Will marriage test lead to divorce? Tarot card test

Will marriage test lead to divorce? Tarot card test


Tarot divination rules: Relax and stay rational, think about the question you want to divination, which is what the title says, and then choose a card from the picture that matches your current marital status, or directly rely on your Feel free to choose, and then look at the analysis below. A: The Three of Cups means that you will not divorce yet, because your current life and relationship status together are still good, and both parties are satisfied with the status quo. Although there may be a third party involved, they still love you. The substantive impact on the emotional makeup is not large. B: Ten of Swords: The Ten of Swords indicates that you are likely to get divorced. Because this relationship itself represents the end and destruction. In this relationship, both of you are already in pain. This relationship is also a kind of torture for you. Both parties have given up on each other. C: The Six of Swords and the Six of Swords mean that you may not get divorced, because although you may have just had a fierce quarrel, and both of you may be quite sad, after all, you still have some feelings, and neither of you wants to give up, either. I will actively adjust and resolve conflicts for your relationship. D: Five of Cups: The Five of Cups indicates that you may get divorced. Because there are already too many conflicts and problems in your relationship, it is difficult for both parties to get over these problems and conflicts, and they cannot see the only hope and future in this relationship, so they may divorce. Will Marriage Test Divorce? Tarot Card Test 2. Now calm down your mind, take three slow and deep breaths, think about the question in your mind silently, and choose one of the four cards below based on your first instinct. Remember to ask your besties and friends to take the test together. 1. Sun Divorce Index: ★ From this card, it seems that you are quite happy after marriage, and the possibility of divorce is extremely small. The relationship between you and your husband is also very good. You two have a strong sense of responsibility. Even if there is a quarrel or conflict, neither party will think of divorce. Both parties are thinking about each other, the children and the entire family. They will never care too much and can always take a step back. Do you want to know the true thoughts of the other person? Are you the person he loves the most? If you want to know the future development of your relationship, add the teacher’s public account “Naxi Fortune Teller” and the teacher will answer it for you personally. 2. Moon Divorce Index: ★★★ It seems that you may not be happy after marriage, and the possibility of divorce is relatively high, because one of you is not dedicated and may cheat after marriage. Another possibility is that you still don’t understand each other well enough, and you still need to go through a long running-in period. If both parties can tolerate each other, the marriage can last for a long time, but if neither party learns to understand and tolerate, it will lead to The Road to Divorce. If you really don’t know what to do, you can add the teacher’s official account and the teacher will answer it for you personally. 3. Chariot Divorce index: ★★★★ This card indicates that your relationship is not that good, and divorce is very likely. Because after marriage, the communication between the two parties is much less, the common topics are also reduced, and the enthusiasm for love is no longer, so your relationship will be in crisis, and then you will face the problem of divorce.question. A marriage without love is sad, but if you love each other too much and there is too much contrast between before and after marriage, it will easily lead to crisis. 4. Lover’s Divorce Index: ☆ Don’t worry, you are very happy together! You will not divorce easily. On the one hand, because both of you are very dedicated to this relationship, and because you lived together before marriage, the relationship has already passed. The running-in period is now in a stable state. If there are no big surprises, your marriage will continue to be sweet and long-lasting. Will the Marriage Test Divorce? Tarot Card Test 3. Rules for divination card selection: first calm down your mind and only think about the divination issue; then choose the best one among the 4 cards below based on your first feeling. It’s a card with feelings, let’s see what the result is! (The backs of the Tarot cards are all the same, and you need to use your own feelings to guide your choice) A. Analysis of the Eight of Cups card: He will eventually leave you. You can continue to insist on this marriage, but he doesn’t want to If you persist, you will eventually come to an end, and you will usher in your next relationship. B Three of Swords card analysis: The problem in your relationship is because of the influence of outsiders on you. Although there are cracks in your relationship, he still loves you in his heart, and there is a way to solve it between you. Yes, this marriage can still last. C. Page of Cups card analysis: The love between you has been reduced a lot. You continue to hold on now because you don’t want to lose too much. You are thinking of ways to recover everything you have paid. When you settle the account, It's time for you to end it. As for whether you will have another relationship, it's hard to say because you don't believe in love anymore. D. Ten of Holy Cups. Card analysis: You will eventually get back together, take this relationship seriously again, and rekindle the fire of love. Are you a little selfish now? Just change this idea, think about doing the best for each other, tie the two people together, and share the joys and sorrows.

Nowadays, there are many ways to test fate online. What is the most accurate one? Let me introduce to you the most accurate and simple love fate test. Here is what I will do for you Organizing related content, I hope you all like it!

The most accurate matching question for fate test: please choose one word based on your intuition:

A. Marriage;

B. Luck;

C. He;

D. When.

====Don’t peek at the answers!====

Test result analysis:

For you who chose A:

It’s not so much that you really want to When it comes to getting married, it’s better to say that you want to fall in love more, you want someone to accompany you, and you want someone to be considerate of you. But the reason why you have been unable to enter the marriage state is that you often fall in love with people you shouldn't love. Because the word marriage can be broken down into the word faint. You are often fascinated by the atmosphere of love, especially lovers whose zodiac signs are rat, horse, and tiger. Once you fall in love, you will be unforgettable.

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If you choose B:

In fact, you have missed an opportunity to enter into marriage, because the character "Yun" can be broken down into the characters "辶" and "车", which means that you are most likely to have long-distance love affairs in the past and future. This distance between environment and reality becomes your reason for entering marriage. The biggest obstacle. It is suggested that if you want to develop a relationship that can lead to a wedding in the next six months, it is best to work together to resolve the barriers of distance and work. People born under the zodiac signs Ox, Pig, and Sheep are interested in true love.

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Choose C You:

If you want to get married, your wedding date is not far away or your cherished partner has already appeared. Because the word "he" can be broken down into "human" and "ke", it implies that there must be someone around you who is very gentle to you and wants to care about you. Therefore, it is recommended that when you choose your future partner, you should never give up the near and seek the far away. You should give the person who loves you more a chance. You can pay attention to the people whose zodiac signs are Dragon, Rooster, and Dog, and you can seriously consider them.

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If you choose D:

Although you want to get married, every time the two of you communicate about their future life and get along, you always quarrel with each other, because the word "shi" can be broken down into "Zhi" and "Xu", so Both of them are very angry and easy to get angry. This kind of tit-for-tat way of getting along with each other is very detrimental to future love. It is recommended that the person whose zodiac sign is Tiger, Rabbit, or Snake is suitable for you.

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