Questions about tarot

Questions about tarot


There is nothing taboo about Tarot cards being touched by others. It is just a kind of mental fetish. Just don’t think too much about it. You must know that fortune tellers provide divination services for everyone. How to divination without touching the cards, so don’t be misled by wrong information! No need to seal your cards, just treat your cards well! (Similar to the legend of the Nourishing Card, these misleading will only make beginners deviate from the righteous standard of Tarot learning. It is best to do more analysis and judgment by yourself. Just as magic is powerful, there are white magic and black magic, Taoism Powerful, there are also good and evil)

Four elements: (Don’t be too limited to the requirements of ancient rituals, as long as they can be representative objects)

Fire--- Candles or incense (representing objects that can burn, make a fire, or dry)

Earth---stone, or use minerals or crystals. (All must be natural, no need to pay attention to high or low, and can represent objects with very practical significance)

Wind---knives, swords and other objects with sharp meanings. (You don’t have to use a real sharp knife, a beautiful letter opener, pocket knife, etc. is suitable.)

Water---beautiful cups, utensils, etc. Some people also use conch, which is very creative. . (Users that can put some water in them)

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The Tarot cards are played as follows:

Materials: a deck of Tarot cards.

1. Preparation before prediction

Before using tarot cards, make sure that your physical and mental condition is good and calm. Interpreting tarot cards is a laborious task that must be concentrated and taken seriously. It is best to choose a clean and tidy place.

2. How to shuffle cards, poker style

Poker style refers to the general shuffling method. I believe most people can do it without being taught. If it must be described in words, it is to put the entire deck of cards with the back side up in your hand, use your other hand to randomly pull out a pile and place it on top, and repeat this process. To use upright and reverse, some cards must be rotated 180 degrees every other time. There is no need for those fancy shuffling techniques in games, just do it simply.

3. Mahjong style

Place the entire deck of cards with their backs facing up on the table, and wash them like mahjong. Clockwise or counterclockwise is fine. This method is very clean and can be used in both forward and reverse positions. The only disadvantage is that it requires high requirements for the desktop environment and requires a cloth layer. Of course, shuffling is not limited to the above two methods, but no matter which method is used, the shuffling time is not limited. Just make sure to wash it well. You can close your eyes or open them, and you can wash yourself or the other person. The purpose of shuffling is to obtain random numbers.

4. How to cut the cards

After shuffling the cards and folding them face down into a pile, you need toAsk the subject of the divination to cut the cards. Of course, if the object of divination is yourself, you have to cut the cards yourself. First, from the deck of cards. Pick up a random pile of cards from above and place it under the original pile of cards (that is, in the direction closest to you), turning it into two piles. Next, take another pile of cards from the top of the second pile and place it on top of the first pile, now. You already have three stacks of cards in front of you.

Next, pick up the top stack, place it on top of the third stack (that is, combine the two stacks), and then place it on top of the third stack. In this way, it returns to - stacking cards. We have one last card-cutting move left. In the previous process, the cards were all facing down horizontally. Now we're going to turn the card so it's facing straight down.

This action must not be mistaken; if you are guessing for the opponent, you need to rotate the card 90 degrees counterclockwise to become straight. If you are guessing for yourself, rotate the cards 90 degrees clockwise. If you make a mistake, the meaning of the entire card will be completely reversed, so be careful.

5. How to choose cards

Spread the cards back side up into a fan shape. The questioner draws the required number of cards decisively based on intuition. There is no limit on the left and right hands, and there is no limit on whether the eyes are open or closed.

6. How to solve the cards

After arranging the cards in the order of the card array, you can start to solve the cards! The method of solving the cards is not rigid, and every player who solves the cards can have their own ideas. own set of methods, and different card formations are also suitable for different solutions, and the card solver needs to choose by himself. Basic methods include: Interpretation explains the meaning conveyed by the card array according to the explanation in the book. The feeling depends on the individual's talent. The pictures in the tarot cards are related to each other. Different versions of tarot cards will also be slightly different.

Religious Tarot has special significance in Greek mythology and the Tree of Life. It would be better to know this. Most people usually use a combination of several methods. Finally, in addition to the mastery of the meaning of the cards and the familiarity with the cards, what is more important is the inspiration and intuition of the card interpreter. Don't take quotes out of context and jump to conclusions. Don't stick to what others say or what books say. Only by opening your own heart can you find the real revelation.

Frequently asked questions and explanations of Tarot cards

1. How to use Tarot cards? Divination using tarot cards requires precise questions or intentions and drawing cards from the deck to obtain the answers. Different card positions, arrangements and interpretation methods can be chosen according to personal preference and tradition.

2. What is the deck structure of Tarot cards? The Tarot deck consists of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana cards represent important life themes and turning points, while the Minor Arcana cards represent all aspects of daily life.

3. Does each tarot card have a special meaning? Yes, each tarot card has unique meanings and symbols. For example, the "Fool" in the major Major Arcana card represents new beginnings and journeys into the unknown, while the "Death" represents endings and transformation. rightAs with the Minor Arcana, each card has different numbers and elements associated with it, which also affects its interpretation.

4. Is the interpretation of Tarot cards subjective? Readings using tarot cards are performed by a diviner, so the diviner's intuition and understanding play an important role in the reading. Although each card has a universal symbolism, the exact manner and meaning of the interpretation will vary slightly depending on the soothsayer's unique perspective.

5. Can tarot cards predict the future? Tarot is not a deterministic prediction tool, it provides more of an insight into potential influences and possible developments. It can reveal current trends and relationships, but the future can still be shaped by personal choices and decisions.