Is the horoscope of Yiju reliable for marriage? Is the horoscope of Yiqi reliable for marriage?

Is the horoscope of Yiju reliable for marriage? Is the horoscope of Yiqi reliable for marriage?


As we all know, when it comes to whether Yi Ju’s horoscope is a reliable match for marriage, some people ask whether Yi Qi’s horoscope is accurate for marriage. In addition, some people want to ask whether the birth date horoscope is reliable. Do you know what’s going on? thing? In fact, is the horoscope marriage trustworthy? Let’s take a look at whether Yi Qi’s horoscopes are suitable for marriage. I hope it can help everyone!

Is the horoscope of Yiju reliable for marriage?

1. Is the horoscope of Yiju reliable for marriage? Is the horoscope of Yiqi reliable for marriage? Just treat it as a joke, don’t believe it too much, it will have a bad impact on you or your relationship

Is the horoscope marriage credible?

2. Is the horoscope combination of Yiju reliable? Is the horoscope combination of birth date reliable?

Is the horoscope combination reliable? Are horoscopes reliable for marriage?

Fortune telling, horoscope marriage, etc. are all Kuibao culture that has been handed down in China for five thousand years, and there is no doubt about it by anyone. Everyone should look at fortune-telling from a scientific perspective. We can neither blindly think that the Zhouyi fortune-telling is just because some unskilled forecasters defraud money under the banner of Zhouyi fortune-telling, nor can we just think that it is fortune-telling because some people are proficient in the five fortune-tellings. Forecasters who are proficient in numerology can predict accurately, so those who believe in fortune telling are ignorant. After all, fortune telling is just a technique, and the numerology knowledge mastered by the forecaster directly affects the accuracy of the prediction. To make the horoscopes compatible, you only need to follow the steps below to combine the horoscopes

Marital problems are one of the important factors that seriously affect your health. "Happy families are similar, unhappy families are different!". A happy marriage is the special secret core that constitutes a happy family; a happy marriage can make people healthy and live longer, which is a truth and law recognized by the world. This shows how important a happy marriage is. Marriage is an old custom. In ancient times, both men and women needed to make a fortune teller before marriage to determine whether the horoscopes were compatible, and then provide reasonable suggestions for the inconsistencies in the horoscopes. The horoscope marriage should be carried out from the following aspects.

1. The year pillar of both men and women should not be crossed by punishment, because the year is the root, the moon is the seedling, the sun is the flower, and the hour is the fruit. The year pillar is the spirit of a horoscope and is the foundation, so when both parties meet the year It is not appropriate for the sun pillars of both men and women to be in conflict and conflict, because the sun is a flower and is the palace of husband and wife, and the husband and wife palaces of both parties are in conflict with each other and are in conflict with each other. It is not suitable, the relationship between husband and wife is not easy after marriage

3. The four zodiac signs of both men and women should not be in conflict with each other, because the year is the palace of parents, the month is the palace of brothers and sisters, the sun is the palace of husband and wife, and the hour is the palace of children. The four pillars If there are mutual conflicts and punishments, the year will be unfavorable to both parents, the moon will be unfavorable to the six relatives, the sun will be unfavorable to the family, and the hour will be unfavorable to the children.

4. A man whose life is all yang should be matched with a woman who is all yin. A man whose life is all yin should be matched with a woman who is all yang. The same is true for women, so that we can coordinate whether the online horoscope marriage is true or false.

5. It is not advisable for men and women to have their natal palaces in conflict with each other, because the natal palace is the home of human life."Su" says: God has no home, man has no room and no place to live, life has no palace and no owner. The life palace is like a person's residence. This shows the importance of the life palace. If the life palaces of both parties conflict with each other, they will inhibit each other. If you are punished, your family and emotional foundation will not be stable after marriage, and you will easily have a sense of crisis and a lack of security.

6. The horoscopes of both men and women are like and punished, because the horoscope of xi and yong is the medicine that heals one horoscope. If the gods of hi and yong restrain each other, it will be difficult for the husband and wife to be of the same mind after marriage, and it is easy to cause conflicts. , opinions, one wants to go east, one wants to go west, one wants to go, and the other wants to go to Tianjin. That makes it easy to part ways. Online horoscope marriage.

7. The three-yuan palace positions of both men and women must be consistent, which is also called the hexagram number marriage or the three-yuan male-female marriage. , Qian, Kun, Kan, Li, Zhen, Gen, Xun, Dui are represented by, and then match the respective palaces of both parties. The matching results are respectively Fortune, Anger, Heavenly Medicine, Gui, You, Wu, Jueti, Among the eight results of death, if the combination is good fortune, anger, heavenly medicine, and prosperous offspring, if the combination is to travel and return, the fifth is medium, and men and women have their own worries. If the combination is to have death, death, Big bad. Is the horoscope combination reliable?

Marriage requires a comprehensive analysis of the entire marriage process and the lifelong fortunes of both parties, and provides rational suggestions that are beneficial to the marriage of both parties. Good or bad luck cannot be determined solely from the combination or lack of combination in one aspect.

The above is the content related to Yi Qi’s horoscope, is it accurate for marriage? It is about sharing Yi Qi’s horoscope for marriage. After reading "Is the combination of Bu Yiju's horoscopes reliable for marriage, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!"

Bu Yiju's eight-character arrangement, there are three disasters in the Bu Yiju's eight-character arrangement

When it comes to the Bu Yiju name test, everyone knows that someone asked about the Zhouyi naming test Where is it? In addition, some people want to ask about the name test scoring fortune teller. Do you know what is going on? In fact, the Bu Yi Ju name test scored Ding Meihua. Let’s take a look at where the Zhou Yi naming test can be found. I hope it can help everyone!

Bu Yiju name test

1. Bu Yiju name test: Where to find the Zhouyi naming scoring test

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Bu Yiju Fortune Telling·Name Test will conduct a scoring test for your name based on Zhouyi numerology and name strokes. The scores are for reference only! Bu Yiju name test scores.

"Name Fortune Telling" Name Test Score · Free Name Collection for Baby Names

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Zhouyi name scoring Zhouyi naming scoring test_birthday fate test, Zhouyi naming scoring test love fate test (super accurate )Birthday

January 18, 2018 Zhouyi Name Scoring Zhouyi Name Scoring Test_Want to know what kind of fate you have with him (her)? What is the relationship between you two? Let’s take a simple quiz Bar! I hope lovers will eventually get married! People with name 19 are easy to draw.

Zhouyi naming scoring test Zhouyi free name scoring_name matching fate test, free fate test

January 19, 2019 Zhouyi naming scoring test Zhouyi free name scoring_recommend a name to you Fate test fortune tellers, you should also come and take a look! Matching destiny test anet free fortune telling/ming/male and female name matching

Zhouyi naming scoring test will die early if the name is 22 paintings.

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2. Bu Yiju Name Test: Name Test Score Fortune Teller

[Xiao]’s name test score results The following are the most accurate websites for online fortune telling for free.

Bu Yiju name test score Ding Meihua

[歭]’s name comprehensive score: 80 (full score, 60 points pass)

[马], traditional: horse, pinyin: mǎ, five elements : Water, strokes: 10, name explanation: elegant and versatile, middle-aged and busy, auspicious in old age. (吉)

[子], Traditional Chinese: 子, Pinyin: zǐ, Five Elements: Water, Stroke: 3, Name explanation: Wisdom and courage, elegance and honor, middle-aged labor, prosperity in old age, gentle woman Virtuous. (Auspicious)

[歭], Traditional Chinese:, Pinyin: xiāo, Five elements: wood, Strokes: 11, Name explanation: (fierce)

Name five-character test

Sky grid: 11 Personality: 13 Ground grid: 14 Outside grid: 12 Total grid: 24

Personality 13 has the following mathematical implications: The store name test score is free.

The leader's luck [wisdom, benevolence, courage, determination, and ability to others] is a complete list of boy names in 2021 that lack wood and fire.

Auspicious luck [indicating health, happiness, reputation, etc.]

Artistic luck [rich in artistic talent, capable of aesthetics, art, performing arts, and sports] Bu Yiju's name test fate .

Digit 14 has the following mathematical implications:

Unfavorable luck [indicating adversity, weakness, illness, difficulties, disasters, etc.]

Art Neng Lun [rich in artistic talent, capable of aesthetics, art, performing arts, and sports]

Lonely Luck [wife overpowers husband or husband controls wife]

The total number of 24 is as follows Mathematical hint: Free scoring for birth date and horoscope name test.

Wealth and luck [a lot of money, riches and wealth, huge fortunes from nothing]

Good luck [meaning health, happiness, reputation, etc.]

Mild luck [peaceful temperament, able to gain trust from superiors and subordinates]

The outer pattern 12 has the following mathematical hints: Is the ground pattern 19 really so fierce?

If the number of bad fortunes [represents adversity, weakness, illness, difficulties, disasters, etc.], can the name only have 22 characters?

Lonely luck [the wife overpowers the husband or the husband suppresses the wife]

The configuration of the three talents of the name determines good and bad luck

The configuration of the three talents: [Wood, Fire and Fire] Bu Yiju’s name free test Score the test.

Good and bad luck analysis: [Half-lucky]

Fate summary: [It will develop smoothly and successfully, but it has the shortcoming of lack of endurance, or it may be too dependent, leading to failure , there may be signs of depression and weakness. ] Zhouyi 1 to 81 Detailed explanation of good and bad fortune in mathematics.

It develops successfully in harmony, but it has the disadvantage of lack of durability, or it is too dependent, and the move fails, and there is a sign of frustration. (Ping)

1. Summary: Although you are lucky to be successful, you are unwilling to be lonely and have insufficient endurance. You are prone to go your own way and fall into a solitary struggle. If you cultivate your body and mind, you will be able to succeed. Fame and fortune come together. If the five elements of your fortune are water, your career will be difficult to achieve and disasters will occur in your youth, and you will also have bad luck in old age.

2. Personality: Optimistic and forthright in appearance, good at socializing and socializing, and popular with others, but moody in personality, prone to hot and cold feelings, impatient and prone to impulsiveness.

3. Will: The will is still strong. You can achieve success and fame according to your own ideals and efforts, but you can't bear to live alone.

4. Career: Being impulsive and proactive in doing things, it is easy to achieve success and show your ambitions.

5. Family: Husband and wife and children should be filial, but socializing should be restrained to last long. The most auspicious characters among Kangxi's ten paintings.

6. Marriage: When a man marries a passionate and straightforward wife, he should reduce the number of social activities; when a woman marries a gentle and humble husband, she should reduce the behavior that makes her husband suspicious.

7. Children: There are more boys than girls. All of them are healthy and lively, a little naughty, and can be quite successful when they grow up.

8. Social: Very popular, have many friends, easy to come into contact with the opposite sex, avoid this. A complete collection of names for girls with wood fire.

9. Spirit: Optimistic on the outside, but grumpy on the inside, often looking for mental burdens on himself.

10. Wealth: no shortage of materials, abundant financial resources, and wealth.

11. Health: Pay attention to high blood pressure or heart disease.

12. Old luck: You can enjoy your old age, but you may lack the happiness of talent. Recommend an accurate fortune telling website.

Influence on basic luck: Whether the name complements the five elements depends on the general pattern or the three talents.

You can get temporary good luck, but the foundation is weak and lacks durability. (But if the sky is 1 or 2, it will be auspicious.)

Influence on success:

If you are cared for by your superiors, you will be able to go smoothly.Successfully developed. (Ji)

Influence on interpersonal relationships:

If a man has wealth, his wife will be blessed with a rich family, successful, successful, socially attractive, supported by others, and helped by noble people. To form a large climate. (Ji)

Influence on personality: A list of good and bad fortunes for names 1 to 81.

It has explosive qualities within but is extremely stable on the surface. Just like fire burning wet wood, although it initially smokes but does not become a fire sign, it often has the character of suppressing thoughts and not daring to tell others. It is superficially contradictory and wastes energy. Ching Chong Ning Nong Ling Long Ting Tong. There are those who are hypocritical and many twists and turns; there are those who are sick and weak and have weak relatives, and most of them are unfortunate in the general family. If the number in the personality department is 24, the person will be docile, resourceful, easy to get rich, and may gain power, fame, and other luck.

Analysis of Tiange 11: (The Tiange number is passed down from the ancestors, and its mathematics has little influence on people.)

The Chunchengyu number that can save family luck. [Daji] How to calculate the names of heaven, earth and people.

Foundation: Fortune, God’s Blessing, Anlu, Wenchang, Skills, Farm and House.

Family: Beekeeping produces honey, everything goes smoothly and everything is gentle.

Health: Rivers are always there, and you are expected to be healthy and live a long life.

Meaning: Restoration, enjoyment of innate luck, everything is developed in order, steady and solid. If you get wealth and prosperity for the second time, there are hints of re-establishing your family, and you can get the good luck of restoring your family's luck to be calm and smooth.

Analysis of Personality 13: (The personality number is also called the main luck, which is the center point of the name and affects the destiny of a person's life.)

A number with outstanding intelligence, erudition and many talents. [Daji]

Foundation: Tianguan, Wenchang, skills, wealth, bachelor's degree, land, treasury. Bu Yiju's name test scores and you can choose the name Shu for free.

Family: The ancestors are still alive, the descendants are filial, and there is hope for reunion.

Health: It may be healthy and long-lived, and the three talents may be strong, but it is not possible for those who are not congenitally compatible with the five elements.

Meaning: Rich in academic ability, resourceful and resourceful, patient and gentle in dealing with problems, and able to deal with any difficulties skillfully to achieve great success. A good inducement to enjoy happiness. Full of wisdom is its characteristic.

Analysis of Digit 14: (Digit number is also called forward luck, which affects a person’s activity before middle age (36 years old).)

The number of frustration and depression in Tianya . [Unfortunate]

Foundation: dark wealth, beauty, art, wandering, beauty, robbery of wealth. The strokes of a name are 26 strokes of good and bad luck.

Family: estrangement. Moved away from ancestors. There is no difference between our brothers, but they are destined to each other outside.

Health: Both men and women are good-looking, skin diseases, colds, and wind. Those with congenital five elements are healthy. Enter your name for fortune telling for free.

Meaning: Many bad omens, poor family ties. Bereavement, death of a child, separation of brothers and sisters. Loneliness, dissatisfaction, boredom, danger, misfortune, and uncertainty. For the sake of generosity, showing kindness leads to resentment, working in vain, miserable and lonely. Other luckIf the numbers are not coordinated properly, it will harm the longevity of the person.

Analysis of Waige 12: (Waige is also called Biange, which affects people’s social skills, wisdom, etc.) Search the word source website to enter.

Number of lonely families with weak will. [Unfortunate]

Foundation: unlucky stars, destruction of misfortune, robbery of wealth, and good fortune. Hancheng company's name is good or bad.

Family: Family ties are like autumn water, and flesh and blood are like cold charcoal. Giving kindness will attract resentment, so it is better to improve your integrity.

Health: Withered trees waiting for spring, it is suitable for those with small meridian and weak heart. It is safe for those with bone cancer, trauma, and skin diseases. Those with three talents and good qualities are safe.

Meaning: There is a sign of unreasonable aggression. Trying to do something you are incapable of doing regardless of your vulnerability will lead to failure. It's easy to feel inadequate when things happen. Poor family relationships, loneliness, suffering, adversity, illness, dissatisfaction, difficulties, etc. It can also lead to unexpected failure due to the cooperation of other luck, and even the misfortune of not being able to live a full life.

Analysis of the total number 24: (The total number is also called fortune, which affects a person’s destiny after middle age (36 years old).)

The number of money abundance for Yuqing’s family. [Daji]

Foundation: Tianguan, Fuxing, Wenchang, enterprise, treasury, monarch and ministers, wealth.

Family: Don’t rely on ancestral property to establish a family. Family and brothers are harmonious, but they should be honest and selfless.

Health: Evergreen pines and cypresses are expected to lead to longevity.

Meaning: The road is inevitably bumpy. However, with outstanding talent and resourcefulness, he can start a family with nothing, make a lot of money, become more prosperous as he grows older, and his descendants will inherit Yu Qing's good fortune. Fu Jingyao’s name rating.

The above is the content related to the Zhouyi naming scoring test. It is a sharing about the Zhouyi naming scoring test. After reading the Bu Yiju name test, I hope this helps everyone!

Scores for naming Bu Yiju

When it comes to the horoscope arrangement of Bu Yiju, everyone knows that someone asked whether there are three disasters in the horoscope arrangement of Yiju. In addition, there are also Someone wants to ask about the results of the Zhouyi heaven and earth horoscope. Do you know what is going on? In fact, is the horoscope and fortune teller trustworthy? Let’s take a look at the three disasters in Bu Yiju’s eight-character chart. I hope it can help everyone!

The horoscope of Bu Yiju

1. The horoscope of Bu Yiju: There are three disasters in the horoscope of Yiju

What exactly are the disasters in the horoscope? Bu Yiju offers free fortune telling.

It is derived from the earthly branches of the year. When Yinwu and Xu meet Zi, it is a disaster, Haimao does not meet You, Siyou and Chou meet Mao, and Shen Zichen meets Wu. The disaster evil mainly breaks through the general star. If the child is the disaster evil, it is prone to water disasters. If it is the noon evil, be careful of fire. If the metal is the disaster evil, it is easy to be injured by a knife. If the wood is the disaster evil, it is easy to be jailed and whipped. However, all disasters can be used conditionally. When the disaster is weak or restrained, it is the scourge of the silent disaster.

Don’t worry, everyone has it, why don’t you try other people’s horoscopes

2. Bu Yiju horoscope arrangement: Zhouyi heaven and earth horoscope arrangement results

It is estimated that there are two or three children. free fortune telling encyclopedia.

You are very smart, you will be rich in the future, your life will be smooth before the age of 26, it will be average between 26 and 36. After 36, if you are injured and see an official, you will probably get an official position, but there will be a lot of troubles, so you need to be careful. !

The above is for reference only!

3. Is the fortune teller trustworthy?

Heaven, earth, people and all things are subject to life and death. Since life to death is a process, then someone who goes through the entire process is fulfilling his mission, or "fate". Since ancient times, there have been theories about deducing the fate of things and predicting good and bad luck. There are many fortune-telling methods, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false fortune-telling. Although there are easy to understand, it is ultimately a small way. It is human nature to seek good fortune and avoid misfortune, but it will lead to confusion and confusion, which will burden one's life. I advise you: work hard to fulfill your ambitions, fight now and don’t wait for the time to come; also know that you can follow the destiny and follow its course. Although you are favored, honored, honored, or poor, you will die, but you will not be arrogant, not frightened, and not afraid, and you will be able to feel relaxed and at ease. Determination. How to tell whether the horoscope has seals or not.

4. Bu Yiju's eight-character layout: the results of the Zhouyi heaven and earth's eight-character layout

5. Bu Yiju's eight-character layout: What do you think of the four-column eight-character layout?

Pinch-pointing was a standard move for fortune tellers in the past. There are complicated rules for arranging the four pillars and eight characters, and generally the time to deal with the customer is limited. Quickly find the four pillars and eight characters, great fortune and find special squares, clashes, combinations, meetings, and double combinations. , Double clashes are the basic skills for engaging in numerology work. In order to facilitate memory, the ancients used the joint positions of the five fingers and added formulas to complete this series of algorithms. Nowadays, it is no longer so troublesome. You can enter the birthday and birth time in the four-column layout software and just move your fingers. For example, it is 13:41 pm on April 16 of the Gregorian calendar year. For a girl born now, the four pillars obtained after inputting are the stem and branch calendar of birth: Wuxu year, Bingchen month, Wuyin day, and Jiwei time. A man with four earth elements in his life.

Is the horoscope and fortune telling trustworthy?

These eight characters cannot be used to tell fortunes or judge personality. There is still a lot of information in the horoscope, such as the four-pillar arrangement just now. The basic information of the upper part is intercepted as follows:

Bijianxiao Inquiry table of the eight-character seal star for the Lord of the Sun to rob wealth.

Kun Zao: Wu Bing Wuji (Shen Youkong) Wang Xizhu Shenzhan.

What does it mean when the Xuchen Yinwei sun pillar is empty?

Detailed explanation of Xin Shang Guan Wubi shoulder armor seven kills Yi Zhengguan (free version).

Ding Zhengyin, Yi Zhengguan, Bing Xiao, God Ji robbed wealth and the ten evils were defeated, but he became rich.

Wu is as good as Guizhengcai, Wu is as good as Dingzhengyin, and the Rizhu is scary for marriage.

Basics of fortune telling: teach you how to read the four-pillar and eight-character horoscope (Part 1)

I know all the Chinese characters, but the following onesWhat do "Xin Shangguan, Ding Zhengyin, Wu Bijian..." mean? Before understanding these terms, we must first introduce two basic concepts - "Earthly Branches" and "Ten Gods". However, before these two concepts, there is some more basic knowledge that needs to be understood: Yiyi Free Eight-Character List.

(1) The relationship between the five elements. Our popular saying is metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. In numerology, the order is wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, which corresponds to the four seasons and the order of birth and restraint. Wood represents spring. The year starts from spring, and wood is arranged. Fire represents summer and ranks second, water represents winter and ranks fifth, gold represents autumn and ranks fourth, and earth represents the period of seasonal change. It has four seasons and ranks third in the middle. There are ten groups of relationships between the five elements. Two adjacent ones are mutually beneficial, namely, wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal, metal generates water, and water generates wood. One person separated by one mutually restricts each other, that is, wood controls earth, fire controls metal, and earth controls water. , metal overcomes wood, water overcomes fire.

(2) The attributes of the five elements of the heavenly stems and earthly branches. The five elements add up to ten, and the ten heavenly stems are just distributed, namely: A (yang wood), B (yin wood), B (yang fire), Ding (yin fire), Wu (yang earth), Ji (yin earth) ), Geng (yang metal), Xin (yin metal), Ren (), Gui (). There are four earth branches in the twelve earthly branches, so there are two yang and two yin, namely: Yin (yang wood), Mao (yin wood), Chen (yang earth), Si (yin fire), Wu (yang fire), Wei (yin) Earth), Shen (Yang Metal), You (Yin Metal), Xu (Yang Earth), Hai (), Zi (), Chou (Yin Earth). We are used to starting the twelve earthly branches from "Zi", because Zi is the beginning of the year, but at the same time, Yin month is the beginning of the year. The common view in the field of numerology is that the earthly branches of the month have a much greater influence than the earthly branches of the hour, so it is generally starting from "Yin" starts.

The above is the content related to the three disasters in Bu Yiju's horoscope. It is a sharing about the three disasters in Bu Yiju's horoscope. After reading Bu Yiju's eight-character layout, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

Bu Yiju’s birth date and eight-character naming scoring system are based on the baby’s birth time, determine the five-element characters, and then determine the name based on the auspicious combination of the surname. A good name is a name that conforms to the baby's numerology.

Steps for naming:

1. Analyze the five elements and patterns of the horoscope of birth, and find out the likes and taboos of the gods.

2. Select the five-element Chinese characters needed for the fortune bureau.

3. Reasonably match the words to be used based on the surname, characteristics of the times, gender, and horoscopes. Remove taboo words and avoid bad numbers. Choose the meaning, shape, image, sound, and synthesis of the words. Match.

4. You must also avoid the horoscopes that do not conflict with the horoscopes. The five grids, strokes, and reasonable combination are good and auspicious names that are suitable for the horoscopes.

For reference.

Bu Yiju Name Test Score Ding Meihua’s name: Ding Meihua

The five elements are: fire, water, water

The strokes are: 2 9 14

Heavenly grid. Personality. Ground grid. Total grid. Number of external grids respectively: 3 (fire) 11 (wood) 23 (fire) 25 (earth) 15 (earth)

Overall mathematical score: 96

The detailed explanation is as follows:

Tiange Mathematics 3 (Fire) [also known as the Xiange, which is left by the ancestors and has little impact on life], implies:

(The number of the three talents) The number of the three talents, harmony between heaven, earth and people, fame and wealth, prosperity. (Ji)

Personality Mathematics 11 (Wood) [also known as the nominative case, which is the center point of a name and is in charge of a person’s life destiny], implies:

(Dry seedlings meet with rain) All things are renewed , harmonious and developed, magnificent and prosperous. (Ji)

People who are good at planning everything, pay attention to reality and work, can start their own business, have lofty ideals, can follow the steps, and have a smooth career.

Geographic Mathematics 23 (Fire) [also known as Qian Luck, which is the destiny of the first half of life and will affect before middle age], implies:

(Magnificent) The rising sun is magnificent and magnificent. , strong authority and great fame. (Ji)

Zongge Mathematics 25 (Earth) [also known as later luck, is the fate of the second half of life, affecting middle age to old age], implying:

(Rong Jun) Qualification If you are sensitive in nature and have unique talents, you can still succeed if you overcome your arrogance. (Banji)

External Number 15 (Earth) [also known as Ling Yun, the spiritual power, social ability and wisdom in charge of destiny], implying:

(Longevity) Full happiness and longevity , wealth and honor, self-cultivation and magnanimity, high moral character and respect. (Ji)

The three talents of heaven, man and earth 3 1 3 (fire, wood and fire) imply health and whether life is smooth:

Success is good, and upward development is easy to achieve the goal. The foundation If you are safe and peaceful, and your situation is good, you will surely live a long life and enjoy happiness, and your configuration will be auspicious. (Ji)

1. General conclusion: If you have the fortune of development, you can take the lead in setting an example, and you can develop successfully after middle age. Be careful about being overconfident and going your own way, which can lead to depression.

2. Personality: Generous and good-looking, kind-hearted, soft on the outside but strong on the inside, hard-working, fast-talking and arrogant, knowledgeable but unable to specialize in one art, good at arranging the fun of life. Be careful not to be too romantic after marriage.

3. Will: Strong will, everything goes according to plan, good patience, able to endure hardship, and is an entrepreneurial talent.

4. Career: The career process is relatively tiring, you have a strong sense of family responsibility, and you can show your ambitions in society.

5. Family: Husband and wife and children are diligent and harmonious, sharing family happiness. However, socializing should be reduced to avoid conflicts of opinion.

6. Marriage: If a man marries a virtuous wife, he will have a harmonious relationship after marriage; if a woman marries a talented husband, she will have a happy marriage.

7. Children: They are beautiful and healthy.And lively. When I grow up, I will develop well in society.

8. Socializing: He is a serious person, which makes people feel awe. He is popular and can succeed in socializing.

9. Spirit: You work hard for your career, but your spirit can still be comforted.

10. Wealth luck: Your daily hard work is not in vain, and your financial resources are still good.

11. Health: For good health and longevity, pay attention to urinary system diseases.

12. Old luck: You worked hard in your middle years, but you are still stable in your later years. But the spirit is more depressed.

The combination of personality and appearance (15) implies interpersonal relationships, social skills, career and other information: stubborn personality, not good at socializing, working less and getting more. People who can improve their reputation and strength have a chance of success, but do not despise others, otherwise you will make mistakes and miss the opportunity for support. (Ji)

Are the Bu Yiju name test scores correct? Is it accurate? Is it credible? I recommend you to Tiandaoyuan

Bu Yiju name test score Han Yufan Han Yufan: 57 points

The five elements are: water, earth and water

The strokes are: 17 6 ​​3

The detailed explanation is as follows:

?Tiange 18 (Gold) [Ancestral luck, relatively weak influence on life] Hint: (Iron mirror is heavy Grinding) shows authority, gains fame and fortune, cultivates gentle virtue, and achieves success and fame. (Ban Ji)

?Personality 23 (Fire) [Main luck, affecting a person’s life destiny] Hint: (Magnificent) The rising sun is magnificent, powerful, and famous. (Ji)

?Digit 9 (Water) [Forward luck, affecting the fate of the first half of life] Hint: (Broken boat into the sea) The number of great success contains dangers, success or failure, difficult to grasp. (fierce)

? Total grid 26 (earth) [luck, affecting the fate of the second half of life] Hint: (Change into monsters) The mystery of becoming monsters, heroes, overlapping waves, and great achievements. (Banji)

?Outer Ge 4 (Fire) [Spiritual luck, affecting social interaction and wisdom] Hint: (Ferocious change) The number of the four images is waiting to grow, be careful in everything, and do not have any plans. (fierce)

Bu Yiju’s name test score Li Muran Li Muran’s name test score results are as follows

Li Muran’s name comprehensive score: 71 (full score is 60 out of 100)

Li, Traditional Chinese: Li, Pinyin: lǐ, Five Elements: Fire, Stroke: 7, Name explanation: (Ji)

Mu, Traditional Chinese: Mu, Pinyin: mù, five elements: water, strokes: 8, nomenclature explanation: (吉)

Ran, traditional Chinese: ran, pinyin: rán, five elements: gold, strokes: 12, nomenclature explanation: naturally smart, elegant Ronggui, good luck in middle age, prosperity in old age,The environment is good. (Ji)

Zhouyi fortune-telling, birth date, eight-character naming and scoring test network Chinese name: Shang Jiacheng The five elements are: gold, wood, and gold strokes: 8 8 7 Tiange. Personality .Ground grid. Total grid. Number of outer grids respectively: 9 (water) 16 (earth) 15 (earth) 23 (fire) 8 (gold). Overall mathematical score: 79 points. The detailed explanation is as follows: Tian grid mathematics 9 (water) [ Also known as the Xiange, which is left by the ancestors and has little impact on life], suggesting: (breaking the boat into the sea) The number of great success contains danger, success or failure, and it is difficult to grasp the personality mathematics 16 (earth) [also called the nominative case, It is the center point of the name and is in charge of the person's life destiny], implying: (thick) A person with deep virtues, prosperity and honor, both financial and official beauty, success and fame. (Ji) You are kind and easy to deal with, you are very popular with outsiders, you can try your best to help when you are asked by others, when your will and personality are in harmony, you will be able to develop your luck, even if you are in the salaried class, you will be able to make a fortune, and your fortune or fortune will be affected. It will reduce the blessing. Geographical Mathematics 15 (Earth) [also known as Qian Luck, which is the destiny of the first half of life and will affect before middle age], implies: (luck and longevity) complete happiness and longevity, wealth and honor, self-cultivation and magnanimity, high morality and high prestige. (Ji) General math 23 (Fire) [also known as later luck, is the fate of the second half of life, affecting middle age to old age], suggesting: (Magnificent) The rising sun is magnificent, powerful, and famous. (Ji) External math 8 (gold) [also known as Ling Yun, the spiritual power, social ability and wisdom in charge of destiny], suggesting: (the number of Bagua) the number of Bagua, Qiankan Genzhen, Xunli Kundui, infinite Endless. (Banji)

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A good name must match the horoscope’s joy and yongshen, as well as the hexagram theory, pronunciation, shape, image, and meaning of the name. There are related introductions to traditional I Ching naming in my Baidu space. If you are interested, you can check it out. I hope it will be helpful to you in choosing a name. < /p>

Radical Pinyin

Lili 10 13 14 木木lì

Yiyi 8 8 8 木宀yí

Zhengzheng 5 5 5 Jinzhi zhèng, zhēng

Name rating:

Name Li Yizheng rating:

Cultural impression score 95 points.

Zodiac 98 points.

89 points in five-frame mathematics.

Meaning of the word:

Yi: appropriate, appropriate; should, should; of course, no surprise. (This character appears approximately 154,470 times in the name database ***)

"Shuowen Jiezi" explains: "Yi" means "safe".

Zheng: It means upright, legitimate, legal and correct. (This character appears approximately 497,400 times in the name database ***)

"Shuowen Jiezi" explains: Yes. From stop to stop. Everything that belongs to righteousness must follow righteousness.

Summary of the good name:

Judging from the birth date and horoscope, the name needs the help of wood, and the five-element attribute of chestnut is wood. Judging from the zodiac, the zodiac sign is Ox, so the radical of wood in the name should be auspicious, and the radical of chestnut should be wood.

Judging from the birth date and horoscope, the name must have the help of wood, and the five-element attribute of the word "Yi" is wood. Judging from the zodiac sign, the zodiac sign is Ox, the radical "倀" in the name should be auspicious, and the appropriate radical "倀" should be.

The meaning of the word "yi" means suitable, pleasant, and suitable; "zheng" means integrity, uprightness, uprightness, and beautiful meaning.

The pronunciations of Yinlu, Yi and Zheng are lì, yí and zhèng, and the tones are Qusheng, Yangping and Qusheng.

The character shape is an up-down structure, with 14 strokes for the name; it is suitable for an up-down structure, with 8 strokes for the name; the correct structure is up-down, with 5 strokes for the name; the font is beautiful and easy to write.

The five-square stroke combination of this name is 14-8-5, which means the five-square strokes are very lucky.

The meaning of the name can be interpreted as: "Children celebrate the Children's Day, thousands of flowers are pleasant." The idiom "Yi Ang" Yi Xi "Be above board" expands the artistic conception of the name.

Cultural impressions: Idiom explanations, interesting explanations, famous quotes and words used by celebrities

Idiom explanations:

It is appropriate to be angry and happy to be upright (explanation) Left It is advisable to be smart and upright on the right (explanation); it is advisable to be upright and upright on the left and right (explanation)

Be fair and aboveboard according to people's conditions (explanation); Be honest and fair according to local conditions (explanation); Be fair and aboveboard according to the circumstances (explanation)

Interesting explanation:

Children celebrate the Children’s Day and thousands of flowers are pleasant

Pleasant? Righteous

Pleasant? Righteous

< p> Appropriate? Integrity

Appropriate? Upright

Appropriate? Justice

Appropriate? Correct pronunciation

Appropriate? Pure

Suitable? Fair

Suitable? Loyal

Famous quotes:

If you want to compare the West Lake to the West, it is always better to put on light makeup and heavy makeup.

-Su Shi's "Drinking on the Lake, First Clear and Later Rain"

In the small window, I am dressing up.

- Su Shi's "Jiangchengzi's Dream on the Night of the Twentieth Day of the First Month of Yi Mao"

When the son returns home, it is suitable for his family.

- The Book of Songs "Taoyao"

Qia was a classmate of a young boy who was in his prime.

- *** "Qinyuanchun? Changsha"

Celebrity words:

Chen Yizhang: neurophysiologist. A native of Cixi (formerly Yuyao), Zhejiang. In 1995, he was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Liu Eryi: The number one scholar in the Liao Dynasty. Cheng Zhengkui: a painter from the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. His courtesy name was Duanbo, his nickname was Juling, and he was also called Qingxi Taoist. Able to write poems and essays, and good at calligraphy and painting. The landscapes painted mostly use bare brushes, and the colors are exquisite. Xue Juzheng: (912-981), courtesy name Ziping, minister and historian of the Northern Song Dynasty. In the sixth year of Kaibao (AD 973), Lu Duoxun, Hu Meng and others were ordered to compile the History of the Five Dynasties. They were supervised by him and the book was completed. It was later called the "Old History of the Five Dynasties".

Birthday (Gregorian calendar)

18:55, July 7, 2009

Birthday (lunar calendar) 15th day of the fifth month in the leap year of Ji Chou


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