Tarot test: Why doesn’t he come to you? Why doesn’t he contact me? Tarot

Tarot test: Why doesn’t he come to you? Why doesn’t he contact me? Tarot


When it comes to tarot tests, why doesn’t he come to you? As we all know, some people ask tarot divination why he doesn’t let me go if he doesn’t love me. In addition, some people want to ask tarot that we have been separated for four months. Cards, why didn't he come to me?, do you know what's going on? In fact, will he still contact me for the Tarot test? Let’s take a look at why he doesn’t contact me. Tarot, I hope it can help everyone!

Tarot test why he didn’t contact you

He can’t contact you, right?

Why doesn’t he contact me for Tarot test?

Will he still contact me for Tarot test?

You can use the diamond card certificate of the Major Arcana, forget it

< p> Tarot test: Will he come to me? Tarot divination: Why is he ignoring me?

1. In the past? Ace of Swords (reverse)? This means that you had some problems in the past. The relationship between the two of you was sometimes not so rational, and it was easy to go to extremes or engage in some extreme behaviors.

2. Now? Chariot (positive)? It means that there is a contradiction between emotion and rationality now. You may still have nostalgia emotionally, but you also need to think about it carefully. If you really can’t let it go, you can take the initiative to redeem it. , of course, don’t lose your due rationality in this process.

3. Future? 6 of Cups (positive)? The appearance of this card is actually not particularly good. It represents memories of the past, reminding people that after all, memories are things in the past, and we must start from now on. Work hard for future happiness. The true meaning of the card is that although we break up, we can see each other again.

In fact, Tarot cards are not meant to accurately predict the outcome of things for you, but to give you some opinions and suggestions from the side. The appearance of the last card should be in the hope that you can let go of your past memories and wait. Be happy in the future. Tarot card does he have other women.

Tarot test why he doesn’t come to you: Tarot divination: Why doesn’t he let me go if he doesn’t love me?

Here I will briefly tell you about some tarot questions. Things to note.

Speaking of questions, we should actually return to the working principle of Tarot cards first. Tarot is a tool to reflect your subconscious mind. Tarot will reflect whatever you are thinking in your mind, or things you feel but dare not admit. However, it does not reflect "objective facts", but only the subconscious mind in our minds.

There are some issues that Tarot cards are not good at.

The first thing is something that has little to do with you. Let me give you an example. For example, if you ask, will my sister buy me a gift? If this is a question, it will only work if your sister draws cards. Otherwise, the result of your card divination will be "Do you think your sister will buy you a gift?" This will be inconsistent with the facts. Tarot test why he ignores you.

There is also the issue of time. Generally speaking, Tarot is not good at time issues.

Then there isSome fateful questions, such as "Can he and I become a couple?" This kind of question seems to be that the Tarot cards are making decisions for you, but you have given up your own efforts and are just blindly imagining that you can become a couple with him. In this case, the Tarot cards are a tool to reflect the subconscious, so it will only Reflect your desire to be a couple with him. Test who's been missing you lately at night.

Once again, you should ask some constructive questions and give yourself room to work hard.

Let me give you an example. For example, if you ask "Can I get into college?" it is not as appropriate as asking "How hard should I work to get into college?" Because tarot cards are just tools, they can only guide us on a path to realize our wishes, but they cannot deliver success to your hands. No matter what questions you ask the tarot cards, you must take a serious and responsible attitude toward yourself instead of leaving the responsibility to the tarot cards.

Don’t deify Tarot. Tarot is just a tool to reflect the subconscious, so the answers obtained from divination have certain reference value. But if there are some issues or taboos that Tarot is not good at, since Tarot cards are a tool to reflect the subconscious, it cannot reflect the facts, but can only reflect your subconscious. Tarot cards test his disgust.

The above is Tarot-related content about why he doesn’t contact me, and is about Tarot divination about why he doesn’t let me go if he doesn’t love me. After reading the Tarot Test Why He Won't Seek You, I hope this helps!

Please analyze the love tarot cards, the lover is not satisfied. His actions towards me: Power (reversed), his opinion of me: The Hanged Man (reverse)

When it comes to tarot reading, he will always love me. Everyone knows that someone asked about tarot card reading. : Thinking about him drawing cards, will he love you forever? In addition, some people want to ask tarot divination: Will your love with him last long? Do you know what is going on? In fact, tarot cards predict: How long will he love you and pamper you? Let’s take a look at the love test: choose a tarot card to see if he also likes you. I hope it can help everyone! Tarot Test: Will He Always Love [Super Accurate Tarot Test] Are you afraid of failing in your confession? Take a quick test to see what you like? Choose a card based on your intuition. Are you ready? Testing begins immediately. Have you chosen? Let’s take a look at the answers! A. The person you like is not paying much attention to you right now. You can observe and see if the other person is bothered by something or maybe he doesn’t want to have a relationship right now. You may have to wait for him for a while before he can accept you. Are tarot cards important to me? B. The other party has a good impression of you, but you must work harder to interact with the other party, because there is still a lot of room for improvement, so future interactions should show more of your strengths to increase your favorability, but if you want to do both There are few opportunities to meet in person, so interaction is very important! C. You and the other person should have known each other for a while, so they get along well with you and are very comfortable in front of you, but there is a feeling of closeness, so they will not be able to get along well with you., if you want to take a step closer, you may need to change your appearance or transform your own image to ignite the other person's enthusiasm. Tarot tells how much he loves you in his heart. D. It’s good to get along with you, but it’s limited to more than three people. If two people get along alone, the interaction will seem a bit weird, or it means that you and him spend too little time together. It's hard to increase your favorability. Tarot test: He will always love you: Tarot test: Draw cards thinking about him, will he love you forever? Maybe, maybe not. Have you ever dreamed about him? Tarot Divination: Choose a card based on intuition to test whether your love with them will last. The magic of Tarot cards is nothing! Here again is the "encounter" tarot card. Some people use it to predict fate, some people use it to predict happiness, and today you use it to predict love. Tarot cards are just a simple gossip tool to fool people. The scientific basis for destiny is not trustworthy! Friendship that can eventually turn into love must be between two people who can treat each other with sincerity, fully understand and understand each other, and even be able to tolerate each other. And about love: Love is the most beautiful chapter and the most romantic melody in life's emotions! Love is the mutual compatibility of the hearts of people who love each other. Tarot tests how much he likes you. It is a selfless dedication to make the other person happy. Tarot shows how deeply he loves you. It’s about knowing how to cherish when you can love, and how to let go when you don’t love. Love is an emotional cry from the heart, a kind of concern, and a kind of care. Love does not require gorgeous rhetoric, let alone sweet words, no need for sensationalism, and no need for pretentiousness. Love is a beautiful scenery in life! A beautiful tarot song to tell whether he is madly in love with me. A beautiful poem measures your status in the eyes of your husband. Chantable, sung, praising, the crispest pear, the reddest Fuji tarot card prediction: How long will he love you and pamper you, the most fragrant navel orange, the sweetest Hami? The most beautiful emotion in the world, the most magnificent in the world The scene test shows that the other half will always love you. The beautiful sound of joy throughout life, the poem that spans the ages and will continue to last, the melody that will continue to last. Tarot Divination: Will your love with him last? Sometimes love requires self-esteem, because love means mutual respect and respect for each other. Understand, if you can't even respect your other half, then you don't have the right to say you love that person. But love sometimes does not require so-called "self-esteem." He wanted to get rid of Tarot divination. That man's so-called "self-esteem" is actually because he wants to save face and suffer. He obviously loves you very much and can't live without you at all, but he just can't lose face and tell you directly that he can't live without you. Instead, he will say these words to you. Taking you to meet your parents is the biggest promise a man can make to a woman. Love does not require deception, and does not allow any malicious deception. Only when two people confess their feelings to each other can they grow old together. But there are many women who have been hurt by love and have beenHurt by her man. She doesn't understand men's thoughts. She thinks that if a man loves her, he will give her a future and be responsible for her future, but she doesn't understand what a man's promise is to her. No matter how much two people love each other, any relationship that is not for the purpose of marriage is just a joke. Because even if a man tells you he loves you very much and is willing to give everything for you. The above is related to the love test: choose a tarot card to see if he also likes you. It is about the tarot card heart test: draw the card thinking about him, and he will love you and share it for the rest of his life. After reading the Tarot Test He Will Always Love, I hope this helps everyone!

I am very happy to read the cards for you. I hope that through my interpretation, Tarot can help you. It seems that your experience has been very bumpy. .

Your relationship has deteriorated for a long time

You have maintained a distance from each other

Neither of you has reflected on your own thoughts, and you have no intention of reflecting on your own thoughts about the other party. Prejudice


I won’t beat around the bush

Let’s look at the cards. .

1. My opinion of him: Fool (reversed)

You do not think highly of this person,

Or you think he is unreasonable,

I don’t do things well

There are very few things that satisfy you

2. My actions towards him: Death (positive)

You Always trying to change his past

Change his habits

But most of the time it is in vain

His response to you often makes you very annoyed

3. His actions towards me: Strength (reverse)

There is no passion or exciting things between you together.

Bland, like It's like two people have to be together

Sometimes he just treats you perfunctorily

He doesn't put much into it

4. What he thinks of me: The Hanged Man (reverse)

He thinks some of the things you do are redundant

Without value

Always trying to forcefully change your views


He made the already awkward relationship even more distorted

5. My expectations for our relationship: moderation (positive)

Maybe communication in your eyes It is very important.

You value this relationship very much

You think you can change the status quo and reverse his view of you, thereby improving the relationship

6. He Expectations for mutual relationships: Emperor (reverse)

Oh, he is more satisfied with material things and does not care about spiritual or emotional investment

There is machismo, but No masculinity

He is retreating

With no intention of moving forward

7. Help or hindrance: The Queen (positive)

Your family does not bless you

There is a lot of pressure in the circle of friends

8. Future development: Magician (reverse)

LoveLove is an annoying thing, and it is also a matter between two people

Don’t hide in your own corner to deal with problems

Don’t do that kind of ungrounded thing

Sometimes pain is unavoidable


Tarot is sometimes just one aspect of life

You have to control the general direction yourself

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