The order of breaking the eight formations

The order of breaking the eight formations


Eight Gate Golden Lock Formation "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Chapter 36 Xuande uses a plan to attack Fancheng. Yuan Zhima recommends Zhuge, "He transferred Li Dian to lead the rear army, and Renzi led the army to the front. The next day, drums were sounded and the army marched. , formed a formation, and asked Xuande, "Do you know my formation?" " Shan Fu then went up to a high place to watch, and said to Xuande, "This is the eight-door golden lock array. The eight doors are: Xiu, Sheng, Shang, Du, Jing, Death, Jing, and Kai. Just like from the Sheng door, Jing, If you open the door, you will be lucky; if you enter through the Shangmen, Jingmen, or closed door, you will be injured; if you enter through the Dumen, or the Death Gate, you will die. Although the eight gates are neatly laid out, they are only connected in the middle. For example, if you enter from the southeast corner, Attack people at the Shengmen Gate, and go out to the Jingmen Gate due west, and the formation will be in chaos.'" The eight gates refer to the Ximen Gate, the Shengmen Gate, the Shangmen Gate, the Dumen Gate, the Jingmen Gate, the Death Gate, the Jingmen Gate, and the Open Gate Gate. The "Eight Gate Golden Lock Formation" is the directional technique "Qi Men Dun Jia" used to make astrology more convenient. Wei's Cao Ren's formation against his opponent Liu Bei was discovered by Xu Shu, Liu Bei's military advisor at the time. After that, Zhuge Liang improved the method of using "Qi Men Dun Jia" and compiled a complete "Eight Formation Diagram".

How the Big Dipper receives your fortune (just take a look)

All appearances are false. I would like to advise everyone that there is nothing wrong with cultivating the truth, but the mistake is that desire has messed up one’s nature. There is no truth to this saying that people should seek to be high-quality.

Cultivators should not be old or in poor physical condition. "As long as there is one breath left, everyone can return to life." Cultivating the origin is the first priority, and rescuing the life treasure is the most urgent. If you want to light a long-bright lamp, you should use the method of adding oil. To add oil, you need to know the orifice. If you don't add oil to the orifice, it will be like oil without a lamp. Therefore, you can only add oil if you know the tricks. Without adding oil, life cannot be taken over. If life is not taken over, sex will be difficult to retain and sex will not be retained. Once impermanence comes, life and life will be separated, and the body will rot and the spirit will be scattered. ?

What is the orifice of knowing? The orifice that adds oil to receive life is traditionally called the seven-star lamp of natal life. The so-called Seven Star Lamp refers to seven large and key acupuncture points in the body that can absorb and convert the life energy of high-dimensional space. ?

These seven acupuncture points are distributed in the human body. If you stand on the left side and look at them, they will look like a pattern of the Big Dipper with the mouth facing forward and downward. The names of the acupuncture points and the names of the seven stars are:

Tanzhong point: the poor wolf star lamp;?

There is a hollow point in front of the Wumu point: the giant star lamp;?


Niwan point: is the Lucun star lamp;?

Jiaji point: is the Wenqu star lamp;?

Mingmen point: is the Lianzhen star lamp;?

Dantian Qi point: it is the Wuqu star lamp;?

Haihai acupoint: it is the Tiangang star lamp;?

These seven natal points constitute the seven natal seven star lamps in the human body. , if you want to light a permanent lamp, you should use the method of adding oil. Kong Ming used to fight with the seven outer stars in order to survive, but he didn't know that there was still a seven-star lantern in his body. Xu Shu knew that he had attained his destiny and cultivated the Tao in secret, so he knew the beauty of the inner seven-star lantern. ?

The seven acupuncture points controlled by the Seven Star Lamp are all the key to the dual cultivation of life and life. There is a saying in the Alchemy Sutra: "From this point forward, the secrets of thousands of saints will not be passed down, so later generations of apprentices will rarely hear about it and rarely encounter it. If people know this secret, they can really seize the magical power and change their destiny."

The seven-star lantern method is this: "From here to the top", the acupuncture method that is not taught by thousands of saints. My decree reveals the secrets of heaven through the ages, and I hope that those who practice sincerely will be dedicated to paying homage to the secrets, be kind to the secret method, and have a wide range of predestined relationships. Especially for those who are old and have broken bodies, I hope this method will help them to break through the mechanism of life and death and enjoy the wonderful joy of returning to their roots. ?

The seven-star lamp method is used to add oil to receive life. It uses the spiritual light and energy in the universe as "oil", the collection of the spirit gathering method as "adding", and the meditation and introspection of silence as "oil". "catch". If you want to live forever, you must first look for a long time. Looking at it for a long time is like returning the light to shine inside. Suddenly, you forget to help and take over your life. ?

The Seven-Star Lamp Technique takes over the life, that is, after practicing the Spirit Gathering Technique, one enters the gentle fire stage from the martial fire stage. Use your mind to light the seven-star natal lamp in order, fully digesting and absorbing the "unity" of the gathered energy. ?

To light a lamp, you use your mind to follow the order of the Seven Stars Dougang, first focus on the Tanzhong; then focus on the hanging point in front of the Tianmu point; then focus on the Niwan point; then focus on the pinch points, Mingmen, Qi points, and Yinqiao points. ?

Among these acupuncture points, the Jiaji point is a key point. The predecessors once said: "It leads to the Valley of Heaven above, to Weilu below, and in the middle to the heart and kidneys. It summons the spiritual yang and saves the treasure of life. Why is this not a path of cultivation?"?

Jiaji Point, It does not refer to the superficial skin, but refers to an area centered in the deep spinal cord. In the position of the Seven Dippers, this place is also in the position of the Wenqu star. Wenqu star is the pivot star of the Beidou star. The rotation of the Beidou star is centered on this star. The important position of Jiabei point in the human body can also be seen from this star position. ?

The secrets of certain star points (acupuncture points) among the seven stars were revealed in "The Essence of Life". The predecessors just did not dare to reveal the secrets systematically, but in order to guide future students, they took great pains, and the important point is still Point out: "Shout! The mechanism of life and death is so fast. Why are people in the world unwilling to return to the Tao? Moreover, this technique is the simplest. It does not stick to walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. Always use this mind to withdraw from the hiding place. Through the orifice of the spine, the righteous energy of heaven and earth can be pulled in, and condensed with the already mixed essence in the Dantian, which is regarded as the foundation of transcendence. Is it not easy to cover it with the boundless energy of heaven and earth and continue my limited body? Scholars As long as you identify this orifice, keep it without leaving it, and master it for a long time, then the inside will be bright and bright, like the moon in the water. It will naturally disperse its evil fire, eliminate its miscellaneous worries, reduce its temptation, and stop its delusional thoughts. Once the delusional thoughts have stopped, the true breath will naturally appear. True thoughts have no thoughts, and true breaths have no rest. If there is no breath, the root of life will be eternal, and if there are no thoughts, the nature will always exist. Nature remains and life is solid, and all thoughts and breaths will disappear. This is the first step in the dual cultivation of life and life."?

< p>This is the author of the book. Since he did not disclose the entire method of the Seven Dou Star Lamp, he focused on this acupoint and concentrated the essence of the entire method into one acupoint, which shows his good intentions.

1. Exercise postures:?

This exercise is best practiced in sitting and standing postures. The sitting postures include double lotus, single lotus, free lotus, and flat lotus. You can sit down. For standing postures, please refer to the introduction of basic exercises. ?

This method can also be practiced in the lying position. If you have practiced the Spirit Gathering Method 1-2 times that day, you can practice this method anytime and anywhere by lighting the relevant lamps of the Seven Dou Star Lanterns. , making it burn longer and more effective. You can practice it while walking, sitting, standing, or lying down. The light will come back to you every time. Light this longevity (bright) lamp.. We should not only grasp the systematic whole process of practicing this method, but also pay attention to the accumulation of sand to form a tower, and the continuous dripping of water through the stone. ?

2. Mudra: ?

When practicing this method systematically, first pinch out the Seven-Star Dougang Secret in your left hand. Hold the Seven Stars Dou in your hand, and use the tip of your left thumb to press the Seven Stars position once to form the Seven Stars Dou diagram. Then, every time you think about a certain lamp position (acupuncture point), pinch the corresponding point in the palm with your left hand, and the pinched point can be moved as the lamp position changes. At the beginning, the right hand should be in the pinch position to cooperate. After entering the performance state, let nature take its own course, and the coordination will naturally change. Place your hands in front of your lower abdomen, palms upward, and keep your arms relaxed and natural. ?

3. Breathing: ?

When lighting the three lamps of Tanzhong, Tianmen and Niwan, it is natural breathing. These three lamps are separated from the "wind" of acquired breathing. "The most recent thing is that you don't need to pay too much attention to your breathing the day after tomorrow, just think about it directly. ?

Before lighting the star lamp at the four points of Jiaji, Mingmen, Qi, and Yinqiao, in order to enhance the effect, you should collect Qi light and inject it into one of the four points according to the Juqiu method before formal meditation. The acupuncture points that are lit can be collected seven to twenty-four times. Then breathe naturally, intending to keep the light. Use this method to pull in the lamp oil of the true energy of the universe, and use the fan to fire it, and the lamp will be bright. ?

Four. Activation: ?

1. Light the first lamp: (inside the Tanzhong point) One-inch and three-quarters of an inch behind the middle point, on the inner wall of the sternum. Imagine that there is an ancient oil lamp here, or imagine that there is a modern "torch" here. Ignite it with your thoughts, and the flames will be blazing and radiant. ?

This light or torch light illuminates the chest, and even the tissue structure of the chest can be observed. Think about this for a moment, and the feeling of heat at the burning lamp is an indicator that the lamp is almost lit. Don't easily switch to lighting the second lamp before warmth is generated. ?

2. Light the second lamp: (in front of the Tianmu point)?

Remember the Tanzhong point. When a warm feeling appears, it means that this acupoint is activated. This lamp is on. A third lamp can be lit. ?

Adjust your mind to the front of the Tianmu point, imagine an oil lamp or a torch hanging in the air, and light it. The flame will be blazing and the light will shine. ?

Think about it for a moment. The basic experience is when your forehead feels hot and swollen. The best thing is when a spiritual light appears. It is difficult for beginners to see the light, so they can use heat and swelling as a criterion to assume that the lamp has been lit. ?

3. Light the third lamp: (in the Niwan Palace)?

After the second lamp is basically lit, then light the third lamp to guard the Niwan Palace. middle. Adjust your mind to Niwan Palace and imagine that there is an oil lamp or a torch here. Light it up and the flames will burn brightly. ?

Imagine for a moment that when the head becomes swollen and hot, and one of the eight touch phenomena appears on the scalp and facial features, it is an experience, indicating that the lamp has been lit. It is not advisable to wait at this point for too long, and the fourth lamp should be lit as soon as it is experienced. Especially for elderly people with high blood pressure, the thoughts should not be too heavy to avoid dizziness.

4? Light the fourth lamp: (Jiaji point)?

The fourth natal star lamp is Jiaji point. Jiaji point, Mingmen point, Qi point, and Yinqi point are all far away from the acquired breathing place. It is difficult for the breath to connect with these points, so it is not easy to be absorbed. Ignite, that is, it is not easy to experience. ?

These acupuncture points have become the focus of the method of adding oil to receive life, and they must be ignited one by one. It should not be switched to the next lamp before it is lit. For example, the Jiaji lamp takes about fourteen to twenty days. And every time you practice, it is best to use the spirit gathering method to inhale the light energy and inject it into the spine, and then contemplate the lights. ?

According to the above method, lower your mind along the spinal cavity from Niwan into the Jiaji point area and stop. Think of an oil lamp or a torch here, light it, and the flame will be blazing and the light will shine. Radiate. ?

Use the spirit-gathering method to inhale the light energy of the universe. Follow the path of the light energy according to the spirit-gathering method, enter the Jiaji area, hold your breath for a moment, and imagine that the light energy of the universe is like oil and grease and is poured into the oil lamp bowl. Or within the handle of a torch. As you exhale slowly, think of the oil lamp or torch shining brightly. ?

After practicing seven to twenty-four breaths in this way, when the lamp is full of oil, you can turn to the natural breathing of inaction, meditate on the light of the lamp, stay calm and meditate, and don’t forget to help. The longer you sit in meditation The better. Generally, this kind of silent observation should last for about 30 minutes. ?

5. Basic practice procedures: ?

Because this fourth lamp is difficult to light in a short time (experience). Therefore, the method of adding oil to receive life is practiced in stages, and the process is carried out according to the following method each time. ?

The first stage: light the first, second, third to fourth lamps, practice at the Jiaji for more than thirty minutes, and then finish the exercise. ?

The second stage: When the Jiaji Pass practice experience is achieved, the lamp has been lit, and the effect has been consolidated, you can enter this stage. ?

Every time you do the exercises, light the first, second, third, and fourth lamps in sequence, enter the fifth lamp Mingmen to practice, and collect the exercises. ?

The third stage: When the Mingmen Pass is practiced and experienced, and this point has been ignited and the effect has been consolidated, you can enter this stage. ?

Every time you do the exercises, light the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth lamps according to the financial aid, and then enter the sixth lamp Dantian Qi point to practice. ?

The practice of the sixth and seventh lamps has entered the stage of cultivation of life skills. You can refer to the Hui Cultivating Method of Life, the enlightenment method, the method of cultivating the spirit and the method of cultivation of life in the practice of sex skills. Practice the Dantian Reflection Method and other exercises, combine the two methods into one, and practice them to the number of seven star lamps. ?

6. Methods for completing the first and second stages: ?

After observing quietly, your mind is still focused on the lights or torches. Dry rub your hands, rub them hot, then dry clean (rub) your face, ears, and the back of your neck. Then hold hollow fists with both hands, rub the kidney area with the back of your hands, slowly open your eyes, move your hands and feet to complete the exercise. ?

The lamp should be kept burning and not extinguished, so when completing the exercise, the mind should not completely leave the place where it was illuminated. After completing the exercise, it will be even better if you can always return to the light and take into account the burning state of the fourth lamp. If you can always return to the light when walking, standing, sitting, and lying down in your daily life, you are in the process of doing the exercise. The work is done,The oil lamp is always bright, so why worry about not being able to refill the oil and not being able to survive. ?

7. Standards for seeing the Jiaji Lamp: ?

Practice according to the exercises and maintain them twice a day. By observing quietly for more than thirty minutes, most people can "light" this lamp in about seven days.

First, there is a local heat sensation. As the heat sensation increases, the swelling area is gradually expanded. A large area of ​​​​the back, with the back as the center, is heated and swollen, and the ribs seem to be blown one by one. A feeling of fullness occurs due to the infusion of gas. The feeling of heat, swelling and fullness can spread to the chest area. A few people's hearts also react, with the heart area heating up, and they can feel how their heart beats, etc. These feelings and reactions are all empirical indicators and are normal reactions. The three test indicators of heat, swelling and fullness are the standard quality. After this test, do not immediately move to the second stage. Instead, you should continue to practice and consolidate it. Depending on your age and physical condition, it is better to continue practicing for one or more weeks. This can not only add fuel to save lives, but also burn the Jiaji switch to reveal its orifices. This orifice is also the cardinal place where acquired breath is transferred to innate true breath. If you practice this orifice well, it will lay a solid foundation for the next step of practice. Therefore, it is better not to stop at a superficial taste, but to solidly consolidate the experience. I didn't want to say that Luan Xing's story was just for the sake of mythology in the novel. Zhuge gave you a fragment of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms

It was night, Kong Ming helped his sick man out of the tent, looked up at the astronomy, and was very frightened. When he entered the tent, he called Jiang Wei and said, "I Life is at stake!" Wei said: "Why did the Prime Minister say this?" Kongming said: "I saw that among the three stars, the guest star is twice as bright, the main star is faint, and the complementary star is dim. The sky is like this, I The fate can be known!" Wei said: "Although the celestial phenomena are like this, why don't the Prime Minister use the method of praying for disaster to save it?" Kongming said: "I am familiar with the method of praying for disaster, but I don't know what God's will is. You can bring in forty-nine soldiers, Everyone holds soap flags and wears soap clothes and surrounds the outside of the tent; I pray to the Big Dipper from inside the tent. If the main lamp does not go out within seven days, my life will be increased by one day; if the lamp goes out, I will die. Everyone else, rest. Teach them to put them in. Only two boys are required to carry everything that is needed." Jiang Wei accepted the order and went to prepare it himself. It's the Mid-Autumn Festival in August, and it's a dark night in the Milky Way. There are only a few jade dews, the flags don't move, and the fights are silent. Jiang Wei led forty-nine people to guard him outside the tent. Kongming set up fragrant flower offerings in the tent, seven large lamps on the ground, forty-nine small lamps on the outside, and one zodiac lamp inside. Kong Ming paid his respects and said: "Liang was born in troubled times, Gan Lao Lin Quan; thanks to the kindness of Emperor Zhaolie's three visits, and the support of his orphans, he dared not stop his dogs and horses, and vowed to fight against the national traitors. Unexpectedly, the star was about to fall, and Yang's life was about to end. Sincerely. The calligraphy ruler is plain, and it is reported to the sky: God is kind, bending down to listen, and the ministers are willing to calculate, so that they can repay the kindness of the emperor, save the people's lives, restore the old things, and extend the sacrifice of the Han Dynasty forever. I don't dare to pray in vain, it is really out of emotion." After paying homage and blessing, he prostrate himself in the tent and wait for the day to come. The next day, I helped the doctor and he was vomiting blood. During the day, they plan and discuss military aircraft, and at night, they fight on foot. But he said that Sima Yi was holding fast in the camp. Suddenly he looked up at the astronomy all night and was overjoyed. He said to Xiahou Ba: "I see that the general's star has lost its position. Kong Ming must be ill and die soon. You can lead a thousand troops to Wuzhangyuan Sentou. If Shu If people are in chaos and don't come out to fight, Kong Ming will definitely get sick.I should take advantage of the situation and attack it. "Ba led his troops away. Kongming had been praying in the tent for six nights. He was very happy when he saw the main lamp was bright. Jiang Wei entered the tent and saw Kongming with his hair spread out and sword in hand, fighting with steps on the gang, suppressing the generals. Suddenly he heard shouting outside the stronghold, and when he wanted to ask questions, Wei Yanfei stepped in and said, "Wei soldiers have arrived! "Yan Yan's footsteps were so fast that he put out the main lamp. Kong Ming abandoned his sword and sighed, "Death and life have their destiny, and you can't get it!" ”