Who is the first of the twelve zodiac signs?

Who is the first of the twelve zodiac signs?

twelve constellations

Aquarius is the first of the twelve zodiac signs

The 12 zodiac signs are divided into 4 signs, namely: the water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) that symbolizes spring; the fire sign that symbolizes summer (white Sheep, Leo, Sagittarius); earth signs that symbolize autumn (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus); air signs that symbolize winter (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini). These four signs also have four heavenly kings, namely Capricorn, the king of kings of the earth sign, Lion, the king of the earth sign of the fire sign, Aquarius, the child king of the air sign, and Scorpio, the Yin king of the water sign. Among them, Aquarius is the king of children, has a fire-like personality, and is the vanguard of the horoscope. Like children, they are innocent and full of energy, but they are not lethal, so don't worry too much.

Aquarius has weird thinking, is very incomprehensible to other people, is extremely calm, behaves weirdly and uniquely, and is unpredictable. The will is also relatively strong, and he is the third choice for those who achieve great things. He is an extremely charming alien sign.

The representative god (the Jade Emperor of Chinese Taoism [birthday is the ninth day of the first lunar month])

If we don’t talk about anything else, let’s talk about the guardian god of Aquarius. In Western mythology, Aquarius The patron saint is Athena. Athena, one of the three virgin goddesses. According to legend, she was born within the skull of Jupiter and had extraordinary strength and wisdom from birth. Her natural power is even feared by Jupiter, so she is the only deity among the new generation of gods who is not under the control of Jupiter. The mighty image of Minerva holding a spear and leaning on the shield of Jupiter has always been regarded by the Athenian people as a symbol of freedom and independence. In addition, the male patron saint of Aquarius is Uranus, the god of heaven, which symbolizes hope and the future and represents the sky.

In Western mythology, there was Aquarius first, and then there were other constellations. Aquarius is a symbol of wisdom and strength. Its wisdom is even inferior to Zeus, the leader of the gods. The wisdom of other constellations, The energy also comes from the water in the bottle of Aquarius, which voluntarily transformed into a constellation to protect mankind.

Aquarius belongs to the wind sign, and in the ranking, the wind sign is the most powerful.

Strictly speaking, Aquarius is unparalleled in wisdom, while Scorpio is far-sighted and cunning, which is useless under Aquarius's astute thinking. When it comes to eloquence, Aquarius is a famous sophist. He can make the unreasonable into reasonable and the useful into useless. Who can match it? What's more, the wisdom of other constellations comes from Aquarius, so why compete with Aquarius for position.

Aquarius people inherit the peace-loving and low-key spirit of the goddess Athena. In fact, Aquarius is the king of the 12 constellations.

Aquarius is the most perfect and powerful of the 12 zodiac signs. If Aquarius really wants to rise up, no one zodiac sign can resist it, unless the other 11 zodiac signs join forces.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. To put it simply, fixed means the most stable, determined, perseverant, and stubborn. And one of the two guardian planets of Aquarius is Saturn. Comprehensive Later, I said that Aquarius is the most perseverant, perseverant and immovable among the 12 zodiac signs...

Aquarius also hasAnother guardian planet is Uranus. Under the influence of Uranus, Aquarius people have an aura of arrogance. Uranus's combat effectiveness and mobility are much stronger than Mars, one of the rulers of Scorpio, and Uranus is the symbol of becoming more courageous and unwilling to admit defeat as it fights. Uranus has more genius wisdom than Mars in fighting. As for Pluto, the other guardian planet of Scorpio, it just relies on rebirth, but the energy of Uranus does not need to be reborn but will not disappear. Some people say that Aquarius has no ambition. Does Aquarius have no ambition? If you look at the American president with the strongest economy and the highest quality, he is an Aquarius. Aquarius is an ambitious and scheming sign. Aquarius is a low-key sign and will not talk about ambition all day long. You must know that Aquarius is the most revolutionary zodiac sign. How can you change if you don't have ambition? Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means that he is very worldly and hopes to have power and status. Moreover, Aquarius's two guardian planets, Saturn and Uranus, also determine Aquarius' strong ambition and combat effectiveness.

From an astrological point of view: 1. Aquarius is a fixed sign. Fixed houses represent very conservative, stubborn, stable, tolerant, perseverant, and of course very realistic; 2. Aquarius One of the guardian planets is Saturn, which further determines that Aquarius has a worldly mindset and strong ambition, and likes power and status; 3. The other guardian planet of Aquarius is Uranus, which means that Aquarius has strong wisdom and an unruly personality. He refuses to admit defeat, becomes braver as he fights, and wants to be the king!

Of course, because the two opposite houses, Aquarius and Leo, represent the axis of kings and reformers, this means that theoretically Aquarius is the founder of a new kingdom (no new kingdom will appear now) , of course it can also refer to other fields).

The guardian planet of Aquarius is Saturn + Uranus, and Mercury is exalted in Aquarius; Aquarius is an air sign in a fixed house; Aquarius and Leo are opposite houses and have a certain influence on each other. From an astrological point of view, based on these points, Aquarius can defeat any other zodiac sign.

Fixed signs>Card signs>Mutable signs

Air signs>Earth signs>Fire signs>Water signs

Aquarius is both a fixed sign and a It is an air sign; although Scorpio is a fixed sign, it is a water sign; Capricorn is a cardinal sign and an earth sign. As a fixed sign and an air sign, Aquarius is theoretically the strongest.

Capricorn (an earth sign in the cardinal house, ruled by Saturn, and Mars exalted in Capricorn) is not worth mentioning compared to Aquarius:

1. They both have Saturn as their ruler; but Mars is The fighting power of Mercury is not as good as that of Uranus, and Uranus also has the advantages of becoming stronger in battles, refusing to admit defeat, and possessing genius wisdom; Aquarius is a little more powerful, and the power brought by Mercury is the ability to communicate, learn, and think.

2. The cardinal house of Capricorn is one level behind the fixed house of Aquarius. The fixed house is the best sign.

3. The palace in the division method; the wind element is the best constellation element, and the earth element ranks second.

Twelve constellationsScorpion. Once a Scorpio identifies something, he will focus on it to the end and use all his energy to do it well without any spare efforts. His determination is stronger than that of any zodiac sign, and many zodiac signs do the same. Scorpios can do very well if they are hardworking and hardworking. Scorpios are usually people who can achieve great things, so Scorpio will be the king of the twelve constellations.

Scorpios are suitable for very cruel people. When they love someone, they will attach great importance to their feelings and devote themselves wholeheartedly to them. They will not be wary of the other person at all. However, if she is heartbroken, he will hate the other person very much. Oh, this hatred will never go away, and he feels that as long as he regards the other party as his enemy, he must continue to do so.

Scorpio Personality Analysis

People of this zodiac sign are born in the bleak autumn wind. People with this zodiac sign appear to be quiet and nervous. A bad spirit can make his person feel depressed. You never know what he is thinking; it is also possible to become blind and submissive at times. The inescapable pain often haunted him, causing him to feel mentally anxious and lose his mind.

He will never forget the hurt and failure he suffered. Scorpios give people the impression of being cold and mysterious, but their image is that of a scorpion in the desert.

There are many Scorpios who are cold and silent, which is in line with the impression given by the desert. No matter what you talked about, he would be a bit taciturn and silent, and her answers would always be dry and incomprehensible.

They don’t want to make their affairs and inner thoughts public, which is what they often say. She pays great attention to personal privacy. In fact, for a Scorpio, she doesn't think the game of truth or dare is meaningful at all.