Please tell me, looking at Susan’s fortune, which one is more accurate, the Sun or the Ascendant?

Please tell me, looking at Susan’s fortune, which one is more accurate, the Sun or the Ascendant?


Susan Miller's 2017 fortune

Susan Miller's Aries fortune in 2017

Career: Aries' career fortune in 2017 is divided into the first half and the second half. to discuss. In the first half of the year, you will continue your good luck last year and receive generous rewards in your career. Mercury entering the house of friends and friends in Aries also means that you will be evaluated and tested. Some Aries will get opportunities to expand their careers with the help of friends. For Aries who are bosses, the first half of the year will be a good period for your development. You may sign big projects during this period, but you need to be objective Choose your partners wisely.

In the second half of the year, Aries' career pace will be relatively flustered. You often need to deal with some problems caused by cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, and negotiations. These problems will reach a breaking point in June and September. You must be especially careful about some verbal promises, because it is very likely that they will not be fulfilled. For Aries who are engaged in freelance work, the first half of the year is a good period of smooth sailing. Your reputation will be spread and customers will continue to flow. However, in the second half of the year, the situation will get worse, and the things you are worried about will still happen, and you need to adjust and change your strategy. For working Aries, you can face work easily in the first half of the year and get a good salary. The second half of the year will be harder, you will become busier at work, and many things are out of your control, but your efforts will create a stable working environment for yourself. Aries can wear a string of "Xingsuge Aries Astrology Bracelet" in 2017 to promote the development of fortune throughout the year, make their career move forward steadily, and create good results.

Susan Miller's 2017 Taurus fortune

Career: The career fortune of Taurus in 2017 is not bad. The preparations in the past few years have benefited Taurus this year. Most Taurus have entered a stage of stable development, and the development trajectory in the next few years is basically directional. This has also saved Taurus a lot of things. Taurus only need to continue this year. Just keep moving forward and scale up.

Saturn entering the career house will bring more job opportunities to Taurus. However, this also means that you will face greater tests, and the responsibilities and pressure on your shoulders will also increase. You need Maintain enough energy to face these trials. For Taurus as a boss, you will have the opportunity to take on larger projects. You will be very busy, which will disrupt your original rhythm of life. It is recommended that you set a good work and rest time to ensure that you have enough energy to devote yourself to work. middle. For freelance Taurus, the pressure at work will also increase. The high demands of customers will make you feel breathless, and you will become nervous and even timid. Fortunately, you can handle it. . Taurus who work part-time will get the opportunity for promotion and salary increase. Your talents and abilities will be discovered and you will be reused by your boss. Even if you can't get promotion and salary increase now, it will be a matter of time. However, some working Taurus will feel confused, not knowing where their way out is, and even doubt their abilities.You may choose to leave your job at this time. I advise Taurus who have these thoughts to think carefully, because your next job may not be satisfactory. At the same time, Taurus can wear the 2017 lucky item "Xingxiuge Taurus Astrology Bracelet" to enhance the overall fortune, so that the career will rise step by step and go smoothly.

Susan Miller Gemini's 2017 fortune

Career: Gemini's career fortune will fluctuate in 2017, affected by the shift of Jupiter , Gemini's career fortune is good in the first half of the year, but enters a low ebb in the next year.

In the first half of the year, Gemini's career fortune will continue the good state last year, soaring all the way, and the career will flourish. Geminis in high-level positions can continue to expand their businesses, expand markets, and make appropriate adjustments to internal planning. For freelance Geminis, the first half of the year is a good opportunity to make money, and all aspects of development are going smoothly. However, you need to pay attention to your words and actions to avoid inadvertently slandering others. For Geminis who work part-time, work will be smooth sailing, and you will have the opportunity to be promoted and rewarded by your boss. You will also have more opportunities to learn things other than work. These favorable conditions are very helpful for your own improvement. Geminis can wear the 2017 lucky item "Xingxiuge Gemini Astrology Bracelet" to enhance their overall fortune, so that their careers will rise step by step and their work will be satisfactory.

Entering the second half of the year, Gemini’s career development will gradually slow down. Especially in the second half of August, Gemini will obviously find that their career seems to have entered a period of stagnation. The long-term investment you made in the first half of the year should be taken back by this time. If greed is still inflated, then your career may be Will get into trouble. During this period, you should take a conservative and stable route in your career, correctly grasp the chips in your hands, and never blindly challenge heights you have never tried before, otherwise you will fall even more severely.

Susan Miller Cancer's 2017 fortune

Career: In 2017, although Cancer's career fortune cannot be compared with last year, it is also rising steadily. However, for For some Cancers, they never feel satisfied in their career. Cancers, who have always had a fanatical attitude towards work, are busy every day. Although they have received promotions in grades or positions, Cancers still have a feeling of disappointment in their hearts.

Especially in the first half of the year, this feeling will become more and more obvious for Cancers, but Cancers who follow the steps still have not made a big leap in their work. In the second half of the year, this situation improved. Although you have achieved certain results, you still cannot satisfy Cancer's desires, so you begin to fall into the depression of never being satisfied.

For Cancer as a boss, you should lower your standards appropriately, lower your expected goals, and devote your energy to practical plans and projects. You should also appropriately adjust the relationship with your subordinates. , establish a harmonious and harmonious relationship between superiors and subordinates. Cancers who are engaged in freelance work will have a harder time this year. Your businessThere is a lot of work but poor treatment, and you do not have a clear goal for your own development, so you will feel helpless and confused. In the second half of the year, you should focus on what you are good at. Cancers who work part-time will not have a smooth job this year. You will obviously feel the increase in pressure. You may be suddenly dismissed from your job, but you may also be relieved by the sudden change of regulations. At this time, your requirements for yourself will also change. If your performance continues to rise, it will be difficult for you to gain a sense of accomplishment with your existing results. It is recommended that you lower your requirements appropriately, constantly adjust yourself, and face the pressure in the best possible condition. Cancers can wear the "Xingsuge Cancer Astrology Bracelet" to enhance their overall fortune and improve their career fortune, so that Cancers can travel smoothly in the workplace.

Susan Miller Leo's 2017 Horoscope

Career: Saturn's shift means that Leo has clearer goals in work and career, and Leo gradually calms down from the previous panic. For entrepreneurs, good plans and goals are the key to success. Clear goals make Leos who are starting a business more motivated. Leos only need to act according to the plan and make adjustments according to the actual situation. At the same time, you can also shift your goals in the field of work, such as professional research, advertising media, etc., and you may achieve considerable results. For freelancers, they have the opportunity to create unique and unique works, and thus gain more customers. However, for Leos who work part-time, it will be more difficult. Emotional depression and work pressure will affect their work. Even if some Leos are not affected by these factors, even if they perform well at work, it will be difficult for them to get promotions. salary opportunities. Job-hopping is not the best choice for working Leos at this time. Of course, you can consider trying other positions in the company. You have to be careful about physical exhaustion and overloading your body.

In the next month of the year, Leo's career fortune will hit a low ebb. It will not be easy for Leo to find a job during this period, and the career of Leo who is working will not go smoothly either. Taking advantage of this period, It's better to let yourself go, give yourself a holiday, and adjust your lost mood. After July, this sluggish situation has not improved. The shift of Jupiter will make Leo's work pressure heavier and the workload heavier. Leo will also feel upset because of this, but these tedious things have to be done. Do it. Leos who are engaged in the management industry are not going well either. You need to spend more energy on management, especially for new employees. It is very necessary for you to establish a strong management model. However, Leos who are engaged in freelancing will find that their business will increase, but most of them will be troublesome small orders. Leos who work part-time need to put a lot of thought into their relationships with colleagues and learn the skills of tolerance and communication. Leos may wish to wear the "Xingxiuge Leo Astrology Bracelet" to enhance their overall fortune, thereby improving their career fortune, making them enterprising and handy at work.

In terms of love: In the first half of the year, Jupiter still stays in the love house of Leo, and the love of Leo has become wonderful because of this. Your love is related to old people, old classmates and old friends.There may be sparks with you, and a class reunion or a gathering of old friends will be the place where you start your love affair. Of course, be careful of unwanted pregnancy. A single Leo partner is very likely to appear in March. You will fall in love at first sight, and your deepest feeling will be regretting meeting each other so late. If single Leo men and women want to further enhance their luck in love and attract positive love, they can wear the "Xingxiuge Occasionally Fate" and use white lotus root to enhance their charm, so that they can be more successful on the road of love.

However, from early to mid-March, Leos with a partner should be careful. This period will be God’s test for you. You are likely to face a breakup. The two people have different ambitions. Differences in personality, mutual incomprehension, and the gradual reduction of topics have all become triggers for breakups. The most painful breakup may be due to the intervention of a third party, so it is better to be careful.

From early May to mid-June is the most beautiful period of your love. You will receive blessings from many people. Of course, a stable relationship is also the result of the two people's mutual efforts. It is relatively easy to get pregnant during this period, which is a very good time for some Leos who have always wanted to have children! However, in August, your love affair will re-enact the tragedy of March. There will be cracks in the relationship between the two of you. Disagreement in opinions, different concepts, and financial problems will all have an impact on your relationship. The Venus retrograde that started on August 3 happens to occur in your emotional sector. Your love needs to be re-examined. Whether the two of you want to continue depends on each other's determination. After August 16, your relationship will gradually get on the right track and slowly stabilize. The Leo lunar eclipse on August 16 will also be Leo’s final decision when it comes to relationships. At the end of October, Leo's emotional world will be in turmoil again, and work, physical health and psychological needs will also affect Leo's emotional choices. For Leos who are emotionally disharmonious, you can wear the "Xingxiu Pavilion Crown Black Fox" in 2017 to ensure harmony and beauty of the relationship. At the same time, it can cut off the rotten peach blossoms around you and prevent a third party from invading the relationship.

Susan Miller Virgo’s 2017 Horoscope

Career: 2017 will be a year for Virgos to make great achievements in their careers. After accumulating work experience in the past few years, Virgos have become more calm when facing difficulties. When facing new challenges, you can use your intelligence to conquer them and win the recognition of others. In 2017, you will have more opportunities and face greater challenges, but they will also become a topic of discussion.

The first half of the year is a good period for Virgos to develop their careers. Your achievements are obvious to all. For Virgos who are bosses, it is necessary to expand business, and bold execution of the plan will bring you good profits. For Virgos who are engaged in freelance work, your skills have matured and have received support and praise from everyone. It is time to show off your skills. By once again improving your personal level and using less but better work methods, you will be richly rewarded. For working Virgos, you mayGaining recognition and recognition from your boss will give you the opportunity to try management-level work. At this time, you need to constantly recharge yourself to be competent.

In the second half of the year, Virgo's career fortune tends to be slow. Perhaps after a long period of investment in the first half of the year, Virgo is beginning to feel bored. You who want to make a breakthrough seem to be unable to see the results. , still staying in place, which makes you feel very tired. Your mood will also be affected by this. You may want to change jobs, but your current stable state does not give you the courage to leave because the uncertainty of the future makes you feel scared. I suggest you adjust your mentality and think about your original intention. Virgos can wear a string of "Xingxiuge Virgo Astrology Bracelet" this year to have good fortune throughout the next life and make their career rise step by step.

Susan Miller's Libra 2017 Horoscope

Career: 2017 is a year for Libras to seek stability in their careers. In the past year, the careers of many Libras have been on the right track, and their careers have entered a stage of prosperity. For Libras who are self-employed, the company may have expanded in size, and its development has been relatively smooth. Libras who work for others may also have received promotion and recognition at work. However, in 2017, Libra will slow down, re-examine existing achievements, remove the bad, and leave the essence.

For Libra as a boss, this year will face a huge test. Are there elements of mismanagement in your company? Are your employees committed to you? Can the contract you have be completed on time? Did any managers embezzle public funds? These are all issues you need to pay attention to. For partners, can you get the rewards you want from cooperation? You must learn to identify partners. For those partners who have no strength and exaggerate, it is better to completely remove the qualifications for cooperation! However, the rise of competitors will also bring challenges to you. You must have a sense of crisis and put more effort into resisting external influences.

Libras who engage in freelancing should take a long-term view and not just pursue immediate interests. They should learn to change their unchanging working methods, choose jobs that are conducive to their personal career development, and focus on potential customers. Libras who are working part-time must calm down and do their job well. It is recommended that working Libras not to blindly change jobs out of impulse. If your current job makes you breathless, you should learn to relax yourself appropriately, adjust your mentality, and don't forget your original intention. Libras can wear the 2017 lucky item "Xingsuge Libra Astrology Bracelet" to enhance their overall fortune and improve their career luck, so that Libras can have success in the workplace and go further.

Susan Miller's Scorpio's fortune in 2017

Career: Scorpio's career fortune is not good in 2017, but 2017 will still lay the foundation for the future. Basic year. Maybe your career has begun to stabilize, but there are still many shortcomings that need to be discovered and adjusted. You can make a long-term plan during this year.And start executing. Persistence for a long time will be the guarantee of your success. You need to take it step by step to see the results. Scorpios may be burdened with debts, including mortgages, car loans, etc.

For Scorpios who are starting a business, 2017 will be a year of more investment than return. Such a result may make you feel physically and mentally exhausted, but you have to work hard to move forward, because you I don’t want all my efforts to be in vain. For Scorpios who are engaged in freelance work, 2017 will not be easy. You can be said to be a minor supporting role in this industry. Your work may also be stolen by others, but you do not have enough evidence to prove that it is you. His works can only suffer a dull loss. Scorpios who work part-time are also very hard-working. You are always in dire straits in the workplace. Your boss's scolding or the tension between colleagues make your work not smooth. The first half of the year is relatively easy for working Scorpios, but the mood is not stable either. In the second half of the year, although working Scorpios can easily be reused and recognized by their bosses, those performances are only formal and do not receive substantial rewards. Scorpios can wear a string of "Xingsu Pavilion Scorpio Astrology Bracelet" this year to boost their fortune throughout the year, drive upward career development, and advance step by step.

In terms of love: Scorpio’s love fortune in 2017 is relatively stable. In the first half of the year, if you are single Scorpio, you may meet the opposite sex through relatives and friends, or you may meet your significant other somewhere, but your relationship will not be stable. April will be a critical month. Scorpios may meet someone of the opposite sex they can chat with at some friend gatherings, and the two of them will be willing to keep in touch. However, such a relationship is only in the ambiguous stage and has no breakthrough. , and then there was no news about this relationship.

From May to mid-June, you will have to accept the test of love. The other person’s busyness will make you feel that the relationship has become cold, and the stubbornness of both parties will also become the source of quarrels. If there is If one party can make concessions, be more understanding and tolerant, maybe the situation will not become bad. What you need is communication and as little cold war as possible, so that you can get through it safely.

In the second half of the year, Jupiter will come to the love house, which will bring love luck to single Scorpios. There will gradually be more suitors around you, but those who appear may not satisfy you. It is recommended to stay single. Scorpios still need to think carefully. The whole autumn is a relatively active period in the love palace. At this time, Scorpio, you can be said to be full of love blossoms. If you are still single, don't miss this great opportunity. Single Scorpio men and women can wear the "Xingsu Pavilion Occasional Fate" in 2017 to boost their luck in love in the next life. It can not only increase their own charm, but also resolve bad luck and attract good luck.

If you already have a partner, your relationship will heat up rapidly during this period. If you want to have a child, you may consider taking action at this time when it is easier to conceive! But this year, beware of third parties entering your relationship.Don't be too close when interacting with the opposite sex to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. For Scorpio men and women who are not in good relationships, they may wish to wear the "Xingsu Pavilion Crown Black Fox" to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, thereby resisting the interference of a third party.

Susan Miller's 2017 fortune for Sagittarius

Career: 2017 will be a year for Sagittarius to plan for the future. Sagittarius should start thinking about their career during this year. development direction and position your career. To put it more deeply, while positioning themselves, Sagittarius should always pay attention to their own long-term development and formulate a long-term plan. Improve your work ability and efficiency.

In the first half of the year, Sagittarius will be very busy at work. The beginning of the new year will require Sagittarius to adjust in all aspects. The past work model may no longer adapt to the current situation, and you must find a new one. Good way to deal with it. Sagittarius will also have many development opportunities during this period, but you still have to be reminded not to be too lax. Only by recharging yourself at all times can you stay in the best condition.

In the second half of the year, Sagittarius' plans for the first half of the year have been implemented and work is proceeding in an orderly manner. For Sagittarius who is a boss, in the second half of the year, you will start to speed up the pace of the first half of the year and shift the focus of work to actual operations. This period will not be as easy as before, which requires you to constantly overcome difficulties. Although betting A lot of effort, but the benefits are pretty good. For freelance Sagittarius, this is a good period to expand your network. You can increase the pace of building a good image and expand your business. Although it will consume a lot of energy, you will be rewarded and recognized by everyone. For Sagittarius who works part-time, it is also a good opportunity to obtain a higher position. Show yourself more and work hard, and you will definitely be appreciated by your boss. But be careful to control your emotions and don't put your personal emotions at work. Sagittarius can wear the 2017 lucky item "Xingxiuge Sagittarius Astrology Bracelet" to enhance the overall fortune, so that the career fortune will be improved throughout the year and work will be smoother.

Susan Miller's Capricorn Horoscope for 2017

Career: In the past year, Capricorns have been planning and working hard for the future, and have also accumulated a lot of connections and career development. channels and achieved impressive results. This state will continue and expand in 2017. The new year will be a year for Capricorns to develop their careers, especially the first half of the year. For Capricorns as bosses, having good connections and product quality will be the key to success. There will be a steady stream of customers coming to us. For Capricorns who are engaged in freelance work, the first half of the year is also a good time to make money. Your ability is the basis for making a fortune. However, I remind you not to be too conceited. The most important thing is to correctly grasp the situation. It is also an excellent period for Capricorns who work part-time. You may be reused and promoted by your boss, but pressure is also essential. You should learn to relax appropriately and work down-to-earth, and never be opportunistic. .

EnterIn the second half of the year, Capricorn's career development model will change. You are no longer the one who takes the initiative. You have said goodbye to the situation where you need to work independently to have a chance. Many customers will automatically come to you and take it easy. The best way to express it is to be a fisherman. However, some Capricorns still need to be cautious about their work. Opportunism is not advisable. You need to analyze the facts rationally to avoid being set up or dragged into the water. Capricorns can wear a string of "Xingsuge Capricorn Astrology Bracelet" bracelets in 2017 to boost their fortunes throughout the year, thus driving positive career development.

Susan Miller Aquarius' 2017 fortune

Career: Aquarius's career fortune is pretty good in 2017. This will be a year for you to shine in your career. In the past two years, many Aquarius have been confused and don't know where their direction is. The unclear goals have also caused Aquarius' careers to stagnate. However, this year, this confused state will improve. Aquarius will begin to evaluate and position themselves, find their own direction, and your focus will no longer be as scattered as before. Past experiences have also laid a good foundation for this year. Aquarius begins to know what they want, where they are, and begins to take action. In the first half of the year, you can make a practical plan for yourself, or give yourself an opportunity to further your studies and plan for the future.

After July, it is time for Aquarius’ careers to get on the right track. You can combine your work experience in the first half of the year to adjust your plans, improve the work and projects at hand, seize the profit points in the second half of the year, and try some new development routes. As your career grows and develops, you may encounter some criticism early on. You should correctly analyze the consumer groups of your product. High-end customers are your target group. You can move forward according to your own plan and ignore some negative comments. For Aquarius as a boss, the quality of the product is the key that you must control. In July, you must pay attention to the ideological work with your subordinates to maintain conceptual unity. Aquarius who are engaged in freelance work should focus on marketing methods and focus on key points. Aquarius who work part-time must pay attention to details to avoid making mistakes in their work. Aquarius can wear the 2017 lucky item "Xingxiuge Aquarius Astrology Bracelet" to enhance the overall fortune, so that the career in 2017 will be promoted step by step and unimpeded.

Love: 2017 will be a special year for Aquarius relationships. The ensuing super moons, lunar eclipses, and solar eclipses will continue to hit the emotional palace of Aquarius, making you know how to choose emotionally. In the new year, your outlook on love will change. In the first half of the year, some Aquarius are still stuck in past emotional entanglements, some are still facing the torment caused by long-distance relationships, while other Aquarius have the possibility of developing relationships with their old people. Married Aquarius may be at war with each other due to internal conflicts in the family. Especially within two months starting from the Spring Festival, Aquarius' relationship will reach a climax.

As we enter May, the relationship of Aquarius has basically stabilized., some Aquarius will choose to let go and start a new life again. In the middle of the year, Aquarius who is in a relationship may encounter opposition from their family members, while Aquarius who are single have not changed much and have no hope of getting out of singlehood. At the end of August, the Super Scorpio full moon will once again open up your love journey. Single Aquarius are expected to get rid of a person's life during this period. Your personal charm will explode during this period, attracting many admirers. There will also be someone who makes your heart beat, and you may start a new relationship. If single Aquarius want to enhance their love luck, they may wish to wear "Xingxiuge Occasional Fate" to enhance their charm and help Aquarius find their favorite partner as soon as possible.

For Aquarius who are in a relationship, your love will develop rapidly. For married Aquarius, it is expected that a baby will be added to the family during this period. Aquarius who do not want a child yet should take relevant measures. For some Aquarius people whose relationships are not going well or who have a third party intervening, they can wear the "Xingxiu Pavilion Crown Black Fox" in 2017 to promote the relationship between couples. Under the blessing of the black fox, the sweetness between lovers or couples will remain as sweet as ever.

Susan Miller's Pisces fortune in 2017

Career: Pisces' career fortune in 2017 has a gradual upward trend, and it is also the year for Pisces to start a new chapter in their career. In the first half of the year, the career fortune of Pisces is not good. Pisces needs to expend more energy on family and children and cannot take care of work, so work is also at a stagnation stage. In mid-to-late April, Pisces should be especially careful, because during this period, Pisces are easily influenced by their partner and make frequent mistakes at work. Single Pisces will be deceived by colleagues or partners, and may even end up being sold by others and paying back their money. After mid-May, Pisces' work situation will improve and they will start to get on the right track. If they make good work plans and execute them, they will definitely be rewarded. From May 18th to June 6th, affected by Mercury retrograde in Aries, you will have repeated situations at work. If you are a Pisces who has always been successful, you will get more generous rewards if you work harder, and if you have always failed If you are a Pisces, you should change your goal and make another plan.

Entering the second half of the year, Jupiter and Mercury both enter Libra, which will bring a new situation to Pisces' career, and Pisces' career will begin to go smoothly. As a senior management Pisces, you will face new challenges in the second half of the year. You need to manage a larger and broader area, but you will also have more opportunities; freelance Pisces will have more opportunities to stand out in front of everyone; and those who work part-time Pisces will have the opportunity to get a promotion and a salary increase, and get more opportunities to be exposed to new things. Pisces can wear the 2017 lucky item "Xingxiuge Pisces Astrology Bracelet" to enhance the overall fortune, so that their career will rise step by step and their work will be smooth.

Is tarot card calculation of love accurate? Are the love results tested by tarot card really accurate?

The lucky direction of Sagittarius in July 2017 is correct. North, the lucky number is 10, luckyLuck color is red. So do you know what the fortune of Sagittarius in July 2017 is like? Below I will tell you the fortune of Sagittarius in July 2017. Welcome to read.

Fortune index for Sagittarius in July 2017

Mood sunshine index: ★★★

Health index: ★★★

Love status index: ★★ ★

Career and study: ★★

Investment and financial management: ★★

The most annoying constellation: Aries

The most considerate constellation: Leo< /p>

The constellation of the God of Wealth: Taurus

The noble person’s direction: southwest

The lucky item: ruby

Leisure decompression: playing dark chess

Advantages: Good friends will give you positive energy and support your actions.

Weakness: Talking too much will lead to mistakes, and you should also pay attention to discretion in private discussions.

The love fortune of Sagittarius this month is mediocre. Sagittarius who is full of worries about love should boldly step out of his inner world and tell the other person what you think loudly, so that the relationship between two people can achieve a breakthrough. Your career fortune is average, and promotion and salary increase seem to be a little far away from you. You have to work harder. Especially in the month when your luck with the nobles is particularly bleak, you need to work harder to make a breakthrough this month.

Various aspects of fortune for Sagittarius in July 2017

1. Career fortune for Sagittarius in July 2017

Entering the seventh month of 2017, If Sagittarius wants to achieve greater career success, they must learn to be considerate of others. July is a month full of opportunities and challenges for Sagittarius. This requires Sagittarius to go all out in their career and do everything by themselves. However, not everyone holds the same opinion as you. Sagittarius needs to be able to handle interpersonal relationships peacefully. Relationships can achieve a qualitative leap.

2. Love fortune for Sagittarius in July 2017

Entering the seventh month of 2017, the love life of Sagittarius is very satisfactory. Usually, if you want to achieve your dreams, you will get corresponding help, and some conflicts will be resolved this month. However, this month Sagittarius needs to clearly distinguish between what is love and what is friendship, because it is easy to mistake someone else's affection for you for love.

3. Sagittarius’ financial fortune in July 2017

Entering the seventh month of 2017, Sagittarius’s financial problems are relatively big and easy to There is a cash flow shortage, and the cash flow shortage can easily put Sagittarius into chaos.Real Sagittarius will obviously feel that they have been working hard for this this month, but for some reason they just can't keep the money. Things that were originally agreed upon can easily change today. It is not suitable to make risky investments in the near future. It is better to be conservative.

IV. Sagittarius health horoscope in July 2017

Entering the seventh month of 2017, the increase in outdoor leisure activities for Sagittarius not only affects the body I feel much more comfortable, and my mood is also soaring. July is a great month for Sagittarius to get close to nature. In terms of health, July is a good time to get rid of minor problems that you have put off treating.

Sagittarius's fortune in all aspects in 2017

Sagittarius's love fortune in 2017

In 2017, Sagittarius's love fortune will continue to rise as usual. There are many suitors around you, but if you are obsessed with authority, you may not be able to see the true face of these suitors and will blindly start a new relationship. Even Sagittarius who can see the situation clearly will be particularly entangled in whether to stay single or accept a relationship. This ambivalence will wander in your heart, especially in the first half of the year. It is recommended that you analyze rationally and do not make do with your Sagittarius work fortune in 2017

The second half of the year is also more suitable for starting a business. Your magnetic field will attract the positive energy around you and help you form a team. Become the core *** of the team. At the same time, you will hear different voices below, which may slander you or distrust you. Although it is only a weak voice and cannot withstand the general trend, it also makes you troubled because you cannot If you turn a deaf ear, your state of mind will always be easily affected by the outside world. 2017 Horoscope》》》

Sagittarius’ 2017 money fortune

Sagittarius’ financial fortune in 2017 is not stable and is easily affected by many factors. Before March, you will spend a lot of money unnecessarily, such as buying impractical small appliances and then leaving them unused at home, or taking the initiative to pay for a class reunion, or extra expenses incurred by re-renting the house when it expires, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., all of which will cause you to overspend. By April, your financial fortune will stabilize, and there will be a small amount of extra income, which may be quarterly bonuses issued by the company or the maturity income of financial products, etc., but it must have nothing to do with windfalls such as gambling and gambling, but mainly the labor and brainpower invested in the early stage. It's time for the due reward. After June, you will have a large expense due to family factors. It may be the hospitalization expenses of a family member or a debt collector who needs your help to pay off the debt. This money will greatly hurt your vitality, but you have to expenditure. Fortunately, you will perform better in the company this year and you will receive more bonus income, allowing you to spend and make money.

Sagittarius’ health horoscope in 2017


In 2017, Saturn is located in the sixth house of Sagittarius, which will have a direct impact on Sagittarius' health. Sagittarius will be affected by high work pressure or complicated affairs, so it is necessary to have a routine physical examination this year, paying special attention to shoulder, neck and spine problems. Long-term incorrect posture can cause frozen shoulder, spinal curvature, etc. question.

Sagittarius academic fortune in 2017

Analysis of the Horse fortune in December 2017?

When it comes to whether tarot cards are accurate in predicting love, everyone knows that some people ask whether the love results tested by tarot cards are really accurate? In addition, some people want to ask about tarot cards and fortune telling. Is that accurate? That’s considered love. Do you know what’s going on? Are tarot cards accurate for predicting love? Can you believe it? Let’s take a look at the love results from the tarot card test. Is it really accurate? I hope it can help everyone!

Are Tarot cards accurate for predicting love?

1. Are Tarot cards accurate for predicting love: Are the love results tested by Tarot cards really accurate?

Don’t believe those things, love It is something run by two people. If one party does not work hard, the cards will be reshuffled!

Compared with occultism, Tarot is unique in that it never discusses fate. It won’t tell you what is destined, nor will it give you advice on how to change your destiny. This is the difference between divination and fortune telling.

Regarding the ways of predicting fate, we are familiar with palmistry, etc. There are many ways. They have a common feature, that is, they focus on innate destiny and character, and cannot provide help for your confusion in reality. What Tarot provides us is concrete advice that is both flexible and practical to help us make the right choice. Is tarot card fortune telling accurate?

2. Are tarot cards accurate for predicting love? Are tarot cards and fortune telling accurate? Which one is better for predicting love?

I have done fortune telling for myself, so I can be considered a fortune teller... Hey, I'm an amateur. Others may not understand Tarot cards, but I can only say that if you are sincere, you will have spiritual power. If you don’t believe it, you will have spiritual power. I did a divination for my friend, and I said that she will soon have a peach blossom, and that peach blossom may be better than hers. Small, additionally. Maybe it came from chatting. Later she texted me (I completely forgot about it at the time). She whined and appeared, I was still confused here, what happened. She said it was the peach blossom. Two years younger than her. Still in school, but she was worried that the two of them wouldn't get along. Is it a sister-brother relationship after all? The feeling of sibling love. . . Not much, to be honest. So she is afraid. Then I divined for her, and everything in the direction of the cards was good. I told her. The two of them will have a good relationship. Are online tarot cards accurate for measuring relationships?

3. Are Tarot cards accurate for love: Tarot card divinationIs love accurate? Can you believe it?

Lasting love is in your heart, just like many people often ask whether there is true love in this world. In fact, true love is in your heart, as long as you sincerely pay and pursue persistently, Liu Yaowen's True Love Tarot Card Divination.

With brave sacrifice, true love will happen to you, and the everlasting love will be your love.

We know that love is a kind of selfless dedication and sacrifice, and the return of love is the eternal happiness of the other person

And happiness, if you love the other person, then you will be happy because the other person is happy. Happy because the other person is happy and happy. Whether it is in love before marriage or in ordinary life after marriage, are tarot cards accurate in predicting relationships?

As long as you truly love each other, as long as you work hard for your happy life, then everlasting love will be by your side,

It is not you who has everlasting love. , but you created an everlasting love.

Believe in yourself~ As long as there is love, happiness will definitely exist~

Is tarot card divination accurate for love? Can you believe it?

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4. Are Tarot cards accurate for predicting love: Are Tarot cards accurate for predicting love?

Are tarot cards accurate for measuring emotions? First of all, this question has nothing to do with the tarot cards themselves, but with the tarot card interpreter. Pay attention to "Matt Island" in your love, career, marriage, studies, work, personal growth, career planning, and encounter problems. Sometimes, use Cataro to find new guidance and direction for you.

A tarot card interpreter first needs to have a clear understanding. This has nothing to do with secondary consumption, crystals or other external products, but to interpret truthfully. Tarot cards are more of a It is a tool of guidance in confusion, and the predictions of tarot cards only allow us to make better suggestions for individual cases.

Of course, in this market, some tarot masters focus more on the function of prediction rather than advice. This is caused by the concept of most people, and the director of the Marseille Tarot Master Jodolov Ski paid more attention to the guiding function of Tarot rather than its predictive function. In his writings, he once said that everyone's brain has the function of realizing predictions. At this time, he focused more on the guidance tool of Tarot cards.

The accuracy related to tarot readers will involve the following aspects: Is divination of emotions really accurate?

, tarot master’s learning experience

First of all, have you participated in systematic training or have certification from some foreign teachers? Of course, this is not necessary, but it can make us more knowledgeable. It's a good idea to judge whether this tarot master is good or not.

Second, the tarot master’s articles

Through the tarot master’s articles, we can better understandUnderstand the interpretation style of tarot masters, so that you can find a tarot master that suits you

Third, the tarot master’s circle of friends

Although the circle of friends can be faked, But the circle of friends also understands the style of a tarot master. For example, you can see the aspects that this tarot master focuses on, and some of them involve other products. Then you can conclude that not all of this tarot master's work is tarot interpretation. 100 Tarot Love Questions.

The above is just an understanding. I will code it one after another. I hope it can inspire you. Therefore, accuracy really involves too many levels. In addition to intuition, learning ability, a large number of cases, and life experience will all have an impact. Liu Yaowen's horoscope is right.

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What is the emotional fortune of the twelve zodiac signs in December? What is the overall emotional fortune of the twelve zodiac signs in 2017?

The overall fortune of the Horse people in December 2017

In December, the overall fortune of the Horse people has improved slightly compared to last month. In this month, the main things that people who belong to the Horse need to pay attention to are their love fortune and work fortune. Before these two fortunes are truly improved, other fortunes will generally not improve. Therefore, throughout the month of December, people who belong to the Horse are basically struggling for their love fortune and career fortune. Therefore, judging from the overall situation in December, the overall fortune of the Horse people is on the rise. Situational.

The love fortune of the Horse people in December 2017 has entered December. The love fortune of the Horse people has shown a subversive side. In this month, the Horse people are no longer frustrated because of the unattainable love. Becoming arrogant, on the contrary, during this month, they began to boldly create a romantic atmosphere in order to make their sweethearts feel their love. During this month, the love offensive of the Horse people has achieved some results. At the same time, their lovers finally began to notice the love of the Horse people, and they began to have positive interactions with each other, and the flowers of love are about to bloom.

The work fortune of the Horse people in December 2017 has entered December. The work fortune of the Horse people is somewhat difficult this month. There are some unprecedented scenes that are about to appear this month. These cannot be avoided. Horse people need to deal with it wholeheartedly in order to achieve better results. Because in this month, in addition to work fortune, people who belong to the Horse also need to deal with problems in love fortune. But because of this, the performance of the people who belong to the Horse in the work fortune is even more worthy of recognition and reward, and it also reflects positively on the Horse. The person's mission fortune is strong.

The money fortune of the Horse people in December 2017 has entered December, and the money fortune of the Horse people has begun to become stronger this month. This month, people who belong to the Horse will get what they deserve based on their work abilities.Remuneration and some unexpected rewards. Among these rewards, there are some that the horse people expected, and some that the horse people would never expect. Of course, in these aspects, horse people still need to do a lot of things to keep their money fortune in a high state.

The health fortune of Horse people in December 2017 has entered December. The health fortune of Horse people is similar to that of last month. There are no major flaws, but some small and detailed issues still need to be paid attention to. Especially the early appearance of colds and frostbite caused by falling temperatures. Because the horse people themselves are relatively strong, they tend to ignore these most basic small problems, but sometimes, it is these small problems that may cause big mistakes for themselves! Therefore, people who belong to the Horse must pay attention to these details to ensure the normal development of career and love fortunes.

The learning fortune of the Horse people in December 2017 has entered December, and the learning fortune of the Horse people is still reasonable this month. For students who are still in school, there are not many things that Horse people need to do this month. As long as they listen carefully in class and complete their homework carefully after class, there will not be too many problems in the exam; and for the past For working Horse people, there are many things that need to be done this month. Not only do they need to complete the set work goals, but they also need to learn a lot of things they are interested in in their majors, so that they can feel truly fulfilled.

This month’s lucky direction: Southeast

Lucky location: Office

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When it comes to the emotional fortune of the twelve zodiac signs in December, everyone I know, some people ask what is the overall relationship fortune of the twelve zodiac signs in 2017? In addition, some people want to ask about the love fortune of the twelve zodiac signs. Do you know what is going on? In fact, the love index and luck of the twelve zodiac signs, let’s take a look at the overall love fortune of the twelve zodiac signs in this year? Hope it helps everyone!

Emotional fortune of the twelve zodiac signs in December

1. Emotional fortune of the twelve zodiac signs in December: What is the overall emotional fortune of the twelve zodiac signs this year?

The emotional changes of Leo in 2017 are that they need to make a choice between their significant other and family or career or reality. Starting in May, Leo will accept emotional challenges, and this relationship will also face a turning point. According to Leo's stubborn character, they will not compromise. In the first half of the year, an unprecedented emotional crisis will break out between Virgo and their lover. The source of the problem is accumulated over time. Conflicts are all being raised at this time, and the problems that were hidden between the two people in the past will appear in front of them in a more acute form. For Libras who have a significant other, the most important thing in the new year is communication. It is very likely that they and their lover cannot reach a consensus on future development issues. One party may want to get married, but the other party does not want to settle down so early. whole yearScorpios will encounter a relatively secret love affair for most of the year, but due to various reasons they cannot let outsiders know for the time being. In the later stages, Scorpios will face choices and go through stressful periods, especially the entanglement period in July and August

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2. Love fortune of the twelve zodiac signs in December: Love fortune of the twelve zodiac signs

Name: Leo

Plated with gold edges, inlaid with tortoiseshell, and inlaid with large pearls, What Leo wants is love in luxurious and perfect gold. It's not that they worship money, this is just a metaphor. What they want is a kind of happiness that can dazzle others! They also want others to look at them with envy, and then shout loudly, I'm in love! The louder you shout, the more you become a paper tiger. Therefore, love that seems to be good is often like a summer shower, which comes so quickly that you can’t put away the quilt. When it arrives, it turns into a wisp of smoke and goes nowhere. But although this busy love I was in a hurry, but the level of happiness was truly unparalleled. The love fortune of the lions depends on how long they can see each other. Yes, it depends...because they have to bask in their happiness to be considered happy. But if the "happiness" is washed, it is taken out to "bake it". Leos are a little bit Things are not meant to be shared.

Second place: Gemini

Because they are smart, they are familiar with the twists and turns of love; because they are smart, they always know how to be the most lovable, and they have The right to choose, if you are lucky, the next one will be the one, so they are always unlucky, because they are always waiting for ing and can't find the right person. In fact, it is very likely that they can't change their wrong self, and they only get so much. Good luck in love is not like the hemorrhoids behind your back that follow you quietly all the time. The most taboo thing in life is to put on red dancing shoes and dance non-stop without stopping. Sometimes it is not enough to get everything, even just a hug is not a pity. Rejection and love are the same thing. It is not easy to know what kindness is. Cherish your love luck, Gemini girls.

Third place: Libra

I always want an extraordinary life and extraordinary love, but I don’t know that good-looking stories are often mixed with the insomnia and tears of the parties involved. We are all ordinary people. Libra's love is always ambiguous. They want to love well, but also want to love well. Therefore, the love of Libras is always blurred like a layer of frosted glass. Many people blame Libras for their loveliness. In fact, it is a kind of hesitation. The luck of love is a reflection of mentality. Putting aside the burden of being a "corner", Libras stepped out of the frosted glass, took a deep breath, and relaxed. The roles are developed slowly, not through performance.

Fourth place: Scorpio

Scorpio’s motivation for love is persistence. Love is inherently crazy. Entering a state with persistence is even more confusing. Love is fiery and irresistible. , and bring your own band-aids, hot water bottles, and air pumps. These qualities are a kind of affirmation. They are dedicated and sincere. As long as it is what they recognize and they love hard with wisdom, Scorpio's love has its own fixed attitude, regardless of sorrow and joy, it is positive.The release of power has always been an irresistible charm. Love requires some persistence, and so does life. Therefore, the Scorpion King gets the love pass designed for those who work hard.

Fifth place: Cancer

Ambiguous and gentle, the moon is the guardian of Cancer, and this is also the portrayal of the moon. Men and women of this era seem to be afraid of pain, heartache, and money pain. Cancer is now wearing a battle robe, stretching out his paws and clenching his fists, raising his head and shouting at the sun, I'm here to save you guys who don't understand true love. People. Giving seems to be for reward, but Cancers catch sparrows with their eyes closed. If you give it to me, I will continue to give it to you. If you don't give it to me, I will continue to give it, slowly simmering love with a persistent and persistent small fire. Therefore, their love luck is occasionally miserable because they have not met anyone who understands the value of true love; therefore, their love luck is occasionally very good because the stew on a low fire brings out the flavor. People who are loved by Cancer know what is in this pot. It's all love.

Sixth place: Aries

The pain of a real warrior is not failure, but having no battle to fight, so Aries frankly put away the excuses for love and tribe, I readily admit that I am fighting for myself, and their emotional scenes do not require acting skills. Aries seems to be the constellation among the twelve constellations that can best realize reverse pursuit. Singing love all the way, we are all mortals! This kind of naked emotion is purely cute in the moment. Their love is always moving forward, moving forward, and proactive, so it will be particularly prosperous. In an emotional drama without acting skills, if you meet someone who can end you, Aries will definitely struggle to the end

Seventh place: Pisces

The guardian of Pisces is Neptune, and the daughter of the sea is a prince. A fairy tale with other princesses. Fortunately, the mermaid is not sad. She finally has an immortal spirit. Pisces tells us that the state of love does not necessarily end with two people cuddling together. They always carry their own luggage bags in love, walking and walking, believing that it will eventually happen. The travel card of love has also been replaced by a platinum card. If you fly enough kilometers, you will be given a direct ticket to true love!

Eighth place: Taurus

It is true that Taurus look honest and can be bullied, and many people who win are Taurus! Love is low-key and even seems unconfident. In fact, there is a desire to make a splash in the heart, and usually they do have this ability. The most precious qualities are perseverance and down-to-earthness, which happen to be Taurus's commitment to love. Therefore, they firmly grasp the seemingly light string and slowly pull the kite string in their hands. In fact, everything is settled with a smile. . However, just because everything is so planned and sequenced, some Taurus people also put these into love. However, love is the most unpredictable, so love luck also has its ups and downs.

Ninth place: Sagittarius

Sagittarius are extraordinary. They like fun more than beauty. What is more difficult to pursue is getting along with their lover. They are not easy to cheat. With pure trust, it is sinful to deceive them! They are more often optimistic. In one moment, you fall in love with him, and in the next moment you decide to leave him, but it is all in between. Sagittarius believes that if cooperation comes, it will go. They give themselves freedom and freedom to the people they love. Love cannot be known in a single leaf. Sagittarius is very clever and has extraordinary love insights. Luck is only a matter of time.

Tenth place: Capricorn

Capricorn people are not more tolerant and inclusive in their love and mental maturity. On the contrary, they are a process of gradual elimination, knowing what is most important to them, and knowing what is unimportant. Then, be a simple person. Their love is always in the clouds. It seems complicated and scheming, but in fact it couldn't be simpler. They will give the deepest commitment from the bottom of their hearts to those who really love each other, giving them marriage, loyalty, and dignity. They don't wait or rely on them. They know that a good lover will not be dropped on the head from the sky, and a love rival will not cause trouble on his own. This kind of love luck is slow and steady!

Eleventh place: Virgo

Love index and luck of the twelve constellations

Their stories include narcissism, water splashes, lakes, beautiful teenagers... and various An element in a heterochromatic fairy tale, this kind of beauty is always a little unreal, making people feel too unreal. People in this era have many emotions, but few feelings; their thoughts have become very complicated, but their behaviors have become very single. However, the love of virgins is indeed pure, please love them, although they are not weak, even more Be resilient and know the essence behind love. I believe that one day, you will meet a gorgeous person who will make Sagittarius feel that everyone else is just a cloud!

No. 12: Aquarius

The love of Aquarius is a quiet chaos. It does not require the lover to have too high configuration, but simply needs a "partner". This partner is a lover, a friend, a comrade who goes to the mountains and the sea together... Harley and Lee in the film help us ask this question. After a few years, the tacit understanding before going to bed makes people smile. It's not that Aquarius doesn't understand love, but they are timid and afraid of losing their balance, whether they are friends or not, and whether they are in love or not. The nature of the star makes Aquarius always a little decisive and confrontational. So either they are in the turbid mud of love, or they are alone. Therefore, the lucky Aquarius people already have someone beside them, and the unlucky ones are left with only a lonely person wandering in the middle, and there is a person living in the cold appearance. People who are waiting.

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