Tell your own fortune

Tell your own fortune

psychological test

Why fortune tellers don't tell their own fortunes 1. Fortune tellers have a word called "divulging secrets". If you reveal too much fortune to others, you will be punished by God, especially yourself.

2. After most people know their destiny, there will be some people who don’t want to change it for the better, but if they are a fortune teller, then they must know some ways to change it, and then they want to change their destiny to If you could be rich and wealthy, everyone in the world would definitely learn fortune telling. . . Generally speaking, I heard that they can't change their own destiny, so it's better not to know.

3. If you believe it, you have it; if you don’t believe it, you don’t have it. If the result of the calculation is not good, believing in it will lead to a negative and bad destiny. If you don't believe it, you will question your ability and go against your career.

Of course, I mean the kind of professional fortune teller, not the kind of street stall that coaxes people.

The above represents my personal opinions and is for reference only.

Will fortune-telling become thinner if you tell yourself your own fortune? In fact, fortune-telling belongs to the category of metaphysics. Since it is a metaphysics and mysterious culture, it has its own rules that need to be followed and its mystery. . From the perspective of a numerologist, leaking heavenly secrets to obtain money from the seeker to maintain life is a "donation of wealth" and the other is a "donation of Dharma", which is natural and natural. From the perspective of test takers, if you don’t pay for a life test, it means that your life is inherently worthless. The term is called “giving away your life”. This is a pun, which also contains the meaning of “giving away your life for free”. The meaning also includes the meaning of "ruining" the predicter's life. In other words, your life will be "ruined" by the predicter. Especially for those who are greedy for small profits, they think that if their friends or acquaintances can tell fortunes, they can tell fortunes for free. In fact, every time you tell fortunes, you are "ruining" your own life. Because you have not paid, it does not comply with the laws of the universe's growth and decline of yin and yang, and the balance of gains and losses. Therefore, Just make your own "fate" thinner and thinner. It's like you always steal the sacrifices on other people's graves, thinking that you are taking advantage. But as time goes by, you will naturally get some weird diseases, and your good health will become worse and worse. On the other hand, if someone wants to take advantage of even his own "life", what future prospects can he have and how good will he be rewarded? In reality, there is often such a person. He has sought out many people for testing and met many masters. The first one said that his wealth is not good, the second one said that his marriage is not going well, and the third one said that his luck is not good. The more calculations you make, the more answers there will be, and the more psychologically uncertain the test taker will be. This will of course cause a certain psychological burden on yourself. This is all because you think that there are friends who can predict and use this resource or I was greedy for petty advantages (free calculation without paying), and ended up encountering many "masters" who were not good at learning and irresponsible. As a result, my luck in calculation became worse and worse, which is the inevitable result. In fact, numerology calculations can play a role in seeking good fortune and avoiding misfortune. A good numerologist will predict all your good and bad fortunes in advance, and tell you how to avoid misfortune, as well as what good opportunities you should seize, and when you encounter a skill that passes the test fortune teller, "Your destiny will become richer and richer as you calculate it. Of course, an experienced fortune teller can tell the test taker who has no intention of paying at a glance, so he only needs to make random remarks and deal with the problem. "Thousands of Miles" test seekers will naturally embark on the "road of death" and "fate will become thinner and thinner" as long as they get the hint and "follow the pictures". In view of the above, "fate will become thinner and thinner as time goes by" has gradually become a popular saying. That’s the catchphrase. Forecasters must not be in debt for their fees. This is also one of their professions, and forecasting in the world is also their "mission." China has said "opening the mouth of gold" since ancient times. A curse from a profound person can give you It will bring endless disasters and make what you say really happen.

How to use the horoscope to tell your fortune? In other words, you may be able to tell your fortune by yourself, and you may also be able to tell the fortune yourself. Luck, you are also very familiar with the arrangement of the 12 fleeting years, but your destiny is there, your luck is there, and the fleeting years you encounter every year are also there, but you just don’t know how to analyze these. What kind of structural framework are these codes about the internal connection between knowledge items? How do the three stems and branches codes of Bazi, Universiade, and Fleeting Years interact and influence each other? Why do people who are said to bring wealth when they hit the target frequently lose money? Why do they often lose money? Originally, the official has not been promoted? Wait, you have too many doubts to solve, but you are in the clouds. Bazi is a knowledge that is easy to learn but difficult to master, and it relies on a lot of practical experience. Experience. But you can still learn simple fortune-telling. Even if you are only 20 years old now, at least you have some life experience. If you don’t have work experience, you have study experience; if you don’t have marriage experience, you have puppy love and secret love experience; if you don’t have official career, You have the experience of being a cadre in school; you have no business experience, you have the experience of working as a tutor; you don’t have the experience of becoming famous, you have the experience of being noticed and rewarded for your performance in school; you don’t have the experience of life and death, you almost drowned when you were swimming when you were young. Woohoo experience...Everyone basically starts to have great luck at a certain age. As long as you have experienced those years and some unforgettable events, you will have the material for your own fortune telling: to verify certain statements and theories. The basis. But you need to carefully recall and collect those "evidences", and you have to learn to "decode". Some people have experienced a lot, but they are completely unable to discover any secrets from it, and they are completely unable to do anything consistent with numerology. Association of theories. Even if you can't find your likes and dislikes in books, your past experiences and likes and dislikes in life have already been revealed. All you have to do is to extract these and recognize them. What are horoscopes? That is The year, month, day, and hour of your birth correspond to the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. There are four Heavenly Stems and four Earthly Branches. The codes for these eight stems and branches have a total of eight characters, which are called Bazi. There are also four pillars, which are because of the year. The Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, the Moon's Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, the Sun's Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, and the Hour's Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches form a total of four groups, two in a group, with the Heavenly Stems at the top and the Earthly Branches at the bottom, forming four "pillars". It is also known as the Year Pillar, Month Pillar, Sun Pillar and Hour Pillar. Eight-character fortune telling is also the four pillar fortune telling.The fortune-telling and fortune-telling techniques are all based on the eight-character numerology to predict the fortune and good or bad fortune of life. It is also called the "four pillars and eight characters". This is a fringe science that has not been scientifically certified by "1+1=2". It is empirical science. Therefore, many people think this is superstitious. You yourself know very well whether the horoscope is superstitious, or whether it is nonsense or not. You don't believe and acknowledge its existence, sometimes because you don't want to. Because people need to dream. If you don’t believe in fate, your dreams can be more outrageous and longer-lasting. However, the reality is that people are limited by their own destiny. If you are not destined to be rich and powerful, Feng Shui cannot help you. Four-pillar fortune-telling uses the stems and branches of the four pillars of year, month, day and hour, which contains a large amount of information and complex connotations. Several theories, such as the Hungry Fate Theory and the Happy Fate Theory, are all fast food prepared for laymen like us who have no foundation in numerology knowledge. They are shortcuts to view one's own destiny. Of course, they cannot be exquisite or profound. You just It can be regarded as popular science knowledge. Knowing something is better than knowing nothing at all, which is more beneficial to life. But if you are full of interest in exploring yourself and full of curiosity about the destiny of life, then you need to master some further methods to solve it. You can first follow the method taught in the book to sort out your birth date, and then learn to sort out the great fortunes by yourself. Finally, you can analyze the life expectancy between the branches according to the passage of time that each great fortune goes through. How do relationships such as Ke, He, and Hua help boost your fortune or how do they lead to a decline in your fortune? Understand what is the antidote to your own horoscope, that is, what are the codes for your good luck gods and bad luck gods? This will enable you to have a forward-looking judgment and the ability to analyze and predict what is about to happen. Then, the rest is how to seek good luck and avoid bad luck. A person's life, like blood type and DNA, is innate and unchangeable. If you change your life, wouldn’t that change you, the only one in the world? However, a person's luck is only the outline of the life script. It is not fixed, so it can be changed. The first luck here refers to the great luck that changes every ten years based on the birth date, and the second refers to the luck we often talk about. You can't change your fortune. For example, if you are 35 to 45 years old, your fortune is Bingwu's 10-year fortune. You have to do it even if you don't want to. That is not something you can control. But where did you get your good luck in those 10 years... >>

If you tell your fortune often, will your fortune become thinner and thinner? ? If you often tell other people's fortunes, will your life be shortened? If you tell your fortune often, will your fortune become thinner and thinner?

The old times pay attention to:

1. Nothing is unpredictable;

That is to say, don’t guess words and fortune-telling randomly, because as long as there is nothing to predict, there are two sides. What is it, what is bad.

After hearing this, later generations would murmur, making people panic.

2. Don’t predict anything;

That is to say, only ask the people you trust most to measure a thing, and only count it once. becauseBecause, every warlock has different ideas,

Different perspectives, strong or weak analytical skills, and different conclusions; that is, the same warlock has different information every time.


Different understandings are like tossing a coin, one thing after another, and in the end, I don’t know why!

As for those who often tell people’s fortunes and take fortune-telling as a profession, some say nothing, good things and bad things, defraud people of money, and cannot solve people’s problems.

If you have an unforgiving conscience, you can Not losing your life?

Can you tell your own fortune? Why? Yes, use eight characters and six lines. It is more accurate to share the horoscopes with family members.

Duke Zhou’s Interpretation of Dreams: What does it mean to dream of a fortune teller telling one’s fortune?

Fortune telling and divination in dreams are people’s concerns about certain things. reflect. It means that you are calculating and planning something. It means that if you dream of telling someone's fortune for someone, that person will get sick

Dreaming that you are telling someone else's fortune

foretells yourself. plan will be a great success.

Dreaming that you see others telling fortunes

indicates that you are analyzing something, but you may lose the opportunity because you are reluctant to take action.

Dreaming that you are giving fortune-telling to others or yourself

It indicates that there will be no obstacles to what you have done recently.

Dreaming about seeing a fortune teller

It means that you will be exhausted due to your career and work, and suffer from physical and mental exhaustion.

Dreaming that you are going to do divination to ask questions

It indicates that you will be unhappy in your recent affairs.

Dreaming about others telling your fortune

It indicates that your life is relatively harmonious and happy, but it is very difficult to succeed in your career.

Dreaming about others giving you divination or asking for fortune

It indicates that you will suffer from illness.

Dreaming about someone telling fortunes

It may mean that you are not very satisfied with the current situation, or you are worried, and you are thinking about something over and over again. On the other hand, it also means that you are a person who values ​​status and wealth in your heart.

Dreaming about others telling your fortune

It means that your life may be relatively satisfactory, but there will be things that are not going well in your career.

Dreaming that you are telling fortunes to others

indicates that your plan will be completely successful.

A young woman dreams of fortune telling

It indicates that she will make a choice between two suitors, and it also bothers her to judge their social status and career achievements.

Dreaming that someone is telling fortunes

indicates that you are thinking about something in your heart

If you tell your fortune by yourself and do not tell others, it will also reduce your happiness. You don't know how to tell fortunes, so you won't lose anything at all. Strictly speaking, using I Ching copper coins for divination will shorten your life. If you are the kind of person who is really good at divination, you are not just playing around. Merely studying signs will not diminish your blessings.

Tell your own fortune. What book to read? This kind of thing, whether you believe it or not, just don’t read it. Look, if you say it’s not good, you’ll be worried. If you say it’s good, you won’t believe it.

I want to count myself How to tell fortunes? Fortune-telling requires detailed date, month, and hour of birth, indicating male or female, lunar or solar calendar

How do Buddhists tell fortunes for themselves? It is said that Mr. Kong is Mr. Yuan Liaofan's fortune-telling is so accurate that everyone will definitely want to tell their own fortune. Being able to know their own good and bad luck and sense their own future is what many people expect. So let’s talk about fortune telling in the world first. When it comes to fortune telling methods, some Taoists may have opinions. In fact, nothing in the world is good or bad. The key is how you use it. People in the world can be divided into three types of fortune tellers. One is to think that your destiny will be good in the future, and you will become proud, arrogant, and do evil wantonly. For such a person, if fortune-telling is done, his destiny will not meet the standard, that is, he will not be able to meet the original horoscope standard. The consequences of good deeds become smaller and bad karma increases. One kind is that people who think that their fate is bad will be dejected, unwilling to make progress, doing nothing all day long, and they are afraid of the coming retribution and worry about suffering. Such people should not tell fortunes either. Personally, I think that not only will he live in pain, but the retribution may come quickly because of the worry and fear (personal opinion). The third type of people are those who think about their bad fate and feel ashamed, so they work hard to do good and make mistakes. It goes without saying that the third type of people are suitable for fortune telling, such as our Mr. Yuan Liaofan and Mr. Yu Jingyi. So can Buddhist practitioners know their own good or bad luck without fortune telling? The answer is yes. There are three methods. The first. Sense through changes in things around you. Buddhism teaches that space and space are one. Since they are one body, the things around them will definitely change if their own good or bad luck or misfortune arises. Because of the same reason, just like pus on the hand will cause pain to the nearby lymph nodes, good or bad luck will inevitably lead to changes in the things around you. This is also like when calculating the six lines, the "internal response and external response" are used, that is, the fortune telling is an internal response, and when the fortune is told, the changes in the surrounding things are an external response. If the hexagram is good, but the surrounding things at that time are bad. Yes, then this matter must be serious. A powerful hexagram master can actually know the outcome of things by performing hexagrams together without looking at the content of the hexagrams. That is, it is perceived through external responses, and it is quite accurate. The divination book "The Number of Plum Blossoms" specifically talks about the relationship between "external responses and internal responses". If you ignore itTo explain, let’s look at a sentence from "Huangji Jingshi Shu": "The sky has four seasons, the earth has four directions, and humans have four branches. Therefore, you can observe the sky with your knuckles, you can observe the earth with your palms, and you can grasp the principles of heaven and earth with your palms." Yes, it’s not expensive.” How to use it is that when you observe that something can succeed, you pay attention to the things around you. When something fails, you observe the things around you again and remember their status. Then when you encounter things in the future, you can also use this status. judge. The second way is to perceive through your own thoughts. There is this passage in "Liao Fan's Four Trainings": "The great officials in the Spring and Autumn Period talked about people's misfortunes and blessings when they saw them, but those who failed to verify them can be seen in the records of the Zuo Kingdom. Most of them are omens of good and bad, and they are so cute that they move in the heart. Of the four bodies, those who are too thick are often blessed, and those who are too thin are often in danger.” This passage clearly shows that the harbingers of good and bad fortune first arise in the heart and then manifest themselves in actions. Similarly, you can observe, if something is to be auspicious, what are your thoughts? If something is bad, what are your thoughts? Remember their status, and then use this as a basis for judgment when encountering things in the future. In fact, this is no worse than fortune telling. Sometimes it is more accurate and you can know it faster. This is my own judgment. If something is going to happen, if I think it will definitely succeed, or if I am arrogant and complacent, even just a little bit, it will definitely not succeed. Tried and tested, that’s why I deeply understand why "Fan Si Xun" says, "If you covet something, if you are about to meet it, you should kill it." If I think something is unlikely to succeed and the process is on thin ice and I am cautious, then nine times out of ten it will definitely succeed. Here are a few examples to illustrate. When I wanted to enter university in 1994, I needed an interview. The day before the interview, I went to have a relationship with my relatives. Later, my relatives took me to a KTV. At that time, it was the first time I saw so many prostitutes, all of them gorgeous. At that time, singing required a stage performer, and my relatives asked a stage performer to accompany me. The impulsiveness of my youth gave rise to some evil thoughts, but the concept of learning Buddhism for the first time suddenly controlled my righteous thoughts, so that I did not touch the person who was working on the stage. I also persuaded the person who was sitting on the stage to change his career, and used my pediatric knowledge of studying Buddhism to fill it in. Give it to someone and tell her that I want to give her a Buddhist book. On the way home, I felt confident about tomorrow's interview, as if the interview had already passed. Because I thought at that time, I withstood the test and performed well, so I will pass the interview tomorrow. Sure enough, I didn't have a relationship and I was not tall enough, but fate came together to make me have a relationship, and my lack of height was inexplicably corrected. Why... >>

Life is becoming thinner and thinner&;Will it really become thinner and thinner?

It should be your subconscious mind controlling you. The subconscious is actually a part of consciousness, but it is the part of consciousness that is suppressed or hidden by us. Therefore, before the subconscious ability is discovered, it is indirectly and actively rejected by the middle layer between the preconscious and the unconscious. As long as what you say and do does not cause trouble to others, you should follow your heart. Relax, go fishing, enjoy flowers, or read a book, do something you like, and let your mind relax.calm down!

Fun and interesting psychological test

Will I lose weight as my life becomes thinner? Life is getting thinner and thinner, this is a statement heard again and again, and it is widely circulated in the world of life. Speaking of the opening blessing analysis for everyone yesterday, let me first tell you what fate is often mentioned in Feng Shui metaphysics. People often say that one fate, two fortunes and three feng shui. It can be seen from here that life and fortune are two things that cannot be confused. They are very different definitions!

Life is innate, as Mencius often said, if you don't I don't know your life, you don't know. Idon’t think so. It's polite and means the same thing. They all refer to innate life. You were born into a royal family, a poor middle peasant, the time you were born. These are things you can do without going up or down, your destiny is inviolable. According to the horoscope numerology, we can peek into the yin and yang status of the innate horoscope system, the five elements, which directions are suitable, which fields are suitable, which five behaviors should be used, and which five behaviors should be used to avoid these, so as to ensure mindfulness and stress reduction. As the saying goes, there are 360 ​​lines, there are 360 ​​lines. The world is so big and strange, and it is very possible that each other is absurd.

Are you suitable for business or officialdom? Do you want to start your own business, be your own boss, or be a migrant worker? Is it suitable for mental work or physical work? Do you rely on words or reasoning? Have you ever thought about this problem? In fact, in everyone's life, it has long been destined that only gods who are suitable for each other can do things with half the effort, just like pushing the boat along with the current. If you think that my destiny is beyond my control and that I must be an enemy of God, you are likely to fail completely or achieve nothing!

In fact, everyone tries to live in harmony with the gods, but there is a necessary condition, and that is to know how to live! Arrange the eight characters, analyze the information content of the five elements of the heavenly stems and earthly branches, the five elements of yin and yang, and combine them with my fortune and year to make the distinction. Everyone's innate achievements are different, so everyone's fortune in numerology changes with it.

Today, let us talk about the topic discussed by Kaiyou before. There are so many people with the same zodiac sign in the world. Why are their fates different? Place of birth, genetic factors, parenting education, ancestor blessings, people, things, things you come into contact with in the middle and later stages, etc. It’s different for everyone! Including twin babies, even if they are separated by a few minutes, their acquired environment is different and the people they have been exposed to since childhood are also different. Including diet, clothing, temperament and other aspects. They will change each other, which makes twin babies particularly similar in all aspects when they are young. The older you get, the more different your temperament will be, and your living habits, values, and psychological endurance will also vary greatly!

So, will life become increasingly rare?

Let's start with a superficial fact. This is a problem that every numerologist or fortune teller will encounter. In this line of horoscope predictions, there are a lot of topics that everyone comes into contact with every day. Among them, there will be a small number of examiners who want to calculate for free, or even make up many ridiculous excuses to calculate for free. Some subjects did not pay the divination fee after receiving the divinationJust left. Look, Feng Shui belongs to the application scope of Feng Shui metaphysics. Feng Shui metaphysics is a mysterious cultural and artistic genetic inheritance that has been passed down for thousands of years. Can everyone fully understand its mystery? However, it can't be completely penetrated, so everyone must follow the rules! Unless it gives you the ability to escape that standard.

From a life perspective, whether it is Feng Shui or Feng Shui, it is all about getting lucky and protecting yourself. To a certain extent, this is a leak of secrets, and it is a hard and energy-consuming task to rely on fate to read Feng Shui, and the money spent by the testers will cancel each other out. It's called giving money after money, and it's a given. Whatever is gained must be lost. Taking advantage is generally a big loss.

From another perspective, it means that your life is worthless, that is, your life is worthless and very insignificant. Why does a fortune teller expend energy to give you accurate calculations? There is another name called death. The word death has two meanings here. First, it is free and worthless, and second, it contains the predictor whose life is ruined. Simply put, your life is ruined by your life.

There are many wealth lovers and they can be found everywhere. Take yourself as an example. A friend came to me to talk about divination. Before coming, he asked me about divination, rushed to my teahouse to drink tea, and then threw things in the back row. Because I didn't have the requirement that I have to pay for the divination first, I gave the information because I couldn't stop counting. After I finally left, I didn’t do fortune telling for me because I couldn’t. I wouldn't proactively ask again, but once I counted, his life was ruined. Yin and yang are long, giving and receiving, and gains and losses are unbalanced. This is the basic law of the world. Everyone must follow it. You just want it, but you don’t and I don’t. Finally, you have to put yourself in. This is also one of the key reasons why people will become thinner and thinner in life.

Here is another example for everyone. In order to get a better price, some people steal offerings from another bookcase or even win. Don't ignore the tributes on the tomb and forget about saving this little money for yourself. If this happens for a long time, my originally healthy body will definitely have problems, or I can't see dizziness or some evil diseases that can occur in hospital outpatient clinics. People like the above even value their own lives. When it comes to his future success, I still don't believe it, not even him. I don't get paid well.

Looking at life, everyone will say that if you have faith, there is nothing if you don’t have it. I don’t believe it. Believers regard it as belief, while unbelievers I don’t believe it is a superstitious activity. Believe it or not, one's life can be presented in the moment written in eight characters. All information about luck, year, marriage, children, work, wealth, etc. Can be broken.

Last month, a life-threatening fortune teller said that he believed in his life and was deceived several times because of his belief in life. He found many masters to calculate for them. Some said that the marriage was not harmonious, some said that the work was unsatisfactory, and some said that the fortune was bad and the fortune was poor. After many calculations and listening, he lost his mind and could not find the answer to life.Direction, doing things deeply divided. Finally, he decisively asked me to give them a detailed approval document. After all, he is actually not as bad as before. On the contrary, the ugly year of 2020 has just begun to turn for the better, and your wealth will be greatly improved.

This situation also belongs to the fact that they are increasingly eager to calculate. Their mental state has been under a lot of work pressure, and it is not easy to take care of their lives. The thirst for knowledge is obvious, no matter who recommends which master, it will always count. If a master takes responsibility, although it is prohibited, it is not easy to talk nonsense. I am afraid that these forbidden but self-righteous masters will begin to feel uneasy and uneasy in their hearts. Under such circumstances, something will happen sooner or later. This is one of the reasons why life is becoming increasingly thin. It's also slowly becoming everyone's spoken word. You can believe it, but you can't believe it. It is better not to believe this kind of person!

The key purpose in looking at life is to gain luck and protect yourself. If the calculation is accurate, you can predict your future bad luck in advance. You can tell when you're lucky. You must seize the opportunity so that you know how to protect yourself. If the master you meet has work experience and is loyal, then congratulations are in order. As I always say at the beginning of the article, your life will be richer, more successful, and more impressive. I will also tell you how to be kind, how to resolve disasters, how to accumulate blessings to resolve the three disasters and five constant events in the world, and how to adjust your five elements from the boundaries of yin and yang and the hidden space. If life is indeed becoming increasingly rare, why does it spread for thousands of years instead of just one?

Is it okay to see a psychiatrist if you have an evil disease?

Public outcry does not necessarily mean democracy. Below is the information I collected about fun and interesting psychological tests. I hope you all like it.

Fun and interesting psychological test part 1

This test is not to test whether you look cartoony or hilarious enough. Instead, test which type of cartoon character your inner personality belongs to, and test the personality of the lover who is most compatible with you! Start the test below:)

Test begins:

1. Are you a stubborn person?

a. Yes? 2

b. No? 4

2. You are more likely to sympathize with the weak ?

a. Yes? 3

b. No? 6

3. Are you a money-loser?

a .Yes? 7

b. No? 5

4. Do you want to be with an optimistic and cheerful lover?

a. Yes? 9

b. No? 3

5. Do you like bright colors?

a. Yes? 13

b. No? 8

6. You are a responsible personPeople?

a. Yes? 15

b. No? 5

7. Are you very talkative?

a. Yes? 12

b. No? 8

8. Do you have a timid personality?

a. Yes? 14

b. No? 19

9. Do you hate melancholy and sad atmosphere?

a. Yes? 7

b. No? 10

10. Do you think you can face anything objectively?

a. Yes? 11

b. No? 12

11 .Have you ever been told that you have a bad temper?

a. Yes? KITTY

b. No? 20

12. Do you have a good temper?

a. Yes? 19

b. No? 20

13. Do you like a lover with a simple and kind personality?

a .Yes? 14

b. No? 17

14. Are you a very sophisticated person?

a. Yes? Bitch

b. No? 18

15. Do you hate complicated and difficult things?

a. Yes? 13

b. No? Doudou

16. People often say that you are naive?

a. Yes? Burnt bread

b. No? Doraemon

< p> 17. Are you a person with clear likes and dislikes?

a. Yes? Doraemon

b. No? Bunny Rabbit

18. Are you right? Do strangers have a skeptical attitude?

a. Yes? 17

b. No? 16

19. For the things you like, Will you devote yourself to forgetting to eat and sleep?

a. Yes? Chibi Maruko-chan

b. No? Doudou

20. Has anyone ever said that you are too honest?

a. Yes? KITTY cat

b. No? Chibi Maruko-chan

Analysis of psychological test results

< p> ☆★☆★☆Burned Bread☆★☆★☆

Your characteristics are kindness to others, simple thoughts,He is not evil-minded and is very caring. His greatest advantage is that he is sincere and unpretentious and considerate. On the other hand, you lack assertiveness and are not naturally resourceful enough, so you are easily taken advantage of.

The lover you are most likely to match with is gentle, considerate and kind.

*Life advice: Blind concession is not the fundamental way to solve the problem. Only by doing things moderately can others start to pay attention to you and know how to respect you.


Your characteristics are straightforwardness, courage to take action, and confidence in yourself. Being efficient, having strong judgment, and having the ability to lead people are your greatest strengths. Your shortcoming is that you are prone to being self-righteous, or being too direct and hurting others invisibly.

The best lover is one who has a good temper, appreciates you, and worships you.

Life advice: If you want to succeed, you must have the right time, the right place, and the right people. If you are too stubborn, you will only end up destroying your future.


You are naive, creative, and charming, and you especially like to help the weak and the poor, and are enthusiastic about helping others. What's rare is that you have a sense of justice but are not impulsive. However, "everything only lasts three minutes" and "all talk without practice" are your biggest shortcomings. This will make your practical ability extremely weak and your life goals unclear.

The lover you are most likely to match with is one who is mature in thought. The lover you are most likely to match with is the type who knows how to take care of others.

*Life advice: Be sure to set clear goals and make proper use of rare creativity and popularity to achieve them.

☆★☆★☆Chibi Maruko-chan☆★☆★☆

Your characteristics are cheerful and humorous, good social skills, good eloquence, quick reactions, and keen observation. He is thoughtful and has a wide range of interests, making him the most popular friend. But in this way, you don't have enough persistence, you often only choose things that interest you, and you are also very jealous.

Your most immediate lover is: the type who can play the world with you.

*Life advice: Little cleverness and great wisdom are completely different realms. If you don’t spend time and effort learning, you will have to accept the consequences of being a master.


Your characteristics are as active as a rabbit, as quiet as a virgin, with high intelligence and dual personality tendencies, and Your greatest advantage is knowing how to realize your potential. But you are smart and have a soft ear, and you often abandon your principles because of beautiful lighting, good atmosphere, and other people's deliberate flattery.

Your best match is with a lover who is innocent, simple, arrogant or affectionate and gentle.

*Life advice: Don’t miss important events or ruin your reputation for life because of a momentary soft-heartedness. Use your wisdom to choose friends.

☆☆★☆★☆KITTY Cat☆★☆★☆

You are a high-quality lifestyle person with unique taste and a natural talent for beauty and art, so both men and women have excellent Opposite-sex relationships can even be enjoyed by men, women, old and young. However, your biggest shortcoming is that you lack principles and are not good at expressing your true inner emotions. You are more likely to fail to distinguish between right and wrong when encountering difficult things.

The lover you are most likely to match with is: the perfect type with beautiful appearance, good conditions, high taste and tolerance.

Fun and interesting psychological test part 2

? What? You have to teach me even if I spend money?!? Of course, spending money is a skill! If you don’t spend it well, you will become what others call a loser and a loser. Taken advantage of! Do you want to put such big hats on your head?

What is your usual reaction when someone compliments your watch?

A.? Where, It’s just a bargain!? Answer humbly

B.? You really know the product, it’s a famous brand showing off all the functions of the watch

C.? Really? Thank you! ?Show happy

D.?You also have a beautiful watch, don’t you? When praising others, take the opportunity to praise your own watch again

Analysis of psychological test results

The person who chose A

You are a very calculating person.

Your inner world is very complicated, and it is difficult for others to detect your inner world from your appearance. Your colleague is a very sensible person and will not waste money just for "face". Your clothing and daily necessities are all based on your own preferences, never caring about other people's comments.

People who choose B

Typical? You want to save face and suffer?

You will spend all your money for external things. You are a vain person, and your material desires are higher than your spiritual desires. You must get rid of this problem, lest others say you are vulgar.

People who choose C

You are a person who advocates nature, simplicity and simplicity.

You have a crystal clear heart. Whoever chooses you as a lover or business partner will be a lucky person. You will not spend money carelessly, nor will you waste it chasing fashion.

People who choose D

Your self-esteem seems to be stronger, but you are a casual and popular person.

You will have a lot of interpersonal relationships, and you will also develop in your work and career. But if you firmly choose this answer, maybe you have character traits as strong as self-esteem and low self-esteem.

Fun and interesting psychological test part 3

Title: One day, in the forest, a big fat pig and aThe little skinny pig met a big bad wolf. How do you think this story will continue more reasonably?

A. The big fat pig scared the little skinny pig and said: The big bad wolf is going to eat you. !?

B. The little skinny pig said to the big bad wolf: "I am thin and small, but the big fat pig can make more sausages." ?

C. The big fat pig said to the little skinny pig: Don’t be afraid, I am big and strong and can protect you. ?

D. Both the big fat pig and the little skinny pig were eaten by the big bad wolf!

E. The three of them became good friends

< strong> Analysis of psychological test results

The ghost in your heart is a hegemonic general

No matter how docile you look on the outside, deep down inside you , you have a sense of superiority beyond ordinary people. You also tend to feel quite confident about your talents in a certain area. Even if you help others, it is just to show your own superiority!

The ghost in your heart is a timid and cowardly little girl

Your soul lacks enough sense of security. A small abnormal situation can make you depressed and uneasy for many days. If you can't convince yourself, then the comfort of others is often of no use! In order to protect yourself, your thoughts and behaviors can easily become aggressive because of fear!

The ghost in your heart? You are an optimistic hero with a sense of justice.

You have a fair view of the world, admitting that good and evil coexist; and believe that through your own and everyone's efforts, evil can also be overcome. Therefore, in daily life, as long as there is room for effort, you will try your best to fight for it. It is not easy for you to give in!

The ghost in your heart is a mature and steady old man< /p>

You have a maturity that is not commensurate with your age. You overthink like an old man and use inertial thinking to look at things in progress; you may even give up the opportunity to work hard because of a pessimistic prediction about something. Even if you really like something, you will consciously regard it as an unreasonable request. It is really hard to suppress it with all your strength!

The ghost in your heart is an innocent and optimistic child< /p>

You believe that the world is beautiful, and evil things will eventually be transformed by beauty. Therefore, you usually have no defense against others. Or the superior environment you are currently in leaves you with no chance of being harmed. But if you are in a vacuum like this, once you are injured, you will often be injured more seriously than anyone else!

You can see a psychiatrist for evil diseases. Evil diseases refer to some unconventional diseases, such as some neurological diseases or diseases caused by external environment and other reasons. In traditional Chinese medicine, evil diseases are believed to be related to the body's qi, blood and yin.Yang and the five elements are related to mutual constraints. Evil diseases require special investigation and treatment methods when diagnosing them. Mental adjustment therapy can be used for evil diseases. Some evil diseases are caused by psychological and spiritual reasons. It is necessary to find a psychologist to provide psychological counseling to the patient to help the patient adjust his mentality and eliminate the cause of the disease.