Why is Changgan Temple's gown called Changgan Temple?

Why is Changgan Temple's gown called Changgan Temple?


Because it came from the underground palace of Changgan Temple, it was named Changgan TempleChangshan.

The underground palace of Changgan Temple is an underground palace of the Buddha’s true body during the Northern Song Dynasty. A total of dozens of silk fabrics were unearthed here, providing important information for the study of the textile history of the Northern Song Dynasty! However, there is only one real piece of clothing among them, which is a long-sleeved double-breasted women's coat made of lacquered flowers, flying birds, and silk lining.

The abbreviation of this piece of clothing is: Changgan Temple robe or Changgan Temple robe

Some colleagues or merchants also call it: imitation Changgan Temple robe or imitation Changgan Temple gown.

So, the Changganji robe and the Changganji robe are the same piece of clothing with different names.

1. The dynasty of Changqian Temple’s maid/Changshan:

Song Dynasty.

2. Cultural relic data of Changgan Temple's gown/gown:

Length 110, full sleeves 109, chest width 83, cuffs 44, open collar 21, collar width 10, open 55.

3. The Changgan Temple robe is a robe:

Anyway, some colleagues call it "Changgan Temple robe", and some colleagues call it "Changgan Temple robe" "! Anyway, they all refer to the same piece of clothing!