Foreign media reported that a bank robbery occurred in the capital of Albania. What security measure

Foreign media reported that a bank robbery occurred in the capital of Albania. What security measure


Foreign media reported that a bank robbery occurred in the capital of Albania. Banks are generally equipped with some security measures to protect the safety of funds during transportation.

1: Guards

In the process of transporting funds in banks, we often see three or four guards standing nearby, in addition to guards transporting funds. They have a clear division of labor, and have serious expressions and postures. They are upright and don't give criminals an opportunity to take advantage of them. It makes people intimidated and makes people feel that they will subdue criminals who are about to commit robberies at any time. It also reduces people's desire to rob banks. After all, there are so many The guards are not vegetarians and can be easily overpowered.

Two: Weapons

When transporting funds, security personnel will wear certain weapons, such as guns, sticks, etc., which can help them subdue criminals in emergencies, and they have They will all wear bulletproof vests, which can not only subdue criminals but also better protect themselves and avoid causing too much harm. But they will not do anything easily when facing ordinary people, so when you encounter a bank transferring funds, don't be curious and wait and see, to avoid accidentally hurting yourself and being misunderstood, which will cause trouble later.

Three: Cash Transport Truck

The cash transport truck can be said to be the most important thing during transportation. The structure of the cash transport truck is different from that of ordinary cars. It has greater endurance and a stronger shell. Various functions are designed to transport funds to designated places more safely.

Four: Monitoring

When funds are transported in and out of the bank, the bank will install monitoring equipment for real-time monitoring. During the installation process, there will be a variety of different monitoring equipment. In terms of photography, there will be professional cameras. The ones connected to the camera equipment are Professional monitor. When the monitor is in use, we can see the safety situation of each location. When safety problems arise, we can implement protective measures in a timely manner, and we can also contact the police in a timely manner to ensure nothing goes wrong.

With the advancement of science and technology today, it is impossible to achieve real-time monitoring and supervision by various personnel. Stealing bank funds is an impossible process. Even if you commit a robbery, you will eventually be arrested and brought to justice. And the cost is extremely huge, so we still have to be law-abiding citizens.

When is Capricorn’s birthday?

First of all, China’s aid to it has decreased due to insufficient domestic supply. Secondly, China did not notify Albania in advance of the news of Nixon’s visit to China, which created a sense of distrust in China. Third, the easing of Sino-US relations has led Albania to believe that China has deviated from its anti-imperialist and anti-revisionist line and is surrendering to imperialism.

In 1976, after the group of four people was crushed, the Cultural Revolution ended. Albania, which had always supported China’s Cultural Revolution, believed that China had completely become a revisionist country (like the Soviet Union), so it expelled the Chinese ambassador to Albania consultants and experts, and became the vanguard of anti-China relations. Since then, relations have deteriorated sharply.

In 1978, Deng decisively decided to stop aid to Afghanistan., coupled with the drastic changes in Eastern Europe ten years later, Algeria became a capitalist country, and relations between the two countries gradually became normal.

Capricorn birth date: December 22nd~~January 19th.

Capricorns, born in winter, have deep thoughts, think about their whole life, and are simple for half their lives. See all the ugly things in the world, and always have the heart to save all sentient beings. As wise as a fool, he is profoundly humble, has a magnanimous mind, and works conscientiously. Calm and profound, restrained and practical, calm and calm, and perseverant. Wisdom is in the chest, foolishness is in the face, anger is not released lightly, and there is a reason for it. Born simple, but destined to mature, kind-hearted, inevitably helpless.

Capricorn is the constellation that symbolizes the beginning of winter. Capricorns, especially when there are several planets in your sign at the same time, you will be a person with realistic thinking and ambition; at the same time, you are easily conquered by passionate feelings, and you are a person with a strong selfless spirit. You have a calm and indifferent expression, are not easy to approach, and like to be alone.