Which zodiac sign do men of the twelve zodiac signs love the most?

Which zodiac sign do men of the twelve zodiac signs love the most?

twelve constellations


The most popular zodiac sign: Virgo

Matching index - 100 points [Capricorn has the upper hand]

As long as you can stabilize Virgo's nerves , tell them not to be nervous, Capricorn will definitely be able to capture the heart of Virgo. And because they both belong to the earth sign, they are very compatible in many aspects.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Gemini

Matching index - 40 points [Capricorn is at a disadvantage]

Capricorn, an earth sign, and Gemini, an air sign, are originally They are two extreme people; Gemini's love philosophy is "don't care about forever, just ask for what you have once", which also makes Capricorn, who is a strict father, unable to resist.

Capricorn man’s love

A Capricorn man is conservative, but his ambition makes it hard for you to believe that he is conservative, but he usually won’t let you see it His ambition. His hiding skills are quite unique, as he can blend into the crowd so easily without being discovered. But the vast majority of Capricorn men will not waste too much time on relationships unless your family background is helpful to his career.

However, he is still honest after all, whether in career, emotions, or life. In order to succeed early and reach the top of the mountain, he seized any opportunity that could make him successful. In fact, his reality is absolutely impossible to order him to fall in love when his career is not successful. Even if you help his career, you will find that he wants you to get into the situation earlier and stop wasting your life.

Capricorn men are actually very romantic, and they are not trying to comfort you!

There are many great lovers of this zodiac sign. But you have to understand that his romance is always chained by his discipline, so most of the time he is serious and calm. Although he seems so serious, serious and practical, in his heart he is looking forward to praise.

He will expect you to be a good wife and mother, and to get along well with his large family members. Of course, you must also make all his family members happy; any criticism of his family members Your words will sound like you are asking to "break up". He cherishes everything, including you of course. You have to know: although he is the kind of flower that blooms late, the flowering period is very long!


The most popular zodiac sign: Libra

Matching index - 100 points [Aquarius has the upper hand]

Both are wind signs The zodiac signs Aquarius and Libra have similar personalities, both good and bad. They are like lovers and friends, taking into account both emotion and reason. They are a perfect combination.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Cancer

Matching index - 40 points [Aquarius is at a disadvantage]

Cancer’s emotional, fragile and lack of confidence attitude is really Makes Aquarius people feel very impatient.

Aquarius is a sign that is a little too rational, and there is too little commonality between the two people.

Aquarius man’s love

Aquarius man alwaysIt makes people think that he is curious, and the most annoying thing is: he often makes you feel that he is interested in you, only to find out that he is equally curious no matter who he is. He will appreciate a woman who attracts him with her intelligence rather than a vase with nothing behind a beautiful head of hair and a beautiful face. His curiosity makes him like to analyze. He can analyze your hair, your movements, and of course the way you speak; sometimes he can analyze even your meaningless movements for a long time. Sometimes, if you deliberately act as if you don't pay attention to him, or ignore his existence, his interest in you will increase a lot. His relationship must start as a friend, and even if you get married, you must always maintain a friend relationship with him. This is very important. You must know that friends are very important in his heart; and when you interact with him, you should find that he will always treat his friends better than you, because he regards your relationship with him as very close, just like Just like your own family.

He likes women who have a stand, but not those who are defensive or who are too excited about supporting the feminist movement. He is a man who marries late, and most of the reason, besides not being able to find a woman who can match his mind, is that he loves freedom too much.

An Aquarius man can make your life colorful, and as long as you are his friend, you will never be bored!


The most popular zodiac sign: Scorpio

Matching index - 100 points [Pisces has the upper hand]

Both Pisces and Scorpio are comparable They tend to fall in love for the sake of love, so the two people will be attracted to each other; the ratio of wholehearted devotion to love can be said to be "even", but once they fall in love, their behavior sometimes becomes a little crazy.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Leo

Matching index - 40 points [Pisces is at a disadvantage]——

Pisces can easily fall in love with Leo, and so can Leo You will fall in love with the delicate Pisces, but the Leo's carelessness will always easily hurt the sensitive Pisces who need love and affection. This formed the beginning of the problem, which then gradually spread.

Pisces man's love

A Pisces man often makes you feel like he is in a dream, and then you will find that what he breathes is not air, but a dream. He believes that dreams do not represent rich imagination. He believes that dreams are the last resort that allows him to continue to live in the real society. If you take away his right to have dreams, you will find that there is absolutely nothing lovable about this man.

Pisces men are really cute, and you will rarely find fish who look older than their actual age; most fish look younger than their actual age. , this is one of his favorite protective colors; but sometimes he will be troubled by this trait that many people only dream of, because it will make him look unreliable, especially in front of the opposite sex.

All fish are seeking false peaceTherefore, he will often make you feel that it is not what you imagined, and he will always run around with your imagination. Fish have a constant desire to act in the opposite direction, and they also like to hide their true motives and let others know that the answers are never positive. Although fish like to be evasive, this is also a kind of imagination. Pisces men are indeed romantic, which is also due to his rich imagination, but sometimes his evasive mentality is criticized by many people who want to like him. Older fish are better at controlling responsibility issues. At the same time, all fish need to be affirmed, which will help them face problems bravely. He won't tell you what he's really thinking, so you have to feel it with your heart. Hey, fishing! !


The most popular zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Matching index - 100 points [Aries has the upper hand]

Both are fire signs According to their zodiac signs, both of them are passionate; their love develops quickly and intensely, and their personalities and concepts are similar, so they are a dazzling couple.

The most incompatible constellation: Virgo

Matching index - 40 points [Aries is at a disadvantage]

The bold and generous Aries and the sensitive and meticulous Virgo , it is difficult to find the intersection; if you want a long-lasting love, you need to pray to God for more help! !

Aries men’s love

Aries men are absolutely passionate, but they have a fairy tale-like emotional model; if they imagine themselves as princes or knights, the other person will be imagined as a princess or a city lord. daughter. Looking at it from another perspective, since you have such an imaginary identity that makes him excited, then you have to maintain an image for this identity. He was a child, and all children dislike disillusionment. He will fall into love very quickly, and of course he will jump out of love very quickly; sometimes, you really don’t have to be afraid of his enthusiasm, but you should be afraid of a cold reaction - that means: everything is fine for him. Meaningless or boring! Although the word "child" was mentioned just now to describe him, there are some words that cannot be used for children, but they have to be used to describe him, such as he is jealous, possessive, and does not easily trust his partner. But he is quite trustworthy. He is sincere and dedicated to feelings, and he gives passionately to feelings. Many people don't believe that there is such a thing as reconciliation, but he does and looks forward to it. He has a bad temper and gets angry easily. In relationships, he must be in a dominant position, otherwise he will be angry, and sometimes he will be like a child, arrogant and unreasonable. He will not be irresponsible, but he is only three minutes enthusiastic about many things, so it is very important to maintain his fun and enthusiasm for this relationship; maintain your ladylike demeanor, take care of him like a child, listen to what he says, Let him take charge, don't destroy his manhood.


The most popular zodiac sign: Capricorn

Matching index - 100 points [Taurus has the upper hand]

Two earth sign families The members have very similar personalities and ideas, so it’s not a big deal that they are attracted to each other.Such an unexpected thing; but love is a long-term and steady flow type, and there will be no breathless passion.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Libra

Matching index - 40 points [Taurus is at a disadvantage]

Although both of them are under the account of Venus,

But Taurus is feminine and Libra is masculine, so there is no intersection! !

Taurus man’s love

Taurus men take their time. He spends all his thinking time just to make the right decision, just like he will also spend time thinking and observing you to determine whether you will be the one to spend his life with him and enjoy everything he has prepared. That girl. He is very romantic, this is not a joke; it's just that it takes a while to train to see his romance, and he is a coach, a coach who works slowly and carefully. The standard Taurus is very sensitive to feelings. If he is willing to give his feelings and you are the one who can spend the future with him, then you will definitely be able to feel his romance. He understands how charming romantic feelings are, just like him.

He will hope that you have a ladylike demeanor, and also hope that you have some wisdom, such as knowing etiquette, knowing when to speak and when to shut up; and lowering your head in front of men and not acting strangely. The kind of expression that makes other men think you have a crush on them.

Of course, gentlemen, if there is a woman who has a crush on you, I hope you will first check the birthday of her flower protector. It is best not to be in May; although his temper is quite kind, sometimes But not very friendly, as if he has trampled on your body...

He is a good gentleman, but a little stubborn, but his love always makes people feel plain and simple. In addition to sending flowers, he also He can write poetry, and he also has a charming ability to make money. I see your eyes are lighting up, but I have to tell you: don't push him, no cow likes to be pushed.


The most popular zodiac sign: Aquarius

Matching index - 100 points [Gemini has the upper hand]

Both of them are intelligent , avant-garde characters,

The commonality of personalities and thoughts can make you compatible; good speech and argumentative personalities are also quite compatible, so love is colorful for you! !

The most uncoordinated constellation: Scorpio

Matching index - 40 points [Gemini is at a disadvantage]

The lively and changeable Gemini meets the ups and downs of Scorpio, You are so defeated; if you want to maintain your relationship, you have to work hard! Come on! !

Gemini man's love

A Gemini man needs two loves, which can also be said to be two loves. Anyway, he just wants to make everything in pairs. Even so, it does not mean that he also requires two women to provide him with two loves. If you can provide him with two loves at once, then he may have already taken a liking to you. A Gemini man is quite amazing, he can say "I love you" in a hundred ways, andYou can invent another hundred kinds at any time, so you have to be smart enough to keep up with him;

But sometimes you should not follow too closely. If you are smart, you should know when to follow him again. You should stay away from him.

Gemini's feelings need time and space to get entangled. "Change" is one of his pronouns. Gemini people almost have several names. He changes very quickly, whether it is feelings, attitudes, moods, thoughts or clothing. Don't forget, he is two people. It's not that you are dazzled, but that if you look at him as two people, everything will be more interesting, especially when he talks coldly to you. Don't get too close to his inner world. There is a place in his heart that no one is allowed to approach. You'd better do as the Romans do and don't violate his taboos. Whether before or after marriage, he will never settle down, including the way he talks. You must always maintain your imagination, even if you are 70 years old with him, you must still be like this, otherwise your life will be boring.


The most popular zodiac sign: Pisces

Matching index - 100 points [Cancer has the upper hand]

Both Cancer and Pisces A water sign, one filled with the brilliance of maternal love, one in urgent need of love. The moment you meet, the world spins and you two are the only ones left in the world. From then on, you are so sweet and envious of others.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Sagittarius

Matching index - 40 points [Cancer is at a disadvantage]

When a scholar encounters a soldier, he cannot explain why. This is the best portrayal of Cancer and Sagittarius. How can two people with completely different personalities be the best partners?

Cancer man's love

Cancer man is a family lover. He will spend a lot of time dealing with his own mood, and he is extremely passive; he can sit there all night and quietly not make any sound, unless you are sensitive, and you can feel the emotions deep in his heart. Be sentimental, otherwise you will definitely feel like you are with wood and have no interest at all. He is quite affectionate, but Cancer will always adopt a wait-and-see attitude to avoid harm; although he always seems quiet at the beginning and does not say a word, as long as you get to know each other, you will actually find that He is quite crazy, and sometimes you still doubt that this person is the same person you originally knew? Don't worry, he is still who he is, it's just that the moon is changing.

A Cancer man is changeable, but it is his emotions that are changeable, not his personality. He is seeking a sense of security. All he wants in anything is not to be hurt. His heart is too sensitive. Any disturbance will make him nervous and make him worry that everything he owns will leave him. You must understand.

What he wants is a sense of security, but that doesn't mean he can't protect a home. He needs a home, a home where he feels safe. He is a good man, he loves his family very much, which is a typical example that many girls dream of; and he will bravely stand up to defend the family when his family is threatened. He values ​​all things, so don’t waste them. you mustYou need to take good care of him, otherwise it won't be the affair that affects your marriage, but his mother.


The most popular constellation: Aries

Matching index - 100 points [Leo has the upper hand]

Both are fire signs Zodiac signs are inherently prone to super attraction. In addition, the two people are straightforward and straightforward in their attitudes toward relationships, and their postures are quite high. Therefore, once their eyes meet, they can no longer accommodate others. The most uncoordinated constellation: Capricorn

Matching index - 40 points [The lion is at a disadvantage]

One is the lion king, the other is the old goat, both are kings, both are Very ambitious, sometimes fighting openly and sometimes secretly, but the impetuous lion will eventually be defeated by the calm old goat.

Leo man’s love

Leo men want to be worshiped. He is always so strong, making people feel so safe, but also so warm and considerate, but occasionally a little "overbearing"; but you must not express this to him, it will make him sad. , he thinks he just likes to let everyone know who is the master.

His guardian star is the sun, which is just like his personality, so obvious that it cannot be hidden at all. He was simultaneously passionate and so combustible. He will be a bit showy; and this is just one of his ways of flirting, that's all, you should like it, this is not a trick that men of every zodiac sign can do.

He really needs to be truly admired by you. You rarely see a man as capable as him. What's more, he likes to spend a lot of money on you to make you look noble, generous, and fully match his identity. Don't flirt with him, he always knows what a man should do. A Leo man must be like a king. It is important to make him feel noble. Especially after marriage, don't let him think that he is a lion in prison, it will be very humiliating. There are some things you have to know. You will always be the only queen in his heart, but he will also look at what other young lionesses are doing; but he himself also knows very clearly: just basking in the sun is very good. Bravo.


The most popular zodiac sign: Taurus

Matching index - 100 points [Virgo has the upper hand]

Taurus is hidden Talent and passion can only be discovered by a careful virgin. The two of them are of the same earth sign, so it is easier for them to have a feeling of understanding and harmony.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Aquarius

Matching index - 40 points [Virgo is at a disadvantage]

Aquarius, who belongs to the future constellation, is passing by Virgo After getting along for a period of time, you may find that Virgo has no creativity; while Virgo may feel that Aquarius is like an alien, and it is difficult for the two to communicate

Virgo man's love

< p>Virgo men are delicate. Not just for things or objects, but also for feelings, but it is difficult for ordinary people to understand his emotional perspective; but feelings must be practical and cannot be pretentious. He is flawless in everything, and he demands perfection so much. It is no wonder that he handles his emotions so carefully.

He pays great attention to details. Of course, every little thing is within his calculation. He is also picky about everything. So don't be surprised, even for you - you must get used to him quickly, he sometimes has no patience; especially for those who keep talking without growing up, if you are not, then you must be wise type of woman.

A Virgo man is not so meticulous. He is actually full of warmth in his heart, but he is very unwilling to let others see this side of him.

If everything has to be thought of emotionally, it will make him feel that he has no principles at all. So please forgive him for being a little uncomfortable when he comes into contact with emotions. However, once he discovers that emotions are real, everything becomes natural again. He is usually a good gentleman, and he is loyal to his feelings, but he is a mysophobia, so his home must be at least somewhat clean and tidy.

You may only discover his tenderness and romance after marriage, but this is not always the case, so you have to be somewhat measured. He attaches great importance to growth, so learning is still important, otherwise you will find that the "distance" will become farther and farther.


The most popular zodiac sign: Gemini

Matching index - 100 points [Libra has the upper hand]

They both belong to the wind sign Zodiac signs make it easy to match each other; moreover, Libra loves to be sociable and Gemini loves to be sociable.

So it is very natural for them to call.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Pisces

Matching index - 40 points [Libra is at a disadvantage]

Both people are gentle and gentle in appearance, but, It is easy to love and be loved by others. When falling in love, the heart is often full of uneasiness; therefore: love is very insecure.

Libra man's love

Libra men all have good temperament, regardless of whether he looks like a standard Libra handsome face. Very few people can't help but be attracted by his elegance. If you take a closer look, he looks like a butterfly, shuttling between people. The important thing is that everyone likes him. Are you starting to get a little jealous?

Or so. . . Have you been jealous for a long time? !

He loves to be in contact with people, which allows him to fully demonstrate his social style, but this does not mean that he loves fun, he just values ​​friendships. If you can really attract him, he will also hope to slip out of the crowd with you, but even so, he is still a butterfly; the point is not whether he will randomly collect nectar, but how many flowers there are in the light and dark Either envy you or hate you.

Besides, before he can take you away from the crowd, he has to overcome his constant hesitation.The characteristic of being indecisive...

Of course, we have to go back to another little question before: Will he flirt with women casually? If you are a person with little creativity, there will be two answers (this is his inertia, no matter what, there must be two ideas): no and yes. Emotionally, he must always maintain the feeling of being in love. His life, even his breathing, everything about him is in love.

It’s rare to find a Libra man who doesn’t like to decorate everything in his home. Under his arrangement, the home will become warm and comfortable; this is because he may have a small gathering or social activities at home at any time. He loves people and being the master, which has nothing to do with vanity; don't forget that he is the butterfly, he loves this feeling very much, because it makes him feel charming.


The most popular zodiac sign: Cancer

Matching index - 100 points [Scorpio has the upper hand]

Both of them are Water Zodiac sign, sensitivity, sensibility, personality and thoughts are very similar. Scorpio, who has a strong desire for dominance and dominance, meets Crab, who likes to hold people with their big pincers like a mother. If the two of them communicate in this regard, the love conversation should go smoothly.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Aries

Matching index - 40 points [Scorpio is at a disadvantage]

Scorpios have always been cold on the outside and hot on the inside, but Aries are He is as outspoken as a child, so it is difficult for the two of them to get along.

Scorpio man’s love

A Scorpio man is a strong man, no matter whether he looks fierce or not. You must not judge this man based on his appearance alone. His inner strength is definitely something you have never seen before. It’s hard to see a man like this anymore. He is so confident and calm. Although he is still enthusiastic, few people can see this! Even fewer people know how he longs for love, just like he longs for water in the Sahara Desert.

His enthusiasm is extremely strong. If you are afraid that you will be burned dry by his enthusiasm, then God bless you and never be touched by a Scorpion man, because it is no longer about who provokes whom. The question is who attracts whom.

Want to escape! ? I'm afraid it won't be easy.

He is so charming, why do you want to run away? All the women who have heard that Scorpion men are not only brave and good at fighting, but also very attractive, are eager to get involved with a Scorpion warrior, but you want to run away? However, if you are the kind of person who is easily injured, or who is difficult to recover from an injury, then you really should not touch it, not even touch it. He has a very angry temper. You need to know this. Don't find out that he has a bad temper only after you inadvertently start a joke with someone. His possessiveness is really unbearable, and he can't even put a grain of sand in his eyes. Don't tell him what he should do, use hints. He is not at your will. Remember, don’t break his heart. Although he is strong, he is very susceptible;

Don’t forget, heBut he is a destructive [Avenger]!


The most popular sign: Leo

Matching index - 100 points [Sagittarius has the upper hand]

Two fire signs People with this zodiac sign are easily attracted to each other. He loves to play and be lively, and the strangers he meets for the first time can be quickly forgotten, and the two of them can become passionate in no time. However, when you are in love with each other, you can fall in love with each other, but when you are not in love with each other, it is easy to get into a fight and break up.

The most uncoordinated constellation: Taurus

Matching index - 40 points [Sagittarius is at a disadvantage]

Like hot pot versus cold dishes, they don’t go together at all. If you really fall in love, it may be that Sagittarius is drunk, or Taurus suddenly shows off, and when you wake up, you will sigh: How could this happen?

Sagittarius man's love

Many people think that a Sagittarius man is like a boy scout. However, in addition to being helpful, he is also full of dangers. In fact, Sagittarius people love to take risks. He seeks an exciting life and faces various challenges with an optimistic attitude, but his optimism is a bit too blind. So, when you find that he doesn’t seem to understand your rejection and keeps pestering you,

People say that Pisces men are scumbags, overflowing with emotions, and very The love interest is a recognized love species. But this is because they will behave like scumbags before they meet their true love. When they meet their true love, they will be very dedicated and even obsessed with doting on their women. So it is a very happy thing to be pampered by a Pisces man. Now let’s take a look at the zodiac signs that Pisces men love most in their lives among the twelve zodiac signs, and who is their favorite zodiac sign.

1. Taurus girl

It is said that the most beautiful love is mutual, and this is true for Pisces man and Taurus girl. Their love is mutual and they are a very suitable pair. Pisces men have a gentle personality, but they are very insecure in their hearts. Before they meet a Taurus woman, they will feel that they do not belong. But when they meet a Taurus woman, the Pisces man will feel that the Taurus woman Just like their own haven, Taurus women act calmly. When around them, Pisces men will feel very safe. Of course, Pisces men will also dote on Taurus women extraordinarily, and the two of them will convey the power of love to each other.

2. Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman has many different sides, which makes Pisces man always remain curious about her. A Scorpio woman has a very unrestrained and passionate heart. Sometimes you look at her with innocent and innocent eyes, but in fact she has probably been staring at you for a long time and making small calculations in her heart. You think she is diligent and motivated, but sometimes she will hide in your arms and act coquettishly and ask you to help her. Most Scorpio women don't feel so easy to approach, and they feel like they are thousands of miles away. But when she feels that you are worthy of dating, and when you truly get to know each other, she will make no secret of her love and enthusiasm for you. When we meet, we hug and tease each other.Joking, asking for help, being naughty and coquettish are all out of the question. Make the Pisces man curious about her and want to know more about her.

3. Leo woman

When the gentle Pisces man and the overbearing Leo woman are together, the two complement each other in character. Only love, in life, the Pisces man will not only be considerate to the Leo woman, but also obey the Leo woman's orders and will not betray the Leo woman at all. The Leo woman also enjoys the process of being pampered, and occasionally restrains her temper and becomes a little girl in front of the Pisces man.