What's your favorite zodiac sign for Aquarius?

What's your favorite zodiac sign for Aquarius?


Aquarius people attach great importance to spiritual pursuits. I like to be free and alone and don't like to complete work with others. I am quite sensitive and delicate at heart. Therefore, Aquarius people are generally rare. If they like someone, they will test each other step by step before they can enter their hearts.

Which constellation is Aquarius’ favorite among the twelve constellations?

We can see thatAlthough Aquarius people are a little introverted, their living conditions are generally positive.

Because of their sensitive nature, Aquarius people are always cautious about love and do not trust others easily. Moreover, Aquarius people are born with a lot of love. They have strong leadership skills, so they like to be on the stronger side in love.

Andwhen Aquarius people like someone, they will hide this feeling in their hearts and not show it easily. Unless they are sure that the relationship is already solid, they will express their feelings to each other. When it comes to love, they have a very strong possessive desire.

So the zodiac sign that is most compatible with Aquarius is Libra.

Libra people have good looks, are handsome, have cheerful and lively personalities and are good at communicating with others. So when people of these two zodiac signs are together, their compatibility index is very high. Aquarius people are introverted and give people a mysterious feeling, while Libra people are extroverted and like everything in life when the two of them are together.

They are very good at giving both parties a sense of security, making Aquarius have high expectations for this relationship. Both parties like to communicate in love, so no matter what The problem can also be solved very well.

Aquarius people are also more compatible with Pisces people.

Aquarius horoscope analysis, why is Aquarius an air sign?

Aquarius male VS Libra female matching score: 96 proportion of a natural pair of zodiac signs :52:48 Analysis: Compared with other similar combinations, you are not like looking in the mirror ~ both good and bad personalities are similar. It is a special combination of "love" and "reason", like both lovers and friends. Bottles and scales feel unpredictable, hot and cold. Although the reasons are different, they can interact and form a tacit understanding. Especially after real communication, the mentality is different from other combinations, which will give the other party a lot of space, and the two parties will be harmonious and smooth, and will not be alienated. The relationship between you is of the type of spiritual communication.

Bottles tend to want to do more than they do. Although they are willing to try new things, they may not reach out easily; we should be open to it, balance leisure and friends, and enjoy it togetherLife. Although his scales are not sticky, he needs a lot of care from his lover. Don’t forget to show off the romance of the bottle during romantic holidays. Walk with him in your free time, always remember to warm his feelings, and they can always maintain a good relationship. Aquarius men are very curious when it comes to love. It's easy for an Aquarius man to find the other person interesting and show curiosity, but an Aquarius man is just as curious about anyone, which is often awkward.

Aquarius men are usually attracted to smart women. It’s not just a woman with a pretty face and nothing else. Aquarians like women who have a stand, but not women who are fierce supporters of Wisconsinites or feminism. The relationship between Aquarius male students must start from the relationship between friends. And even if they get married, they will always remain friends with each other. In their hearts, friends are very important. They are always better as friends than lovers. Gemini and Aquarius are air signs, making them a very telegraphed zodiac couple. Gemini is flexible and quick-thinking, while Aquarius is also free and open-minded. Both of them have a strong ability to accept new things. If these two constellations collide, the thunder will catch fire, and it will be easy to make a call in the early stage of identification.

The two people can always find common topics and hobbies in the shortest time, talking about everything from astronomy to geography. Both parties like each other's humor. The two children are very humorous, quick-thinking, and very interesting. It is easy to catch up with the Aquarius man's jump. The houses of the two zodiac signs are very close, so it is easy to communicate. The two children and the Aquarius man are both free and open-minded, and the relationship between the two of them is relaxed and free. They don't turn love into a stress that makes them feel bad. And neither of them is afraid of neglecting their large circle of friends, each other. The relationship between the two is close to friendship, and they talk about everything directly, so they usually don't become enemies overnight. Two people value spiritual communication more than physical communication. Gemini women can accept the thoughts and behaviors that Aquarius men understand, and Aquarius men can understand Gemini women. This pair is a match made in heaven.

What type of girls does Aquarius like?

When it comes to Aquarius horoscope analysis, everyone knows that some people ask why Aquarius is an air sign? In addition, some people want to ask about the Aquarius horoscope, do you know what is going on? In fact, please ask an expert to help me analyze the zodiac sign of Aquarius in detail~Thank you, let’s take a look at why Aquarius is an air sign? I hope it can help everyone!

Aquarius Astrology Chart Analysis

1. Aquarius Astrology Chart Analysis: Why is Aquarius a wind sign?

Wind signs include Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Ancient philosophers believed that the substances that constitute objects in nature and derive all things are water, fire, earth, and wind elements. The movement of the earth according to the ecliptic is actually the flow and change of the elements. Therefore, the 12 constellations of the zodiac can also be divided into water signs, such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces; fire signs, such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; earth signs, such as Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; and air signs, such as Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. waterThe fire sign symbolizes spring, which emphasizes emotions; the fire sign symbolizes summer, which emphasizes behavior; the earth sign symbolizes autumn, which represents pragmatism and stability; the air sign symbolizes winter,

2. Aquarius Chart analysis: Aquarius zodiac chart

3. Aquarius horoscope analysis: Please help me analyze the Aquarius zodiac chart in detail ~ Thank you

To calculate the horoscope chart, you must know the details Please add your place of birth, thank you for your cooperation!

How to read the personality analysis of Aquarius horoscope.

People born on January 29 will fight for their beliefs, but only when necessary.

Please help me analyze the Aquarius zodiac sign in detail ~ Thank you

They firmly believe that most of the time, rationality and humanistic thinking can be effective, so they will try their best to do things well. . Generally speaking, people born on this day are very good at provoking others, because only in this way, others will recognize the problem at hand and make appropriate decisions after in-depth examination and discussion. It is not easy for them, nor do they like to impose their ideas on others; on the contrary, they are satisfied to be able to live and work as members of a group and with other members.

Although they are usually active and productive, there is still a very passive side to their nature. The advantage of this is that they are more open-minded and accept other people's opinions; the disadvantage is that they often stagnate, delay important decisions, and become disoriented and hesitant. They may also stick to a job they don't like for many years without pushing themselves to find a more suitable job. In fact, people born on this day need a sense of security very much. No matter how radical their words and deeds may seem, security is still the most important thing in their lives. The love life of an Aquarius, like other actions, is usually unpredictable and unpredictable. How good is Aquarius in your horoscope?

Their love objects are constantly changing, which is very romantic. However, rather than saying that what he values ​​is a real, emotional relationship, he may be inspired by fantasy love stories. Aquarius people have strong curiosity and willfulness. Sometimes they are very enthusiastic towards the lover who has just expressed their love to him, but in the next moment, he becomes cold again.

No matter how honest a raw person is, he will not strangle himself to cooperate with the other person. So it is very difficult to restrain them. People who are born long for a partner who is not like them, who is not possessive, who can share their opinions and philanthropic ideals, and who can take care of themselves. People born under the sign of Aquarius can usually achieve powerful and famous positions. Aquarius horoscope calculation.

As long as he is willing to put in the effort, use his talents, and make up his mind to do something, he may earn huge amounts of money. But his goal is not material wealth, and he is not obsessed with money, so he is generous whether he has money or not. Because of his attitude of despising real finance,So there is a possibility of falling into financial difficulties. The born Aquarius is a philanthropist, so he hopes that time, energy and money will be used for everyone. People born under the zodiac sign like science very much. Aquarius is a constellation that can produce extraordinary talents, and most of the talented Aquarius people are born under the zodiac sign.

Since born people can intuitively see many possibilities and paths of choice, they tend to spend a lot of time choosing a life path. But for the things they choose, they often change their minds at once. However, because of his keen insight and clarity, success is possible no matter how different the career.

People born under the sign of Aquarius are particularly suitable for group activities. Scientists, inventors, astrologers, educators, workers, psychologists, producers, electronic engineers, writers, etc., can all be people born on this day. The direction for people to develop their outstanding talents. People born on January 29 are prone to acclimatization to the surrounding environment, the most common of which is allergies. How to tell if you are a pure Aquarius.

Eliminating foods that cause it, such as milk, can help. They are also more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids and varicose veins in the legs. Once there are signs, they should be treated as early as possible and improved through changes in eating habits, such as reducing the intake of red meat and reducing the amount of standing or sitting for long periods of time. Time and so on. In addition, regular and moderate exercise is of great help to the circulatory system, so you should try to maintain good exercise habits until old age. As for diet, those born here should avoid excessive intake of fats and any food that may cause allergies.

Aquarius has strong traits in the lucky number chart.

People born on January 29 are influenced by the number 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2) and the moon. Which zodiac blogger writes about Aquarius accurately?

People affected by the number 2 are usually good colleagues and partners, but they cannot be. Although such characteristics help them integrate into the life of the team, they may also hinder personal progress and action; and the Moon's strong reaction and passive tendency further strengthen the above characteristics. The strong conjunction between the Moon and the Star (the ruling planet of Aquarius) gives those born on January 29 independent and idealistic qualities, but it can also cause them to be emotionally unstable, making it difficult for them to settle for an ordinary family life. . People with a lot of Aquarius in their horoscope.

Suitable love partners for you:

January 19, February 26, March 7, March 16, April 15, May 5, May 14, May November 23rd, November 17th, November 26th, December 16th, December 25th

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January 13 January 30 February 20 March 10 April 18 May 26 June 7 July 6 July 15 August 14 November 11 What is the horoscope for Aquarius on December 28th?

The above is related to the analysis of why Aquarius is a wind sign? It is a sharing about the analysis of why Aquarius is a wind sign? After reading the Aquarius horoscope analysis, I hope this is helpful to everyone!

Aquarius men like excellent girls. Those who are excellent in all aspects, such as grades, art, and even good family conditions and temperament, will be considered excellent.

Secondly, Aquarius men like women who are loyal but not disciplined. They like freedom and fun, but their strong competitiveness requires their partners to be absolutely loyal to them.

Also, Aquarius men don’t like boring girls. They like girls who are smart and know a lot. If you know the areas he doesn’t understand, he will think you are great and can attract him, but also You need to be able to talk about something in common with him.

To put it mildly, it is difficult for Aquarius men to distinguish between green tea bitches and ordinary girls. They will be more attracted to the green tea kind.

Another point is that Aquarius men have more weird ideas. They are more like children and need your encouragement and companionship. They don’t like girls who argue every day and are ignorant and talkative.

In terms of dressing up, Aquarius men like pure and cute ones (except for those with strange tastes). It is best to be independent in personality. If you can solve problems by yourself, they will think you are awesome (not a tomboy kind, that is) (study, work), but they are also very strange, and they also need their girlfriend to be clingy, so it is best to be an independent girl, don't bother him with everything, and be clingy when we are together.

In short, being excellent and cheerful are both more important.

If you want to be the girlfriend of an Aquarius man, the most important thing is not to be jealous, because the Aquarius man has more female friends, and once he likes you, he only likes you. If you fall in love with someone, they will like you wholeheartedly, but their concept of friends is also very clear in their minds, and they will not ignore other friends just because they have you. Therefore, in addition to being wary of girls with ulterior motives, you must give them space and trust. .

Actually, Aquarius men don’t have any characteristics. They have something in common with many boys, but the first three points are very important, because my boyfriend and I are both Aquarius, and I have several good boys who are also Aquarius. , this is what I summarized. It was done by hand~

I can’t remember the rest now. If you have any questions, you can ask me~ I wish you success in winning the male idol as soon as possible~

———— ——————————Supplement 2 years later————————————————

Aquarius boys are actually not very able to understand themselves What kind of love do you want? If he was at the bottom of his life and had doubts about life, and no one liked him to encourage him, he would like someone who was gentle and liked him, and he would regard this encouragement as love.

If he is studying, he will regard the admiration for the top student as love.

If you ask him at this juncture what kind of girls he likes, he will definitely answer: A gentle, academic-type girl.

This is a problem I mentioned 2 years ago. Aquarius doesn’t know what kind of girl he likes. He just likes girls who are excellent, outstanding in some aspects, and just meet the needs of his current environment.

This does not mean that if he does not need a girl who is good at sports at that time, you will be out of luck. On the contrary, it is actually very important to draw connections between the two and strengthen your advantages.

Don't blindly change for him. This is putting the cart before the horse, because maybe when you become what he likes, he will like other types of girls.

Attracting Aquarius boys is the most important thing.