Love the horoscope app, what zodiac related apps are there to recommend?

Love the horoscope app, what zodiac related apps are there to recommend?


When it comes to the Love Astrology app, everyone knows it. Some people ask what zodiac related apps are recommended? In addition, some people want to ask who can read the horoscope. Is this my natal chart? Do you know what's going on? In fact, what is the correct way to analyze Mercury in the astrolabe? Let’s take a look at what zodiac related apps are recommended? Hope it helps everyone!

Love Astrolabe app

1. Love Astrolabe app: What constellation-related apps are recommended?

As for horoscope apps, it is recommended to measure and accurately measure these two zodiac signs. The knowledge is very professional. Many professional astrologers use these two APPs. It includes horoscopes, horoscopes,, Tarot cards, etc. You can also ask questions in the community. There are many articles. You can try it. It is a very good software.

2. Love Astrolabe app: Who knows how to read an astrolabe and see that this is my natal chart?

The house degrees are too high

What is the correct way to analyze Mercury in the horoscope?

3. Love Astrolabe app: What is the correct method to analyze Mercury in the astrolabe?

Go to test the horoscope or love the horoscope. These two horoscope apps are more accurate and the projects are free. Generally, you enter the date of birth plus the time of birth, which is more accurate. If you don't remember the time of birth, you can guess it on this app, or use it as the standard at 12 noon. Mercury represents the characteristics of a person's intellectual logic. For example, Mercury in Capricorn speaks in a rigorous and logical manner, writes in lists of one, two, and three, and has strong ability to summarize and integrate. The Love Astrolabe app is no longer available.

4. Love Astrolabe app: How to calculate when you will meet in Love Astrolabe

I don’t agree with your method of calculation. In fact, fate is in your own hands instead of counting. So I said that you have to have confidence in what you do and have certain plans and goals to achieve it

You can say whatever you want, because it is your thing after all, so it is more straightforward than having to hide it. speak out.

How do you calculate when you will meet? I think you should never believe these messy things. Even if he tells you that if he meets you tomorrow, he will really meet his friend, it is not good to believe it. . Love Astrolabe app version.

A life that has experienced love is beautiful, and a love that cannot withstand the test is not profound. Beautiful love enriches life, and love that can withstand the test is perfect...Personal horoscope inquiry (super).

5. Love Astrolabe app: Who compiled the Love Astrolabe software? Does anyone know?

I am also thinking about this issue. Like you, I am confused. Do you know how to read it now?

6. Love Astrolabe app: Looking for an analysis of the astrolabe? Analyze the chart in time and space, thank you

You should use the Love Astrolabe app

7. Love Astrology App: Which zodiac app is better to use

Zaotao, test it, it is accurate and it is very easy to use. Comparatively, the moon and fire phase of the chart is a noble person.

Qiqi is the APP that has been online for the longest time. The horoscope content in it is more professional. It was created because of Mo Xiaoqi. The content is relatively not as professional and detailed as Qiqi.

Zaotao is a newly established APP. The horoscope content and astrolabe content are somewhere between measured and accurate. However, Zaotao has a function that the other two APPs are not good at, which is social networking. Zaotao is a zodiac social APP that allows you to view horoscopes and destiny horoscopes. With one-click matching, you can find compatible partners with your zodiac signs and have fun.

There used to be a Dianbo APP that was also good, but it seems that the business changes were too rapid, so the Dianbo APP is no longer available.

8. Love Astrology App: Have you seen the natal chart of Love Astrology? I think it is very accurate

Astrology, you are talking about astrology, what we usually know Said twelve constellations.

Natal chart, simply put, is Eastern astrology.

The accuracy is okay. The key is to look at the level of the astrologer.

The above are the recommended apps related to which zodiac signs are there? The related content is about which constellation-related apps are recommended? of sharing. After reading the Love Astrolabe app, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

Which tarot cards are better and what brand of tarot cards is the best

When it comes to tarot cards, everyone knows that tarot cards are more accurate. Some people ask The tarot card is better (the test is more accurate). In addition, some people want to ask which tarot card is more accurate? Do you know what is going on? In fact, which website has the most accurate tarot card calculations? Let’s take a look at which tarot cards are better (more accurate). I hope it can help everyone!

Which tarot cards are more accurate

1. Which tarot cards are more accurate: Which tarot cards are better (the test is more accurate)

Which tarot card is the best for divination except things? allow.

Or if you are more spiritually inclined, it is particularly recommended to use non-standard Tarot cards

Use Waite Tarot or English

The Wang family Tarot contains the direct meaning of self-patterns. Contact Random Design

Using non-standard tarot cards often

leads to the meaning of the cards

Misunderstandings can affect the proficiency of the tarot cards

Which website is the most accurate for tarot card calculations?

The main screens are all realistic

The cards should be held in each hand

Cupid holds them

Know which way to go What's the point of importing if you choose non-standards?

I think it's bad to import

It seriously affects the choice of divination and it is important to cherish the cards

A deck of tarot cards or even a deck of cards

It is necessary to easily change the cards and contact them

Make the tarot test < /p>

2. Tarot cards are more accurate: Which kind of tarot cards are more accurate?

First of all, I personally think that it is better to buy more formal patterns on the cards. That is to say, it is a pattern that does not look so beautiful, is quite ancient, and is quite mysterious. Nowadays, there are many imitation tarot cards. What are the drawings, QQ, and various cartoon characters on them? This greatly interferes with the fortune teller's exploration of the meaning of the cards. Because many times you need to make associations based on the patterns on the cards to decipher the cards. If the patterns mislead you, or simply don't give you any inspiration, how can you be accurate?

In addition, it depends on how well you communicate with the cards. Tarot divination requires regular practice. You must be calm and patient, and carefully figure out what information the cards you draw will tell you. You can also make associations based on the tips in the book. Once you become proficient, you will be able to do it naturally.

3. Tarot cards are relatively accurate: Which website has the most accurate tarot card calculations?

Whether divination is accurate is related to the level of the fortune teller, not to the tools

4. Tarot cards are relatively accurate: What is it like to have a friend who is very accurate in tarot card divination?

I would describe tarot card divination as: conscious pursuit of answers. Tarot card divination is not fortune telling. The so-called divination refers to seeking solutions to problems when encountering them. Accuracy is not the goal of tarot cards. When the results are not good, being inaccurate is the goal that should be pursued. I agree that accuracy is a matter of opinion, but I have my own opinion. Human beings live in three psychological levels every day, conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. The subconscious is the deepest consciousness of human beings. It exists. For example, dreaming is the subconscious trying to express something to us, but because we cannot interpret dreams, so We don't know its meaning. The 78 cards of the Tarot are a tool that visualizes our subconscious, allows us to understand its meaning, and allows us to look forward to the future. However, the result of Tarot divination is not fatal, it may depend on our A thought, an idea, a change will not have the same result. The two most important parts of tarot card divination are "card drawing" and "interpretation". As for accuracy, I would say that it depends on the fortune teller's interpretation skills, whether the interpretation is correct and the understanding of the meaning of the cards. degree. . . . etc. Of course, it also includes whether the querent is concentrating on the question, or whether asking a vague question will affect the divination result.

Are you going to become Zhihu

5. Which tarot cards are more accurate: Can any expert tell me which tarot cards are the most accurate?

There is no such thing as a tarot card, as long as it looks pleasing to your eyes, you like its color and style, and you are holding it.There is a sense of calm when you read it, then it is destined to be the most suitable card for you, and it must be new, because once the tarot card is recognized, it will never change. It will feel very uncomfortable to use, and the results will be inaccurate.

The above is the content related to which tarot card is better (the test is more accurate), and it is about the sharing of which tarot card is better (the test is more accurate). After reading some relatively accurate tarot cards, I hope this helps everyone!

What tarot cards are the most accurate?

When it comes to which tarot cards are better, everyone knows that some people ask which brand of tarot cards is the best. In addition, some people also want to ask which tarot cards are the best. Do you know what this is? What's going on? Which tarot cards are actually better? Let’s take a look at what brand of tarot cards is the best, I hope it can help everyone!

What Tarot cards are better

1. What Tarot cards are better: What brand of Tarot cards

There are no Tarot cards in the world.

Each Tarot painting has its own mysterious power.

post. /f?kz=Is the Spiritual Eye Tarot Card a Waite?

This is also the most accurate tarot card I ask for help.

I hope I can help you~

2. What Tarot cards are better: What Tarot cards

The word "Tarot" is taken from The Egyptian words tar (way) and ro (king) contain the meaning of "kingly way". Therefore, "Tarot" itself refers to the body and the correct judgment he should have. This is also the origin of this divination method.

Tarot cards are an ancient divination tool, and its origin is even more mysterious. Many experts who study occult science are trying to find some clues, and there are various opinions?

It is said to come from Egypt, which means "God's Journey" and "God of Wisdom and Art" in Egyptian.

Some say it comes from ancient Rome, which means "wheel of life" in Latin.

Some say it comes from Hebrew, which means "law" in Jewish. What kind of tarot cards.

It is said that it comes from Gypsy, which means "cards". It is the Gypsies who introduced the word "Tarot" to Europe.

It is said that the gods hold certain symbols of the Tarot cards in their hands, such as cups, swords and rings.

Some say it comes from China. In the Tang Dynasty, card games were printed on banknotes. It is said that playing cards were used for entertainment by wives and concubines.

No matter which way you say it, one thing is certain: Tarot is an ancient wisdom book drawn into patterns by wise men and passed down.

It is said that the original "Tarot" was not used for divination in the form of cards. It was just a "book of Tarot", which was a mysterious book specially used to convey wills. OfBook. Whenever the ancient Pharaoh had any difficult problems that needed to be solved, he would open this "Book of Taota" and all the problems would be solved. (Note: Taota is the god of culture and education.) Later, when the Egyptian dynasty was destroyed, in order to prevent this mysterious book from falling into the hands of foreigners, it was drawn on a card in the form of a picture and delivered to Among the priests. Later it was introduced to Europe. Around the Middle Ages, the Tarot cards we play today were formed.

In the Middle Ages, when Tarot cards were popular, traces of them can be found in many pictures and books of the time. Whether they were royal nobles or common people, Tarot cards were everywhere. With the rise of Tarot Cards, Tarot cards have been regarded as pagan mystical methods and have been criticized ever since. Under the protection of caring people, Tarot cards still survive and show their mysterious atmosphere in front of the world. What kind of tarot cards.

The 78 cards are divided into minor arcana cards (minorarcana, 56 cards in total) and major arcana cards (majorarcana, also called, with various characters painted on them, 22 cards in total). The Minor Arcana cards are very similar to the current cards, and are also divided into four suits, namely stick (club), (heart), sword (spades) and disc (diamond) T. There are 14 cards in each suit, including 10 point cards (1 to 10) and four flower cards (i.e. king, queen, and guard). The patterns in the Major Arcana represent very complex symbolism. The early Major Arcana cards were not numbered, but later people numbered them from 1 to 21, leaving the "Crazy" card unnumbered, or numbered as 0.

The earliest tarot cards were handmade, and some were designed by famous painters. Tarot card brand recommendations.

When applying Tarot cards, it is possible to use the entire deck or just the Major Arcana cards. The cards are important every time, and the relative position between the cards is also important. There are different rules for interpreting tarot cards, including the simple method using only three cards, the traditional Celtic cross method, the English method and the astrological method.

Which tarot cards are better?

Patterns of Tarot Cards

The meanings of the four suits of the Minor Arcana are as follows:

Rod: Represents the element fire, symbol, energy and creation.

Disc: represents the elemental diagram, symbolizing money, material things and enjoyment.

: Represents the element water, symbolizing emotions, relationships, love and inspiration.

Sword: represents elemental energy, symbolizing thought, wisdom, and conflict.

The name of each Major Arcana card. Different cards have different names. Usually the madman (TheFool, 0), the Magician (I), the High Priestess or the Popes (II), the Queen (TheEmpress, III), the Emperor (TheEmperor, IV), The Hierophant, or the Pope, V, The Lovers, VI, The Chariot, VII, Strength, VIII, The Hermit, IX, The Wheel of Fortune, X (Justice, XI), The Hanged Man (XII), Death (Death, XIII), Temperance (XIV), (TheDevil, , The Moon (TheMoon, XVIII), The Sun (TheSun, XIX), Judgment (Judgment, XX), The World (TheWorld, XXI).

The above is the content related to which brand of tarot cards is the best, and it is a sharing about which brand of tarot cards is the best. After reading what tarot cards are better, I hope this helps everyone!

"Classic Tarot" is 45 yuan (the gift box comes with detailed instructions and 78 complete Tarot cards)

"British Royal Tarot" "Tarot Card" is priced at 39.8 yuan (the gift box comes with detailed instructions and 78 complete Tarot cards)

"Visconti Tarot Card" is 38 yuan (the gift box comes with detailed information) Instructions for use and 78 complete Tarot cards)

"Falling in Love with Tarot Cards" 33 yuan (comes with a practical manual and 78 complete Tarot cards)

Divination Steps

The first step: Preparation and taboos

The first and most important thing is: before using tarot cards, make sure that your body and mind are in a good and calm state. Interpreting Tarot is a laborious task, and you must concentrate to understand the meaning presented by the Tarot cards.

When is the best time to speculate?

As long as your mental state is clear enough, you can do it at any time.

Where to speculate?

Find a location that won’t disturb you. The ideal place: go to your quiet little nest with your friends, make a cup of black tea, and let’s interpret your destiny together!

What to use for speculation?

Use tarot cards of course! The speculation method at this time was carried out using twenty-two large tarot cards.

A piece of black cloth. Basically, tarot requires a table with enough space to arrange the cards. Prepare a clean cloth to spread on the table to prevent the cards from directly contacting the table and easily getting dirty. As for the suggestion that you use black, it is because from a scientific or speculative point of view, black is the color that can best gather light and energy.

What are taboo things?

You cannot speculate on the same question twice in the same period.The Tawan card is a tool for you to peek into a corner of your destiny. It can be said to be your partner on the journey of destiny. Therefore, you must have absolute trust in it. If it tells you that the results are not satisfactory, you should still maintain a respectful attitude. Never have the mentality of "calculate until the good results come out" - fate is not a game of trial and error. If you insist on having your own way, your tarot cards will no longer be willing to show you any correct answers in the future.

Be sure to trust your tarot cards.

Don't lose any cards. A set of cards, like siblings, has its own integrity. No matter which one is missing, it is a harm to the card itself. So the advice I can give you is this: reserve it carefully.

Avoid unexpected situations when shuffling cards. During the shuffling process explained to you in the third step, the following situations may occur: while shuffling, a card suddenly turns red and turns face up; or some cards are shuffled to the ground; or some cards are shuffled to the ground; Putting the cards in the wrong pile, etc. You should try to avoid these accidents, because these phenomena all mean one thing: you may not be focused enough. This will have the most serious impact on the inferred results.

Step 2: Confirm the questions and speculation methods

After everything is ready, the next step is to confirm the questions you want to ask. Remember: the problem must be confirmed before proceeding to the next step - "shuffling". Once you start shuffling the cards, you cannot change the questions.

Step 3: Shuffle the cards

There are two different actions in shuffling the cards. Each time a guess is made, these two shuffles must be repeated.

Let’s do the first shuffle first. Stack the twenty-two large Tarot cards face down and put them in your hands. Concentrate and don't think about anything. Then, begin to obey your own will, take a drop from the middle of the card stack, and place it on the top of the card stack. Repeat the same action several times, the number of times depends on your will.

Next, place the cards on a flat surface and prepare for the second shuffle (see picture on the right). Likewise, you must still concentrate on spreading the cards in a circle, and start shuffling the cards with both hands following the direction of the stem. While shuffling the cards, you should mentally state the problem you are about to speculate on and think about the card type you are about to use.

Listen to your inner voice, and you will feel when you can stop; at this time, slowly gather the cards (don’t forget to do it in a clockwise manner), and finally return it to one Stack the cards and place them horizontally.

In addition, there are some rules of speculation that require the person asking the question to concentrate their will and meditate on their question. At this time, you just need to keep your mind clear of distracting thoughts; when to stop shuffling the cards is decided by the person asking.

Step 4: Cutting the cards

Cutting the cards is the moment for the querent to show off their talents. After you have shuffled the cards and put them face down into a pile, ask the person you asked to cut the cards. Of course, if the person asking the question is yourself, you have to cut the cards yourself.

First of all, ask the opponent to concentrate, pick up a card of his own will from the top of the card stack (you must not not take it), and put the dropped card below the original card stack (that is, the one closest to you). direction), becomes two drops (see the picture on the right).

Next, take another drop from above the second drop; this will be placed above the first drop. Now, you already have three falling cards in front of you.

Next, it’s up to you to fold the cards back. First pick up the first drop and place it on top of the second drop; then pick up the combination of the first drop and the second drop and place it on top of the third drop. In this way, it returns to a pile of cards.

We have one last card-cutting action left. In the previous process, the cards were all facing down horizontally. We now need to turn the card so that it is facing straight down (see picture on the left). This action must not be mistaken: if you are guessing for the other party, your rotation direction is counterclockwise; that is, you have to rotate the left end of the tarot card downward 90 degrees to become straight. If you are guessing for yourself, rotate the card 90 degrees clockwise. Once you make a mistake, the meaning of the entire card will be completely reversed, so be careful!

Step 5: Arrange the cards

Shuffling and cutting the cards are the most accurate steps in the entire process. The next card sorting is much simpler. You just need to arrange the card types according to the arrangement you just decided to use. Remember one thing:

All tarot cards must be kept face down during the card arrangement process. Usually only part of the cards will be used in the card shape, and the remaining cards will remain facing down, stacked and set aside.

Step 6: Opening and Interpretation

After the card types are arranged, uncover each card in order. The way to turn over the cards is from left to right. After all the cards have been revealed, it's time for you to interpret them.

Simple numerical calculation method

Based on the year, month, and day of your birth, you can find the Tarot card that represents your own life. The Tarot cards of life can be divided into two types: one is the Tarot card that represents personality, and the other is the Tarot card that represents the soul.

Tarot cards, which represent personality symbols, show your wisdom, talents, temperament, demeanor, temper, etc. that express the fish's external world, that is, everything about how others see you.

Tarot cards, which represent the symbol of the soul, show you deep in your heart, your inner desire, source of energy, spiritual feelings, pursuit and ideal life that you yearn for. It represents the unknown true truth. you.

When you were born into the world, your life began to come into contact with this world, and your personality and soul also came with life.

Therefore, finding the Tarot cards that belong to your life (should be found from the 22 or 25 main cards of the Major Arcana) can give you a deeper understanding of who you are and how others view you. you.

Discovering the hidden personality and strength in your life can help you understand yourself and develop your potential and strengths., you can see the future clearly and open up a bright future.

The calculation method is as follows:

1. Add the three numbers of the year, month and day of your birth to get a total number; then add the various numbers of the total number, you will get Get a two-digit number; then add the two two-digit numbers to get a single-digit number. The two-digit number represents the Tarot card that symbolizes personality, and the single-digit number represents the Tarot card that symbolizes the soul.

2. If the total numbers are added up and the sum is a number, then this number also represents people whose personality and soul belong to the same symbol, and they are usually professionals.

3. If the total numbers are added together, the sum is 19; the sum of 1 and 9 is equal to 10; the sum of 1 and 0 is equal to 1. This is the only combination with three numbers.

Of these three numbers, the first represents personality, the third represents soul, and the extra second represents creativity. People with the symbol of creativity are excellent creative talents.

4. If the numbers in the total are added up, the sum is 22 (or 25), and 22 minus 22 equals 0. Because there are 22 traditional Tarot cards (25 in Metamorphosis Tarot), the numbers are arranged from 0 to 21, so the number 22 is equal to the number 0, which represents personality; 2 plus 2 of 22 equals 4, which represents the soul.

5. If the sum of the total numbers is greater than 22 (25 in the Metamorphosis Tarot), then subtract 22 (or 25) from the sum, and the remainder represents personality; the two parts of the sum represent personality. Add the numbers together and the resulting number represents the soul.

Life types corresponding to traditional Tarot card numbers

1. If the symbol of human nature and the number of soul calculated by you are the same, it means that the development of your life is single; if the symbol of personality Unlike the number that symbolizes the soul, it represents the development of your life.

2. If your number is 0, it means that you are pursuing a colorful and changeable life.

3. If your number is 1 to 6, it means that you are pursuing a harmonious life.

4. If your number is 7 to 12, it means that you are pursuing a life full of adventures and challenges.

5. If your number is 13 to 18, it means that you are pursuing a life of constant creation and change.

6. If your number is 19 to 21, it means that you are pursuing a life of self-realization and achievement.

According to the month, day and year of your birth, you can calculate each tarot card that represents your support for the camel trend that year.

Since the calculation of fortune is based on the birthday, the beginning of each year's fortune is also calculated from that day.

For example, if you were born on June 1, 1976, your fortune in 1997 will be calculated from June 1, 1997, and the period before June 1 will be 199. Six years of fortune.

Using this method of calculation, you can find out the Tarot cards that represent the fortune of the current year or the coming year. If starting from the year of birthBy extrapolation, one can also calculate a person's fleeting time.

From the calculation of the passing years, you will find that your numbers are updated in order, but after a period of time the numbers will be interrupted and jump to another order. This phenomenon of digital interruption represents a change in fortune in your life, a turning point in life and the beginning of a new fortune.

At the same time, you will also find that there are no two cards 0 (The Fool) and 1 (The Magician) in the Tarot cards that represent fortune, because every year’s fortune is full of unknowns (The Fool). ) and (magician) change.

1. Add the Gregorian month and day of your birth and the year and minute of the current year to get the total number; then add the numbers in the total number. If the sum is equal to or less than 21, use this number to find out. Relevant tarot cards representing fortune.

2. If the total number and each number are added, and the sum is equal to or greater than 22 (25 in the Metamorphosis Tarot), then add the two numbers of the sum to form a number, and this number is Numbers representing fortune.

3. If the numbers of the total are added up, the sum is equal to 28, and the sum of 2 and 8 is equal to 10. 10 is the number representing fortune, and the sum of 10 and 10 is no longer added.

Divination methods

After more than five hundred years of spread and evolution, Tarot cards have formed many fixed methods of speculation and careful reading around the world. They mainly include the Major Arcana speculation method, the Minor Arcana speculation method, and the Minor Arcana mixed speculation method.

Major Arcana speculation methods include: Celtic cross method, horoscope method, sincere speculation method, holy triangle speculation method, alternative speculation method, time speculation method, hexagram speculation method, Jeep Cross method.

The Minor Arcana speculation methods include:

Venus speculation method and Sphinx speculation method.

The mixed use of minor and minor arcana prediction methods include:

The seven planet prediction method, the tree of life prediction method, and the birth palace chart prediction method.

In addition, many speculation methods for certain aspects such as love, marriage, money and other specialized fields have been deduced