What are the tricks of the Yin Yang family?

What are the tricks of the Yin Yang family?


Yun Zhongjun’s elixir technique

Moon God’s astrology, premonition ability, control other people’s spirits and unknown powerful destructive power, cast Yin and Yang curse seal

Da Si Ming Yin and Yang combination Handprints; teleportation; transformation (can change into the appearance of others, including voices); Six Soul Horror Curse

Shao Siming teleports, and his body shape is erratic when moving. Control the plants and the flying leaves can hurt people. It can also rejuvenate plants.

Xinghun is proficient in the weird yin and yang arts and masters extremely terrifying killing methods

How to interpret the horoscope

These are the ghosts and zombies I have seen , head-cutting films, among which I added three * after the title

, they are all very good-looking films in my opinion. I highly recommend watching them. They can all be seen online. There may be several None of them are by Lin Zhengying, but they are all good films and can be seen on ordinary online ** websites

I have watched these films in 56, and the quality of the pictures is not bad and they are quite smooth

< p>Lin Shirong

People are scary

Ghost bites ghost

Music Zombie***

Zombie Family***

Mr. Phantom***

Yimei Taoist***

Yimei Taoist Nun

Ghost hunting and family fun***

Ghost Hunter***

New Mr. Zombie***

Mr. Zombie***

Zombie Family

Maoshan Academy*** is almost out of print, I haven’t found it after looking for a long time

The Blood-Clothed Conjuring***

Exorcist Police***

The Fierce Ghost Mission* **

The Ghost School***

The Ghost Building***

The Ghost Overlord Flower***

Africa Monk

Stage Sisters

Ghost Tour Group

Phantom Supreme

Ghost Cadre

Zhong Kui marries sister

Golden Taoist***

Zombie Supreme

Zombie Raiders

Uncle Zombie

Monster City


The First Evil in Nanyang

Top Ten Evil Arts

This is difficult to answer in writing. I suggest you read two books. I just read them and they are very good. , very systematic. I just finished reading it. It is a novel. Maoshan Warlock. The other is the most famous numerology in China, "The Book of Changes"

The Four Pillars, also known as the birth date and eight characters, refer to the time when a person is born, that is, the heavenly stems and earthly branches each have one character for the year, month, day, and hour. They are used together to express the year, month, day and time respectively, such as Jiazi year, Bingjia month, Xinchou day, Renyin time, etc. There are two characters in each column, and there are eight characters in the four columns. Therefore, the four-column prediction is also called "eight-character prediction" and "eight-character fortune-telling". It is also called the four-column prediction. It is often used now.It is called horoscope prediction and four-column prediction. Bazi prediction is based on the relationship between the heavenly stems, earthly branches, yin and yang and the five elements' attributes to predict the good, bad and bad fortune of a person. The four-pillar prediction is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese people. It is a valuable experience summed up through thousands of years of ups and downs, waves and sand, and the continuous efforts and repeated practice of countless forecasters throughout history. A large number of practices at home and abroad have proven that four-pillar prediction not only has unique and magical functions of advance prediction and advance reflection, but also has extremely profound scientific theories and extremely valuable use value. With its strong vitality and scientific nature, it has been passed down to this day and has been used by many people at home and abroad. scholars attach great importance to. Therefore, four-pillar prediction is science, not "feudal superstition". It is dialectical materialism, not "idealism". Some people say that you control your own destiny. In essence, this is correct, but it must be based on knowing what your own destiny will be. If you don't know what your destiny is, but you want to control your own destiny, it is just empty talk and deceiving yourself and others. The essence of our prediction is to predict destiny based on the change of yin and yang as the principle, the restraint of the five elements as the law, and the time of person's birth. It is a discipline that teaches people to seek good luck and avoid bad luck. The reason why fortune-telling methods such as four-pillar fortune-telling are also based on astrology is because it evolved from ancient astrology. The ancients believed that heaven and earth corresponded. The distribution of the nine states in the region corresponds to the astrology, and all living beings correspond to the astrology. The metal, wood, water, fire, and earth that make up the world also have Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn corresponding in the sky. The sun represents yang and the moon represents yin, so the theory of yin and yang and the five elements are combined with astrology. A person's destiny is determined by the aura of the five elements of the astrology. Different people have different auras of the five elements of the astrology, so their destinies are different. The four-pillar prediction is composed of the heavenly stems and earthly branches, yin and yang, the five elements, the four seasons and the four directions, the twelve palaces, the stars and gods, and their relationships... The eight-character (four-pillar) prediction is basically based on these theories, except In addition to the introduction on this site, you can also refer to some knowledge from ancient books such as "Yuanhai Ziping" and some practical knowledge. Some may have been verified, and some need further verification. We hope that all of us enthusiasts will continue to verify in our predictions for the better. Eliminate the false and preserve the true, and carry forward the traditional culture of the motherland. The art of fortune-telling with eight characters has been developed in China for thousands of years and has won the hearts of the people. There are many theories on it and there are different opinions