistical relationship between planetary positions and human life.

The meaning of the twelve zodiac signs

The zodiac sign of Aries is the head and horns of a ram, but some astrologers believe that it is a combination of two spirals, one representing In the past, one represents the future, and the dividing line in the middle is between the alternation of the old and the new. Therefore, Aries also represents the word "new", which in astrology refers to spring or a new beginning.

The constellation symbol of Taurus is a strong bull head and horns. The circle in the constellation symbol represents the appearance of the sun. As the name suggests, Taurus represents "money" in the zodiac. Anything that can produce satisfaction Various facilities and activities that people need materially fall under its jurisdiction. In ancient times, farmers used oxen to plow the fields before sowing, so it is also the code for income and remuneration.

The constellation symbol of Gemini is two parallel straight lines like II, with two shorter horizontal bars sealing the two ends. It represents the twin stars CASTO and PULLUX that will never be separated. They are often referred to as Seen as a symbol of positive and negative aspects, such as right and wrong, giving and receiving, teaching and learning, etc., the Gemini constellation in charge of "education" in the zodiac not only refers to knowledge, but also includes postal services and services for schools and countries. Various dissemination and communication channels made by the people.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is like a cute little crab with a hard shell running rampant. Some astrologers believe that the zodiac sign of Cancer is like two small crabs facing each other, balancing one. At the starting point of the solstice, the sun enters Cancer on the first day of summer to start the summer solstice. Cancer is in the zodiac and is in charge of things related to housing, such as real estate, banks, housing loans, etc., which are all the powers of Cancer. scope.

The zodiac symbol of Leo is the easiest to identify among the zodiac. It is a lion’s tail. Leo is in charge of sports, leisure and other entertainment projects. Since it is the king of beasts, Leo represents Humans are constantly trying to express themselves and explore their own potential, so the Leo zodiac sign will show a generous and noble temperament.

The zodiac sign of Virgo may be the most difficult to understand among the twelve zodiac signs. It is very similar to the Scorpio sign. The only difference is that the Virgo sign has an inverted "v" added to it. Astrologers believe that, The symbol of Virgo is like a virgin holding a bunch of grains, and each grain in their hands symbolizes the fruits of wisdom harvested from the field of experience. Virgo represents health, and it governs pharmacy. It is also statisticsand representatives of the workforce.

The constellation symbol of Libra can be said to be clear at a glance. You can tell at a glance that it is a balanced scale. What is required is how to balance the two sides of the Libra. In the zodiac, Libra It represents fairness and justice, and is in charge of a country's laws and diplomatic issues. Therefore, Libra is a sign that absolutely requires balance. Justice must be present in balance. Libra also has the characteristics of modesty and courtesy.

The constellation symbol of Scorpio looks like a poisonous scorpion with its tail raised, but in the eyes of many Western astrologers, the symbol of Scorpio is actually a "snake", because snakes have been used in ancient times. Seen as a symbol of "wisdom" and "sin", it is well known that the main reason why Adam and Eve, the ancestors of mankind, were expelled from the Garden of Eden was that they could not stand the temptation of the snake and ate the fruit of wisdom. Blunder.

The constellation symbol of Sagittarius is an archer who is half man and half horse, representing the hunter who shoots arrows. In the zodiac, Sagittarius represents morality, religion, philosophy and judge law. Sagittarius Zodiac sign and Libra govern matters differently. Libra governs disputed matters, while Sagittarius must make the final arbitration. Therefore, the personality of Sagittarius is as obvious as its zodiac symbol, like an arrow shot straight to the target. Have honest and frank performance characteristics.

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is like an ancient hieroglyph with the appearance of a goat in one stroke. The skinny body, but the strong will and endurance to climb the cliff, represents a serious and down-to-earth personality, and the symbol has The goat's head and beard actually represent the Capricorn constellation, the goat, and the goat is an animal with a very strong personality and is hardworking and hardworking.

The original meaning of the zodiac sign of Aquarius is the boatman. There are two layers of sea waves in its symbol, but sometimes astrologers also interpret them as two waves, but it is more like a wave that will be installed. The water in the water bottle, like the water bottle that is poured into humans and allows humans to gain vitality and spiritual abilities from the spring, is just two parallel ripples on the whole and has nothing to do with the bottle at all, so Aquarius is also Therefore, it has become the most complicated super question mark in the zodiac.

The constellation symbol of Pisces is two crescent-shaped arcs connected by a straight line in the middle. It looks like two fish tied together, one swimming up and the other swimming up. Downstream, they are completely in opposite directions but connected by a thread in the middle. No matter how hard they try, they still cannot be separated. Instead, they make themselves physically and mentally exhausted and conflicted. This clearly points out the dual personality of Pisces.

Basic Astrology

Everyone knows that there are twelve types of zodiac signs, but when looking at a person’s personality, you cannot use his sun star, which is what we usually call ourselves

What is the zodiac sign? When I say I am a Sagittarius, it means that my sun sign is Sagittarius

There is a big difference between astrology and astronomy. The main difference is that astrology is mainly based on the study of zodiac signs. perform so-called fortune-tellingSome of the businesses are actually just for making money. These people usually have nothing to do, so they basically rely on this. Feudal superstition to deceive others. In fact, there are many people who do astrology abroad. They actually deceive others and basically make money through this. Astronomy is the main study of the stars and the sea and the study of the universe to provide scientific explanations of physical phenomena in the universe. Astronomers have made great contributions to science and play an important role in the future development of mankind.