What are the books written by Keigo Higashino?

What are the books written by Keigo Higashino?



01. "After School" * (The 31st Edogawa Rampo Award) [1986 Visualization, March 27, 1986 in Fukuro Department (Fuji TV Department) - Kiyotura Mall (Thursday drama street), starring Yamashita Shinji, Shimura Kao, Endo Yumiko]


02. "Graduation—— "Setsugekka Murder Game" (Kaga Kyouichiro series) ("Murder Game Before Graduation") *

03. "Hakuba Sanso Murder Case"


04. "The Murder in the Student Street" (shortlisted for the 41st Japan Mystery Writers Association Award)

05. "Eleven Words to Kill" <11 Words to Kill>* (Japanese drama SP broadcast on June 10, 2012, starring: Hiromi Nagasaku)


06. "Magic Ball"

"Nava Boy Detective Team" (Japanese drama broadcast on July 2, 2012, starring: Mikako Tabe, Teppei Koike)


Cover Collection 2 of Keigo Higashino's Works (15 photos)

09. "The Clown of the Cross Mansion"

10. "Sleeping Forest" (Kaga Kyouichiro series)

(Special note: This is not the TV series starring Kimura Takuya)

11 "Birdman Project" (No. 11 finalist 2015 Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Newcomer Award)

12. "The Murder Scene is in the Clouds"

13. "The Heart of Brutus - A Complete Crime" "Murder Relay" <ブルータスの心臓-Complete Criminal Murder Relay>* (Japanese drama SP broadcast on June 17, 2012, starring: Fujiwara Ryūya)


14. " Detective Club" formerly known as <伊逼人の女> "The Director's Daughter" (translated name: Detective Club, 2010 autumn Japanese drama SP, starring Shosuke Tanihara and Nao Matsushita)

This The collection of short stories includes:

14.1. The Night of Disguise/The Night of Disguise

14.2. The Crazy Electric Shock/罠の中

14.3. The girl client/ 伊利人の女

14.4. The mystery of Izu Hotel/ Detective no messenger

14.5. The rose and the dagger/ rosy rose

< p>15. "Fate"* (2004 Japanese drama SP, starring Takashi Kashiwahara and Naoto Fujiki)

16. "A Night of Murder without a Murderer" (once published in Mystery Magazine)

16.1. A Little Mischief Story/The Story of Kona Intentional (Episode 8 of the 2012 Japanese drama "Keigo Higashino Mystery Series", starring Miura Haruma)

16.2. Two people in the dark/ 黑の中の二人

16.3. Dancer/ 芊り子

16.4. Endless Night/ エンドレス·ナイト (2012 Japanese drama "Higashino Keigo Mystery Series" Episode 3, starring Nao Matsushita)

16.5. White Weapon/White Weapon (Episode 7 of the 2012 Japanese drama "Keigo Higashino Mystery Series", starring Erika Toda)

16.6. Farewell, Coach/さよならコーチ(The first episode of the 2012 Japanese drama "Higashino Keigo Mystery Series", starring Karasawa Tobuaki)

16.7. A murderous night without a murderer/ A murderous night for a criminal ( The second episode of the 2012 Japanese drama "Keigo Higashino's Mystery Series", starring Kenji Sakaguchi)

17. "Mask Villa Murder Incident"



18. "Transformation" (filmed in 2005**, starring Tamaki Hiroshi and Aoi Yu)

19. "Corridor Pavilion Murder Incident" * (Japanese drama SP broadcast on June 24, 2012, starring: Takako Tokiwa)

20. "Angel Ears" *

20.1. Angel's Ear/Angel's Ear

20.2. Isolation Zone/Separation Band

20.3. Dangerous New Leaves/Dangerous 険な如叶

20.4. Please pass / 通りゃんせ

20.5. Please do not throw away things / 屋てないで

20.6. Mirror in the mirror / Mirror in the middle


Cover Collection 3 of Keigo Higashino's Works (16 photos)

21. "Death in the Snow" "The Weapon of the United States" *


23. "Classmate"

24. "Clone"* (2012 The Japanese drama will be broadcast on February 12, 2018, starring: Masami Nagasawa)

25 "Say Goodbye to Mr. Nana - Naniwa Boy Detective Group·Independent Edition" <しのぶセンセにサヨナラ - Naniwa Boy Detective Group·Independent Edition>


26 ."Weird People" / 鬼しい人びと

26.1 The Sleeping Woman / 夜ていた女

26.2 Let me listen to your sentence again / もう一时コールしてくれ

26.3 Until death do us part / 死んだら働けない

26.4 Honeymoon trip / Ganいはずなのに

26.5 The mystery of the wedding photos / Wedding report (2012 Japanese drama "Higashino Keigo Mystery" Series" Episode 9, starring Hirosue Ryoko)

26.6 Above the Lighthouse/Lampstand にて

26.7 Cold Rain in Costa Rica/コスタリカの雨は Cold たい

27. "The House I Used to Die" <むかしservant's dead house>

28 "The Boy Who Controlled the Rainbow"


29. "Parallel World·Love Story" <パラレルワールド·ラブストーリー>

30. "We Were Fools at That Time" (Collected Essays) <あの瀼ぼくらはアホでした>

Ichito's dad/Ichitoru's おやじ

31.4 Reversal of classmates/Reverse students' reunion

31.5 Super raccoon theory/Super たぬき theory

31.6 The Prime Minister of the Uninhabited Island Broadcast broadcast/Uninhabited Island Grand Sumo Tournament

31.7 Corpse Platform Community/しかばね台分譲 residence

31.8 Incense sticks dedicated to a certain old man/あるジーサンに Incense sticksを

31.9 Animal Family/Animal Family

32 "Sky Bee" (shortlisted for the 17th Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Newcomer Award)


33. "The Code of the Detective" * (2009 spring Japanese drama, starring Shota Matsuda)

34. "Who Killed Her"* (Kaga Kyouichiro series) <どちらかが他女した>

35. "Poison Laughter Novel"*

35.01 Kidnapping Heaven/Kidnapping Heaven

35.02 Angel / エンジェル

35.03 Handmade Lady / Handmade りマダム

35.04 Procedural Police/Mario Police (World Wonder Story 2000 Autumn SP, starring Tamaki Koji, also known as "Code Police")

35.05 Grandpa in Charge/ホームアローンじいさん

35.06 Groom Doll / Son-in-law Doll

35.07 Female Writer/Female Writer

35.08 Instruction Manual for Killing Intent/Instruction Manual for Killing Intent (Wonderful Story of the World 2010 Autumn SP, starring Tamaki Hiroshi and Tsukamoto Takashi)< /p>

35.09 Compensation/ つぐない

35.10 Glorious Testimony/ Testimony of 栄光の

35.11 Original Reasoning Peripheral Appraisal Show/ Original Reasoning Related Appraisal ショー

35.12 Kidnapping Phone Network/Abduction Phone Network

36. "Malicious" (Kyichiro Kaga series)* (adapted into a Japanese drama by NHK General Television, broadcast from November 19th to December 17th, 2001 , the name of Kaga Kyouichiro's character in the play is changed to Nishihara Koshio, Ma Huhei plays Nishihara Koshio, Sasaki Zounosuke plays Noguchi Osamu)

37. "The Curse of the Detective"


38. "Detective Galileo" (the first part of the Detective Galileo series) * (filmed in 2007 for the Japanese drama "Detective Galileo" 1- 5 episodes, starring Masaharu Fukuyama and Yuki Shibasaki)

39. "Secret"* (Nominated for the 52nd Japan Mystery Writers Association Award and the 120th Naoki Award) (filmed in 1998**, Hirosue Ryoko Starring; 2010 autumn Japanese drama, starring Shida Mirai and Sasaki Kuranosuke)


40. "I Killed Him" ​​(Kaga Kyouichiro series)

41. "White Night Walk"* (Nominated for the 122nd Naoki Award) (Japanese drama filmed in 2006, starring Takayuki Yamada and Haruka Ayase; filmed in 2009 from South Korea as **, Son Ye-jin , starring Takashi; it was filmed again in Japan in 2010 as **, starring Horikita Maki, Kora Kengo, Funakoshi Eiichiro, Toda Keiko, Jiang Changxiong, released in the spring of 2011)


< p>42. "Another Lie" (Kaga Kyouichiro Series) Published in Mystery Magazine Issues 220-224

42.1 Another Lie/Shushikihiro

42.2 Cold Burning/ Cold Burning Heat

42.3 Second Hope/ Second Hope

42.4 Crazy Calculation/Crazy Calculation

42.5 Friend's Advice/Friend's Help

43."Predictive Dream" (Part 2 of the Detective Galileo series) * (filmed in 2007, episodes 6-10 of the Japanese drama "Detective Galileo", starring Masaharu Fukuyama and Yuki Shibasaki)



44. "Unrequited Love" <片思い>* (Nominated for the 125th Naoki Award)

45. "Super Murder Incident" * ( "2003 World Wonder Story Spring Edition" filmed one of the unit stories "Murder over Tax Countermeasures", starring Masahiko Nishimura and Nene Otsuka)

45.1 Murder over Tax Countermeasures/Murder over Tax Countermeasures

45.2 Super Science Murder Case/Super Science Murder Case

45.3 Super Guess the Murderer Novel Murder Case/Super Criminal Murder Novel (Problems and Solutions)

< p>45.4 Murder in a super-aging society/Murder in a super-ageing society

45.5 Murder in a super-forecast novel/Murder in a super-announcement novel

45.6 Murder in a super-long novel/Super The Murder Case of the Long Novel

45.7 The Murder Case of the Magic Wind Mansion/The Murder Case of the Magic Wind Mansion (Super Final Chapter·Ruseko Five Pieces)

45.8 The Super Reading Machine Murder Case/Super Reading Book Mechanical murder case

46. "Santa Auntie" / サンタのおばさん (絵本:絵は浵田hirumi)


47. "Lake" "Bian Homicide" <レイクサイド>* (filmed in 2002**, starring Yakushimaru Hiroko, Toyokawa Etsuji, and Yakusho Koji)

48. "Tokisei" <トキオ> (filmed in 2004 Japanese drama , starring Sakurai Sho, the drama is titled "Message to Father")

49. "Kidnapping Game" <ゲームの名はAbduction>* (filmed in 2003**, Naoto Fujiki, Yu Nakama Starring Kie)


50. "Letter" * (nominated for the 129th Naoki Award) (filmed in 2005**, Takayuki Yamada, Hide Sawajiri Starring Long Hua)

51. "I am very diligent" <おれは无情情> (Note: the title of this book has the same pronunciation as "very diligent" (Chinese means concurrent), which is a pun specially set by the creator Interesting language)

52. "The Gate of Murder"*


53. "Fantasy Night"* (131st Naoki Award Nominee) (2010 autumn Japanese drama, starring Kyoko Fukada and Takashi Tsukamoto)

54. "Challenge?" (Collection of essays) <ちゃれんじ?> (Collection of essays)


55. "The Wandering Blade" <さまよう Blade>* (adapted into ** in 2009, starring Yutaka Takenouchi)


56. "Black Laughter" Novel》*

56.01 Another run-up/もうひとつのhelp-walk

56.02 Incense and fireworks/Xianxiang and fireworks

56.03 People from the past/People from the past< /p>

56.04 Review meeting/Examination meeting

56.05 Big Breast Delusion Syndrome/Big Breast Delusion Syndrome

56.06 Incompetent Medicine/インポグラ

56.07 Show Micro Eyes/みえすぎ

56.08 Love Spray/モテモテ·スプレー

56.09 Cinderella White Night Walk/Survivor White Night Walk

56.10 Introduction to Stalker/ストーIntroduction to カー< /p>

56.11 Critical Family/ Critical Family

56.12 The Man Who Doesn’t Smile/ Laughing Man

56.13 Miracle Photo/ Miracle One Piece

57. "The Devotion of Suspect X" (Part 3 of the Detective Galileo series) "The Devotion of Suspect X"* (134th Naoki Award, 6th Mystery Novel Award) (filmed in 2008**, Masaharu Fukuyama, Starring Yuki Shibasaki, Shinichi Tsutsumi, and Yasuko Matsuyuki)

58. "Science?" (Collected Essays) <さいえんす?>


59. "Dream Back to Turin" (Collection of Essays) <梦はトリノをかけめぐる>

60. "Red Finger" (Kaga Kyouichiro series) "Red Finger" (2011 winter Japanese drama SP, Abe Starring Hiro and Akisa Kuroki)

61. "Mission and the Limit of the Heart" * (2011 autumn Japanese drama SP, starring Ishihara Satomi and Hayami Shigemichi)


62. "Perhaps the Last Greeting" <たぶんlastの皇拶> (Collected Essays)

63. "The Street of Dawn"*<夜明けの街で>(filmed in 2011**, starring Fukada Kyoko and Kishitani Goro)

64. "The Eye of Dying"*<ダイイング·アイイ>



65. "Meteor no Kizuna" * (Japanese drama filmed in 2008, starring Ninomiya Kazuya, Nishikido Ryo, and Toda Erika)

66. "Galileo "The Troubles" (Part 4 of the Detective Galileo series) <ガリレオのpain>* (The story has a total of 5 chapters, the first 1 and 2 chapters were written in 2007Made into a TV series "Detective Galileo SP Special", starring Masaharu Fukuyama and Yuki Shibazaki)

67. "The Rescue of the Saint" (Part 5 of the Detective Galileo series) *


68. "Paradox 13" *Taiwan translation of "13 Seconds of Change" <パラドックス13>

69. "New Participants" (added He Kyouichiro series)* (Japanese drama filmed in 2010, starring Abe Hiroshi and Kuroki Meisa)

70. "Beautiful Weapon"


71. "Whose is the Cuckoo's Egg?" <カッコウのEGは人のもの> The original title was "フェイク" (fake, fake) when it was serialized in "Novel Gems"

72. "Platinum Data" 》<プラチナデータ>(filmed in 2012**, starring Ninomiya Kazuya)

73. "Silver Jack"< 白银ジャック>


74. "Who is next to you?" Episode 6, starring Masami Nagasawa)

74.2 Reiko and Reiko/ Reiko Toko (June 1991 issue) (The fourth episode of the 2012 Japanese drama "Higashino Keigo Mystery Series", Kanzuki A Starring Lisa)

74.3 The Girl of Rebirth Magic/The Girl of Rebirth Magic (Issue Novel March 1994) (The eleventh episode of the 2012 Japanese drama "Keigo Higashino Mystery Series", starring Kyoka Suzuki)

74.4 Goodbye, "Dad" / さよなら『おfatherさん』 (Novel Jewel's July 1994 issue)

74.5 The detective exits / The famous detective exits (『やっぱりミステリーが好き』 Shinchosha's June 1990 issue)

74.6 Tigress/女も虎も (IN★POCKET's July 1997 issue)

74.7 I'm so sleepy, I don't want to die/りたい死にたくない(IN★POCKET's July 1997 issue)

74.8 Twenty Years of Promise/Twenty Years of Binding (Bessatsu Novel Gems' December 1989 issue) (2012 Japanese drama The tenth episode of "Higashino Keigo Mystery Series", starring Shinohara Ryoko)

75. "Kirin Wings" (Kaga Kyouichiro series) * (Kaga Kyouichiro series) (2011 Filmed**, starring Hiroshi Abe and Yui Aragaki, expected to be released in Japan in January 2012)

76. "Answer to the Milk Box" (short story from"Novel Wild Age" No. 89)

77. "Listen to the Heart" <心聴> (a short story from the April 2011 issue of "オールReading")

78. "Midsummer" "The Formula" (Part 6 of the Detective Galileo series) "Manatsu's Formula" *Published on June 6 (filmed in 2012**, starring Fukuyama Masaharu Yoshitaka Yuriko, released on June 29, 2013)

79. "Masked Dance Hall" tentatively scheduled to be published on September 9, 2012

80. "Crooked Smile Novel"


81. "The Seventh Part of the Galileo Series: The Clown of the Virtual Image" (Published by Bungeishunqiu on August 10, 2012)

82. The Miracle of the Grocery Store


83. Who was that time?

84 "The eighth work in the Galileo series. Forbidden Magic"


85 Fantasy Flower (むげんばな)

Please complete the mystery novels of Shoji Shimada, all of them

1 "Astrological Murder" 19802 "Crime in the Leaning Room" 19823 " "Greetings from Mitarai Aoi" 1987 (including "Digital Lock", "Running Dead", "Shiden Kai Research Preservation Society", "Greek Dog") 4 "Foreign Knight" 1988* "Saw and Zigzag" (collected In "The Woman Who Sells Poison", short story) 19885 "The Dance of Mitsurugi" 1990 (including "Icarus in a Top Hat", "The Story of a Certain Knight", "Chorea", "Recent Report") 6 "Dark Slope" "Man-eating Tree" 19907 "Crystal Pyramid" 19918 "Vertigo" 19929 "Abnormal Position" 199310 "Long Wo Pavilion Murder Incident" 199611 "The Melody of Mitsuba" 1998 (including "LGE", "SIVAD SELIM", "Boston Ghost Painting Incident" 》, "Such a Distant Glory") 12 "Mr. Mitarai and Ishioka-kun Walking Together" 199813 "Come on, Mitarai-kun!" 》 199814 "The Adventure of Mr. Mitarai" 199815 "Ishioka Kazuki's Incident Book 1, 2" 199916 "P's Secret Room" 1999 ( Includes "The Suzuran Incident" and "P's Secret Room") 17 "The Last Supper" 1999 (Includes "Satomi Goes to the Kyoto", "One's Curious Story", "The Last Supper") 18 "Mr. Mitarai and Ishioka-kun 2 - Comic" Anthology ー》 200019 "Mitarai Guide Book" 200020 "Mitarai Online Imitation Show Incident" (includes articles published on the Internet22 copies of the Mitarai series) 200021 "Palose Hotel - Mitarai Online Imitation Show Incident 2" 200122 "Ishioka Kazuji's Strategy Guide" 200123 "Harry Wood Gets a Certificate" 200124 "Russian Ghost Warship Incident" 200125 "Hollywood Certificate" (Matsuzaki Reio Nai) 200126 "The Devil's Game" 200227 "Mitarashi·Coffee" 200228 "Saint Nicholas's Diamond Boots" 200229 "Kamikochi's Jack the Ripper" 2003 (including "Kamikochi's Jack the Ripper" and "Yamate's Ghost" ) 30 "Screwman" 200331 "Dragon Pavilion Fantasy" 200432 "The Strange Man in the Skyscraper" 200533 "The Adventures of Inubo Satomi" (Inubo Satomi) 200634 "The Last Ball" 200635 "The Drowning Mermaid" 2006 (Collected in "Drowning" Mermaid>, "Mermaid Weapon", "The Child with Glowing Ears" and "Sea and Poison") 36 "UFO Avenue" 2006 (including "UFO Avenue", "Woman Holding an Folding Umbrella") 37 "Libida's Fable of Freedom" ” 2007 (including "Croatian Hands" and "Libida's Fable of Freedom") 38 "Entering the Hall, a Week in the World" (currently writing a collection of the latest short stories about Mitarai's "Kyoto Era") 39 "The Dragon of Ene" "God" (Planned to write, the latest full-length novel about Mitarai Keiyuki that took place in Sweden)

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Shoji Shimada, male, contemporary Japanese Famous writer of mystery novels and mentor of the New Bengue School. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan on October 12, 1948, he graduated from the Department of Commercial Design of Musashino Art University. In 1980, he participated in the Edogawa Ranpo Grand Prize competition with "Astrology Killing Magic" and created the "New Honkoku School of Reasoning". He has created more than 80 mystery novels and various essay collections.