I would like to ask if Phoenix Mountain in Shenzhen also has fortune telling in addition to fortune-

I would like to ask if Phoenix Mountain in Shenzhen also has fortune telling in addition to fortune-


How to distinguish the false fortune tellers of Zhouyi's "nine out of ten calculations" is excerpted from the last chapter of the book titled "Folk Four Pillars and Eight Characters". You can read the entire book for free on Baidu's "Folk Four Pillars and Eight Characters". Read this article to avoid being fooled by fortune tellers! At present, there is a mixed bag of fish and dragons in the Zhouyi world. There are scholars who are truly talented, and there are also those who use the name of the Book of Changes to pretend to be cheaters, and most of them are the latter, so it has become a phenomenon of "nine out of ten cheats". The reasons can be roughly divided into four categories: The first category of fortune tellers accounts for about 5%. They have never studied the Book of Changes or only read the book for a few days before setting up a stall. ?The second type of fortune tellers accounts for about 35%. This type of people did learn the Zhouyi, but due to the limitations of academic qualifications and knowledge, as well as the influence of personal quality and understanding, and the difficulty of learning the Zhouyi itself, they did not learn it in the end, but they also Started fortune telling and divination. ?The third category of fortune tellers accounts for about 3%. This type of people has indeed learned the Book of Changes, but students taught by the same school, the same class, and the same teacher all have good or bad grades, so those who have learned the Book of Changes also have different levels of proficiency. These % or so of people have a relatively low accuracy rate and are considered to be low-achieving fortune tellers. ?The fourth category of fortune tellers accounts for about 2%. The performance of this type of fortune tellers is excellent, and the accuracy of fortune telling is above %. One hundred percent diviners do not exist, they are gods, not humans. Therefore, when you are trying to test your destiny or choose a training class, you should keep your eyes open and distinguish the true from the false. How can you spot a fake guru? Very simple. As long as you ask the other party to predict your past, if the fortune teller dares to tell and speaks clearly, the prediction is accurate and it is a true master, otherwise it must be false. ?What do you mean by not daring to count? That is, when you ask to predict the past and see how accurate it is, he looks dazed, has some thoughts, or makes some nonsensical remarks to shirk the prediction. ?What is clear speech? It means that what you say cannot be vague and suitable for everyone. In fact, you can tell whether the master is true or false based on the assertions. For example, take people born in the Guisi year, Wuwu month, Renzi day, and Jiachen. .The first assertion: This person has an upright character. If you are talented in doing things openly, but your brothers are not able to do it, and your ancestral business is not reliable, you are loyal, but your children are not able to do it, so you should engage in business. 2. The second assertion: This person was born on the day of Ren and the month of Wu. The sun is dry and the womb is in the womb. It is the time of rest and imprisonment. There is a wounded official of Yi wood in the afternoon, which can increase the positive wealth of Ding fire. Therefore, the body is weak and cannot bear the official of wealth. luck. 3. The third assertion: dropped out of school to find a job in 236, fell in love in 23, got married in 239, had better fortune in 25, had a disaster in 254, and could avoid losing money, etc. Let’s analyze the above three kinds of assertions: a. The first kind of people who are in the world are not fortune tellers. Their assertions are all empty words and have no practical significance. They are words that apply to everyone and only a few words are repeated. b. The second kind of people are unable to calculate one, two, and three. They talk about theories in vain, and the people who come to take the test are confused and confused, and they don’t understand it at all. They think there are two things. Brush, very powerful master. .The third type of person’s assertions are crisp and clear, as long as they understand ChineseAnyone can understand it, one is one, two is two, and the fortune teller will know whether the calculation is right or wrong as soon as he hears it. This is the real fortune teller. When asking for a test, everyone should pay attention to the following points: (1) When asking for a test, don’t just test one thing. Sometimes the other party happens to get it right, so you need to test a few more things. Real gold is not afraid of fire, and don’t Looking at the age of the other person, it is taken for granted that the older the person, the more experience they have. (2) But don’t try to test the past without limit or quantity, because fortune tellers are all human beings, not gods and not machines. Just test three to five things. Anything with a correct rate of less than two will be false; anything with a correct rate of more than three will be true. Those who can be 100% correct are gods. Currently, my accuracy is between % and 9%. In addition, fortune telling is very tiring, so three to five items are just right. (3) You must be qualified. Don't be bored and ask a fortune teller to do experiments, because it is very tiring to test a divination. Don't ask the other party to test your future for free. Even if the other party disagrees, you will use bad words and verbal attacks. Be considerate and respectful of others and seek testing with sincerity. You can predict what happened in the past for free, and you can predict what will happen in the future for free, but there is a number in the last paragraph of the last article of Baidu's "Folk Four Pillars and Eight Characters". Apprentices who are interested in Taoism will also be accepted, and they will provide for their own food and accommodation. cjfxbjdf

I Ching fortune telling is a Kuibao culture that has been handed down for five thousand years in China, and it is unquestionable by anyone. Everyone should look at fortune-telling in the Book of Changes from a scientific perspective. Neither should we blindly think that fortune-telling in the Book of Changes is superstitious just because some unskilled forecasters use the name of fortune-telling in the Book of Changes to defraud money and sex. Because some forecasters who are proficient in the five arts and numerology are so accurate that they foolishly believe that fortune tellers are gods. After all, fortune telling is just a technique, and the numerology knowledge mastered by the forecaster directly affects the accuracy of the prediction.

Zhimi Jushi, (you can also search Zhimi Jushi fortune-telling on Baidu) real name Xu Shiyou, male, born in 1983, native of Fujian. The word Jie Xuan, the name Zhi Mi, the famous forecaster, fortune teller, date picker, naming master, and Feng Shui master. I have been keen on the study of Yi since I was a child. I have traveled around the world and visited famous teachers. I have in-depth insights and rich practical experience in prediction subjects such as Zhouyi, physiognomy, horoscopes, divination, daily studies, name studies, Feng Shui, etc., and can truly apply them. The I Ching culture provides guidance, troubleshooting, and problem solving. He is a numerology expert certified by an authoritative website.

You can also go to Baidu Tieba and Zhimijushi fortune-telling bar to have a look. There are many prediction examples.