Di Yi Tarot: Test your relationship. If a love rival appears, will you still try to retain him or he

Di Yi Tarot: Test your relationship. If a love rival appears, will you still try to retain him or he


There is no smooth sailing life, let alone a smooth road, and the same is true for love. Every relationship will experience some quarrels, cold wars, or the person you like is missed by others, and a love rival appears. If there are also some quarrels in your relationship, If a love rival appears, what will you do? I feel like I can calculate it through Tarot cards and Teacher Di Yi!

Rules for divination card selection: first calm down your mind and only think about the divination question; then choose from the following 4 cards based on your first impression 1 card with the most feeling, let’s see how it turns out!

Tarot test analysis:

1. Demon

As for the friend who drew this card, judging from the card, the devil represents desire and irresistible temptation. Emotionally, the devil represents a binding relationship. You know that this relationship has no future, but you are still unwilling to break up or break up. There is a material connection between you, or there are some other reasons that make the other person unwilling to break up now. The other person is a person with strong desires. If you meet someone who is better than you or someone else has hints or temptations towards him or her. , there will be thoughts of leaving you, so you must improve yourself in life and become excellent.

2. The Hanged Man

Friends who draw this card, your partner can withstand temptation. , is also a very responsible person. Even if a love rival appears and the other person is slightly attracted to you, don't be too anxious to retreat in order to advance, because this card represents selfless dedication, giving without asking for anything in return. You fulfill the other person, give the other person freedom, and do everything for the other person. He sees everything silently in his heart, so that when he compares you, he will remember how good you are. Not only will he not leave you, but he will cherish you even more.

3. Moon

Friends who draw this card, this is a card that subconsciously represents uneasiness and deception. card. As for the friend who drew this card, you should pay more attention to your significant other. If there is any abnormal behavior, you should pay more attention. Don't be fooled by his appearance. It also means that your relationship is more complicated. It is possible that you have already fallen into a triangle relationship, so what you do depends on your inner decision.

4. Temperance

Congratulations on drawing this card. It is the most reassuring card in this test. Card. Temperance represents harmony, which means that you and your significant other get along very harmoniously and stably. Even if there are conflicts, they will be resolved in time. You allHe is a person who is very good at managing relationships. His relationship is now in a sweet rising period, so you can slowly enjoy this happiness.

Everyone’s emotional and work problems are different, and the card array is also different. If you are confused, you can send a private message or follow the official account: Di Yi Tarot, and then contact Di A teacher who solves love dilemmas and provides wise advice, a personal fortune teller near you.

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Tarot Signs

1. The Hermit Reversed: The reason why I feel that my heart is not strong enough is Because you are lonely, in order to escape this feeling, you will fill your time with busyness.

2. Moderation and correctness: You can’t control the current situation or there is no way to change it. Maybe you have a goal, but the goal is so unspecific that you can’t start to do it. Instead, you do something Meaningless things, these things have nothing to do with your goals. Maybe you should learn some new knowledge. This is a solution to the problem.

3. Tower reversed: You are changing from one state to another. Whether you are willing or not, you have to go through this change, and you are resisting. The more you resist, the more powerless you become


4. Strength reversed: It represents weakness and weakness, perhaps being too submissive to the people around you, and making emotional or self-sacrifice in order to maintain or establish a relationship. You should find the power of love to support you from your friends, family, and loved ones. This will enrich your heart, feel the love and gain strength.

5. The Emperor is in Position: This card is the most positive card you have ever drawn, and it seems that your result will not be too bad. You may meet an elder male who is willing to help you, most likely the help will be material. Then through your own efforts, you will find your own way in a restrictive environment.

Summary: (You didn’t explain which card array you used and what the position of each card represents. So I answered based on the meaning of the cards)

Your current state is very uncomfortable. Okay, maybe you have encountered new problems or entered a new environment, and your self-confidence has been frustrated. Cheer up, there are no permanent difficulties, everything will pass. Communicate more with family and friends, find channels to relieve stress, and get out of the trough

How about Qianliao Tarot training

Currently, there seems to be very little mention of signage in Chinese Tarot books. The concept, however, is that signboards are a very important part of tarot divination. Being able to use signboards proficiently does not happen overnight, but requires the accumulation of experience. However, once you learn to use signboards, you can be even more powerful in tarot divination.

Signs may not be used in every card formation. However, in some card formations (especially the Celtic Cross card formation), the signage is particularly important because it can show the basic personality of the person involved. , and we know that personality has a particularly important impact on a person. People with different personalities will not take the same actions in the same situation.The desired results may not be the same. Signs show the interaction between the person involved and the situation he or she faces.

For example, if a person with the character of Coin Knight comes to ask about business, we choose Coin Knight as the sign. In the final result, getting the Ten of Cups seems good, at least he can get great emotional support and satisfaction, but is that really what he wants? He is a coin knight. What he wants is a huge career and money. Emotions are only secondary to him. As a result, the result of the Ten of Cups is not as good as that of most coin cards.

In most cases, palace cards can be used as signposts. The difficult part is, how to choose the one that best represents the person involved among the 16 court cards? Human personality is so complex, and a person plays different roles in different situations, so how should you choose? First, we must have a thorough understanding of the 16 court cards. Actually observe the personalities of others in daily life and help them classify them. Think about it, which court card do your parents belong to? Where are your brothers and sisters? Look at your lover or friend, it should not be difficult to guess. Also note that court cards are determined by personality, not gender. Not all kings are necessarily male, and not all queens are female. It is just that the king has an obvious masculine/rigid side and is more likely to be a male. It does not necessarily mean that he is a male. vice versa.

After you become more familiar with the court cards, you can further observe what roles your relatives and friends around you play in different situations. Suppose there is a gentle and sensitive thirty-year-old woman who plays the role of the Queen of Cups in most situations. However, in fact, she has been greatly hurt emotionally and thus rejects all suitors without any pretense. Then When doing emotional divination for her, it is only appropriate to choose the Queen of Swords as a sign. As another example, suppose a nineteen-year-old college boy has a lively and outgoing personality and plays the role of token waiter at home. However, he serves as the president of a club in the school and shows decisiveness, rationality and professionalism beyond his years when leading. So when he is doing divination for the development of the club, we can choose the King of Swords as a sign.

The sign is usually selected by the fortune teller for the querent when deciding on the card array, and an experienced fortune teller can rely on his keen observation of people without being completely familiar with the guest. Strength, choose the correct sign. However, for most tarot players, it is not easy to choose the correct sign the first time, and the probability of choosing the wrong sign is high, so there are some alternatives. The simplest way is to use cut cards instead. If the court cards are cut, they may represent the personality of the person involved. However, the court cards are not always cut, so this method is not ideal. Another way is for the fortune teller to first select the more likely cards, and then ask the querent to draw the one that represents him. The accuracy of this method is quite satisfactory and can be adopted.

Indicative cards are cards used in tarot divination to represent the person asking the question or the question to be divination.. In the early days of tarot divination, signposts played a crucial role. Most of the 22 card arrays selected in this book require the selection of signboards. Mastering the essence of the signboards is of great significance to the accuracy of tarot divination.

Why do signboards play such a big role? The reason is that signage is the key to distinguishing different querents.

When we divine something, we not only want to understand the situation of the matter itself, but more importantly, we want to know the meaning of the matter to ourselves. In other words, whether this thing is good or bad for you. This encounters a very complicated problem, because it is difficult to absolutely say whether things in the world are good or bad.

For example, if prices rise, it is definitely a bad thing for buyers, but it should be a good thing for sellers. The difference between good and bad lies in the different positions of the two. For a person, falling out of love can be a good thing because he may prefer to focus on his career. For another person, falling out of love may make him feel that the end of the world is coming, because love may have become the sustenance of his entire life.

If further analysis is carried out, it is not necessarily a bad thing for the buyer if prices rise, because in addition to being an ordinary buyer, he may also be the boss of a company that benefits from the price increase. And the seller may not only be a seller, but may have a large deposit in the bank, and rising prices will offset his interest income, which will be a bad thing for him.

What I want to point out in this example is that nothing is absolute, and good or bad depends on people’s different identities and positions. Then, the signboard is the most powerful card that indicates the identity of the querent, and its meaning is probably self-evident.

The signs can help the diviner reveal the information necessary to make an overall value judgment. This information plays a guiding role in the comprehensive judgment of divination.

In past tarot card readings, it was usually the fortune teller who selected the indicator cards. A common practice is to select one of the 16 court cards to represent the querent before shuffling the cards. Of course, when selecting, you do not choose which one you want entirely according to your own wishes. There are many regulations and requirements on the selection sign. These regulations and requirements are not uniform, and different regions have different customs.

In Europe, the selection of signboards is generally divided according to the color of people's hair, skin and eyes. Different races can be represented by different decks. On this basis, the final choice of the card is decided based on the age and gender of the querent. Generally speaking, mature men choose the king card, mature women choose the queen card, young men choose the knight card, and young women and minors choose the waiter card.

In addition to dividing decks based on racial characteristics, there are other ways to divide signboards. Since a person's external image does not necessarily truly reflect a person's inner character, different uses are used based on the person's character.The same sign is actually more appropriate. Nowadays, choosing signboards based on people's personalities has become a widely circulated method of selecting signboards. The usual divisions are: the Wand group is extroverted and strong in action; the Cup group is sociable and prudent; the Sword group is introverted and focused; the Star group is practical and good at managing money. When using this method, you should be familiar with the personality types represented by each deck. However, the method of selecting signage based on personality also has a shortcoming, that is, it is applicable to a smaller range of objects. It only works for those we know well, not for the majority of people we don't know.

In addition, the decks are divided into different constellations to select signboards. This is usually based on the sun sign. The fire signs represented by Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are represented by the court card of the wand set. The earth signs represented by Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are represented by the court card of the star set. , the air signs represented by Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are represented by the court cards of the Sword deck, and the water signs represented by Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are represented by the court cards of the Cup deck. Using this method to select signboards requires a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the constellations.

Furthermore, different signboards are selected based on the profession of the querent. There is no doubt that in modern society, career has become a very important part of everyone's life. Occupation has a subtle and huge impact on people's thoughts and psychology. Divided by occupation, the Wands deck generally represents occupations that focus on manual labor such as farmers and workers. People engaged in these jobs are usually relatively simple and strong, which is similar to the meaning contained in the palace card of the Wands deck. ; The cup group generally represents occupations engaged in culture, education, service, etc., which focus on contacting people. People engaged in this type of profession are more sensitive to interpersonal communication and need to have certain knowledge and skills, which is similar to the meaning contained in the palace card of the Cup deck. Generally, people who do full-time housework at home are also included in the cup group; the sword group represents some relatively professional occupations. These people have keener observations and judgments about things, which is similar to the meaning contained in the Palace card of the Sword deck; the Star deck generally represents various professions in the financial and business world, and people who engage in such professions are more pragmatic. The ability to judge money is similar to the meaning of the palace card in the star deck.

Specifically when it comes to the choice of each card, the King Card is usually suitable for leaders or older people. These people have the ability to make decisions, are good at thinking and judgment, and mostly leave it to others to make decisions. You don’t have to do it yourself; the Queen card generally represents the role of an executor, who often does things within the scope of routine work, mostly back-office work. The difference from the role represented by the Knight card is that the work is richer. skills; the Knight card represents executors who have to deal with fiercer competition, generally refers to those who work externally, and is bold, aggressive, and resolute in their work style; the Waiter card represents those who have just joined the workforce.I am a newcomer who still needs guidance from others to do a good job.

The above introduces some common methods of selecting signage. In addition to these, the method of extraction by the querent himself can also be used. This is usually used when the diviner himself does not know which sign is most appropriate to use. The specific method is to put the 16 court cards together before asking the querent to choose the cards, and let the querent draw one after shuffling the cards. You can also turn over the 16 court cards in advance, let the querent select a few cards that he thinks are similar, and then shuffle the cards and draw one.

In actual divination, some diviners will also turn over all 16 court cards and let the querent choose by themselves. However, we do not advocate this method of selecting signboards, because such choices are often highly subjective and can easily deviate from reality, so it is better to choose random selection of signboards.

In earlier tarot divination, the indicator cards represented the querent himself, and the selection range was limited to 16 court cards. Later, the selection gradually expanded to include the Major Arcana cards, because there was a recognition that the Major Arcana cards might be more similar to some people's personalities.

Later, the signs not only represented the querent, but also represented the matters to be queried. As the scope of representation expanded, it was no longer enough to simply use the Palace Cards and the Major Arcana Cards to represent them, and gradually, the Cut Cards appeared. In many current card formations, the use of indicator cards is usually not strictly required, but cut cards are used instead. The so-called cutting card is to randomly cut a card from the 78 tarot cards to represent the querent or the question to be divination. The difference between cut cards and indicator cards is that any card can be used as a cut card, while indicator cards can only choose from the 16 court cards or major arcana cards. Although cutting cards has been widely used, in modern more advanced divination, it is still considered more accurate to choose indicator cards.

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