Which laptop should a college student buy that is useful and affordable?

Which laptop should a college student buy that is useful and affordable?

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Laptops suitable for college students include Lenovo Ryzen flagship R5, HP Z66 fifth generation, Dell Inspiron 3511, Huawei MateBook D 15, and Honor MagicBook 14 Pro.

1. Lenovo Ryzen Ultimate R5

Lenovo Ryzen Ultimate R5 is equipped with a newly upgraded flagship processor, using a more refined process technology, which can bring Come to greater productivity. The graphics card is also upgraded to a new full-blooded graphics card compared to the previous generation. Compared with the previous generation, the graphics performance is improved by about 20%, which can easily meet multi-tasking tasks such as online classes, document processing, video editing, and engineering drawing.

2. HP Battle 66 Fifth Generation

The overall appearance design of HP's laptop is relatively thin and light. The whole machine is designed with aluminum alloy material, coupled with 3D integrated molding technology design, the shell No splicing, the overall texture is more outstanding. And, it has higher wear resistance. It also specially adds a fingerprint recognition boot function to skip the tedious password boot, reduce the possibility of password leakage, and protect your personal privacy.

3. Dell Inspiron 3511

Dell Inspiron 3511 is equipped with a high-performance 11th generation Intel i7 processor, with up to 4 cores and 8 threads, and the largest turbo frequency to 4.7GHz, which can provide more sensitive and faster response speed. And it is also equipped with an MX350 independent graphics card, which has independent graphics support. Whether it is running large-scale software such as PS, PR or playing games, it can run extremely quickly and smoothly.

4. Huawei MateBook D 15

Huawei MateBook D 15 is equipped with a high-performance 11th generation Core i7 processor, with performance improved by nearly 38.9% compared to the previous generation. It is capable of multi-tasking It is also able to handle various large-scale applications with ease even under processing conditions. Coupled with its built-in Intel Iris graphics card, it can run smoothly when graphics and video processing software is running, bringing a smooth high-quality experience.

5. Honor MagicBook 14 Pro

Honor MagicBook 14 Pro benefits from the 13th generation Intel Core i5-13500H standard pressure processor, NVIDIA RTX 3050 game-level independent graphics card and strong heat dissipation The design is powerful and the maximum performance of the whole machine can reach 70W, thus achieving a smoother use experience.


1. Psychological measurement is to measure people through scientific, objective and standard measurement methods. Measure, analyze, and evaluate specific qualities. The so-called qualities here refer to those personal characteristics such as perceptions, skills, abilities, temperament, personality, interests, motivations, etc. that are required or related to complete a specific job or activity. They complete the job or activity with a certain quality and speed. Necessary basis.

2. Psychological measurement tools: Psychological test (mental test) is based on certain rules and psychological principles, using certain operating procedures to measure people's cognition, behavior, and emotion. Activities are quantified. Psychological testing is a tool of psychological measurement. Psychological measurement can help clients understand their emotions, behavioral patterns and personality characteristics in psychological counseling.


Psychological testing is based on psychological principles and designed procedures to measure psychological factors. Psychological tests generally measure relatively representative questions. Psychological tests are similar to questionnaires. The difference is that psychological tests require the subjects to complete the test at their best, while questionnaires only require the subjects to perform normally. A practical psychological test must have reliability and validity.

The questions subjects are being measured on in the test should be the same, and the answers should be the same. For example: A mathematics test requires subjects to answer: In a football match, two players got red cards. How many people are left playing? To answer this question you need to understand the rules of football. This is a non-standard game.

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