Will you be able to leave your single life before the end of the Tarot Test 2020? Tarot Card Analysi

Will you be able to leave your single life before the end of the Tarot Test 2020? Tarot Card Analysi


When it comes to the tarot test, will you be able to get out of single status before the end of 2020? As we all know, some people ask about tarot card analysis: when can we get out of single status? In addition, some people want to ask about tarot card divination: Will you be single in the next three months? Do you know what is going on? In fact, I just used tarot cards to test the past, present and future, and I can’t figure out what this means. Let’s take a look at the tarot card analysis: When can I get out of single life? Hope it helps everyone!

Will you be able to leave your single life before the end of the Tarot test in 2020?

1. Will you be able to leave your single life before the end of the Tarot test: Tarot card analysis: When can you leave your single life?

As long as you want to find it, there will definitely be one this year

In fact, there will be one every year

Fate will come naturally, and even if this thing comes, it can’t stop it

< /p> 2. Will you be single before the end of the Tarot test: Tarot card divination: Will you be single in the next three months?

What do you mean, let Tarot Susheng test whether you can be single. ? This guy doesn’t have to be a fortune teller, he’s already been single.

Probably not. .

3. I just used Tarot cards to test the past, present and future, and I can’t figure out what this means.

Tarot cards need to have specific issues as background in order to be analyzed concretely. It looks like you are a beginner. What is the formation? Suitable for making predictions about the future include formations such as the Sphinx or the horoscope, which are suitable for long-term analysis. Think about the specific questions before asking Tarot

It seems that your card array is not a triangle~ And what cards are you using~ The same position of each card has different meanings


What’s the problem? Just the past and the future? Didn't ask anything?

4. I used Tarot cards to test whether there will be a result between me and him. When the result card appeared, it was Female (upright), Fool (upright), Strength (reversed). Please tell me. What is this?

Fantasy platonic love

Caused by passion, happy for a moment, wait until the brain is not hot anymore haha

I am weak in my heart and can't control it

< /p> 5. Will you be single before the end of the Tarot test: Tarot card divination: His name in your mind, test whether you will have a result with him

The name of the other person in your mind is a question related to Tarot divination and this person At that time, it is a requirement for the person being divined, which can correspondingly improve the accuracy of the fortune-telling results.

I just used Tarot cards to test the past, present and future, and I can’t figure out what this means.

6. Is the tarot card test allowed? I used tarot cards to test online whether my previous relationship with my ex can get back together and my future relationship. I feel that the test is quite in line with the current situation.

Why should I do that? If you forget someone painfully, time will naturally make you forget. If time cannot make you forget the people you should not remember, the years we have lostWhat’s the point? While there is still hope now, work hard quickly. This will not only double the effect, but also shorten the time to success. If you want to consult, you can ask it yourself. By the way, read the article. I think that with my strength, you should be able to resolve it successfully. I hope you can achieve your goal and improve your problems, and I wish you all the best.

7. Will you be single before the end of the Tarot test: What does it mean when the Tarot card draws the lover's reverse position when testing the true destiny?

Your current lover is not you His real life is just a temporary substitute. Just to satisfy your emotional needs

8. Will you be single before the end of the Tarot test: Tarot divination: whether you can be single successfully before the age of 30

Be single.

9. Will I be single before the end of the tarot test: The tarot divination says that I will be single within half a year, is it credible (I am half-convinced)? 10. Will you be single before the end of the Tarot test: Tarot card reading: predict your future status in love

In love, are you the one who gives or the one who accepts? A test will tell you What is your position in love?

Divination rules: With peace of mind, choose a card that impresses you the most.

Card analysis

If you are most impressed by card A:

This card is the Six of Coins Reversed

Draw Girls who get this card, your efforts in love will sometimes backfire.

It can be said that you have put in a lot of effort in your relationship, but your partner does not seem to be very satisfied. In other words, the way you choose to pay is incorrect, and your contribution is far less important in his eyes than it actually is. I'll find you when I need you, and leave you far away when I'm not. You should consider communicating carefully. If this person's nature dictates, you should consider taking back your efforts.

If you are most impressed by Card B:

This card is the Two of Cups

The girl who drew this card, you are now The two are in balance.

Your status in love is not bad, and you get along well with your lover. Basically, your emotional output is equal, but you also need to work hard. Pay attention to try to communicate with the other party more and express your needs. In a friend-like relationship, sometimes you need to express your needs. Both parties are blindly giving in friendly ways, but sometimes they don’t know whether the other party really wants it?

If you are most impressed by card C:

This card is the Seven of Pentacles reversed

The girl who draws this card is in love. You don't seem to know how to give.

You are not a selfish person, but you are very stingy in expressing your love in love. It is most likely that you do not know how to love, or that the relationship between you and himLove has reached a bottleneck period and you need to overcome it. No matter what, it is good to have the intention to give, but you should also express it to let your lover know. Maybe just a simple concern can make the relationship go further!

If you are most impressed by card D:

This card is the lover's position

The girl who drew this card, you are in love It’s just right, you are the queen of love.

Congratulations, you both love each other deeply and your efforts are very equal. At the same time, you can also feel loved. Believe me, you will have a beautiful marriage. If you choose this card and don’t think much about the other party’s contribution, or feel that the other party is very little, then you need to consider communication and re-examine the way you and the other party give.

The above is the analysis of tarot cards: when can I get out of single life? Related content is about tarot card analysis: when can I get out of singlehood? of sharing. After reading the Tarot Test: Will you be single before the end of 2020? I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

Is he still planning to come to me for Tarot test? Will he come to me for Tarot test?

How often should I take a Tarot test for love test? , as we all know, someone asked how often tarot cards can be counted? In addition, some people want to ask how often Tarot calculations are more accurate. Do you know what is going on? In fact, how long does it take to play Tarot cards again? Let’s take a look at how often Tarot cards can be counted again? Hope it helps everyone!

How often should Tarot cards be tested to test feelings? How long should it take before Tarot cards can be played again

1. How often should Tarot cards be tested to test feelings: How long should the Tarot cards be tested Can it be counted once?

Not necessarily, sometimes repeated calculations can predict things using different variables to predict how long the same problem will last.

2. How often should tarot cards be used to test feelings: How often is the tarot calculation more accurate? If so, it depends on the level of the tarot master.

If you have many different questions to count, then you can count them. Just note that the same question cannot be counted for the second time.

How long can the representative state last? It depends on your question. If you are asking about a relatively long-term matter, then the Tarot results will last for a long time; if the question you are asking is about a day or two in the past month or two, then The resulting state will last for this period of time.

——Zhao Minghui Tarot

3. How often should Tarot cards test feelings: How long should it take before Tarot cards can be played again

If it is It's not necessarily the case with cycles. To give a simple example: If you want to know your fortune this week, use this week’s fortune divination method. Naturally, you should not use tarot cards again this week.Those who predict this week's fortune will use the year-round divination method, which means that tarot cards should not be used to divine this issue for a whole year. So the time is not certain. A tarot reading.

Also, if you forcefully divine the same questions over and over again until you get the answer you want, this will damage the accuracy of the tarot cards.

4. How often should Tarot cards be tested to measure feelings: Tarot cards: Can it be tested again?

You can change the card array to take the test. Do not use the same array to test the same question twice. I advise you to take the test after a while, because the same question cannot be asked a second time, or you can ask it again from a different angle

5. How often should Tarot cards test feelings? How long should it take before Tarot cards test the same question again?

Some say that you can change the card array within a week, while others say that it takes a month or the situation changes. In short, don't ask how long it will take for the Taot cards to be counted as the same.

6. How often should Tarot cards be tested to test feelings: Can Tarot cards be tested only once?

That's right, you can only test it once, just like you can only drink a sip of water

7. Tarot card divination is based on the number of times. For the same thing, the first test After that, I took the test again the next day, but the results were different. Which test should be used?

It is most taboo to test one thing repeatedly. If you don't believe in Tarot, you won't. Just once, second time is most accurate. There will be a big deviation (butterfly effect) if you test again (butterfly effect)

8. How often should tarot cards be used to test feelings: how to use tarot cards to tell a divination and how long it will take

This must first be There is a complete tarot deck. Not the kind of comic tarot cards that are not accurate. The general recommendation for beginners is Waite Tarot. Here is the most basic method. Each tarot card has a different meaning, which should be memorized slowly.

If you really want to learn, I advise LZ to buy a tarot card and read it slowly at home. After all, this is not something that can be learned overnight. I bought a copy of "Waiter's Tarot", which is not expensive. A book + tarot cards cost 32 yuan.

As for how long the divination lasts, it mainly depends on your personal mental state and your understanding of the meanings given to you by the cards. Novices may be slower to interpret the cards, and interpreting the cards is also a matter of concentration. Some professional tarot card readers need more than half an hour to get a more accurate meaning.

(1) Opening new cards

Many novices know something called a card spirit. People who really understand tarot cards know that there is no such thing as the spirit of the cards. Many novices will stubbornly think that there are spirits of the cards. In fact, the state of playing tarot cards is that the person and the cards become one. When you are really in this state Now, divination is no longer formal.

(2) Ask the same questions about tarot cards the next day.

1. Choose a time: As long as your mental state is good, any time is fine. 2. Choose a location: You can choose a quiet location to help you focus. Of course, any location will do as long as you can give it your full attention. 3. Divination object: The person who speculates can be himself or he can speculate for others. But if you speculate for yourself, since you subjectively always hope to get good results, this may affect the objectivity and accuracy of the guessed results. 4. Divination begins.

Specific steps

1. Shuffle the cards: Before each guess, the questioner must perform the shuffling action and mix the cards at will. First, put the twenty-two large Tarot cards face down and put them in your hands. Concentrate, don't think about anything, follow your own will, drop it from the middle of the card stack, and place it on the top of the card stack. Repeat the same action several times, the number of times depends on your will. Next, place the cards on a flat surface (card face down), concentrate on spreading the cards in a circle, and start shuffling the cards in a clockwise direction with both hands. When shuffling the cards, mentally state the questions you are about to speculate on and think about the card types you are about to use. Listen to your inner voice and you will feel when it is time to stop; at this time, slowly gather the cards (still in a clockwise manner), return it to a pile of cards, and lay them sideways. In addition, there are some speculative laws that require the person asking the question to concentrate on his or her own questions. At this time, you just need to have no distracting thoughts; when to stop shuffling is decided by the person asking. 2. Cutting the cards: After shuffling the cards, stack the cards and place them horizontally, and the requester will cut the cards. (If the inquirer is a fortune teller, the fortune teller will cut the cards.) First, ask the card cutter to concentrate, pick up a pile of cards according to his or her own will from the top of the card pile (you must not take it), and put this One pile of cards is placed below the original pile (that is, towards the direction of the diviner), becoming two piles. Then, take another pile of cards from the top of the second pile and place it on top of the pile (i.e. away from the soothsayer). There are three stacks of cards in front of you. Next, it is up to the fortune teller to fold the cards back. First pick up the stack and place it on top of the second stack, and then place the stacked cards on top of the original third stack to restore it to a stack of cards. , turn horizontal cards into vertical orientation (the racket surface is always facing down). NOTE: If guessing for someone else, the diviner's rotation direction is counterclockwise. If you are guessing for yourself, rotate the cards 90 degrees clockwise. If you get it wrong, the meaning of the entire card will be completely reversed, so be careful. 3. Card selection: Select the card array according to the questions the querent wants to ask, and let the querent draw cards. 4. Card array: According to the determined card array, place the cards chosen by the querent in sequence. During the process of placing the cards into position, each card must remain face down. Cards not chosen by the querent should also be kept upright with the cards facing down, folded and put aside. Note: After more than five hundred years of spread and evolution, Tarot cards have formed many fixed card arrays around the world. They mainly include "Major Arcana Card Formation", "Minor Arcana Card Formation" and "Minor Arcana Card Formation".①The major Arcana card formations mainly include: Celtic, horoscope, triangle, choose one of the two, hexagram, and Gypsy method. ②The Minor Arcana card array mainly includes: Venus and Sphinx. ③The major and minor Arcana mixed card formations mainly include: seven planets, tree of life, and birth palace chart. In addition, many speculations on certain aspects such as love, marriage, money and other specialized fields have been deduced. 5. Open the cards: Open the cards in the card array in sequence (do not reverse the direction of the cards). 6. Interpretation: Whether it is for oneself or for others, the fortune teller should first feel the overall feeling of the card type and what kind of meaning it represents before interpreting the card; then, based on the explanation of each card and the entire card, Make a comprehensive analysis of the context and context of the model.

(3) Notes

1. State: First and foremost, before using tarot cards, make sure that your body and mind are in a good and calm state. Interpreting Tarot is a laborious task, and you must concentrate to understand the meaning presented by the Tarot cards. 2. Tablecloth: You need enough space when fortune-telling. Prepare a clean cloth to spread on the table to prevent the cards from coming into direct contact with the table. Different colors of tablecloths have different effects (green or pink for friendship or love, gray for knowledge or education, gold or gold for money, purple for business, blue for personality, brown or green for health, and pure white for strength), but it is recommended Black is because black is the color that best combines energy in terms of science and speculation. The material is made of pure cotton or yarn, and can be used for lifting. 3. Taboo: ① Do not speculate on the same question twice in a short period of time. Tarot cards are the tools you rely on to guide your destiny. It can be said to be your partner on the journey of destiny. Therefore, you must place your trust in it. If the results it tells you are unsatisfactory, you should still treat them with respect. Never have the mentality of "calculate until the good results come out". Destiny is not a game of trial and error. ②Don’t lose any card. One is like a sibling, it has its own integrity, and no matter which one is lost, it is a harm to the card itself. Please keep it carefully to avoid accidents during shuffling. ③Accidents should be avoided as much as possible. During the shuffling process, the following situations may occur: a card suddenly turns red and face up while shuffling; some cards are shuffled to the ground; the cards are placed in the wrong pile when cutting, etc. These phenomena all mean one thing - you may not be focused enough. At this point, you can choose to continue shuffling or not. (It is recommended to continue when you are calm.) ④ The questions you want to ask must be confirmed before proceeding to the next step - "shuffling". Once you start shuffling, you can no longer change questions. How often to do a tarot reading.

The above is how long it takes to calculate tarot cards? Related content is about how often tarot cards can be counted? of sharing. After reading about how often tarot cards should be used to test your relationship, I hope this helps everyone!

When it comes to tarot, does he still plan to come to me? Everyone knows that someone asked if he would come to me for a tarot test. In addition,Anyone else wants to ask Tarot Test if he will contact me, do you know where this is going? In fact, will he contact me for tarot card divination? Let’s see if he will come to me for tarot test. I hope it can help everyone!

Tarot, is he still planning to find me?

1. Tarot, is he still planning to find me: Tarot test: Will he come to me?

1. In the past? Ace of Swords (reverse) )? This means that you have had some problems in the past. Sometimes the relationship between the two of you is not so rational, and it is easy to go to extremes or engage in some extreme behaviors.

2. Now? Chariot (positive)? It means that there is a contradiction between emotion and rationality now. You may still have nostalgia emotionally, but you also need to think about it carefully. If you really can’t let it go, you can take the initiative to redeem it. , of course, don’t lose your due rationality in this process.

Will he still contact me for tarot card divination?

3. Future? 6 of Cups (positive)? The appearance of this card is actually not particularly good. It represents memories of the past and reminds people of memories. It is a thing of the past, we must start working hard from now on and look towards future happiness. The true meaning of the card is that although we break up, we can see each other again. Will he come back to me again? Tarot.

In fact, Tarot cards are not meant to accurately predict the outcome of things for you, but to give you some opinions and suggestions from the side. The appearance of a card should be in the hope that you can let go of past memories and wait for the future. Be happy.

2. Tarot, does he still plan to find me: Tarot test, will he contact me?

If you want to contact me, just contact me

3. Will he still contact me for tarot card divination? Will he still contact me for tarot card divination?

Do you have your own cards for divination? Will he contact me this week?

4. Tarot: Will he still look for me? Tarot test: Will he still look for me?

Do you still have some resistance to each other at this stage? What about resistance? Tarot test whether he will come back to me.

Even if you have him in your heart, you may not be willing to take the initiative and wait.

The same is true for him. If there are no special circumstances, the probability that he will take the initiative to come to you is relatively small, unless you go to him or someone acts as a matchmaker.

5. Tarot: Is he still planning to find me? Tarot divination: He will take the initiative to contact me in the next month

Yes, you are together

6. Tarot: Will he come back to me?

Why is he looking for you? What do you have to deserve his return? Maybe he has already forgotten you.

Don’t believe this

7. Does Tarot still plan to find me: Will he come back to find me? Tarot card interpretation, pleaseSeek expert guidance.

You will still contact me, but you still can’t tell who took the initiative

8. Tarot: Does he still plan to find me: Tarot test: Will we meet him again in the future? Will you take the initiative to find me? How about this card?

You will still meet each other, but sometimes you need a little courage. Just be brave, and you will get the love you want. Many Tarot cards on the market are fake now. , so the prediction results vary from person to person. Let me tell you one thing, the images on the surface of the Tarot cards explain everything best. The explanation of the fonts is not very accurate, but there is also an accurate literal explanation.

9. Does he still plan to find me in Tarot? Will he take the initiative to come back to me for Tarot divination?

Haha, I didn’t bring a card array, so many people just read it. I'll leave as soon as I pass. I'm very free now, and I can't bear to have my lover buried. Although my divination skills are average, I'll give it a try for you. Formation, Brilliant Heart, Fool, Pope, Temperance, Priestess, Emperor, Sorcerer, You are a girl who is relatively single in love, and you are more likely to be hurt in love, what is in your heart Not being able to fully show your love to the other person will make you feel lonely. Rather than saying this, of course, it is better to say that even if you are in love with someone else, you are still lonely and can't get along, so no one will understand you. . But fortunately, now you have found another boy you like. This boy is pretty tall, not very short, and he has his own ideas. He is like a group of wild horses running on the grassland, very wild. , but you can't trap him. Love is also very unstable. Sometimes it is good, but sometimes it is bad. It has ups and downs, but they are inseparable. And now you are unwilling to let go because you think he is better than anyone else before. All are good, I really don’t want to miss it. So I just held on tightly. But now your love has encountered more difficult obstacles than before, restraint, the two sides are pulling each other, but they can't be together. The reason is yours. The reason is that you can't tolerate everything about each other 100% and put the princess in your heart. And the model of Prince Charming is planning each other. Of course, abstinence now also means that your relationship is no longer very good. It has been separated to a large extent, with a huge distance, like the most familiar strangers, but you are again There is no break, there is no real separation, you want to keep but can't keep, this is what is bothering you now, and now the priestess still expresses your view of love, repeating the meaning of the last one, and it is better than the last one. Zhang also made it clear that this shows that you have been separated and reunited like this for a while. The priestess echoed another meaning with the fool and the pope in front of her, the gap in love, the other party's indifference, and her own lack of clarity. But now you are clinging to him, but it has caused another thing that you did not expect, that is, the more you try to hold on, the more likely he is to leave. I think, after saying so much, you have also done so much, If you can't keep me, you should be more or less calm than before. In addition, your current conditions are not bad, because judging from the cards, you are not good-looking.You are ugly, but more childish. No one can stand you. This is what you have to correct. I advise you to keep you once. If you can't keep you, then let it go. This was the initiative of the priestess. Are we finished with Tarot?

The above is related to the Tarot test, will he come to me? It is about the Tarot test, will he come to me to share. After reading Tarot, I hope this helps everyone!