What are some horror stories?

What are some horror stories?


Ghost stories, also known as ghost stories, horror novels and ghost stories, are fantasy stories composed of (reasoning, time travel, bloody, fictional, terrifying, exciting) and other styles and modes. They are also stories related to supernatural events. , so what are some horror stories?

1. Woman swimming at night: The incident happened in the Fuxing River beside Yujiang Road in Hexi District. One night in July in the summer of 2005, it was very hot. Several young people went to the river to swim. swimming in. In the moonlight, they found a woman with long hair swimming in the river not far away. Her long hair was floating on the water behind her, looking very graceful. For three nights in a row, these young men found the girl swimming alone. Driven by curiosity, they decided to approach the girl together, getting closer and closer. One of the young men suddenly discovered something strange. The swimming woman never seemed to have her hands and feet exposed out of the water. Three days ago, a murder occurred nearby. A young long-haired woman was dismembered and her head was not found.

2. The building and the lake of Nankai University: The building of the Department of Economics of Nankai University and the Bagua-shaped building behind it form the shape of a tomb, so several people jumped to their deaths from high-rise buildings. One year, a lake at Nantah University flooded several international students, so Nantah University teachers went out to rescue them. As a result, the teacher who rescued people was later called crazy because the teacher who rescued people often saw a woman being violently beaten. stared at him and asked him why he was meddling in his own business.

3. Shooting the prisoner: A bailiff was about to shoot a prisoner. He put his gun to the back of the prisoner's head and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not go off. So the bailiff changed the bullet and aimed it at the back of the prisoner's head again, and pulled the trigger, but the gun still didn't go off. The bailiff was embarrassed and said to the prisoner: "Sorry, the pistol is a little hard to use. Let me use another gun." The bailiff changed his gun and pointed it at the back of the prisoner's head again, and pulled the trigger again, but the gun still didn't go off! At this time, the prisoner turned around and hugged the bailiff's thigh, saying: Please, please, please just strangle me to death!

That’s it for the introduction to what horror stories contain.

What are the supernatural taboos among the people?

1. Today, I went to bed at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I felt like I had slept for a long time. I woke up vaguely, but suddenly I found that I couldn't open my eyes? I tried desperately to speak, my mouth was moving, but no words came out! I tried my best to touch the mobile phone next to me, but it still felt so far away. Suddenly, I remembered what I saw last time and said it was a ghost!

Although I was scared, I didn’t struggle (it was useless to struggle), enjoy! It seems that I vaguely heard the DJ's song, but I have never heard this song before. I was still trying to open my eyes, but coincidentally, my cousin suddenly called.

I was able to move immediately and answered the phone quickly. My cousin asked me if I was playing with my phone. I answered the phone so quickly, and I smiled bitterly! ! ! My cousin was still here two days ago. He knew clearly that I had no money, so he still called me to ask for a loan?

I looked at my phone and saw that it was only 5 o'clock and I had only slept for 1 hour, but I felt like I had slept for a long time!

I thought about what happened just now and used my mobile phone to call hundreds ofI searched around and saw one who said that he kept hearing the sound of marbles falling to the ground upstairs and that no one lived there! In fact, I encounter this often and don't pay much attention to it.

Suddenly, the horror came. Now I also heard the sound of marbles falling to the ground upstairs (no one lived upstairs). The sound was very loud and I could hear it clearly, because the marbles fell to the ground. Well, I can still play a few times, and I can hear the end clearly!

Everyone was so frightened that they immediately put the music on their mobile phones to the maximum volume, put on their clothes, and whoosh, they ran out. Now I don’t dare to go back. What should I do?

2. When I was studying, 6 years ago, my father said that he always dreamed about my grandma and said that she had no place to live.

Let’s talk about my grandma. When my father was 16 years old, because the family was poor, my grandfather was working outside, and my grandma had to take care of my father and uncle. There was nothing I could do that day and there was nothing to eat, so my grandma went out to steal some food and brought it back. As a result, the village found out and said they would parade him through the streets.

Many reasons. My grandma actually hanged herself! (I get chills just thinking about it)

Because there is no way to contact grandpa. Therefore, in later generations, neighbors help, and there is a woman, a neighbor!

She told my dad to cut the rope my grandma was hanging on into seven pieces (my dad didn’t know, so he did it). Now, I am working outside, and my whole family is outside. My dad just told me this. It is said that a person whose rope is cut into 7 sections cannot be reincarnated after death! I'm thinking now, no matter how bad my grandma was with that woman, it wouldn't be like this! Because I haven’t been back for a long time, I have forgotten about that woman. She is 90+ and is still alive! This is what my grandma did!

Six years ago, according to my grandma’s wish, my father bought many spiritual houses and furniture and burned them for my grandma.

At this time, a mage was also invited to do it. My sister and I, my father’s brother’s daughter (cousin), had to kneel down and worship according to the mage’s instructions. He would knock the gong and we would bow down. I bowed and bowed, but my cousin didn't.

When we bowed down, my cousin suddenly shouted, look, that person is eating tofu, those are offerings, there are a lot of them. At that time, my dad, me, the mage, and my sister were all dumbfounded because my cousin had just learned to speak and there was no way she could lie! The mage suddenly said, stop talking nonsense and pray quickly.

Later, my father asked my cousin in detail, and she said that the man was wearing white clothes, and he couldn’t see his face because he was looking sideways. I remember this as freshly as ever!

After that incident, I always felt like grandma was by my side!

3. What’s even weirder is that a few months ago, I just went to work in a convenience store and I didn’t have even 10 cents on me. Late night snacking was a problem. I didn’t have money to eat. I was just thinking, grandma Ah, if you are really around me, please help me. I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of girls. As soon as I finished thinking about it, I picked up 100 RMB. Haha, I laughed wildly.

What makes me laugh even more is that after about 10 days, I ran out of money. I stayed open all night and had no money for midnight snacks. I was so hungry that I thought of my grandma again and wished I could pick it up. How nice the money would be.

Make me cryWhat's funny is that I saw a woman take out money and drop 100 on the ground. I picked it up when she walked out of the queue.

4. A friend’s grandmother passed away. He returned to the countryside to attend the funeral. That was because he was still young and didn't move. After the funeral, he would play alone when there was nothing else to do.

It soon fell into the night, and his grandfather missed his grandson very much, so he wanted to sleep with him in his arms.

My friend lay on the kang with his grandfather. The night in the countryside was very quiet, and he fell asleep soon.

I don’t know how long it took, but my friend suddenly felt uncomfortable, and he had a rough feeling in his heart...

He turned around inadvertently and saw a scene that he would never forget.

His grandmother was lying next to him. He was wearing a shroud and had death makeup on his face. .

He was so shocked that he could not speak. .

At this time, his grandma turned her head. His eyes were wide open, staring straight at his friend. My friend was stunned. . Not daring to say a word.

Suddenly he saw his grandma slowly opening her mouth to him, opening it very wide. He described it to me as if her jaw was dislocated. .

The friend was so frightened that he could not breathe. I don’t know anything after that.

It was already the next day when he woke up, and he didn’t dare to tell his family.

5. It is said that one of his relatives passed away, but he still attended the funeral.

Still staying at someone else’s house at night, and something really happened later.

He dreamed that his deceased relatives came to chat with him, chatting about family matters, etc., and he had nothing to do all night.

It wasn’t until the next day that his mother told him that he had sleepwalked last night, crying and walking for most of the yard. This yard was very big. It was his first time here, but at night It's obviously very familiar when turning. .

Later, I cried all night while holding my relative’s clothes before he was alive, and didn’t lie down until about five o’clock in the morning. .

Very cold.

6. We bought it when we first came to the military academy. An instructor taught us how to fold quilts, which were square, angular, and standard tofu blocks.

If you fail to fold it, you will be thrown from the third floor, and then you will be ordered to pick it up and fold it again. Very badass.

My friend was very tired after training all day that day. I just wanted to come back and go to bed early, but I was kicked awake by the instructor again and ordered to fold the quilt again.

My friend is so angry~!! The instructor seems to be having trouble with him, saying that if the quilt cannot be folded well, he will pour cold water on the quilt to make it fall into shape.

My friend found a kettle with a grimace, filled it with water, and poured it on the quilt. After pouring more than half of the pot, the quilt was ready to be shaped, so I placed it on the table.

Then the instructor sat in our dormitory and chatted with us. Only my friend was folding quilts alone.

At this time, the instructor suddenly mentioned that our house was full of people. He died suddenly of illness. He was an excellent soldier. It's the bed where my friend sleeps.

Everyone is cold. Later, my friend finally folded the quilt and wanted to wash up and go to bed early.

We started smoking and talking about pornographic jokes.

Not long after, my friend came back. As soon as he entered the room, his face turned completely white and he fell to the ground.

We helped him up and asked him what was wrong. He smoked 5 cigarettes in a row before he calmed down.

When he first came in, he saw a man with his head twisted 180 degrees squatting on his bed to help him fold the quilt. . In other words, the head was twisted 180 degrees, facing my friend, but when we looked back, there was nothing there. It was just the water that my friend used to water the quilt, and it was all gone, not a drop left.

7. When my grandfather was young, he worked in the brigade commune. . Because I have something to do in the evening and I have to go to Weifang. . . There were no cars in the commune at that time, and even the few bicycles they had were used to run tasks.

But fortunately Weifang is not far from where we are, and we can run there and back in one night.

Grandpa embarked on his night of terror with important letters from the commune in his arms.

It rained heavily that day. Grandpa said he hadn’t seen such heavy rain in several years. He put on his raincoat and ran towards Weifang on foot.

By the way, there were no street lights at that time.

Grandpa ran for a long time, and the rain became heavier and heavier. In the end, he was really soaked in the rain and couldn't open his eyes. I went to an orchard by the road to take shelter from the rain. .

He found a prosperous locust tree and sat down, and suddenly heard footsteps behind him. Another person came and sat next to him, and then the two started chatting.

At this time, my grandfather got addicted to cigarettes. He took out a cigarette and gave it to the man. The man thanked him repeatedly. He said he hadn't smoked for a long time.

At this time, grandpa took a match and was shocked when he saw it in the light of the fire. The man sitting next to him had no head!

Grandpa was so frightened that he ran away. He rushed to Weifang, delivered the letter, and found a "Chaotian Hotpot" (a snack in Weifang) shop to ask for it. After drinking 4 ounces of wine, I was shocked.

Later, I chatted with the shopkeeper, who said there was no need to be afraid. Several Eighth Route Army soldiers had been buried there before, and they had died during the liberation of Weifang.

There will be no malice.

Grandpa saw that the shopkeeper was very friendly, so he made friends. (In those days, who dared to mention ghosts and gods would be labeled as feudal superstition once reported. If the shopkeeper dared to tell grandpa, it meant that it was all true. If you dig deep into your heart).

It wasn’t until later that the martyrs’ tombs were moved to the Martyrs’ Garden. Grandpa asked someone to find out the names of the martyrs buried there. I go to worship every year. A pack of cigarettes will be presented to each martyr's grave.

8. By the way, there was a man called Li DaDa in the commune who read the Selected Works of Mao every day and looked fearless.

I made a bet with others, saying that I dared to sleep in cemeteries, dig graves in the middle of the night, and fight against the old landlord class. Every bet will win.

On this day, the commune had a task for Li DaDa to run, and it was still to deliver a letter to a very remote village.

Li boldly set off. It was already past 4 a.m. when we arrived at the village, and it was still dark. Li boldly sang Dongfanghong, with a majestic and high-spirited look, and marched forward with his head held high.

There is a small river outside the village. It happened that the bridge was broken by the rain a few days ago, so Li Dadan went to the river. . .

There was a man in this village... He couldn't sleep that day. It was too hot. He got up in the middle of the night and jumped into the river to cool off. At this time, he happened to hear footsteps. He didn't know who it was, so he squatted down quickly. He was in the water because he was afraid that some lesbians would see him and say he was acting like a hooligan. .

But then I heard Li Bingdao's singing voice approaching from far away, and he was already close to me. The villager stood up to greet him enthusiastically,

"Comrade! You are here!"

Li DaDa was stunned for a few seconds, then suddenly "Ouch!!!" Then he fell into the water and stopped moving...

I was scared to death.

Later my grandfather analyzed it and said that no matter how bold a person is when walking at night, there is an inner limit. . At that time, it was standard to be unable to see, and there were no street lights or lighting facilities. . You can still hear random animal noises when passing through the wilderness, plus there are many strange things that I have heard since I was a child. The fear accumulated during the night was completely aroused by the villager's simple and warm greeting. . . I couldn't bear it for a moment and burst into tears.

I despise those people who cannot explain the cause of the matter and just cite bullshit psychology, mental factors, magnetic fields, etc. Because our city is famous for its supernatural phenomena. It is a house, a real haunted house, and the whole city is aware of it. It's about ten years old, and the furniture inside will return to its original position in the middle of the night no matter how much it is moved. Including a bed that is bigger than the bedroom door (if you talk about anything related to magnetic fields, you can shut up. If you have the ability, you can push your bed through the narrow door). In the early years, some experts came here and worked on it for three days with a bunch of instruments. Finally, they left in despair, leaving behind explanations such as magnetic fields. I would like to ask how much magnetic field there is in the next room? Both horizontal and vertical? Is all the furniture magnetized?

If you often encounter supernatural events, here are some suggestions you can consider:

1. Go to bed early and get up early, exercise more, stay up less late, eat on time, and maintain a good and healthy mentality. and living habits.

2. Don’t provoke “them” out of curiosity. It will be difficult to send away those you actively provoke, because it will be assumed that you and “them” have reached some kind of agreement.

3. Do not do strenuous exercise before going to bed, do not watch horror movies, go to supernatural websites, and then fall asleep slowly after you feel calm.

4. The home should be ventilated and well-lit, and cleaned and tidied frequently (to prevent the room from becoming too dirty and suitable for certain things to live in). You can also put some plants or things that can ward off evil spirits and enhance Yang energy (such as golden amber, gladioli, shrines, statues, Chinese festivals, festive items, etc. Do not hang wind chimes)

5. When playing When you see a statue in a temple, you should sincerely worship it with your hands together. If you worship too many times, it will be helpful to become familiar with it.

Da Vinci’s Ten Weirdest Paintings: The Last Supper predicted the destruction of mankind by the Great Flood (4006)

There are many taboos about ghosts among the people. For example, when it rains and thunders, throw a knife or scissors outside the door to ward off evil spirits.To prevent evil things frightened by thunder from escaping into the house.

Other taboos are as follows:

1. Do not take young children to see funerals or visit graves.

2. If a familiar person calls your name in the middle of the night or in the fog, you must wait until three times before answering.

3. You cannot look in the mirror in the middle of the night, so among the people, the mirrors in ordinary people's homes are kept closed.

4. Hang a mirror on the door of your new home.

Regarding Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, people discuss more about the artistic conception in their paintings, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s top ten weird paintings, among which "Mona Lisa", "The Last "Dinner" has mysterious and strange places, as well as prophecies and future technology. UFO blogger Scott C Waring wrote on his UFO Sightings Daily website: The possibility that Leonardo da Vinci was an alien or a hybrid is very high. Moreover, researchers found that Leonardo da Vinci disappeared from history for 2 years, and during these two years, netizens speculated that he might have traveled through time? How exactly, we don’t know. Let’s take a look at these ten paintings first.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Ten Weirdest Paintings

1. Mona Lisa’s Smile

Conspiracies usually focus on her mysterious smile. However, when viewed under a microscope, Italian historians discovered that by magnifying the Mona Lisa's eyes, tiny numbers and letters could be seen.

Internet picture

Experts say that the almost indistinguishable letters and numbers represent the real Da Vinci Code: in the right eye it looks like the letters LV that can represent his name, Leonardo Da Vinci, while in the left eye there are still symbols but they are not defined. Of course, it is very difficult to figure them out, but they appear to be the letters CE, or it can be the letter B. In the arch of the bridge in the background you can see the number 72, or it can be an L and the number 2. Also, the number 149 and the fourth figure was removed, appearing at the back, suggesting that Leonardo da Vinci painted it while in Milan in the 1890s.

You have to remember that this photo is 500 years old, so it's not as crisp and clear as the original. Regarding this painting, you can read the "Ten Horrifying Things About Mona Lisa" that I wrote before, which explains the animals, aliens and mysterious numbers that appear in the painting.

2. The Last Supper hides a shocking prophecy of doomsday!

Among Leonardo da Vinci's ten weird paintings, it is the painting with the most problems and mysteries. ?The Last Supper? has also been the subject of much speculation, often surrounding the discovery of hidden messages or hints in the paintings.

Information technology expert Slavisa Pesci created an interesting image by superimposing a translucent mirrored version on top of the original.Visual renderings. The result is two figures who look like Templars, appearing at opposite ends of the table, while a figure, possibly holding a baby, stands to the left of Jesus.

Italian musician Giovanni Maria Pala also stated that the position of the hands and the bread could be interpreted as musical staff notes, if Leonardo is read from left to right Characteristics of a composition, they form a musical composition.

Internet pictures

Vatican researcher Sabrina Sforza Galitzia claims to have deciphered the mathematical and astrological mysteries in Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper. She said he foresaw that the end of the world would begin on March 21, 4006, and end on November 1 of the same year. She believes this will mark a "new beginning for humanity".

The Last Supper had an extra hand

Readers of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" discover a secret about Leonardo da Vinci The Art Historical Questions of ?The Last Supper? There's an extra hand there that's not attached to anyone and it's holding a dagger, what does that mean?

On page 248 of the novel, the extra hand is described as ?Invisible, anonymous?. The characters point out: If you count the arms, you will see that this hand belongs to no one. ? The so-called hands are located between the third disciple at the left end of the table and the next seated disciple in front of the disciple's body.

If you examine a picture of the Last Supper and count the arms of the disciples held at the left end of the table, there are 12 arms, matching the number of people. These are, from left to right, Bartholomew, James the Younger, Andrew (hands thrown in a "stopping" gesture), Judas (seated, facing turned), Peter (standing and angry), and John. One of Peter's hands is on John's shoulder, while the other, possibly what is known as a disembodied hand, is directly under his hip, with the blade pointing to the left.

Perhaps the confusion is that Peter's arm appears to be twisted. His right shoulder and elbow seemed to be at an inconsistent angle with his dagger-wielding hand. This could be a message Leonardo wanted to hide, or it could be his clever use of cloth to cover up errors in the mural.

Peter's Dagger or Knife

In The Da Vinci Code, the use of a dagger evokes the sinister imagery of Brown's part. Calling it a knife doesn't carry the suspenseful weight of a dagger.

Leonardo da Vinci in his notebooks associated this tool as a knife with this particular painter's special holder.

According to the description of the Last Supper and events in the New Testament, Peter holding a knife (on the table) is thought to symbolize his several littleLater an attack on one of the slaves who arrested Christ. When a procession of Pharisees, priests, and soldiers caught up with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter reportedly became irritable and lost his temper:

Peter took a knife and killed He killed the high priest's slave and cut off his right ear. The slave's name was Marcus.

The prophecy hidden in the Last Supper: Humanity will be destroyed by the Great Flood of 4006

Vatican researchers revealed to the outside world that they found in "The Last Supper" The hidden "Leonardo Da Vinci Prophecy" was discovered in "The Dinner": Humanity will be destroyed by a global flood in 4006. The person who made this judgment was Vatican researcher Sabina Sforza Garitezia. Garitezia did in-depth research on Leonardo da Vinci's manuscripts when he was working at the University of Los Angeles. She pointed out that this prophecy of the end of the world in 4006 is hidden in the window behind Jesus in "The Last Supper". Garitzia believes that the bright half-moon window hides a mystery about mathematics and astrology, including the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Garitezia also pointed out that this mystery is designed by the 12 constellations and the 24 Latin letters representing the 24 hours in a day. As long as this mystery is solved, the end of Leonardo da Vinci can be solved. prophecy. Garitzia also clearly pointed out that the global flood predicted in "The Last Supper" will occur on March 21, 4006, and on November 1 of the same year, mankind will encounter the "Last Supper", that is, the end of the world.

Garitezia believes that Leonardo da Vinci’s prediction must exist, but it is not like what is described in the best-selling book "The Da Vinci Code". Garitezia said: Leonardo da Vinci was not only a great artist, but also a knowledgeable prophet. The reason why he wanted to hide the prophecy of the end of mankind in "The Last Supper" was because he believed that mankind While suffering this devastating disaster, it was also the beginning of a "new humanity". ?

Regarding this prophecy, there is also a popular saying among the people that the global flood that destroyed mankind in 2006 will occur on a Friday, which is the legendary Black Friday. The origin of this statement is quite complicated, starting with the naming of Black Friday. In ancient Rome, Friday was known as the day of Venus, the goddess of love. Perhaps inherited from the tradition of ancient Rome, in Nordic mythology, the fifth day of the week is considered to be the day of the god of beauty and love (Freya?s day).

Once there was a gathering of 12 gods on Friday. The uninvited 13th god, the evil God of Fire, suddenly broke into the party and killed the God of Peace in anger. The God of Love, the mother of the God of Peace, was distraught, and from then on Friday in Northern Europe cast an ominous shadow.

3. Vitruvian Man The concept of the supreme aesthetic golden section?

One of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous works is a pen and ink drawing on paper. The painting is named after the Roman architect Vitruvius because it comes with notes based on his work. The Vitruvian Man is a study of the proportions of the human body, in which Leonardo combined Vitruvius's ancient text on geometry with his own observations of actual human bodies. Drawings are used as examples of human body symmetry. This image also reveals Leonardo da Vinci's belief that the workings of the human body mirror the workings of the universe.

Internet illustration

No matter what you call this painting, you definitely know it. It is everywhere and is used by people to convey various messages: the magnificence of art, the essence of health and happiness, the power of geometry and mathematics, the ideas of the Renaissance, the beauty of the human body, the creative potential of the human brain, the universality of the human spirit, etc.

In short, it is a global icon. No one can deny its appeal, but almost no one knows its story.

"Study of the Proportions of Vitruvian Man" is a painting that many people are familiar with: this is the famous painting "Vitruvian Man" (Homo Vitruvianus), which was created by the Renaissance art master Leonardo da Vinci. It is named after the outstanding ancient Roman architect Vitruvii, who praised the proportions of the human body and the golden section in his book "Ten Books on Architecture".

According to historical records, Leonardo da Vinci admired Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect who was proficient in astronomy, geography, mathematics, philosophy and painting in the 1st century BC. Around 1490, he drew a sketch illustration of the "Vitruvian Man" for Vitruvius's "Ten Books on Architecture". In the illustration, Leonardo da Vinci used his knowledge in mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, anatomy and other fields to overlay a Homo erectus with his hands stretched out and a non-erect Homo with his hands raised and feet splayed out. This move not only revealed the mathematical mystery of two fingers touching a square circle left by Vitruvius during his lifetime, but also paid attention to a group of wonderful number combinations in the ancient Egyptian pyramids: 142857.

As we all know, in the past hundred years, everything from the ancient Egyptian pyramids, from objects to symbols and even numbers, will arouse people's strong interest, such as the six-digit combination 142857 just mentioned. Just a few weeks ago, people were deducing and discussing it online. According to the deducers, the most wonderful set of numbers is the product of 142857 and 2, 3, 4... and other numbers: 142857 x 2 = 285714, 142857 x 3 = 428571, 142857 x 4 = 571428... Around December 21 last year (the end of the world predicted by the Mayans), some people claimed that the number 142857 in the ancient Egyptian pyramids was related to a set of magical numbers 1366560 in the Mayan culture. And this correlation is obtained by dividing 1366560 by 7, which is 1366560&pide;7 = 195222.857142857 (142857 is the cyclic section at the 4th digit after the decimal point)

In fact, associating 1366560 with 142857 may not be a special case. Because the quotient of any number that is not divisible by 7 will have a cyclic section 142857 in a few decimal places. Therefore, for this group of cyclic phenomena of division by 7 that are more common in the four arithmetic operations of elementary mathematics, if we think that this cyclic phenomenon has never attracted the attention of Leonardo da Vinci, a genius and mathematician during the European Renaissance, I'm afraid it's unimaginable. In fact, the latest research results have shown that Leonardo da Vinci's sketch of "Vitruvian Man" does have parts related to the array 142857 in the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Teachers and students in art schools all know that Leonardo da Vinci once used a "three-step method" to describe the process of figure painting: The first step of a painter should be to study the limbs and how they are used; The painter's second step should be to study people's movements in different situations; the painter's third step should be to study natural movements based on the situations encountered. Using Leonardo da Vinci's three-step method of figure painting to analyze Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" sketch, people will see that the single and double human body postures, the five major joints of the human body, and the indications of arms and legs in the painting The seven directions, etc., have been closely related to 142857 or cyclic section 142857 in the Egyptian pyramids.

4. Portrait of Isabella de Este - the missing masterpiece

It has been lost for so long that it has provided the artist achieved mythical status. Some doubt its existence.

Internet picture

However, a 500-year-old mystery was apparently solved after the discovery of a Leonardo da Vinci painting in a Swiss bank vault.

The painting was originally only a pencil sketch, and there is no completed color version. When it was discovered at Anytime Bank, the painting, which had disappeared for 500 years, reappeared, dispelling everyone's suspicions. The painting has been confirmed to be authentic by experts using carbon-14 dating. According to valuation experts, the portrait of d'Este is estimated to be worth tens of millions of pounds. The portrait is owned by an Italian family.

Internet pictures

The woman in the painting was a Roman aristocrat at the time and a female leader in the Italian Renaissance. She played an unparalleled role in culture and politics. , one of the most influential female figures of the time, a political master and a patron of the arts.

5. Lady with Ermine

Lady with Ermine, completed around 1490, is the only painting by Leonardo. of fourOne of the female portraits. Currently on display at the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow, Poland, the oil painting is a portrait of young Cecilia Gallerani, Leonardo's patron and mistress of Luduvico Sforza, Duke of Milan. Galerani is shown wearing relatively simple clothing, suggesting that she is not from an aristocratic family. The importance of the weasel-like white marten has been discussed at length. The animal may represent purity, as it is believed that a mink will not soil its white coat under any circumstances.

Internet pictures

According to foreign media reports yesterday, French scientist and engineer Pascal Cotte painted another masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci’s "The Man with an Ermine". "Woman" found that the artist painted three versions: one version does not hold the ermine, and the size, shape and fur color of the ermine are different in the other two versions.

Cote conducted a three-year analysis of "Woman Holding an Ermine" using reflected light technology before making this important discovery. Experts who study Leonardo da Vinci called this discovery "very amazing" and the history of this painting will be rewritten. At the same time, they also raised many questions about the historical background of the creation of this painting.

"Woman Holding an Ermine" was created between 1489 and 1490. The woman in the painting, Cecilia Galerani, was Ludovico Sforza, the Archduke of Milan. mistress.

Leonardo da Vinci worked for Ludovico Sforza, the Archduke of Milan, as an engineer, court artist and military designer until he left in 1499. And Ludovico Sforza's nickname is "Silver Rat".

The painting is currently in the collection of the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow, Poland, and is regularly exhibited at the Polish National Museum in Warsaw. As the Czartoryski Museum is being renovated, the painting now hangs in Wawel Castle in Krakow. This painting has also been tested using X-rays, infrared rays, etc. before.

Cote uses the Layer Amplification Method (LAM). When strong light continuously shines on the painting, a camera connected to the computer automatically processes the reflection of the light, allowing it to analyze the elements in the painting. What is painted on each layer.

Cote said: The technique of this layered amplification method is like peeling an onion. It peels away the things on the surface of the painting layer by layer to see what is hidden inside, showing the differences in the painting. layer. With this new technology, we discovered that Leonardo da Vinci was always changing his mind while he was painting. Was he a hesitant? He painted out parts, added parts, and kept changing his mind. ?


1. Leonardo da Vinci curried favor with his patrons

After the discovery was announced, there were many questions about this famous portrait. The creative background also triggered some newspeculation. Some people think that maybe the artist intentionally painted a ermine to refer to Gallerani's lover. Later, the reason why the ermine was painted larger and the color was changed was because Leonardo da Vinci wanted to please his patron.

2. The woman in the painting asked for a ermine

Another view is that the ermine was Gallerani’s request from Leonardo da Vinci. The addition made everyone in the Milan Palace aware of their relationship with the Grand Duke of Milan.


Help us? Pry into Leonardo da Vinci's mind?

Martin? Emeritus Professor of Art History at Oxford University, UK? Martin Kemp said: Pascal Cote's discovery in France is of great significance. It shows us more about what Leonardo da Vinci was thinking when he was painting. We knew that he always liked to draw randomly at first, but we didn't know that he was so casual from beginning to end. This also explains why it is so difficult for him to complete a painting. Leonardo da Vinci will always be a mystery, so it's exciting to get such a glimpse into his mind. ?

6. Ginevra Benci

Another rare female portrait by Leonardo is the 15th-century Florentine aristocrat Ginevra de 'Benci. It is a highlight of the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and is the only work by Leonardo on public display in the Americas. Beautiful Ginevra looks particularly serious in this work - she does not show any smile, like the one on Mona Lisa's face. The juniper tree in the background symbolizes chastity and is a pun on her name; the Italian word is ginepro. Outdoor settings are not common as women were usually depicted at home at the time.

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This frigid lady is Leonardo da Vinci’s early oil-on-wood painting "Ginevra Bench".

7. St. John the Baptist

Believed to be Leonardo da Vinci’s last work, St. John the Baptist was painted between 1513 and 1516. years, when the High Renaissance transitioned to Mannerism. In this work, Leonardo portrays St. John, a man often thought of as a fiery character, in a playful manner. Here, he has long curly hair, wears furs, and has the same mysterious smile as the one worn by the Mona Lisa. St. John's fingers are stretched toward the sky, suggesting the importance of salvation through baptism. This gesture also appears in Leonardo's other works.

Internet picture

Internet picture

Between 1513 and 1516, many experts believe that this is actually Leonardo da Vinci's last work. Please note that Saint the BaptistJohn points to the cherub on the cross, indicating the promise of the kingdom of God, an idea that resonated deeply at the time Leonardo was living.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Ten Weirdest Paintings

8. Virgin of the Rocks

Two almost identical versions of the Virgin of the Rocks exist, one in the Louvre in Paris and the other in the National Gallery in London. Both stand over six feet tall and depict the Madonna and Jesus as a child, along with the infant John the Baptist and an angel. The painting housed in the Louvre is considered the best version, meaning it is the earlier of the two. It is considered to be typical of Leonardo's layered painting technique, which does not produce obvious lines or borders. The figures are arranged relative to each other in triangles and gestures, contributing to the narrative quality of the work.

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Leonardo da Vinci’s top ten weird paintings

9. The Virgin and Child and Saint Anne

In this painting, completed around 1503, Leonardo depicts Saint Anne, her daughter the Virgin Mary, and the infant Jesus struggling with a sacrificial lamb. The dynamic composition clearly shows Mary reaching out to the baby Jesus. At the same time she sits on Saint Anne's lap, uniting the three figures. Similar to the technique used in "Madonna of the Rocks", Leonardo set the religious scene in a dreamlike landscape. The mountainous background expresses his interest in geology and is a recurring theme in much of his work.

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10. The Baptism of Christ

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First of all, why did Jesus Depicted as an old man? He frowns on the painting. This doesn’t seem to be common. Wrinkles are inherently a sign of a man’s sinful nature. Jesus didn’t have a sinful nature, so why did he have wrinkles? The second thing that surprised me was the black bird on the upper right. I don't understand why it's there. Third, the blackbird is flying near the tree, the tree should be in the background, but it seems to be formed this way, it seems weird. Fourth, the girl by the river, I think this is supposed to be Mary the mother of Jesus or Mary Magdalene. Or, why are her eyes completely missing? Fifth, Jesus' Feet His right is your left A lot of time was spent on this painting. What's wrong with his middle toe? It looks like a wart or something on his foot. Again, this does not add a time frame. Sixth, the dove and arms above Christ. The arms seem weird, but that could just be me. The pigeon's head is weird too, maybe it's just me. Seventh, the girl's sleeves are black. It seemed inappropriate that the girl's bottom was wearing clothes behind her. Finally, Jesus' halo seems strange because it is red, white, and does not line up with the head like the other people's halos.

So in PhotoshopThis image is mapped in . Initially I mirrored the entire image, then cut the image vertically into three images and mirrored each section. This is the result. I also reflected on a painting he didn't like before. This is a painting of Jesus. The painting never felt "right" to me, so I didn't care for it. Mirrored, I love it! Maybe that's the point of the painting. Maybe it's seen as a mirrored image.

Leonardo da Vinci’s top ten weird paintings have left many mysteries to future generations. Even though hundreds of years have passed, the discussions and mysteries surrounding this art giant have never dissipated. ?Da Vinci? These three words are still impressed by contemporary artists. Although the real reason has not been deciphered in the end, maybe it is our wishful thinking, or maybe hidden in it is the future left by this man who is said to be the future. Where’s the message?