Test what career is best for you?

Test what career is best for you?

psychological test

Test which career is best for you?

The choice of career will affect our life. Many people will find that the job they take after graduation is often different from the major they chose in college. If you can find a suitable and interesting job, then the struggle will be both painful and happy. If you encounter someone who is not suitable, you may not be able to achieve results even if you try hard enough. What occupation is most suitable for you?

Test begins:

(PS: This test is a scored question, please Record the answer choices for comparison and analysis.)

1. You are invited to attend an upper-class party hosted by a friend. One of the things you look forward to most is:

A. Meeting new faces. If you are single, you will pay special attention to someone.

B. Integrate into the circle of old friends.

C. Show up just for socializing and then go home.

2. After putting in a lot of hard work, the company will promote you to a position where you can match a car, and as an additional reward, you can choose the car model and style. Would you choose:

A. An eye-catching luxury car with leather seats and a beautiful oak steering wheel.

B. Four-wheel drive Jeep, you can go on field trips with friends during holidays.

C. Economical and fuel-saving cars, or cars that do not require frequent maintenance.

3. You are planning a large dinner party. You are going to:

A. Design the invitations yourself, set the table, cook all the meals, and have great fun doing it.

B. Call the restaurant and make the dinner a professional one. You have other important things to do.

C. Arrange a potluck meal so that everyone feels casual; in addition, since you don’t have to be busy cooking, you can freely join the chatting crowd.

Your flight for vacation was booked 4.2 months ago, but it was canceled at the last moment. The next flight is tomorrow afternoon, which means that your vacation is one less day. If you are stranded at the airport, you will immediately:

A. Take this as a bad omen and consider postponing the entire travel plan.

B. Comfort your fellow travelers who are having headaches about traveling by plane, and wait for the airline’s arrangements.

C. Ask to talk to the person in charge of the airport and ask him to help find the flight that suits you best, even if you change airlines.

5. A colleague has obtained a prominent position in another company. When you hear the news that she is leaving, your first instinct is:

A. Seize the opportunity, Give your speech a good performance at the farewell partyTalent will impress your boss.

B. Invite her to a farewell dinner, congratulate her, and let her know how much you will miss her.

C. Consider how to rearrange the work plan. Because of her passing, you have to take on some of the legacy work.

6. You and two friends discovered a new Italian restaurant. When you visit for the first time, you will:

A. Order a conservative dish, thinking: The chef will not cook this dish too badly.

B. Order three dishes with different flavors. In this way, you can not only try more, but also won't turn off your friends' appetite because a certain dish is not good.

C. Ask the waiter to recommend the specialty dishes here and order this dish.

7. When shopping in the supermarket, you will:

A. Visit only the necessary shelves and buy no more than 10 items in order to quickly pass the checkout exit.

B. Follow the shopping list and visit the shelves in order. Don’t take the same route.

C. Browse all the shelves, buy things based on interest, and be willing to try new products.

8. You have to take a 6-hour flight to visit relatives and friends. As soon as you board the plane, you find that half of the seats are empty. You'll be ecstatic:

A. Plan to make new friends and sit next to someone who looks interesting.

B. Find a quiet place where you can lie down, read and rest quietly.

C. Find the cabin and try to change to a first-class seat.

9. When vacationing on Pattaya Beach in Thailand, the book you are most willing to read is:

A. A romantic novel.

B. A best-selling autobiography, maybe you can benefit a lot from it.

C. A gripping, ups and downs detective novel.

10. The heartbroken girlfriend called and cried about breaking up with her boyfriend. You will:

A. Tell her frankly what you think is the problem between her and her boyfriend, because you feel that giving advice to others is what you should do.

B. Let her cry on your shoulder. What she needs most now is a close friend to accompany and listen to her, not to preach.

C. Think back to your own experiences and use your own experiences to make suggestions for her to make her feel better.

11. You decide to renovate your apartment and buy some new furniture. When you walk into the first store, you find a couch you're looking for. You can.

A. Make a decision immediately and buy it home.

B. Make sure it is foldable and dual-purpose, so that friends can have a place to spend the night when they come to play at night.

C. I think it’s okayYou should shop around, there may be something more beautiful and cheaper.

(There are 11 questions in total in this test. Please scroll down on this page for analysis results.)

Scoring method:

1.A?L B?S C?T

2.A?L B?S C?T

3.A?T B?L C?S

< p> 4.A?T B?S C?L

5.A?L B?S c?T

6.A?T B?S C?L

7.A?L B?T C?S

8.A?S B?T C?L

9.A?S B?L C?T

10 .A?L B?S C?T

11.A?L B?S C?T


Test result analysis:

L is the majority: leader type

When was the last time you let others make the decision to choose a restaurant or a casino? Is it a long time ago? Going with the crowd is not your style. Only when you have the power to lead will you feel most satisfied. ?Leader types have a truly responsible attitude. They are goal-oriented, driven, and usually proactive in taking action. ?Psychologists say so.

As a natural decision-maker, you have your own opinions and can make decisions quickly. You cannot tolerate people habitually humming or squeaking when they speak. Therefore, your personality determines that you are more suitable for working in fields such as emergency medicine, law enforcement, and politics that require accurate and rapid decision-making. However, this does not mean that you can only make great achievements in fast-paced fields. Your innate leadership talents enable you to use your talents in many fields, from leading business groups to being a student who can give full play to the enthusiasm of students. of.teacher.

You are ambitious, always in tune with the latest trends and can't stand anything less than the best. Your professional creed: whenever possible, improve efficiency and never miss any profitable opportunity.

Suitable occupations:

Business executives, sellers, magazine editors, teachers, image consultants, managers, directors, doctors, stockbrokers, television producers, politicians.

Most S: Social Type

Do you find yourself enjoying organizing every birthday party or outing in the office? Do you enjoy planning these events more than dominating the business world? If Well, it may be your love of connecting with people that inspires your enthusiasm. You are very good at understanding other people's psychology.Easier to get along with.

Sociable people are enthusiastic and cheerful, like the leader of a cheerleading team. Your chatty nature determines that your best job is interacting with people. Sociable people are also excellent negotiators, and can always make the two parties in conflict finally reach a compromise.

You always like to play the role of organizer and mobilize everyone. Building strong social relationships is more important to you than attracting public attention. Between beauty and practicality, you choose the former. You measure your achievements by the evaluations of others.

Suitable occupations:

Public relations personnel, speakers, pop music hosts, family doctors, children's doctors, diplomats, entertainment program editors, television writers.

Most of them are T: Thinker type

They like to meet challenges, are patient and pragmatic, and want to go into battle and do something big when given the opportunity. Thinkers have outstanding analytical skills, pay attention to small details, reason carefully, and can accurately predict the development trend of things.

In addition, most Thinker types have a somewhat split personality. On the one hand, a work style that is consistent, serious and rigorous, with little impulsiveness determines that you are an ideal candidate for jobs such as accounting and computer programming; on the other hand, you have an insatiable curiosity and are good at learning from the depths of your own heart. Seeking inspiration means you are destined to be attracted by art and science.

But whatever you do, you do it best when you are alone. You are very organized in your thinking and enjoy the process of planning and solving a problem. You don't rely on other people's evaluations to judge your own success or failure. Putting effort into action is in itself your best reward.

Suitable occupations:

Journalists, illustrators, photographers, musicians, computer programmers, architects, travel agents, detectives, psychologists, gardeners, Market researchers, technology workers. (End)